G1 Cartoon Background -

Astrotrain was Decepticon triple changer.  He was able to transform into a train and a space shuttle (fitting name).  Aside for being a loyal Decepticon warrior, he was also their mode of transportation at times.  His shuttle mode size was very inconsistent.  At times it was the size of a regular space shuttle and couldn’t fit any Decepticons in it.  Other times his cargo hold was big enough to fit Devestator in it.

Astrotrain just appears one day with no explanation given of where he came from.  In his first mission on Earth, he guarded human slaves after Megatron took over Central City.  The Autobots storm the power plant to fight the Decepticons.  They reveal that they aren’t dead.  Megatron fires his cannon at the wall to create an exit for himself and Starscream.  The Decepticons follow him outside of the power plant to battle the Autobots.

Astrotrain helps Megatron acquire a device called the Voltronic Galaxer.  After Megatron, Starscream, and Thundercracker take it from an observatory, they travel to Astrotrain who was waiting for them on train tracks.  Megatron loads the device into Astrotrain and he rides through a tunnel. When he exits, he transforms into shuttle mode and flies away with Megatron and the other Decepticons inside of him.  Together, they go to the new Decepticon stronghold on the moon.  Astrotrain remains outside while Megatron and the Decepticons work on modifying the Voltronic Galaxer.  Megatron discovers that Cosmos and Blaster are spying on them, and he sends Astrotrain to fight them.  Astrotrain takes off in shuttle mode and immediately starts firing his blasters at Cosmos.  Cosmos is too slow to outrun Astrotrain, but he fires lasers to protect himself.  Cosmos’ attacks have no effect on Astrotrain.  Astrotrain flies above them and uses a tractor beam to pull the two Autobots into his cargo hold.  Astrotrain brings the two Autobots to Megatron.  Megatron directs Astrotrain to use his weapon to weld Blaster to the wall.  Omega Supreme takes the Autobots to the moon to battle Megatron.  When Omega lands, Megatron and Astrotrain leave the moon base to battle the massive Autobot.   Megatron runs to Omega Supreme and prepares to fire his fusion cannon.  Omega Supreme grabs him and Astrotrain transforms into train mode and rams Omega Supreme’s leg, making him drop Megatron.  Omega Supreme is about to attack Astrotrain, but he transforms into shuttle mode and evades the massive Autobot.  In shuttle mode, Astrotrain is too fast for Omega Supreme.  To remedy this, Omega Supreme transforms again and engages Astrotrain as a rocket.  Astrotrain still is too fast for Omega Supreme to defeat.  Omega Supreme transforms into robot mode and grabs Astrotrain.  He throws the Decepticon into space, ending the battle.

Astrotrain discovers Cosmos flying near the planet Saturn.  Astrotrain chases the Autobot and unleashes a torrent of laser fire.  Riding inside of Astrotrain are Starscream and Thrust.  Thrust tells Astrotrain that he is running low on energy, but he wants to continue his pursuit of Cosmos.  Cosmos tries to hide behind a large crystal asteroid, but Astrotrain destroys it and Cosmos is exposed.  Astrotrain hits Cosmos with a stray shot and he starts to crash into Titan.   Astrotrain takes the Decepticons to follow Cosmos.  Astrotrain lands near an alien temple and Starscream and Thrust exit.  The temple is empty but Thrust points out that he detects aliens near by.  Astrotrain watches the aliens and realizes that their belief system is based on deities from above called Sky Gods.  Astrotrain wants to pose as one of the Sky Gods so the Decepticons can gain control of the alien’s energy crystals.  Starscream claims that he would be a better god.  Astrotrain chokes Starscream and he allows Astrotrain to claim to be a god.  Astrotrain transforms into train mode and races to the aliens.  Starscream and Thrust follow in jet mode.  Astrotrain transforms and declares himself as the most powerful of the Sky Gods to the aliens.  Thrust and Starscream deactivate Cosmos and put him on display to make the aliens think that Astrotrain is the strongest Sky God.  Astrotrain damages Cosmos’ internal systems so Cosmos is unable to call for help.  Thrust points out to Astrotrain that he has exhausted most of his energy and they should call Megatron for assistance.  Astrotrain has become very full of himself and refuses to ask for help.  Astrotrain plans on breaking the locked code inside of Cosmos to locate more energy.  An alien named Talaria activates Cosmos’ signal beacon and the Decepticons quickly learn that the Autobots are coming.    Cosmos wakes up just as the Decepticons are about to harm Talaria.  He saves her by shooting Starscream with his arm cannon.  Astrotrain disables Cosmos with a laser blast from each side of his head.  The fanatical high priest of Titan named Jero leads the Decepticons to a cave of energy crystals.  Somehow, Astrotrain melts the rocks to create an opening for the Decepticons.  Astrotrain and the Decepticons enslave the aliens to harvest the crystals for them.  The Autobots attempt to save Cosmos, but Astrotrain has the slaves fire energy crystal tipped arrows at the Autobots.  The Autobots are forced to retreat, but Astrotrain captures Talaria.  He plans to cement his status as a Sky God to the Titans by ordering Talaria’s sacrifice to appease him.  Astrotrain sends Starscream and Thrust to search for the vanquished Autobots.  Astrotrain gathers all of the Titans so they can watch the sacrifice.  Jero is about to stab Talaria, but Jazz shoots the weapon out of his hands.  Jazz runs towards Astrotrain and starts shooting him.  Astrotrain orders the Titans to destroy Jazz, but they are too afraid.  Jazz and Talaria are pinned down by the Decepticons.  They are saved by Perceptor and Omega Supreme.  Astrotrain leaps into a hole to escape Omega Supreme.  He is promptly joined by Starscream and Thrust.  Astrotrain knows they can’t defeat Omega Supreme, so he wants to detonate the energy crystals in the mine.  Astrotrain fires his blaster at the crystals and it starts a chain reaction.  He transforms into shuttle mode and Starscream and Thrust board him.  The Decepticons escape back to Earth.

