2020 Exclusives Predictions

It's almost halfway through the year and we haven't heard of all of the exclusives yet. In 2019, Target, Walmart, Walgreens, Amazon, and Hasbro Pulse all had exclusives. For the most part it is hard to figure out specifically who would get each exclusive, but some speak for themselves.

Target had 3 exclusives in 2019

Micromaster 10 Pack
Rainmakers 3 pack

Walmart had 4 exclusives

Siege Optimus Prime redeco
Siege Megatron REdeco

Walgreens had 1 exclusive

Siege Ratchet

Amazon had 4 exclusives

3 Pack with Impactor, Mirage, and Aaragon
Multipack of G2 Sideswipe, Slamdance, and Battlemasters
Multipack of Skywarp and Battlemasters

Generations Select had 8 Hasbro Initiated releases

Hot Shot
Arctic Megatron

So that is 20 exclusives for last year. Taking that into account and some of the rumors, here are my predictions.

The one release that I can see being a Target exclusive is...
Studio Series Leadfoot. It makes sense since he has a target logo on his hood and when DOTM was out, they were planning to do a Target exclusive of Leadfoot. In 2019, Target didn't have any Studio Series exclusives, but in 2018 they did (the Bumblebee 2 pack and the possibly Battle Damaged ROTF Megatron).

Here's what we do know....

Amazon -

Ironhide and Prowl Earth Mode 2 pack


MPM Starscream (not sure if this counts because in Asia it won't be an exclusive and I'm just not sure if it counts in general)
Skywarp/Thundercracker 2 Pack
Decepticon Clones 2 pack

Not specific exclusives (since there is no real predictable thing to make me know who will have what exclusive)

Please note that some of these may be wave 4 and if wave 5 happens instead of exclusives.

Deluxe predictions

Runabout (high probability)
Paradron Medic from Arcee (medium probability)
Bluestreak (Retool of Smokescreen) (high probability)
Ratchet (Retool of Earth mode Ironhide) (medium)
Detrius (low probability since it would use a Siege figure)
Leadfoot (studio series and Target Exclusive) (Medium probability, not getting high probability because when DOTM came out the figure didn't)
Autobot Clones two pack (medium probability)

Voyager Predictions

G2 Megatron from Earthrise Megatron (Rumored and High probability)
Coneheads (either 3 single packs or a single pack and a 2 pack) (High probability)
Inferno (high probability)

Leader Exclusive

Nemesis Prime or Shattered Glass Optimus Prime (I see this being a Generations Select one because they were the only people who did a Leader exclusive)
Nova Prime (using Cybertron Optimus Prime) (low probability since it uses a Siege mold that needs some retooling)

Titan Exclusive

Omega Sentinel out of Siege Omega Supreme (low probability but possible, there has never been a Titan exclusive)


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