Beast Wars Inferno Toy Review

Price- 15.99
Class- Mega (closest to a voyager today)


I have no clue, but Inferno was always a character I liked. Part of me always hoped that eventually he would get his Maximal Programming back, but in all seriousness, he was a really interesting looking character and he was literally the first Beast Wars figure I owned. That figure is long gone but I did get a complete one and I thought it would be fun to do a review today.

Bot Mode-

Some Beast Wars figures really hold up after 25 years, others don't. Inferno is in that middle area. He has some great features which hold up today, but he also has some problems that I would get a new version if done right. Being a Mega figure, he is taller than a deluxe. Inferno is primarily made out of red plastic which is slightly clear. I'm actually shocked that there aren't rampant reports of adult collectors shattering the figure. (FYI, there are a lot of times where clear plastic can shatter after a few years). He has a big bug butt (which I'll talk about soon) and a little bit of black details (his ant legs are visible on his robot arms and his toes are black). He has the beast mode head as the majority of his chest. The beast mode is an ant and the purple eyes look really interesting on the chest. His arms have weird articulation. The shoulders are fine, there is elbow bend, but the arms feel like they are designed upside down so his arms move down at the elbow instead of up. He has ports on his hands which you can plug the weapon into. Inferno's head sculpt is really nice and looks like it jumped off the tv screen. His bug butt can open up to showcase a flight mode. This happened in the cartoon many times and honestly, I would've been cool if they left it out, but it is a really nice touch that they kept it in. THere is a button which can make the opened butt spin around. Inside the butt is an afterburner. The biggest fault of this mode is that the bug butt can make him fall over easily.


Inferno's transformation is pretty standard to a beast wars figure. Nothing really complicated at all. For complexity, I rate Inferno's transformation a 4.25 out of 10. For fun, I'd say it is a 6.25 out of 10

Beast Mode-

Inferno's beast mode is a red fire ant. Honestly, as a kid I never really liked it because of the engineering. Not saying that in 2020 it magically became amazing but I'll explain further in a moment. I have to say, Inferno's beast mode is not as strong as other Beast Wars figures, both from a play value and a sheer display purpose. He's an ant, but you really have to use your imagination that he looks great. He keeps the same colors and you plug in the weapon into his face so it completes the beast mode face. His face is obscured by his robot hands. Here's the problems I had with him as a kid and how I fixed them as an adult. He can't stand up in Beast Mode. His front legs are made of the arms and they fold out insect legs. The insect legs can't support the weight of the figure. So how I fixed it is that I put a little bit of furnature polish on the joints and he stands up pretty well now. His middle legs are more there just for looks. Like the front legs, they have a bit of a problem supporting any weight what so ever, so I switched them out and that works a little better. The rear legs are made of the robot mode legs and you plug the missiles into them. Again, I added a few drops of Furniture polish into the ports and he stands well now. Here's another problem. This figure was made for kids. Kids loose shit. So if you loose the missiles (like i did as a kid), you can't properly transform the figure. There is a very fine line of weapon/accessory storage and a mode being reliant on an accessory or weapon. This mode is too reliant on the accessories. I appreciate the beast mode a lot more as an adult collector, but I really don't plan on transforming him back into beast mode too often.


Inferno comes with 4 accessories. 2 black missiles and a 2 part hand weapon. The weapons combine to be a blaster. Half of it is the middle part of the ant face which is meant to be a melee weapon and then the front part of the face which is a blaster. I just keep them combined because it looks at least a little more like the screen version.

3rd Party Add Ons-



Considering this figure is almost 25 years old, it holds up pretty well. The bot mode is nice and sturdy. The flight mode is nice.


Weird articulation. Not great beast mode. Also, his head is just a little too low on the neck


Inferno is a fun figure, but I have a feeling that WFC III (aka Kingdom) will have a new Inferno. He has his faults, but if you are a beast wars fan, I suggest this figure. When it came out in the 90s, I give it a 8.25 out of 10. For 2020, I give it a 6.25 out of 10

Retools and Repaints-

Botcon Antagony


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