Astrotrain is sent into space by Megatron to meet the Constructicons.  The Constructicons were mining energy rich ore from an asteroid.  Astrotrain transports the ore to Earth after flying out of the Decepticon base in shuttle mode.  When he arrives on the asteroid, he opens up his cargo bay and the Constructicons load the ore into him.  Cosmos tries to steal a sample of the ore from Astrotrain, but he is too clumsy and is discovered by Astrotrain and the Constructicons.  Cosmos escapes in UFO mode without having to fight anyone.

Astrotrain transports Dirge and Ramjet to the gambling planet of Monacus.  They want to check on Megatron’s interests in the planet.  Astrotrain complains that he used all of his fuel to get to the planet.  Lord Gyconi has control over Optimus Prime, Inferno, Bumblebee and Perceptor.  After Dirge and Ramjet are defeated by Smokescreen and Devcon, the enslaved Autobots load Energon Cubes into Astrotrain so Gyconi and the Decepticons can escape.  Smokescreen, Devcon, Slizardo and Bosch reach the tarmac before the Decepticons depart.  Ramjet tells Gyconi to take the enslaved Autobots into Astrotrain before he loses control of them.  Bosch and Slizardo try to save the enslaved Autobots, but Astrotrain finishes refueling and joints the fight.  Smokescreen notices that his new friends are about to be killed by Astrotrain.  Smokescreen transforms into vehicle mode and creates a field of smoke so they can escape from Astrotrain.  The Decepticons and Gyconi give up way too easily and board Astrotrain to withdraw to safety.

Megatron sends Starscream, Rumble, Astrotrain, and Ramjet to Cybertron to help Shockwave capture (or destroy) the Female Autobots.  They use the Space Bridge instead of flying inside of Astrotrain.  Once the Decepticons arrive on Cybertron, Shockwave gives them the coordinates of the female Autobots’ base. Starscream leads the small band of Decepticons to attack the hidden headquarters.  Rumble draws Elita-1 out of hiding by creating an earthquake.  Elita-1 attacks the Decepticons, and Astrotrain tries to attack her.  She fires her blaster at Astrotrain, but he leaps aside to dodge the destructive energy.  The battle ends when Starscream uses his null ray to incapacitate Elita-1.  The Decepticons decide to kill Optimus Prime by lowering him in a vat of acid.  Elita-1 stops time and saves Optimus from destruction.  The Decepticons see wreckage in the acid and assume it is from Optimus Prime (but they don’t question at all that their prisoner Elita-1 is missing).  Ironhide, Powerglide, and Inferno arrive on Cybertron just as the Decepticons are celebrating the perceived destruction of Optimus Prime.  Ironhide opens fire on Astrotrain as well as sprays acid from his fingertips.  The wall behind Astrotrain melts.  The Decepticons run out of the building through the hole made with the acid.  The Autobots follow on foot, looking to avenge Optimus Prime.  The battle between the Autobots and Decepticons spills out into the streets.  Both sides seem to be evenly matched.  Eventually, the female Autobots Chromia and Moonracer join the fight to help their Autobot friends.  They are followed by Lancer, Greenlight, and Firestar.  The battle continues but it is very evenly matched.  Later, , both the Autobots and Decepticons learn that Optimus Prime is not dead.  Optimus Prime and Elita-1 turn the tide of the battle and the Decepticons retreat back to Earth (this time inside of Astrotrain).

