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G1 Cartoon

The Aerialbots were created on Cybertron as a reaction to Megatron creating the Stunticons.  Since Megatron encroached on the Autobots being cars, Optimus Prime decided that the Autobots should take to the skies.  Before being Transformers, the Aerialbots were each Cybertronian space craft.   The Aerialbots all had Earth based jet forms and were able to merge into a combiner named Superion.  

At first, the Aerialbots had no minds, but Alpha Trion sacrificed himself.  His sacrifice reactivated Vector Sigma and gave the Aerialbots minds.  Once they gained sentience, they transformed into robot mode and introduced themselves to the Autobots.  Silverbolt reveals to the Autobots that he used to be a low orbital courier ship.  When Slingshot introduces himself, he claims to be the fastest flier ever on Cybertron.  When the Autobots and Aerialbots get above ground, they see that a platoon of Centurion Drones are in between them and Omega Supreme.  Air Raid transforms into jet mode to battle the drones.  Skydive, Fireflight, and Slingshot follow him.  Silverbolt seems to be holding back, but follows after Wheeljack, Optimus Prime, and Ironhide get on top of him.  Fireflight launches missiles at an automated gun platform and obliterates it.  Droids open fire on the Aerialbots and Skydive destroys them with his rockets.  Silverbolt transports the Autobots above ground.  Once the coast is clear, all of the Autobots and Aerialbots fly inside of Omega Supreme to Earth.  When the Aerialbots and Autobots reach Earth, Omega Supreme warns them that he is about to explode.  Everyone gets clear just as Omega Supreme blows up.   While Ratchet works on repairing Omega Supreme, Optimus leads several Autobots to a military base to check up on the super fuel that they were protecting earlier. Blaster and the Aerialbots ride inside of his trailer.  When the soldiers see the Autobots, they open fire, thinking that they were the Stunticons who earlier raided the base.  Slingshot wants to leap into action, but Optimus Prime tries a more diplomatic approach.  He reminds Slingshot that the humans are on the same side as the Autobots.  Optimus Prime is able to prevent the military from attacking them, but the military still doesn’t trust the Autobots.  Slingshot wonders why the Aerialbots have to protect the weaker humans.  Before any decisions can be made, Blaster picks up signals that the Stunticons are approaching at high speed.  While the Autobots are standing on a hill, the Stunticons drive towards them at full speed.  To avoid injury, the Autobots scatter and fall off the cliff.    The military realizes that the Autobots aren’t responsible for the earlier Stunticon raid when they see the Autobots fighting the Stunticons. Breakdown, Wildrider, and Drag Strip driver circles around the Aerialbots and kick up a lot of dust.  The Aerialbots try to defend themselves, but they can’t see the Stunticons well enough to get off an accurate shot.  Slingshot thinks that the Autobots wouldn’t be able to battle the Stunticons without the Aerialbots’ help.  The Aerialbots transform into jet mode to assault the Stunticons from the air.  Dead End chases Wheeljack in vehicle mode while firing lasers from his headlights.  Air Raid swoops down and launches two missiles at Dead End, saving Wheeljack.  Wildrider drives off a ramp made of rock and fires lasers out of his headlights.  Skydive intercepts him and knocks him out of the air.  Wildrider falls off a cliff and is temporarily disabled.  Drag Strip tries to knock Blaster off of his feet, but Fireflight flies into him and knocks him off course.  Motormaster tries to play chicken with Slingshot, but Slingshot shoots Motormaster with a missile instead of flying into him.  Motormaster transforms into robot mode and leaps into the air to battle Slingshot.  He lands on top of the Aerialbot and tries to force him to the ground.  Slingshot calls out to Silverbolt to help him, but Silverbolt starts to panic.  Fireflight swoops in and rescues Slingshot from Motormaster.  Motormaster falls to the ground and transforms into truck mode.  After the battle, Slingshot verbally attacks Silverbolt for not helping him.  Silverbolt admits he panicked prompting Slingshot to accuse Silverbolt of being afraid of heights.  Slingshot wants to celebrate their victory, but Ironhide tells them that the only reason the Stunticons left was because Megatron called them back, but because they were defeated.  Slingshot arrogantly tells Ironhide that he is jealous of the Aerialbots because they could handle the Stunticons.  Optimus Prime separates the two before they start to fight.  The Autobots and Aerialbots return to the Ark.  They check in on the repair progress of Omega Supreme and want to explore their new home.  As Silverbolt is walking out of the room, Optimus Prime stops him to talk.  He asks why Silverbolt froze in battle.  Silverbolt reveals that he isn’t comfortable at high altitudes.  On Cybertron, he was a low level cargo ship, so he never had to ascend to high altitudes.  Even though Silverbolt is afraid of heights, Optimus Prime makes him the commander of the Aerialbots.  Optimus hopes that if Silverbolt has to focus on the well being of his team, it will force him to overcome his fear of heights.  The Aerialbots gather in front of Teletran-1 to watch television.  The more they are on Earth and the more human culture they experience, the more humanity disgusts them.  Silverbolt tries to get Slingshot (who is a dick) and the other Aerialbots to have an open mind about their new surroundings.  Slingshot dismisses Silverbolt due to Silverbolt’s fear of heights.  The Aerialbots walk together into the repair bay and look down on the other Autobots because they can’t fly.  Slingshot especially looks down on Omega Supreme because he can fly, but one trip to Cybertron made him explode.  Ironhide stands up to Slingshot and again they are about to come to blows.  Slingshot tries to take leadership away from Silverbolt and tells the rest of the Aerialbots they should go on their own.  He feels that the Autobots need the Aerialbots, but the Aerialbots don’t need the Autobots.  Silverbolt promises to Optimus Prime that he will bring the Aerialbots back and reign them in.  The Aerialbots gather on top of a mountain.  Silverbolt tries to get them to rejoin the Autobots by reminding Slingshot that Optimus Prime gave them life.  Slingshot tries to get the other Aerialbots to leave Earth to go back to Cybertron.  Silverbolt out thinks Slingshot.  He tells Slingshot that if the Aerialbots are so much better than the Autobots, they should return to the Ark and take command for themselves.  This gets the Aerialbots to return to the Autobot headquarters.  They watch the Autobots fight the Stunticons on Teletran-1.  Silverbolt explains that even if the Aerialbots leave the Autobot ranks, the Decepticons will still view them as Autobots and constantly attack them.  The Aerialbots know they aren’t strong enough alone to maintain a prolonged campaign against the Decepticons.  They are motivated to rejoin the Autobots as soldiers, not leaders, when they realize how good the Autobots and their friends truly are.  They see Sparkplug continue to work on Omega Supreme’s repairs even after Ratchet has run out of power.  The Aerialbots start to view humans as being equals, not bugs.  Slingshot is the first to want to fly to help the Autobots fight the Stunticons.  The Stunticons circle Optimus Prime and get ready to strike.  Just as they are about to slam into Optimus at once, the Aerialbots arrive.  Optimus Prime is taken to safety by Slingshot.  From the air, the Aerialbots fire their lasers at the Stunticons.  Dead End drives off a cliff to get in the air to attack the Aerialbots with his laser headlights.  Air Raid flies into him and sends him falling to the ground.  Fireflight swoops down from above Breakdown.  He shoots the ground beneath Breakdown shooting him into the air.  Optimus Prime assumes the ground is safe, so he jumps off of Slingshot.  Once Motormaster sees Optimus, he tries to run over the Autobot leader.  Silverbolt comes to the rescue and deflects Motormaster away.  Megatron orders the Stunticons to merge into Menasor.  Optimus Prime counters that when he commands the Aerialbots to merge into Superion.  Megatron is shocked that the Autobots finally have a combiner of their own.  Superion and Menasor approach each other, sizing each other up.  If Superion moves right, Menasor mirrors him.  If Menasor moves left, Superion follows.  Superion makes the first move, he tackles Menasor and the two combiners crash into a metallic hill.  While on top of him, Superion goes to smash Menasor’s head with his fist, but Menasor rolls away to safety.  Menasor restrains Superion and drags him to the edge of a cliff.  Superion regains control and flips Menasor over his shoulder.  Menasor tumbles down the mountain.  Superion leaps off of the mountain and lands on Menasor’s chest.  Menasor takes out his gun and shoots Superion in the chest.  The battle has spilled into Seattle.  Menasor grabs a tall building and breaks the top off.  He throws it at Superion.  Rocks start to tumble down on Superion.  Menasor goes to a large smokestack and grabs it.  Just as Menasor is about to smash Superion with the smokestack, Omega Supreme enters the fight.  He grabs the smokestack away from Menasor and hits him in the head with it.  Superion is very happy to see Omega Supreme.  Together, Omega Supreme and Superion grab Menasor and throw him a considerable distance.  Megatron orders Menasor to split back into the individual Stunticons so they can withdraw.  Silverbolt sees that Megatron still has the Key to Vector Sigma.  Even though he is afraid of heights, he transforms into jet mode and chases Megatron.  Silverbolt pushes himself to stay in the battle.  Silverbolt flies into Megatron.  Megatron drops the key so Silverbolt circles around and opens fire on it.  He can’t get a lock on the key from jet mode so he transforms into robot mode to use his hand blaster.   The Key is destroyed and everything that Megatron changed with it reverts back to normal.  Before Silverbolt is destroyed from the fall, Slingshot catches him.  After the battle, Slingshot and Ironhide apologize to each other.

