Beast Wars Silverbolt (Fuzor) Toy Review

Price- 9.99
Class- Deluxe


Like the original Beast Wars Cheetor, I vividly remember when I got Silverbot. I got a really good report card and my mom took me to Toys R Us and she let me pick out two figures. I got Fuzor Silverbolt and Transmetal Tarantulas. Please note, this review covers the Deluxe Fuzor figure, not the component of Magnaboss. Oh, a fuzor was a really interesting "gimmick" in Beast Wars. The beast mode is two different animals combined. Silverbolt was added to the ranks of Beast Wars in the 2nd season and was a very important character through the end of Beast Machines.

Bot Mode-

For a figure made 23 years ago, Silverbolt is pretty good. Not going to lie, he doesn't totally hold up to today's standards, but it is pretty close to holding up. Silverbolt is primarily different shades of gray and white. He is humanoid, but his face looks canine (which is how it looked in the cartoon). He has some "armor" through out the bot mode which adds to his cartoon characterization where he is a noble knight like character. He has a red globe in his chest surrounded by fake teeth. His wings from beast mode make up his back, and they are not able to fold all the way back. If they were able to fold more, I would really like this figure a lot more. In the cartoon, the wings were more on his back than his shoulders and they were able to fold up so he had a narrow sillouette. The wings can fire feathers which also act as swords. He DOES NOT have 5mm hands, but that is fine because at this time, 5mm hands were not the standard. His articulation is good but not amazing. His head is on a mushroom peg so it can spin but not look up or down. His face is obscured at certain angles because of the torso and shoulders. His arms are on ball joints so arm articulation is good, but he doesn't have bicep swivel. His legs are interesting looking, they are part robotic, part avian (bird) and he has talons on his toes. His knees can bend.


Silverbolt has a pretty standard transformation for a beast wars figure, but a little more complicated than a season 1 figure. It is beyond the "stand up the beast mode" transformation. Like figures of the 90s and early 2000s, the transformation is much more simple than a Siege or Studio Series figure. For complexity I rate the transformation a 5 out of 10. For fun, I rate it a 6.75 out of 10.

Beast Mode-

Silverbolt has a really interesting beast mode. As I mentioned earlier, he is a fuzor. His beast mode is if you cross a wolf with an eagle. So he is a wolf with wings and his front legs are bird talons. The front legs are a little awkward and they don't feel as smooth aestehtically in comparison to the rear legs. The wolf head is very well sculpted. His rear legs are stationary. His wings can flap. For an almost 25 year old figure, it works.


Silverbolt comes with two swords which look like feathers which can be held in his hands or shot from his wings.

3rd Party Add Ons-



Considering this figure is almost 25 years old, it holds up really well. The bot mode is amazing, the beast mode is fine, nothing amazing, but fine. The weapons are great. It is a nice touch that they made it where he can hold the swords because it would've been very easy to overlook that feature. Also, he is just a hair bigger than other deluxe figures so it adds a nice variety in a display.


I have two issues with the figure. In robot mode, I wish the back was totally redesigned to have the wings on his back instead of his shoudlers and fold down the wings. I would be very happy to give up the missile launching feature. The beast mode problem is that his beast mode legs just don't look cohesive. Also, the one I had as a kid, the peg that kept the legs held together kind of wore down so after like 3 years of heavy play, I had to replace him because he wouldn't stay connected. Stupid nitpick con, I would've liked to have seen his lower legs have less gray on them.

What would Seth do differently?

This is a bit of a hard one. Even though the figure is 20+ years old, it is a pretty good figure that I don't think we could see something like this with increased parts count for a deluxe price point. But as I mentioned in the Cons section, I really wish there was a way to have the wings sit differently in the bot mode. To have them on his back instead of his shoulders and to have them be able to fold in would make this figure really good.


Despite having some flaws, Silverbolt is a really fun figure. When it came out in the 90s, I give it a 8.75 out of 10. For 2020, I give it a 6.5 out of 10. I really wish there were more deluxe fuzor Maximals (the only other one is Torca who suffers from GPS) (readjusted grade on 9-10-20)

American Retools and Repaints-

Transformers Universe Silverbolt (A Beast Machines redeco of BW Silverbolt)

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