Beast Wars Neo Encore Big Convoy Toy Review


Size - Ultra (a size class which doesn't exist anymore, closest to a pre-siege Leader)


In the late 90s and early 2000s, Takara had it's own releases and many of them were only in Japan. Beast Wars Neo was a cartoon in Japan that I don't think is directly connected to the American Beast Wars show. Also, the figures were more complicated than the US versions. Big Convoy (the leader of the Maximals in Beast Wars Neo) I actually got around 2000, but I sold that one and when I learned there was a new version of the mold coming out in 2018 or 2019, I really wanted to get it. There are a few differences between the two releases. Is Big Convoy a good figure or is he just a fond memory?

Bot Mode-

The first thing you notice about Big Convoy's bot mode is that it is BIG (pun intended). He has some animal kibble on him, but an acceptable amount for a beast wars figure. His head looks like Optimus Prime in the best way possible. The elephant head splits in two and becomes his shoulders. The tusks pointing up on his shoulders look really cool and intimidating to a 'con. He has some elephant parts on his legs as well. The robot parts are primarily red, white, blue and yellow. He has a clear red hatch on his chest that you can open to expose a really cool Matrix of Leadership (first figure ever with a removable matrix). He has a little more elephant kibble which is on his arms and they hide two melee weapons which you can fold out. They are not removable though which is totally fine. Each leg has a missle launcher which shoots a hook shapped missile. He has pretty good articulation, not as much as lets say a siege figure, but more than other figures of that era. His head is on a ball joint so it can look up and down and left and right. The arms have good articulation as well as 5mm holes. He has thigh swivel and knee bend. The Encore version of the figure (which is who I am reviewing) has a different paint scheme. It is bolder than the more subdued version from the 2000s. I like that it looks different so the people who have the original still have a different figure.


In comparison to American Beast Wars figures, Big Convoy's transformation is a lot more complicated. When Beast Wars was out, a lot of the transformations were VERY simple, basically stand up the figure and fold up parts. Big Convoy's is more complicated, but in the beast way possible. For complexity, I rate it a 6.75 out of 10. For fun, a 7.25 out of 10

Beast Mode-

For most Beast Wars figures, including the Japanese ones, there isn't a lot of articulation in the beast mode. Big Convoy is a wooly mammoth that is primarily brown with some yellow. He has realistic looking eyes which are a little creepy. His gun in robot mode forms the trunk of the Mammoth and the only articulation is that the trunk is made of softer plastic and can bend a little. You can do a weaponized version of the Mammoth but I never did it. Just had no interest at all. The beast mode is good, but in comparison to a figure now, it is a bit limited.


Big Convoy comes with some great accessories. His Big Cannon is made of the Mammoth face and shoots a missile. It is a bit too heavy so having him posed with it, the arm sinks down a little bit. He comes with missiles for his leg guns and the big cannon. And best is the Matrix of leadership. As I mentioned earlier, Big Convoy is the first figure in Transformers History that came with a removable matrix which can be held by a figure.

3rd Party Add Ons-



This is a great looking figure with a fun transformation and great accessories. The robot mode is PERFECT and is about 90% as good as a figure made after 2017.


As great as the robot mode is, the beast mode is a little lacking because it is basically a brick.


Big Convoy truly is a figure which held up 20 years after it was made. Personally, I like the deco more of the Encore version than the original version. For the year 2000, I rate him an 8.75 out of 10. For 2020, I rate him a 7 out of 10.

Retools and Repaints (there's a lot of them) -

Original Big Convoy
Universe Nemesis Prime
TFCC Ultra Mammoth
Takara Reissue of Big Convoy in classic deco with the Matrix Blaster (which I would've rather had, but I can't double dip in a mold just to get a new accessory)
Gold Big Convoy (lucky draw figure)
Blue Big Convoy (lucky Draw figure)
Blue Big Convoy reissue (not a lucky draw figure)



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