Beast Machines Blackarachnia Toy Review


Price- $9.99
Class- Deluxe


I loved Beast Machines.  Loved it.  Where a lot of people thought it was one of the worst series, I really thought it was one of the best.  It’s the only series to have NO human characters and to take place completely on Cybertron.  While it had its faults, it was a truly inspired series.  The toys…. Not so much.  The first wave or two looked very different from the animation models and the sizes were all over the place.  Most of the first wave or two were either too big or too small.  Blackarachnia was designed a lot closer to the animation model than other figures and for the beast series was a much more accurate of the other Blackarachnias that we got.  I remember reading a toy magazine and seeing what Blackarachnia looked like as a toy and I couldn’t wait to get her.

Bot Mode-

Beast Machines Blackarachnia had a very unique look, she was technorganic but not a cyborg.  She looks very feminine but dangerous at the same time.  She is primarily purple with long human like black hair and gold claws and details.  In a move that I don’t see Hasbro doing today, they made plates on her forehead which were able to move to simulate her six eyes (which gave her prophetic abilities).  While she doesn’t look 100% close to the animation model, she looks close enough where it works.  I don’t think the designers would’ve been able to completely make a 100% screen accurate figure that could be engineered.  One thing they could have done though was in the cartoon she was more pink than purple.  Either way she looks really good.  I would say she looks 80% close to the animation model.  She has REALLY good articulation for a figure that came out in 2000.  She has really good articulation in her arms and legs, but she has something that most figures didn’t have at that time, a waist swivel.  Also, it should be noted that she stands a little taller than other deluxe figures.  There is a fan mode which was the motivation by one of the first 3rd party add ons from our friends at, where you can tilt up the feet to make her stand on her toes.  While it looks more screen accurate, she can’t stand on her toes without the add on.  She also has light piping in her eyes, a feature rarely seen in the last few years.


Blackarachnia has a pretty unique transformation.  But it isn’t that complicated.  For fun, I give her transformation an 8 out of 10 and for complexity, a 5.5 out of 10.

Beast Mode-

Blackarachnia’s beast mode looks really good with one exception, she only has 6 legs where spiders (and the animation model) have 8 legs.  I understand they really couldn’t make it 100% accurate, but it does stand out as a whopping error. You an argue that the pincers on each side of her beast face are legs, but I don’t buy it. For a beast era beast mode, she has good articulation in this mode.  She is primarily purple and gold with a clear yellowish head.  She looks very sleek too.


She comes with NO accessories and this actually doesn’t bother me.  In the show, she was able to shoot energy blasts on the ground and threw these weird throwing stars which made webs.  She did the throwing star thing not very often so I have no problem with them omitting that from the figure.

3rd Party Add Ons-

Blackarachnia was the recipient of one of the first Transformers 3rd Party add ons in Transformers history. made an add on set which included a stand which you could plug Blackarachnia into so she could stand on her toes.  That set also came with a stand for Jetstorm and Mega Cheetor Swords.  It is near impossible to find a set these days. (come on Unicron guys, make a few more!)


For a figure made in 2000, she has surprisingly good articulation.  She has a really fun transformation scheme and is just a fun figure.  Also the plates which make new eyes in bot mode is a really cool feature which they could have left out and the figure would still be a good figure.  Its details like that which make the figure stand out.


She isn’t totally animation model accurate.  Where I can agree with some things being changed for engineering purposes, they could have at least made her pink


Blackarachnia is really one of the better made Beast Machines figures.  While she isn’t a home run, she is a good figure and holds up pretty well for the late 2010’s.  She DOES have a 3rd party add on, but it really doesn’t improve the figure if you don’t use the fan bot transformation.  For 2000 when she came out, she gets an 8 out of 10.  For today, I give her a 6.75 out of 10

American Retools and Repaints-

TF Universe Crystal Widow
TF Universe Blackarachnia (who is a Decepticon now)
(There will probably never be a review for those figures, simply because I just don't care about owning them)

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