G1 Cartoon

After the movie, we barely see Arcee.  She was prominent in The Five Faces of Darkness, and once in a while was shown.  One time on Cybertron, she watches as Springer installs a new invention of Perceptor’s, a power core converter.  The converter is successfully installed and right away, the Decepticons attempt to steal it for themselves.  Arcee, Springer, and Ultra Magnus fight against the Decepticon bandits.  The Decepticons are able to escape into the tunnels of Cybertron.  The Autobots soon find the Decepticons battling against a group of creatures which were made by the Quintessons millions of years ago. Once the creatures notice the Autobots, the Autobots are attacked.  Springer, Wreck Gar, and Arcee are all injured by the creature and have their energy removed from them.  Before she can have her energy sucked out of her, she transforms, but a legion of energy vampire Autobots and Decepticons attack her.  She is ultimately saved by Kup.  Kup is turned into an energy vampire himself, but Arcee and Ultra Magnus are able to escape.  Lost in the tunnels, the two Autobots encounter Galvatron, who tries to kill them.  Arcee watches as Ultra Magnus and Galvatron have a short battle, which ends when the energy draining creature feeds on Galvatron and Ultra Magnus.  Ultra Magnus frees himself and Arcee uses Galvatron’s cannon on the creature.  The creature escapes and starts a path to the experimental power core.  Arcee and Magnus make their way to Rodimus Prime and Perceptor, but all four Autobots are attacked by the energy vampire Transformers.  Ultimately, Perceptor restores the energy vampires to their proper form and the creature (along with the power core) is shot off into space.

When a group of criminals bombed a city to create a diversion for their nefarious plot, Arcee helped the authorities rescue civilians.  Springer wound up feeling the impact from an explosion and crashed to the ground.  Arcee rushed to Springer to tend to his wounds.  These criminals allied themselves with a former terrorist named Old Snake (Aka Cobra Commander from GI Joe), to separate the minds of Springer, Arcee, Rodimus Prime, and Ultra Magnus from their bodies.  The minds were put into synthoids, human replicas, and the Transformer bodies were used as weapons. Arcee goes to Autobot City to try to get help, but no one believes that a human could be an Autobot (and for a cartoon it is hard to believe). Human Arcee is detailed, and eventually, after a short experience of being a human, Arcee is restored to her regular form by Perceptor.

Arcee returns to Cybertron and develops a friendship with Daniel Witwicky.  She helps defend Cybertron and the Plasma Energy Chamber from Decepticons.  The Autobots attempt to use a shuttle to travel through the tunnels of Cybertron to reach the chamber.  It is activated and the shuttle is sent to a distant plant called Nebulos.  The Autobots are attacked by a group of Nebulan rebels, who think that the Autobots were weapons sent by The Hive to destroy them.  They are restrained by the rebels and taken to the rebel base.  The rebels attach magnetic bombs on the Autobots.  As the rebels are about to activate the explosives, the Decepticons arrive.  Through very little effort, Spike is able to convince the rebels that the Autobots can help them.  The rebel leader sets the Autobots loose to battle the Decepticons.  Arcee tries to fight Snapdragon, but the Decepticon is too strong for her.  He grabs her hands with his mouth.  Daniel tries to help his friend, but Snapdragon critically injures him.  The Autobots are losing the battle, so they use the magnetic bombs against the Decepticons.  This causes the Decepticons to retreat, but not until they took a few Autobots as hostages.  Daniel’s injuries are so severe that he needs to stay connected to life support machinery and can’t be moved.  Arcee stays by his side.  The leader of the rebels, a Nebulan named Gort, tells the Autobots about Nebulos and the Hive.  The Hive is made up of a small group of evil Nebulans who rule the planet with an iron fist.  They use machines to enslave the population for their whims.  Brainstorm devises a way to binary bond Daniel with Arcee and the life support equipment so Daniel can live.

Daniel wakes up inside of Arcee’s head, binary bonded to the female Autobot.  She joins the other four Autobot Headmasters when they save the captive Autobots.  Arcee transforms into car mode, and Daniel fires on Cyclonus.  Arcee slams into Cyclonus, knocking him off of his feet.  The Autobot Headmasters recover their captive friends and bring them back to the rebel base.  There is another battle between the Autobots and Decepticons, and this time the Autobots loose the battle.  Arcee wasn’t shown with the other Headmasters.  Optimus Prime then arrives on Nebulos and meets the enhanced Autobots.  Arcee confronts Scourge, who has the key inside of him.  With Daniel’s help, Arcee is able to reclaim the key from Scourge.  The Autobots want to escape but Scorponok arrives and attacks the Autobots. '

  Scorponok attacks all of the Autobots, but when he learns that Arcee has the key, he focuses on her.  In scorpion mode, he grabs Arcee.  Arcee fires her blaster at the immense Decepticon, but her weapons aren’t powerful enough to cause any damage. She is captured and Scorponok flies to Cybertron.  On Cybertron, Arcee and Daniel are held captive inside of Scorponok.  Zarak wants Arcee to give him the Key, but she refuses.  Zarak then threatens Daniel, which causes Arcee to give the key to the Decepticons.  After Fortress Maximus and Scorponok battle, Cerebros and Spike rescue Arcee and Daniel.

IDW Transformers

Another character that is VERY different from their G1 cartoon version than IDW is Arcee.  She isn’t very nice and is a berserk warrior.  She also was allegedly the first female Transformer, but other stories kind of contradict that.