Megatron learns that a human, named Lord Chumley, has captured several Autobots so he can use them as bait to lure out Optimus Prime.  Chumley wants to hunt Optimus Prime for sport and keep his head as a trophy.  Megatron sends Astrotrain and Blitzwing to help Chumley defeat Optimus Prime.  Blitzwing and Astrotrain fly to Lord Chumley’s estate in their jet and shuttle modes (respectively).  They see Optimus Prime and Blitzwing wants to attack.  Astrotrain wants to be more covert and stay hidden instead of committing to a full on assault.  Blitzwing trips on a pipe and Optimus Prime realizes that he is being followed.  The Decepticons hide again and try to avoid letting Optimus Prime know that they are there.  Blitzwing and Astrotrain watch as Optimus Prime walks passed a trapped woman.  Blitzwing goes to step on her and Astrotrain tries to stop him.  Blitzwing is covered in a green liquid that hardens.  Astrotrain tries to shoot Blitzwing free, but is unable to.  Astrotrain walks to Lord Chumley’s house alone to try to find a way to free Blitzwing.  Astrotrain watches as Optimus Prime fights a massive robotic scorpion.  Just as Optimus is about to defeat the robot, Astrotrain shoots Optimus Prime in the back with his rifle.  With Optimus Prime temporarily stunned, Astrotrain tries to make an alliance between the Decepticons and Lord Chumley.  Lord Chumley controls the scorpion and makes it attack Astrotrain with it’s tail.  Astrotrain is sent flying into the air and falls on top of Optimus Prime.  Chumley captures Astrotrain and Blitzwing and brings them to his dungeon.  Chumley offers to free the two captive Decepticons, but of course, they double cross him.  They retreat after Optimus Prime frees the captive Autobots and both Blitzwing and Astrotrain realize they have no functional weapons.

Starscream, Astrotrain, and Blitzwing go to a mountain and use their weapons to carve their faces, as well as Megatron’s, into the mountain.  Blitzwing quickly announces that he feels they would be better off if they left Megatron’s command.   Starscream damages the visage of Megatron in the mountain.  Taking cues from Starscream, Astrotrain and Blitzwing destroy the carving of Megatron.  The three Decepticons decide to go on their own after they overthrow Megatron.  Together, they fly to the Decepticon undersea base.  Astrotrain suggests Starscream take the lead, but Blitzwing reminds Astrotrain that for years, Starscream has been unsuccessful in trying to steal control of the Decepticons from Megatron.  Blitzwing declares that Starscream is a failure, but Starscream responds by saying he has just been waiting for the right time.  Starscream flies off to lure Megatron on his own.  Blitzwing tells Astrotrain that manipulating Starscream was easier than he thought it would be.  Astrotrain has a nice chuckle at Starscream’s expense.  Astrotrain and Blitzwing betray Starscream.  They freeze both Megatron and Starscream in the sewers to take command of the Decepticons for themselves.  Astrotrain’s hand gets temporarily frozen when he touches the 442 degree below zero gas.  Once Astrotrain and Blitzwing grab leadership away from Megatron, Astrotrain travels to a train depot in shuttle mode.  Once he reaches the tracks, he transforms into train mode and rides the rails to the main structure.  Astrotrain declares that the train depot is “Astrotrain Headquarters”.  He bursts into the terminal, causing all of the ticket passengers to run in terror.  Astrotrain takes computer components and starts to install them into the empty trains.   Astrotrain turns the trains into combat drones that he dubs his “Astroforce” .  Even though the trains were built by Astrotrain, and controlled (for the most part) by Astrotrain, and programmed by Astrotrain, he demands they swear an oath of allegiance to him.  Astrotrain transforms into train mode and leads the drones to steal energy for him.  The trains follow Astrotrain into a tunnel with an exposed wire, the drones are unable to process the energy without proper supervision which angers Astrotrain.  For some reason, there is an oil pipeline under the city in the subway tunnels, and one of the trains steals the oil.  Another train does the same with a natural gas pipe (that I can understand why it exists under a city).  Even though the mindless drones made with subpar computer systems somewhat complete their tasks, Astrotrain complains that it is hard to find good help.  The Decepticons decide to check on Astrotrain.  He cements himself as leader of the Decepticons by showing them a large supply of Energon Cubes which The Astroforce created.  The Decepticons want to see the Astroforce, and fly into a subway tunnel.  When they reach the train drones, the Decepticons see that they have crashed into each other.  One of the Astroforce trains frees itself.  Astrotrain coaches it to get faster and faster so it can gather more energy to make more Energon Cubes.  The train tears through a water main which floods the tunnel.  The water also thaws Megatron out from his frozen prison.  The massive flood drags Astrotrain to Blitzwing’s stadium.  Devestator is choking Blitzwing..   Blitzwing sees that Devestator is momentarily distracted and transforms into tank mode.  He drives over Devestator and tries to get help from Astrotrain.  Astrotrain has turned on Blitzwing and attacks him.  Blitzwing charges at full speed towards Astrotrain in robot mode.  Astrotrain remains calm and punches Blitzwing in the face.  Megatron and Starscream fly into the stadium to reclaim their titles.  Megatron knocks Astrotrain and Blitzwing’s heads into each other and reminds them that he can recycle them at any time.  Megatron, Starscream, Devestator, Blitzwing, and Astrotrain have a free for all battle in the stadium.  It is resolved off camera, but Megatron is the winner and reclaims his role as leader. He spares Starscream, Astrotrain, Blitzwing, and the Constructicons for the greater good of the Decepticons.

