Armada Megatron Toy Review


Class- Ultra (a class that doesn't exist anymore but is closest to Leader)


For a VERY VERY VERY long time, Armada Megatron was my go to Megatron. Granted, I wasn't collecting from Cybertron untill Combiner Wars. Something about Armada Megatron was a lot of fun to me. Also, he was able to combine with Tidal Wave (review coming soon) which made him even more desireable. I gave my Armada Megatron to my nephew in 2019, but I was watching Armada again and I got a little nostalgic for the figures so I re-bought a few of them. Is he still good???

Bot Mode-

Armada Megatron DOES NOT look at all like any G1esque Megatron. He has his own identity and that is a good thing. You can even probably repurpose him as a totally different character in a Generations collection and display him with Siege or Earthrise Megatron and not think they are the same character. From a purely visual point of view, Megatron looks really good. But he really doesn't hold up well in 2020. He's fun, don't get me wrong, but in comparison to a modern figure, he has a lot of problems. Lets start a the top (like always). Megatron is a hodge podge of colors that work well in their own way. He has the tank treads as his shoulders, massive horns on his head (that gimmick was made because they were planning to have Megatron capture Mini Cons with the horns in the cartoon, even though it never happened, they kept the horns in the final toy design). His chest is mainly a muted silver and purple. He has Decepticon logos on his shoulders. His lower legs are green and the same muted silver. The gun from the tank mode is his primary weapon and it is always deployed unless you fold it back which looks a little awkward. His right hand is 5mm but his left hand is really interesting. It has a fold out knife (and it was actually used in the cartoon in one of the last few episodes). Like all Armada figures, he has a bunch of Mini Con ports on his body. Also, he has some electronics, but I haven't had batteries in my Armada Megatron since probably 2004, so I can't remember for the life of me what they do. So he seems pretty cool so far, but that is only from a visual perspective. His articulation is kind of crappy. His arms move up and down. Some elbow bend. His legs can do the splits. But he is missing out on some key articulation which we have come to enjoy. He lacks bicep swivel, he lacks thigh swivel. He lacks torso swivel. So he feels like a big brick (like a lot of Armada figures). Two other features that I really like about Megatron are.... 1) he has a bit of a mask. For vehicle mode you can eliminate visible head syndrome by pushing up a tab which hides the face. In my head cannon as a kid, I pretended that Megatron was thought to be dead and he was rebuilt as Armada Megatron but he wanted to pretend he was still dead so he stayed hidden. 2) He can spin the turret of the tank mode which is on his back to the front to be a mode which we saw in the cartoon. Oh yeah, he can combine with Tidal Wave, but I mentioned that already.


Megatron's transformation is very simple. For complexity, I rate it a 4.5 out of 10. For fun, a 6 out of 10.

Vehicle Mode-

In vehicle mode, Megatron is a tank. He isn't really an earth mode accurate tank, nor is he Cybertronian. I'll say he is a sci fi tank maybe? Mainly green with some dark navy blue and some silver and orange. The cannon can move up and down and the turret can spin. He has parts in the tank that can hold captured mini cons. He pegs together very well and is a lot of fun for a kid. Oh the cannon can shoot a projectile, but I lost those missiles in 2002.


Megatron comes with a mini con named Leader-1. Leader 1 can plug into any of Megatron's mini con ports and can transform into a gun.

3rd Party Add Ons-

There are no 3rd party add ons, but I've been known to equip Megatron with the Dr Wu sword meant for MP Megatron.


If you are just looking at him, he looks great. Really good toy for a kid. HE COMBINES WITH TIDAL WAVE!!!!


His articulation is pure crap. He is a glorified brick. Also, the horns can fall off easily and get lost.

What would Seth do different?

A little thigh swivel would go a long way. Also, I'd prefer the left hand not to have the shiv built into it. Its a cool feature but he only used it in one episode. I think I'd prefer him to have a 2nd tradtional hand.


From a nostalgia point of view, I really do like Megatron. But if you compare him to a figure made since 2016, he's pretty boring and lackluster. I know they made a new version for Combiner Wars, but I never liked how that one looked even if it had better articulation. I'd love to see some type of 3P Armada Megatron, and I'd like it even more if there was a Tidal Wave which could attach to the 3p Megatron of my dreams. For 2002 when he came out, I give Armada Megatron an 8 out of 10. For 2020 when this review is being written, he gets a 4.25 out of 10

American Retools and Repaints-

Armada Galvatron (a purple and pink redeco, not getting him)

Botcon Mega Zarak (really cool redeco, but he is super expensive so I will not be getting him)



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