The Aerialbots pursue Starscream, Skywarp and Thundercracker through the skies in jet mode.  The three Decepticons have kidnapped human dignitaries for Megatron’s evil plans.  Silverbolt keeps the Aerialbots motivated and focused.  Slingshot seems to have lost his respect for humans, and doesn’t see the point of saving the kidnapped people.  Silverbolt tells Slingshot that they are some of the best and most talented people on Earth.  The kidnapped humans are half of the world’s leaders.  Once the Decepticons realize they are being followed, Starscream orders them to perform evasive maneuvers  Skywarp flies into a cloud bank with .Slingshot and Skydive in close pursuit.  The two Aerialbots lose sight of Skywarp, but he appears from above them.  Skywarp dives through the air at intense speed to attack them.  Skydive is the first to detect Skywarp and warns Slingshot that Skywarp is approaching.  Skywarp opens fire and tries to strafe Slingshot.  Slingshot is able to dodge the energy blasts.  Skydive comes from above Skywarp and shoots his lasers at his adversary.  Skydive lands a direct hit and Skywarp is knocked out of the sky.  He transforms to prevent from crashing.  Slingshot stays in battle and joins Fireflight in combat against Thundercracker.  They fly above Thundercracker so he wont detect them.  When he is in their sights, they open fire before he can see them.  Thundercracker performs aerial acrobatics to avoid damage.  Slingshot and Fireflight are unable to lock on so Thundercracker alludes them.  They both comment on how impressive Thundercracker flies.  Air Raid finally locks onto Thundercracker, but before he can fire, Thundercracker tries to shoot him down.  Air Raid is able to avoid all of the blasts.  Both jets fly towards each other and neither was to give the other the advantage.  Air Raid stays on course and rams himself into Thundercracker’s wing.  Thundercracker is damaged and forced to disengage from the fight.  Like Skywarp, Thundercracker transforms to avoid from crashing into the ground.  Starscream starts dropping the kidnapped people out of himself so the Aerialbots will be occupied saving the humans and the Decepticons can escape.  The Aerialbots break off their pursuit of the Decepticons and dive through the air to rescue the hostages.  The Aerialbots save all of the hostages with not a single fatality.  When the Aerialbots return from their rescue mission, they walk into a room where Optimus Prime is meeting with Ironhide, Wheeljack, and Ratchet.  All of the Aerialbots, except Silverbolt, are unable to stop talking about the Seekers.  They are really impressed with how they fly (which is strange because the Aerialbots were able to out fly them in combat).  Ratchet quickly picks up that Slingshot admires the Decepticons.  Air Raid defends Slingshot by telling Ratchet that the Decepticon jets are well built.  Slingshot adds that the Decepticon jets are better than humans.  Silverbolt reminds the Aerialbots that, even though the Decepticons are good fliers, they are evil.  Slingshot defends the Decepticons for letting the hostages fall to their doom by saying that it may have been an accident.  Ironhide thinks that the Aerialbots are arrogant punks.  He doesn’t think that they understand the Decepticons because they haven’t been fighting them for millions of years.  Optimus Prime chimes in and explains that is the point.  He addresses that the Aerialbots are only several weeks old, they just don’t understand.  Optimus Prime has faith (possibly some hidden knowledge as well) that the Aerialbots will learn.  Teletran-1’s alarm goes off and the Autobots learn that there is danger on Cybertron.  There are unusually high energy signatures on the planet.  The Autobots and Aerialbots take Omega Supreme to Cybertron to find out what the energy readings are.  The Aerialbots are very excited to return to Cybertron.  When Omega Supreme lands on Cybertron, he tells the Autobots that he is running low on power.  Optimus Prime has him shut down while the rest of the Autobots look for a power source so he can recharge.  The Autobots and Aerialbots transform to search Cybertron.  While flying, the Aerialbots talk to each other about how they don’t understand the Autobots.  They don’t understand how the Autobots can be tied to being land based vehicles and they don’t understand why the Autobots are so passionate about defending Earth from Decepticon.  They seem to be disgusted by organics in general.  All of the Aerialbots, except Silverbolt, want to learn more about the Decepticons and are tempted to join them.  Silverbolt reprimands the Aerialbots for their thoughts of dissent.  As soon as the Aerialbots take off, they are attacked by the Seekers.  Slingshot transforms and tries to talk to the Decepticons.  Skydive, Air Raid, and Fireflight follow his lead.  Silverbolt remains vigilant against the Decepticons.  The Seekers think that the Aerialbots are crazy for not fighting.  Starscream simply thinks they are stupider than he originally thought.  The three Decepticons transform into robot mode to see what the Aerialbots have to say.  Slingshot asks Starscream why Optimus Prime thinks the Decepticons are evil.  Starscream tells the Aerialbots that if they follow him, they will learn everything they need to know about the Decepticons.  Silverbolt reports to Optimus Prime what the Aerialbots have done.  He goes with the other Aerialbots just to protect them.  Ironhide thinks they are traitors.  Optimus Prime thinks they are walking into a trap.  Starscream leads the naive Aerialbots to a part of Cybertron still damaged from the ages old war.  They walk into the building and Starscream tricks them to stand on the Kronosphere.  Silverbolt catches up with them and warns the Aerialbots not to trust Starscream.  He winds up standing on the Kronosphere too.  Remotely, Megatron activates the Kronosphere and the Aerialbots are sent back in time.  Megatron intends to send them back to the beginning of time where they will be destroys.  Fortunately, Optimus Prime and the Autobots arrive.  They drive right into the war torn building to save the Aerialbots.  Starscream, Skywarp, and Thundercracker position themselves behind a pillar and and unleash a steady stream of laser fire at the Autobots.  