In Shuttle mode, Astrotrain transports Megatron, Soundwave, Dirge, and Rumble to the planet of Tlalakan to quel a slave revolt.  Some time ago, Megatron conquered the planet and left a sentient computer named Deceptitran in charge to make Energon Cubes.  After Laserbeak discovers that a small band of Autobots have reached the planet and allied themselves with the Autobots, the Decepticons intervene.  Astrotrain follows Megatron into battle after the Autobots were already attacked by Laserbeak.  The Autobots are forced to retreat into a body of water.  The Decepticons capture Bumblebee and return to their fortress.  In that time, the Autobots have allied themselves with the rebels and gave them Autobot weapons.  Megatron orders that all of the Decepticons take advantage of the situation.  They no longer have to search the planet for the Tlalakan rebels, the rebels have come to them. Astrotrain flies into the air with the rest of the Decepticons to end the rebel uprising.  Later, Astrotrain goes underwater with the rest of the Decepticons after Laserbeak discovers the location of the rebels’ underwater lair.  The kingdom is starting to be destroyed, but Seaspray wants to help.  Unfortunately, he has used the Well of Transformation to become organic and has no weapons to fight the Decepticons with.  The Decepticons continue their undersea attack, but the Tlalakans are assisted by Bumblebee and Cosmos.  The Decepticons continue their ruthless attack on the Tlalakan kingdom and it looks like they are actually going to win.  They abruptly leave when Deceptitran contacts Megatron and tells him that the Energon supply is in danger.  The Decepticon fortress on Tlalakan is destroyed in the battle and the Decepticons returnto Earth inside of Astrotrain.

Astrotrain is sent on a mission with Thrust and Ramjet.  Dirge has crashed into a swamp with a stolen device.  Megatron wants the three Decepticons to rescue Dirge and recover the stolen device.  When the three Decepticons find Dirge, Astrotrain deploys a set of claws from his shuttle mode and lifts Dirge out of the swamp.  Once Dirge is recovered, the Decepticons fly back to Megatron and give him the device which Dirge was carrying.  Astrotrain tells Megatron that they were filmed when they were recovering Dirge and the device.  Megatron quickly orders the Decepticons to attack the studio to get the film so Optimus Prime won’t know that they have the device.  The Decepticons go back to the movie studio to remove all traces of their time there.  They also want to prevent Optimus Prime from seeing the Decepticons who were filmed.   Hoist devises a way to make the Decepticons think that the film was destroyed so they give up and go back to base.

