APC KO of First Edition TF Prime Megatron Toy Review

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(please note that I do not have the original figure to compare)

Class- Voyager


APC hit it out of the park with their Optimus Prime. They also milked the mold a lot. So I was happy to see something new come from them, an oversized KO of First Edition Megatron. Please note that the original and authentic First Edition Megatron is a deluxe sized figure. Megatron should never be a deluxe figure. The APC version is oversized to be a big voyager and like the Optimus KO, there are some improvements. Honestly, at first I was going to pass on Megatron because I was pretty happy with the pRid Megatron with an add on kit. I saw a lot of people post some amazing pics and I couldn't stop myself from getting him.

Bot Mode-

So there are a little more "liberties" taken with this figure than the Optimus figure. He has a new head (with an amazing paint scheme on it) and he is oversized. Other than that, if you have the deluxe version, you have the figure. Again, Megatron is not a deluxe sized figure. Megatron is mostly metallic silver, but there is a fair amount of metallic purple as well. He is very bulky in the best way possible. His head (I think) is a new sculpt but it is so well painted that I adore it. THe eyes are painted red with white irises. Honestly, I think it was the head sculpt that clinched me getting this figure. His head is on a ball joint, so he can look left, right, up, and down, but some of the engineering prevents him from looking all the way right or left. His arms are bulky and remind me of a professional weight lifter. He has good bend at the elbow, his arms can move up and down, a little outwards, but I would've liked to see him be able to form a "T". You can plug his fusion cannon into his arm as well as an improvement on the mold, there are wrist blades which are very nice. I believe the hands are 5mm and they are open. The hands are a flat dark gray. The legs can move only a little outwards, there is good knee bend, and there is good forward movement. THe ONLY thing I prefer about the pRid version is that the toes are painted a slightly different color so they pop. This version is silver and the toes kind of melt in to the rest of the figure. There is a backpack, but not a huge one. There is a port in his back which you can plug a scabbard into for his dark star saber.


I'm used to CHUG style figures more than anything and they have their own "poetry" to them. TFP figures are just a little different, there's a lot more folding panels than a CHUG figure. The first time Megatron's transformation is a bit harder because his vehicle mode is so abstract. I needed to use the video for one part (mainly because the instructions that come with him are really bad). But once you transform him once or twice, it's pretty easy to do. Also, the transformation is unique enough where it is a lot of fun. For complexity, I rate it a 7.75 out of 10. For fun, an 7 out of 10

Vehicle Mode-

Megatron in vehicle mode is a Cybertronian space jet. And he hits every note of Cybertronian to me. There are no lights, there is no cockpit, there is even a little bit of robot kibble visible, but in a good way. He's a bit abstract looking but you can tell he is a jet. The fusion cannon plugs into the top, but it is a little awkward and needs a little more friction or a better peg.


Like APC Optimus, Megatron comes with a little more than the original version, but unlike Optimus, it isn't as much. Megatron comes with his trademark fusion cannon which lights up. But mine was missing batteries and I rarely if ever put batteries in my transformers (It's not the best idea because as batteries age they can pop and damage the figure). He has two wrist mounted blades which didn't come with the original figure. Also, he comes with a Dark Star Saber. This is not the same exact sword as the Dr Wu Version (please click here to see that review) but it looks similar. There is also a scabbard which plugs into Megatron's back to hold the dark star saber

3rd Party Add Ons-



Looks great, i mean the head sculpt alone is beautiful. Good accessories. Fun play value.


A little too big. He's a big voyager, I would've liked to have seen him about 3/4 of an inch to a full inch shorter.

What Changes Would I Make?

A little smaller. Some more accessories. APC Optimus came with 2 guns, 2 swords, a star saber, and a head. Maybe a new arm to replicate the time in Season 2 that he had the Dark Star Saber.


Phenominal figure. This is just plain amazing. In some ways, this is a better attempt than the Optimus figure. Mainly because they took a deluxe and turned it into a voyager. I really like the figure, but if I had to choose between Optimus or Megatron, I think I would get Megatron. Luckily I don't have to choose and I have both. I rate it an 8 out of 10

Retools and Repaints-

At the time this review is written, there are no retools or repaints. Considering that APC did 4 or 5 redecos of Optimus, I feel like I will be revisiting this section with some redecos/retools.



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