Optimus Prime transforms and orders the Autobots to attack.  Ironhide remains in vehicle mode and slams into the pillar, removing the Decepticons’ point of cover.  Optimus Prime destroys the Kronosphere to prevent the Aerialbots from traveling back to the Big Bang.  Instead, the Aerialbots arrive 9 million years in Cybertron’s past, before the Autobots and Decepticons starting fighting.  At first, they have no idea where (or when) they are.  They explore their new surroundings and find that Cybertron is healthy and prosperous.  Silverbolt points out that Cybertron looks so good because it is before the Decepticons wrecked it.  Slingshot still doesn’t believe that the Decepticons are totally responsible for the war.  Silverbolt reminds Slingshot that because of the Decepticons, they are stuck back in time (now he knows they are back in time before he didn’t).  Despite who started the war, all of the Aerialbots agree that Pre-war Cybertron is beautiful and they wouldn’t mind living there.  They soon meet and befriend a young Autobot (yes Autobots existed at this point, they first took the name “Autobot” when the Transformer race united to overthrow the Quintessons, but that’s another story) named Orion Pax.  After everyone introduces themselves, Orion tells the Aerialbots that he works at the power plant up river unloading Energon Cubes (but they make an effort not to call them Energon Cubes, it is established that Energon Cubes are purely a Decepticon thing).  Orion Pax takes the Aerialbots to the power plant and introduces them to his friend Dion.  Dion teases Orion that he is trying to sucker the Aerialbots into doing work for him.  Next, Orion introduces the Aerialbots to his girlfriend Ariel.  Ariel warns the Aerialbots that Orion can be jealous, but all in good fun.  Dion calls everyone over to see something exciting.  A new type of robot who can fly called The Decepticons.  Megatron, Soundwave, and Shockwave fly over the power plant.  Slingshot is impressed, but Silverbolt reigns him in.  Fireflight wants to get to cover before they attack, but Sky Dive reminds him that this is before the war, so they are in no danger.  Orion Pax and Dion want to meet the Decepticons, but Silverbolt warns that just because they have unusual abilities, it doesn’t mean they will be a friend.  Ariel says that she heard rumors that the Decepticons created an army and attacked a city far away.  Orion is confident that if the Decepticons are dangerous, the Guardian Robots (like Omega Supreme) will protect them.  Megatron flies to the energy docks and introduces himself to Orion Pax.  Silverbolt sees Megatron approaching the docks and knows something is wrong.  When Megatron learns that there is an energy supply at the docks, he has his Decepticons attack.  Orion Pax tries to resist, but Megatron shoots him in the shoulder.  Ariel rushes to Orion’s side, but Megatron strikes her down with his blaster.  Orion leaps into the air to attack Megatron, but Megatron shoots a hole right in his chest.  All of the Autobots are deactivated in the raid (some theorize that Dion was rebuilt later, possibly as Kup or Ultra Magnus, others theorize that he truly died).  The Aerialbots finally get to the warehouse just as the assault ends.  All that is left are remains of Autobots.  They find Orion is clinging to life and they bring Orion and Ariel to get repairs.  Slingshot realizes that Megatron and the Decepticons truly are evil and has no hesitation about fighting them.  They come across a young Alpha Trion who notices that Orion Pax and Ariel need repairs (I wonder if the smoking holes in their chest tipped him off).  Alpha Trion recommends that the Aerialbots bring their wounded friends to the next city.  Alpha Trion (Who wounds surprisingly like Spike in this episode) is overwhelmed with injured Autobots, but he agrees to repair Orion and if successful Ariel.  They were so damaged he had to almost completely rebuild them.  The Aerialbots wait outside of Alpha Trion’s workshop while he works.  In the meantime, the Guardian Robots arrive in the city to quell the Decepticon incursion.   When Orion is repaired, the Aerialbots don’t see Orion Pax, they see the first Autobot defender, Optimus Prime.  Due to the success with Optimus Prime/Orion Pax, Alpha Trion sends drones to collect Ariel’s remains.  She is rebuilt into Elita-1.  The new Optimus Prime and Aerialbots reach the city just as Megatron’s new Decepticons destroy the head of one of the Guardian Robots.  Optimus fights Megatron and defeats his army without any help.  While Neo-Optimus is fighting the Decepticons, the Aerialbots battle Megatron’s transport drones.  The drones are raiding Orion Pax’s warehouse and are stealing the energy.  The Aerialbots set up energy bombs in the warehouse.  They know Megatron can’t get the energy cache and the most logical thing to do is blow it up.  Silverbolt wants the Aerialbots to wait to detonate the charges until all of the drones are inside of the warehouse.  They wait too long to blow up the bombs because their exit is blocked by legions of Decepticons.  The Aerialbots prepare to sacrifice themselves to prevent Megatron from gaining the energy.  Slingshot shoots the bombs and they start a chain reaction.  The entire warehouse is about to explode, but before they are destroyed, the Kronosphere brings them back to the present.  When they return, they find Optimus Prime and the Autobots fighting a headless Guardian Robot.  Now that the Decepticons are outnumbered, they withdraw back to Earth.  The Aerialbots merge into Superion to take on the headless Guardian Robot.  The Guardian robot runs at Superion and clubs him in the head with it’s cannon arm.  Superion falls to the ground and the Guardian Robot gets on top of him.  Superion gets up, but the Guardian robot picks Superion up and lifts him into the air.  It tosses Superion across the building.  It picks up Superion again and spins him around.  Superion gets up and gathers up all of his strength.  With one punch, Superion sends the Guardian Robot into the air and when it hits the ground, it shatters.  Silverbolt kept one of the energy bombs and the Autobots use it to recharge Omega Supreme.  On the way back, the Aerialbots reveal to Optimus that they met Orion Pax.

