Beast Machines Thrust Toy Review

Price- $9.99
Class- Deluxe


Beast Machines was one of my absolute favorite series (don't hate me too much). The first wave of figures were pretty different from the cartoon, but by the 2nd and 3rd wave, we got much better stuff.

Bot Mode-

Considering how in 1999/2000 the engineering of Transformers was so limited in comparison to today, Thrust is a really good figure. He isn't 100% accurate to the screen model, but considering when it came out, he looks really good. Thrust is primarily purple with a yellow head with green light piped eyes. His chest is removable (you need to do it for transformation) and it intentionally resembles Waspinator. Thrust has yellow deatils throughout the body. His shoulders are chrome and lower arms are dark blueish gray with yellow claws. He does not have 5mm hands but he doesn't really have hands, so I am cool with it. Also, Thrust came out in a time before there was the standardization of 5mm hands (I believe it was Armada that officially made it a standardization). His arms can move up and down but not outwards. He has bend at the elbow. Thrust's lower body DOES NOT have legs or feet. His bottom half is made up of the front end of the motorcycle, so he has a wheel instead of legs. There is an option to give him traditional legs by splitting the wheel in half to form feet, but he never had that look in the show. NOTE you need a flight stand if you want to display Thrust in his cartoon mode. The only real negative aspect of his design in robot mode is that the rear motorcycle wheel doesn't fold back and it sticks out really poorly in robot mode. Also, if you don't replace the chest, there are a lot of gaps. One arm can extend and the other arm can shoot a missile (which I lost over a decade ago). He also has a weird Tri-Wheel mode, but again, it was never in the show so I don't do it. The screen accurate mode is actually a fan mode technically.


Thrust's transformation is pretty simple, but for the time it was pretty standard.  For fun, I give his transformation an 6 out of 10 and for complexity, a 4.75 out of 10.

Vehicle Mode-

I love Thrust's vehicle mode. It is a CYBERTRONIAN Motorcycle that is primarily purple and yellow. In the cartoon the robot mode head was more visible but it is replaced with a removable panel which resembles an insect (Spoiler alert, in Beast Machines, Thrust was Waspinator before he was Thrust, so the cover is an homage to that fact). There are elements of black and chrome. The robot mode arms form the exhaust ports for the motorcycle. Honestly, his vehicle mode is pretty perfect, especially for a figure which came out 20+ years ago.


Thrust comes with a missile. Considering he never had a hand held weapon in the show, I am totally fine with the fact that he comes with just a missile.

3rd Party Add Ons-

N/A Although, made one of the first 3p add ons as a set of Beast Machines add ons. One of which was a stand for Jetstorm that Thrust can use as well.


For a figure made 20+ years ago, it looks really nice. Light piping is always nice to see and it is a lost art. The vehicle mode is almost perfect.


He lacks some of the standard articulation that we're used to now. Also, his rear motorcycle wheel is awkward looking in robot mode since it stands out really poorly. I have a feeling that if we get another Thrust in a future toyline, his robot mode would be a little more streamlined.


Thrust is one of the better Beast Machines figures. He is my favorite Vehicon General figure of the entire line (In case you're wondering, Strika is my 2nd, then Tankor, then Jetstorm, and finally Obsidian, reviews for all of them coming in the next few weeks) because he is the right size and looks very close to his animation. For 2000 when he came out, I give Thrust an 8.75 out of 10. For today, I give him a 6.5 out of 10.

Retools and Repaints-


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