Beast Wars Cheetor (original) Toy Review

Price- 9.99
Class- Deluxe


I distinctively remember getting Cheetor so vividly. I only had one other Beast Wars figure (Inferno) and I was working for Toys R Us. After my shift, I went to buy it, but my manager said I can't buy anything at the store on a day that I worked (not for discount, just at all). So one of my coworkers who was very nice to me told me to stow my smock and she would ring me up after the manager went away. To this day, I still have that Cheetor.

Bot Mode-

Despite being a figure that is about 25 years old, Cheetor really holds up (minus a few really small details). Cheetor was one of the biggest characters in Beast Wars, and his first figure is one of his best. I actually like the Original Beast Wars Cheetor over any Beast Machines Cheetor. Beast Wars Cheetor just has better articulation. So lets start there, articulation. Cheetor has amazing articulation, especially considering he came out in the 90s. He has mostly ball joints, so his arms can go up and down and in and out. he has over 90 degrees of bend in his elbows and knees. He can make some great poses as well because his legs are on ball joints. Cheetor is primarily yellow and blue with a little green in the face. He DOES NOT have 5mm hand holes and that is probably the only bad part of his figure if you are comparing it to a figure made in 2020. Like all first year deluxes, Cheetor's face has an alternate "Mutant" mask. I vaguely remember hearing that they were going to integrate that into the show somehow in the early days, but it never happened, so that's that. Oh back to articulation, Cheetor has waist spin.


Cheetor's transformation is pretty standard to a beast wars figure. Nothing really complicated at all. For complexity, I rate Cheetor's transformation a 4.25 out of 10. For fun, I'd say it is a 6.25 out of 10

Beast Mode-

So out of the first year of Beast Wars figures, their beast mode was reflected in their name. Rhinox was a Rhino, Rattrap was a Rat, Waspinator was a wasp. So Cheetor is a cheetah. He doesn't look 100% animation accurate, he's a bit pudgy in comparison to his cartoon version. He also has some bot mode kibble in this mode, but it is an acceptable amount. Just on the back of his rear legs, you can see some of the robot leg. Beast Wars was the first transformers line which made a big effort to have weapon storage, this is a double edged sword. Its great that it happened, but if you lose the guns, his beast mode won't look right. His "tail blaster" becomes his tail and his "gut gun" plugs into his stomach in beast mode. There are 4 different variations of Cheetor which you can tell which is different is the color of the beast mode eyes


Cheetor comes with 2 guns. A Gut gun which has intestines molded onto it. It can shoot water. And a tail gun which has no action. Both were used by Cheetor in the cartoon

3rd Party Add Ons-



Considering this figure is almost 25 years old, it holds up really well. The bot mode is amazing, the beast mode is fine, nothing amazing, but fine. The weapons are great


As I mentioned earlier, it is a mixed bag to be so reliant on the weapons to complete the beast mode.


The Original Cheetor is one of the high points of the first year of Beast Wars. When it came out in the 90s, I give it a 8.75 out of 10. For 2020, I give it a 7.75 out of 10

American Retools and Repaints-

Tigatron (redeco)
Shadow Panther (redeco)
Fox Kids Cheetor (Redeco)






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