Perceptor creates a substance called Corrostop.  The Autobots want to use it to protect all of Earth’s man made monuments.  The first monument that the Autobots work on is the Statue of Liberty.  The Aerialbots help spray the Corrostop on Lady Liberty.  On the other side of the island, the Stunticons attack and capture Perceptor.  Optimus Prime sends the Aerialbots to recover him.  They stop working on spraying the Corrostop on the Statue of Liberty and transform into jet mode.  They fly into the air to save their friend.   Soon after Blitzwing takes off, the Aerialbots find him.  The Aerialbots chase Blitzwing through the skies of New York City.  Blitzwing flies very recklessly to escape the Aerialbots.  The Aerialbots stay on his tail.  Fireflight almost flies into a bell tower.  Blitzwing changes course to fly over the water so the Aerialbots pick up speed.  The Aerialbots refuse to attempt to shoot Blitzwing down so Perceptor won’t be harmed.  Blitzwing contacts Megatron to tell him he is close to the Decepticon base, but the Aerialbots are still following him.  The entry pillar of the Decepticon base ascends from the water.  Ramjet and Dirge exit the pillar with Megatron’s lightning bug.  They activate it and fire purple lightning at the Aerialbots.  The Aerialbots scatter to avoid the lightning.  Blitzwing enters the base and the coneheads continue firing lightning at the Aerialbots.  Fireflight is hit and starts to lose altitude. Air Raid fires a volley of missiles at the Coneheads but they shoot the missiles out of the sky.  Air Raid continues barreling down on the Decepticon base, but Dirge and Ramjet fire lightning at him and he is hit.  The Aerialbots retreat and notify Optimus Prime about the new Decepticon weapon.  Megatron contacts Optimus Prime and is willing to give Perceptor back.  It is a trap, but most of the Autobots and all of the Aerialbots travel together to save Perceptor.   Megatron wants the Statue of Liberty destroyed so the Autobots can’t make more Corrostop and cure their Cosmic Rust.  Megatron gives Menasor control of the Lightning Bug.  Before Menasor can destroy the Statue, the Autobots reveal themselves.  Menasor prepares to fire the Lightning Bug, but the Aerialbots appear from above him.  The Aerialbots swarm Menasor while firing their lasers at him.  They are too small and too fast for him to hit.  The Aerialbots make Menasor drop the Lightning Bug.  The Aerialbots merge into Superion to finish off Menasor.  Menasor tries to reclaim the Lightning Bug, but Superion shoots him in the chest.  Superion tries to pick up the Lightning Bug, but Menasor tackles him.  Menasor tries to restrain Superion, but Superion grabs Menasor from behind and throws him over his shoulder.  Menasor hits the ground and falls apart into the individual Stunticons.  Superion destroys the Lightning Bug and the Decepticons retreat.  The Autobots are able to replicate the Corrostop and cure their cosmic rust.