Sometime ago, Arcee seeks revenge on Jhiaxus in a Stellar Cartography Archive.  She is killing everyone there, the only thing that stops her is her fellow Autobot Ultra Magnus.  Ultra Magnus tells Arcee that if she doesn’t stop, he will arrest her in the name of the Tyrest Accord.  Arcee refuses to submit and throws several grenades at Ultra Magnus.  The grenades turn out to be flash bang grenades.  Ultra Magnus is briefly blinded and Arcee runs through the room.  Arcee deploys an energy sword and resumes her attack on Ultra Magnus.  She goes to slash Magnus, but it turns out to be a hologram of him.  From behind Arcee, Ultra Magnus opens fire with his blaster.  She does some fancy acrobatics and dodges the blaster fire.  Arcee takes out her gun and shoots the blaster out of Ultra Magnus’ hands.  Magnus takes out a grenade and throws it at Arcee.  Arcee is temporarily disabled.  He arrests her.  Arcee is detained in the Garrus-Nine jail and her spark is removed from her body.  A very long time later, the Decepticons attack Garrus-Nine.  The warden, Fortress Maximus, needs backup so he restores Arcee’s spark to her body.  Arcee doesn’t want to help him until she learns that the attack is led by Jhiaxus.  Arcee turns the tide of the battle very quickly.  The first thing she does is attack the Combaticons.  She impales Blast Off with her energy sword.  Brawl transforms and opens fire.  Arcee is too fast and she dodges the energy attack.  She transforms into vehicle mode for added speed and crashes into Brawl.   As Fortress Maximus joins the battle, the invaders teleport away.  Fortress Maximus plans to incarcerate Arcee again.  She tells him that she wants to go into space to track down the Decepticons.  Arcee explains that she has some strange link with Jhiaxus and she can track him.  Arcee reveals to Fortress Maximus and the rest of the staff of Garrus-Nine that Jhiaxus decided that there should be gender in Transformers and she was the first female transformer and that made her become mentally unstable.

Arcee travels through the universe to find the Decepticons who make up Monstructor and Banzai-Tron.  She ties up a Decepticon and hangs him from the girders of a spaceship.  She tries to torture him for information with her laser sword.  As she penetrates his chest with her sword, he is ready to give her any information she wants.

Arcee goes to the Orcibe Cluster and finds a hidden Decepticon base.  All of the Decepticons are dead.  Upon further study, Arcee finds out that Banzai-Tron is still alive.  He tells her that Jhiaxus took Monstructor.

Arcee finally tracks down Jhiaxus.  The first thing she does is cut his hand off.  Jhiaxus tries to escape to the Dead Universe, but Arcee kills him with her sword.

Arcee tortures Jhiaxus for years.  He is found by Galvatron, Scourge and Cyclonus.  When they find an inter-dimensional portal below Gorlam Prime, Arcee and Hardhead attack.

Galvatron takes the brunt of the attack from the Autobots.  Jhiaxus is terrified of Arcee.  Arcee is shocked to see Jhiaxus functioning again and vows to inflict the wounds again, but this time, a thousand fold.  Arcee fires on Scourge and Cyclonus, and Hardhead backs her up Jhiaxus continues to fire on the Autobots and asks Galvatron to help.  Galvatron is unable to get up.   Arcee tosses Jhiaxus aside and he crashes into Cyclonus and Scourge.  Galvatron emerges from the portal repaired.  He opens fire on Arcee and Hardhead.  Galvatron uses his Dead Universe energy on the Autobots as well, causing them massive pain.  Hardhead takes the brunt of the attack so Arcee can get away and tell the Autobots that Galvatron is back.  Arcee gets away in vehicle mode and Scourge follows her in his vehicle mode.  Arcee is too fast for Scourge.  They reach the surface of Gorlam Prime.  Cyclonus joins the fight and shoots rockets at Arcee.  Arcee flies off the bridge she is driving on and assumed to be dead.  Arcee climbs out of the pit she fell in.  Her arm is only hanging on by a few wires.  She is determined to stop Galvatron.

Arcee rescues numerous Autobots from an escape pod in Cybertron’s orbit.  These Autobots were the staff of the Kimia Outpost which was taken over by Galvatron and his forces.

Above Cybertron, Arcee and Hardhead brief the survivors of the Kimia Outpost with their plan.  Arcee gets angry at Brainstorm because she has to keep explaining what is going on.  Brainstorm retorts that Arcee and Hardhead have had a lot of time to go over the plan, but it is new to him and the survivors of the Kimia Outpost.  Hardhead wants to do a “data dump” on Galvatron.  Hardhead was connected mentally to Galvatron when Galvatron probed Hardhead’s mind, and it was enhanced due to his time in the Dead Universe.  Hardhead explains that Galvatron has the Heart of Darkness and that is the that D-Void wants the energy to destroy everything in the universe.  Before the Autobots aboard the spacecraft can enact their plan, all of the shuttle’s sensors go crazy.  Despite Cybertron being right in front of them, the sensors don’t register Cybertron.  Hardhead tells Arcee that without the instruments, he can’t navigate the ship.  Arcee tells him to just look out the window.  The Autobot shuttle descends into Cybertron’s atmosphere.  The planet is being ravaged by unusual storms.  When the shuttle gets close enough, the Autobots aboard jump out to fight.  Optimus Prime uses the Matrix to destroy the Heart of Darkness.  The Autobots have won, but the Matrix has fused into a ball of metal that is now inert.


Wacky Facts

Arcee was the first female Autobot to appear in more than two episodes

Arcee is Rattrap's (from Beast Wars) great aunt.

There was a G1 Arcee figure planned to be released in 1986. Alas, Hasbro (and many other toy companies) didn't think that female figures would sell to boys, so it was never made.

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