Astrotrain transports the Decepticons into space so they can explore.  From inside, Rumble warns Astrotrain about flying safely in an asteroid field.  The Decepticons come across a planet called Antilla which has an immense glowing Autobot Logo shining from the surface.  The logo is so big that the Decepticons can see it from space.  When Astrotrain lands, they find that the colony is completely deserted.  There are no traces of any Autobots.  Astrotrain is disappointed because he wanted to fight.    The Decepticons find a large pillar in the middle of the city.   Starscream is able to activate a holographic recording made by an ancient, dying Autobot covered in rust.  The hologram warns the Decepticons to leave the colony right away or they will never be able to return to Cybertron again.   It continues to warn them that if they stay, they will rust and turn to dust (the Autobot in the recording spoke in rhyme).  Rumble and Astrotrain take the warning to heart and want to leave right away.   The Decepticons continue to explore the colony and find a Lightning Bug weapon. Megatron is able to open up the Lightning Bug to activate it.  Once activated, the Lightning Bug unleashes a torrent of energy that burns a hole in the chamber’s ceiling.  The energy escapes the building and fills the colony’s sky with purple lightning.  After an impressive display of destructive power, the Lightning Bug turns itself off.   The Decepticons load the Lightning Bug into Astrotrain and they start to fly back to Earth. .  An asteroid starts to follow Astrotrain and Megatron tells Astrotrain to go faster.  Astrotrain can’t out fly the asteroid, so Megatron unleashes the power of the Lightning Bug on it. The asteroid explodes and it winds up ripping a hole in Astrotrain’s hull.  Once the asteroid pierces Astrotrain, a large chunk of it gets caught in Megatron’s shoulder.  Megatron commands Astrotrain to fly back to Earth faster so he can get repaired.  When the Decepticons return to Earth, it will take weeks to repair Astrotrain.  They have to manufacture new parts for him.  So he is off duty for a significant amount of time.  The asteroid that pierced Astrotrain and hit Megatron infects Megatron with cosmic rust.  Astrotrain was lucky enough not to be infected.

Starscream attempts another coup and Megatron plans to kill him.  Starscream calls out to Astrotrain to help him, but Astrotrain’s loyalty lies with Megatron.  As the events unfold, Starscream and the Combaticons are defeated and Astrotrain transports them to an asteroid in space.  The Combaticons and Starscream are exiled from Earth.

Like the other Decepticon Triple Changers, Astrotrain survived the movie and was seen in Season 3 once in a while

Astrotrain’s first major role in Season 3 is when the ghost of Starscream possesses him to be used as transport.  Once Starscream is done with Astrotrain, he leaves Astrotrain’s body.  The Protectobots shoot down Astrotrain.

Astrotrain encounters Sky Lynx in the Junkion sector of space and attacks him.  Sky Lynx and Astrotrain briefly battle each other until they are both attacked by Junkions.  Astrotrain returns to Char and tells Galvatron about his battle with Sky Lynx and how the Junkions attacked both of them.  Galvatron quickly strikes Astrotrain with the back of his hand (BITCH SLAP!), knocking him to the ground.  Cyclonus feels that they should investigate, but Galvatron threatens to kill both of them unless they leave his presence.
Astrotrain shows up in Japan, attacking a bullet train.  He is defeated by the Aerialbots who fire on him, causing him to derail.

(to be continued)

Marvel G1 Comic Background -

Astrotrain remained on Cybertron when Megatron left.  In his first appearance, he is summoned by Ratbat, along with fellow Triple Changers; Octane and Blitzwing, to investigate a space freighter which Ratbat lost contact of.  Once they arrive on Earth, Blitzwing takes command of the Triple Changers and they quickly find the space freighter.  Upon investigation, they find the captain who looks like he is falling apart.  He warns the three Decepticons to stay back, which of course they don’t.  They soon run into Blaster and Goldbug who were investigating the crash as well.  They quickly start to fight which continues when everyone aside for Goldbug is infected by Scraplets.  Goldbug escapes to look for a cure.  Astrotrain then goes to give Ratbat his report, that he and the other Decepticon Triple Changers are infected by Scraplets and are dying.  Ratbat sends The Throttlebots to destroy all of the infected, but Astrotrain is too damaged to fight back.  Astrotrain is restored when Goldbug returns with the cure, water.  The Autobots and Decepticons then unite to end the Scraplet threat on Earth.  After the Scraplet Monster is destroyed by Blaster, Astrotrain shoots GB Blackrock with a small device which put Blackrock’s mind under control of Ratbat.  The Decepticons then take the crashed Space Freighter back to Cybertron.

Later, Astrotrain joins the Earth dwelling Decepticons under Ratbat’s command.  He is rarely shown, but during the battle between Ratbat’s Decepticons and Scorponok’s Decepticons, Astrotrain uses his train mode to roll over his adversaries.  

Astrotrain is killed when he, and the other Decepticon Triple Changers, attack an Underbase powered Starscream.





IDW Background -

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Abilities -

Astrotrain was one of the few pre-movie Decepticons that could travel long distances in space. He also was able to mass shift, so his cabin could accommodate many Decepticons at a time. He was able to make it so large one time, that Devestator could stand up inside and fight the other Decepticons. He has exhibited the ability to project a tractor beam which can pull objects into his cargo hold in shuttle mode

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