The Aerialbots fly over the Iranian bazaar to find out why so many aircraft have gone missing.  They are determined to find an explanation before involving the other Autobots.  Slingshot breaks formation and says that he thinks the planes went missing because they weren’t as good fliers as he is.  Silverbolt picks up a distress call from people caught in an avalanche.  The Aerialbots follow Silverbolt to help save civilians.  Silverbolt radios Optimus Prime to send help saving the victims.  Silverbolt is wary that they are walking into a trap, and he was right the distress call was fake.  As soon as the Aerialbots reach the avalanche, the Combaticons emerge from the rocks and attack them.  Onslaught and Brawl their cannons at the Autobot fliers while in vehicle mode.  The Aerialbots take evasive maneuvers to avoid getting hit by the barrage of laser fire.  Vortex and Dirge appear from behind boulders and attack the Aerialbots while in vehicle mode.  Air Raid goes on the offensive and chases Vortex while firing his weapons.  Blast Off and Slingshot have a dogfight with each other through the desert canyon.  Blast Off proves to be a superior pilot than Slingshot and is able to match every move the Aerialbot makes.  Slingshot is able to shake off Blast Off’s pursuit by flying into a small cave.   Blast Off is determined to finish off Slingshot.  He fires on the rocks above the mouth of the cave and creates a small avalanche.  Slingshot is trapped inside of the cave.   Optimus Prime arrives with the Autobots and they help the Aerialbots fend off the Combaticons.  Air Raid continues his battle with Vortex and is able to damage Vortex’s rear rotors.  The Aerialbots rush towards the Combaticons to fight them one on one.  Seeing that they are outnumbered, Onslaught orders the Combaticons to retreat.  The Aerialbots don’t follow, instead they rescue Slingshot from the cave.  The Aerialbots and Autobots dig an opening in the rocks.  Hoist enters the cave and tows Slingshot out.  The Aerialbots and Autobots travel together to get repairs.  Slingshot is still being towed by Hoist and complains about the bumps in the road.  Ratchet works on repairing Slingshot, but isn’t able to finish the job.  Ratchet needs a new console for Slingshot’s weapons.  Other than having no weapons ,Slingshot is operational.  Ratchet has to go back to the Autobot headquarters to get the part.  Slingshot transform and mentions that he is still feeling shaky.  He has a hard time staying on his feet.  Skydive wants to continue the investigation of the missing planes.  He transforms into jet mode to blend in with the other planes and hopes to get “stolen”.  Silverbolt commends Skydive for his plan.  Since Slingshot is still not at 100%, he decides to join Skydive.  That night, the plane thieves strike.  The thieves start taking Slingshot and Skydive apart while the two Aerialbots.  Slingshot allowed it to happen because he thought they were the mechanics Ratchet sent to install his new part (but that doesn’t explain why Skydive allowed it to happen).  The thieves remove a lot of parts from the two Aerialbots, including their wings and nosecones.  Slingshot doesn’t believe this is happening and Skydive tells him to keep quiet.  The thieves don’t notice that the two planes are talking to each other and continue working.  Slingshot wants to call the other Aerialbots for help, but his communications were disabled.  Slingshot and Skydive’s parts are split up and transported away inside of laundry trucks. The leader of the thieves is also the king of Iran, a man named King Ali (which makes you wonder if he is the king, why is he having his henchmen stealing parts, can’t he just buy new ones?)  A young street urchin named Hassan watches the thieves unload the trucks in the cover of night.  The thieves are trying to use the stolen parts to make cars (so why not steal cars instead of planes?).  The thieves are not able to integrate the Aerialbots’ parts into the cars because they are too advanced.  The thieves put the Aerialbots’ parts back in the laundry trucks.  Hassan continues to watch and thinks if something is as secretive as this operation is, it must be interesting to learn more about.  King Ali rides inside of Swindle and leads the caravan of laundry trucks through the desert.  Hassan chases the trucks on a motorcycle.  Even though stealth isn’t in his vocabulary, he sneaks into one of the trucks and sees the Aerialbots’ parts.  Slingshot and Skydive transform, but are clearly missing most of their parts. They are basically just heads on torsos.  Their arms were used as spare parts for Ali’s cars.   Hassan befriends the two Aerialbots and wants the Aerialbots to help him defeat Ali.  Slingshot and Skydive’s bodies are still in a laundry truck.  They notice that Blast Off is inspecting the trucks.  Slingshot worries that Blast Off will recognize them.  Skydive and Slingshot short circuit themselves so Ali and Blast Off will think they are too damaged to be altered.  The undercover Aerialbots and Hassan reclaim as many of the Aerialbots’ parts as they can.  Hassan rebuilds the two Aerialbots but Slingshot’s chest piece is missing.  Hassan replaces it with the grill of a luxury car.  The car is owned by Prince Jumal who has been missing for a while.  Slingshot worries that the prince will mind that they used his car for spare parts.  Hassan tells him that he is sure that the prince won’t mind.  Skydive shows Hassan his weapons console so Hassan can look for a replacement for Slingshot.  Hassan also repaired Skydive’s radio.  He tells Slingshot that he picked up a signal from Silverbolt and help is on the way.  Once the other Aerialbots arrive, The Decepticons also activate their drone jets to battle the Aerialbots.  Since Slingshot still doesn’t have functional weapons, he is grounded.  Skydive transforms to help the other Aerialbots.  Hassan contacts Slingshot to tell him that he snuck inside of the Decepticon’s Griffin.  Hassan stole a weapons console for Slingshot.  As the drone jets get close to Silverbolt and Air Raid, the two Aerialbots fire their missiles.  A few drones are destroyed, but the remaining drones return fire with their missiles.  From the airfield, Brawn, Swindle, and Onslaught fire their cannons at the Aerialbots from vehicle mode.  Instead of damaging the Aerialbots, Onslaught winds up accidentally destroying two jet drones.  Silverbolt destroys another drone jet with a missile.  Air Raid soars through the air and slices pieces off of a drone jet with his wing.  The Aerialbots start to strafe Onslaught while he fires artillery shells at them.  Megatron has Rumble and Frenzy activate the Griffin Flying Fortress to combat the Aerialbots.  The Griffin Fortress deploys two laser cannons from it’s head and fires them at the Aerialbots.  The nimble Aerialbots are able to avoid the bulky Griffin’s assault.  Slingshot runs out of the hangar he was hiding in, but Dirge sees him and starts shooting at him while in jet mode.  Onslaught transforms and is about to fire his cannons at the Aerialbots.  Slingshot runs at Onslaught and tackles him.  Swindle and Brawl rip Slingshot off of Onslaught by the legs.  They toss him aside and Onslaught transforms.  The three Combaticons start firing their blasters at Slingshot.  Onslaught is unable to hit Slingshot.  Blast Off tries to fly into Slingshot, but Slingshot ducks.  The Combaticons plan to unite into Bruticus.  Slingshot takes to the air to stop them, even though he doesn’t have any functioning weapons.  Slingshot knows that the Aerialbots can’t fight Bruticus because Fireflight hasn’t joined the battle yet.  Slingshot chases Blast Off, who quickly out flies Slingshot and starts to pursue him.  Blast Off opens fire on Slingshot. Slingshot transforms into robot mode and lands on Blast Off’s roof.  He makes Blast Off lose control and fly into palm trees and then into a mountain.  Air Raid starts to fight Ramjet in the sky.  Ramjet tries to ram himself into Air Raid, but Air Raid avoids getting hit.  Blast Off shakes Slingshot off and he lands on the Purple Griffin Flying Fortress.  Slingshot gets tangled up in it’s mane. With Blast Off free, the Combaticons are able to merge into Bruticus.  The Aerialbots can’t merge into Superion because Fireflight is still missing.  Skydive flies aggressively towards Bruticus, but the massive combiner swats him away.  Hassan emerges from inside of the Purple Flying Griffin with a weapons console.  He plugs it into Slingshot, reactivating his weapons.  Slingshot frees himself from the mane of the Purple Flying Griffin and grabs Hassan.  Slingshot transforms into jet mode to help the other Aerialbots.  Air Raid and Silverbolt try to slow Bruticus down, but like Skydive, Bruticus swats them away.  With Hassan in his cockpit, Slingshot flies towards Bruticus.  Slingshot deploys a missile with a grappling hook on it.  The hook grabs onto Bruticus’ legs and makes him fall.  Fireflight finally joins the other Aerialbots and they merge into Superion.  Bruticus rips the cable off of his legs and stands up.  Superion runs towards Bruticus and rams his shoulder into his opponent.  Bruticus falls backwards onto the ground.  The Purple Flying Griffin fires an energy blast at Superion that hits him in the chest.  Superion falls to the ground and the Purple Flying Griffin swoops down to finish him off.  Superion kicks it and it flies into the air and hits an oil drilling tower.  Oil is spraying everywhere.  Superion focuses on Bruticus again.  Superion tries to club him with his arm, but Bruticus lifts Superion up and throws him.  Bruticus is about to slam into Superion, but Superion separates into the individual Aerialbots.  The Aerialbots ignite the leaking oil refinery and create an explosion that vanquishes the Decepticons.  That night, the Aerialbots deal with King Ali.  But instead of giving him to the world courts for deposing Prince Jumal and allying himself with the Decepticons for world domination, they let the Iranians deal with him internally.  Hassan joins the Aerialbots and reveals that he is actually Prince Jumal, not a lovable street urchin named Hassan.  Slingshot wants to keep his luxury car chest plate, Prince Jumal is happy to oblige.

Superion joins Ultra Magnus, Blaster, and Grimlock while they investigate Decepticon activity which Perceptor discovered.  The Decepticons want to install an engine on a moon and use it to destroy Metroplex. In the battle between the Autobots and Decepticons, the moon is sent flying through space, it’s trajectory will make it crash into an inhabited planet.  The Autobots rush to stop it.he battle ends when a sonic attack comes from the planet and destroys the weaponized moon.  Several Autobots and Decepticons wind up falling to the surface of the planet.  Several Autobots and Decepticons go to the planet to try to harness the sonic weapon, and Galvatron eventually does.  When he summons more Decepticons to help him, the Aerialbots go to the sound planet as Superion and fight the Constructicons.  Without forming Devestator, the Constructicons are able to defeat the Aerialbots and make them separate back into the Aerialbots.  Cyclonus and Scourge fly into the massive Autobot combiner, and they only hurt themselves.  The two Decepticons evade Superion by flying into a black hole.  Sometime later, a rocket emerges from the black hole broadcasting a distress call.  Air Raid picks up the distress call and tells Rodimus Prime.  

One day, Air Raid was being hunted by Cyclonus and Scourge.  He nimbly evades both asteroid and Decepticon in his jet mode.  Air Raid transforms, and Cyclonus fires on him.  Air Raid hides behind an asteroid, dodging the energy blast.  Cyclonus follows Air Raid into the asteroid field, and before Cyclonus can act, the other four Aerialbots appear from behind an asteroid.  They were using Air Raid as bait to trap Cyclonus and Scourge.  Silverbolt gives the two Decepticons the option to surrender, but they attack.  There is a brief skirmish, and the Decepticons are too stubborn to know they are not able to win.  The Aerialbots merge into Superion and continue the battle.  Superion is way too powerful for the two Decepticons.  Cyclonus and Scourge try a Hail Mary by flying into Superion, hoping to damage him.  The plan backfires when they are damaged by their own attack.  The two Decepticons escape by flying through a black hole.

When Trypticon was making a destructive path to fight Metroplex, Rodimus sends the Aerialbots to help slow Trypticon down.  The Aerialbots attack Trypticon in their jet modes, and prove to be too fast for Trypticon to attack.  Air Raid gets injured when Trypticon is able to lock on him and use his energy breath on him.  Air Raid’s sacrifice depletes Trypticon of that ability temporarily.  Silverbolt flies into Trypticon’s mouth and attacks him from the inside.

The Aerialbots are sent to The Planet of Junk by Rodimus Prime to investigate why the Junkions attacked Sky Lynx.  The Aerialbots fly to The Planet of Junk, but are attacked by a Quintesson ship.  The battle alerts the Junkions (who were being controlled by the Quintessons to distrust all outside beings), and they attack the Aerialbots with their artillery cannons.  The Aerialbots are taking fire from all sides.  Silverbolt orders them to merge into Superion, but before they can complete the merge, they are hit by one of the Junkion cannons and severely damages.  This only temporarily slows down the Aerialbots.  They regroup and form Superion.  The Quintessons continue their attack on Superion, but he is too powerful for them.  He flies into the ship, knocking it off course.  The Quintessons try using a different weapon on the Autobot Combiner, but he fires his blaster at the ship before the Quintesson attack can reach him.  The blast overloads the Quintesson ship, but the feedback damages Superion.  Superion starts to plummet to the Planet of Junk, but is able to send out a distress call to Cybertron.  Sky Lynx responds to the call and brings Superion back to Cybertron.  First Aid examines Superion, but Superion is heavily damaged.  Before he looses consciousness, he tells Rodimus Prime and Ultra Magnus that the Quintessons are the ones who attacked him.

The Aerialbots wind up back on Cybertron for a while.  Slingshot and a few other Aerialbots help defend Cybertron against Tornedron.  Slingshot and several other Autobots fire on the creature, but it is able to absorb the energy blasts.  Slingshot is rendered unconscious when Tornedron absorbs his life energy.  Everyone is brought back to life when Tornedron is defeated.

The Aerialbots show up in Japan, protecting a bullet train from Astrotrain.  Oddly, instead of attacking as Superion (which is how they traveled to the battle), they split up into their weaker Aerialbot form.  As a team, they quickly defeat Astrotrain, but cause a lot of property damage.

Superion is part of the assault force which Ultra Magnus organizes to recover Optimus Prime’s body.  Superion, and the rest of the Autobot assault force, were walking into a trap.  They were infected by the Hate Plague. Superion fights Defensor and damages several Autobots in his rage. When Optimus Prime came back to life, he used the Matrix to destroy the Hate Plague and the Aerialbots were restored to normalcy.

The Aerialbots try to defend Cybertron and the Plasma Energy Chamber from the Decepticons.  They are shot down by Cyclonus and Sixshot.  The Aerialbots rejoin the battle on Cybertron, but they are deactivated by the Combaticons.  They are brought back to life when Vector Sigma absorbs the energy from when the Plasma Energy Chamber caused Earth’s sun to go supernova and there was a new golden age of Cybertron.


Marvel G1 Comic

After Devestator started to become a problem for The Autobots, Optimus Prime made a plan to gain combiner technology from The Decepticons.  His plan was successful and Wheeljack built The Aerialbots.  Before they could be totally tested, Optimus Prime sends them on a mission to defeat Megatron at a dam with Silverbolt in command. Megatron plans to use a large drill to destroy the dam, and making overwhelming hydroelectric energy.  Their first attempts are futile and they are attacked by Dirge, Thrust, and Ramjet.  In the battle, Skydive makes a plan to destroy the drill with his missiles, but they aren’t strong enough to damage it.  Slingshot is later literally rammed by Ramjet, but he is too strong for it to damage him.  Dirge shoots the mountain where the dam is, hoping to crush some humans with the falling rocks, and Fireflight vaporizes them.  Dirge then focuses on Silverbolt, he makes a sound that causes Silverbolt to live his worst fear, the fear of heights.  Silverbolt overcomes his fear when he sees that Slingshot needs his help.  They defeat the Decepticons and merge into Superion to destroy the drill.  They are unable to but they maneuver Megatron to help destroy the drill.  After the battle, Bombshell hides on Silverbolt and winds up going back to The Ark with the Aerialbots.

When Skids is attacked by The Stunticons, he calls for help.  Optimus Prime sends The Aerialbots to assist Skids in battle.  When they arrive, they quickly form Superion to match The Stunticons merged form of Menasor.  They battle and are evenly matched.  The stalemate ends when Circuit Breaker intervenes and attacks Superion and defeats him.  The Aerialbots are brought to the RAAT base and dismantled so they can be studied.  Eventually the Aerialbots are set free by Circuit Breaker and they rejoin The Autobots.

Silverbolt is part of a meeting organized by Perceptor with other high ranking Autobots.  Their purpose is to choose a new leader for the Autobots.

The Aerialbots are used as background characters mainly until issue 50 of the G1 book.  They save Buster Witwicky after he is liberated from The Decepticons by Starscream in the Arctic.  They arrange Buster to be brought back to his brother Spike.  After Starscream absorbs the Underbase energy, the Aerialbots and Jetfire fight a mutated Starscream in New York City.  They are quickly defeated, knocked unconscious with one energy blast

For years, the Aerialbots remain in stasis pods deactivated.  Grimlock brings them back to life by stealing their stasis pods (and other Autobots) and uses Nucleon on them.  Silverbolt is shown helping fight Unicron right after being brought back to life.

During the evacuation of Cybertron, Silverbolt is shown piloting a ship with Autobots to go to the planet Klo to stop the Decepticons who are trying to conquer the planet.

Skydive stayed on Earth and helps Fortress Maximus battle Megatron on the Ark.  He deactivated himself so he could be hauled into the Ark without alerting Megatron that another Transformer was on board.  Skydive saves Megatron’s hostage and attacks Megatron, giving Fortress Maximus the opportunity to make the Ark explde.  Skydive escapes the Ark before it explodes.

The next time we see the Aerialbots they are helping Hot Rod train.  Skydive eventually rejoins the Aerialbots and they fight Jhiaxus’ Cybertronian army on Ethos.  They are overwhelmed but are saved by several Decepticons which embarrasses the Autobot fliers.  

When Jhiaxus attacks the Autobot base on Earth, the Aerialbots defend it against the imperialistic Cybertronians.






IDW Re-Generation One

Silverbolt was shown in the Regeneration One comic suffering from instability due to his exposure to Nucleon.  Later in the book, Silverbolt is cured with a new body.  He is kept under observation in an Autobot hospital to make sure he is healthy.  Silverbolt is freed of the hospital by Blaster who accidentally causes the Decepticons to attack.  The Decepticon assassins attack, Silverbolt and the other recovering Autobots are able to fight them off, but not without Silverbolt being significantly damaged by napalm.  

Silverbolt rejoins the Aerialbots and together, they search for Decepticons on Cybertron.

After Jhiaxus is defeated and the Autobots come back to a corrupted Cybertron, Slingshot is killed by a Dark Matrix creature.

IDW Transformers

Unlike the G1 cartoon, the Aerialbots were part of the early days of the war instead of being built in the present.  

When Orion Pax leads an Autobot raid, he contacts Silverbolt to provide air support.

Later, when the Autobots are hunting Soundwave, Silverbolt searches from the air. Soundwave  sends Ratbat to attack Silverbolt.  Ratbat uses his claws to severely damage the Aerialbot.

Zeta Prime orders Orion Pax, Prowl, Bumblebee, Silverbolt, Hound, and Ironhide to arrest Hot Rod.  Hot Rod is suspected to be a terrorist who uses bombs to create chaos.  Orion and his team go back to Nyon to search for Hot Rod. Prowl tells Orion that their target (Hot Rod) is in the Acropolex.  Ironhide thinks it is a trap.  Silverbolt tells the team that he won’t be able to cover the Autobots inside the Acropolex.   As a team, the Autobots enter the Acropolex.  Silverbolt stays outside to cover his comrades.  

After Megatron takes over Cybertron, the Aerialbots are part of the battle to reclaim it.  They fight the seekers in the air.

Trypticon has risen from under Cybertron.  Optimus rallies his troops.  Silverbolt is doing aerial recon. Soon after, Silverbolt organizes the rest of the Aerialbots to help fight Trypticon.  The Autobots think they have defeated Trypticon, but that only lasts momentarily.   Flying technorganic animals emerge from Trypticon and attack the Autobots.  Ratchet encountered them earlier and thought that they were native to the caves under Cybertron.  In fact, Trypticon manufactured them.

In the early days of Optimus Prime as leader of the Autobots, the Autobots get together to celebrate a victory against the Decepticons.

As the war progresses, Silverbolt becomes the captain of a ship.  An alien named Ku’arn who was captain of the ship Yar hails Silverbolt’s ship.  Silverbolt is very cautious but Ku’Arn explains he has something that may be of interest to the Autobots.  He has recovered Blaster.  Blaster enters the Autobot ship and Silverbolt takes him to Perceptor for repairs.  There was an investigation into Blaster’s disappearance, but no conclusions were made.  Silverbolt holds onto the theory that an Autobot tried to assassinate him.

As the Kimia Outpost arrives in Cybertron’s orbit, it deploys its main cannon to attack the surface.  All of the Autobots dive to cover.  Optimus Prime sends the Autobot fliers, including the Aerialbots and Powerglide, to do recon. The Aerialbots engage the Sweeps in Cybertron’s orbit.  Later, when Rodimus and Trailbreaker go into space, the Aerialbots provide air support for them.



The Aerialbots were formidable pilots and were able to fly through space unaided. They were able to combine into the mighty combiner, Superion

Wacky Facts

Even though Silverbolt has a flying vehicle mode, he is afraid of heights.

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