Beast Wars Transmetal Cheetor Toy Review

Price- 9.99 (in 1997)
Class- Deluxe


When Beast Wars came out, the original Cheetor was one of my first figures.  A year to a year and a half, Transmetal Cheetor came out, and I had no idea what to do.  I liked the design, but I didn’t want two Cheetors.  This was before Ebay was a big thing, and there were no private toy stores in the area to sell my original Cheetor to, so as a kid, I had two Cheetors.  Was the excess worth it?

Bot Mode-

Much like Transmetal Optimus Primal and Megatron, Cheetor is a great toy in Bot mode.  He is so well articulated, he really holds up over 20 years later.  His bot mode has hints of his previous completely organic look mixed with traditional robot parts.  His main colors are metallic-ish gray, yellow, blue, and turquoise.  The head of his beast mode makes up the gauntlets on his hands and the front half of his beast mode is a backpack in bot mode.  He has really good articulation, comparable to a Titans Return figure.  He actually has a little TOO much articulation.  Because of his beast mode rear legs being so articulated, it transfers into his bot mode legs and they can get into some weird poses. His shoulders and elbows are on ball joints, his legs have extra joints in them, he has wrist swivel and waist swivel.  His hands are open and can hold his club/whip weapon.  In the cartoon, Cheetor was able to combine his hands into a blaster, and with a little unpegging, the figure has that ability (not as a fan mode but as an official mode).  I remember when the figure came out, I was hesitant to get it because I didn’t think the figure would be able to go into blaster mode.  The only downside of this mode is that his head doesn’t look great.  It doesn’t have the warmth of the character.  I have a feeling that if he were made today, a third party company would come out with a new head for him.  It isn’t a big deal, but it is an issue to me


Cheetor’s transformation is very straight forward but a lot of fun.  For complexity, he gets a 5 out of 10 and for fun, a 6.5 out of 10.

Beast Mode-

In Beast Mode, Cheetor is a robotic cheetah.  He is completely devoid of any organics in this mode, like all Transmetals.  He is mainly the same metallic-ish gray and turquoise, but also has a fair amount of shiny gold.  In some figures, I know that the gold can flake off, but not as badly as the Transmetal 2 figures.  His beast mode head is very well molded and his legs have a tremendous amount of articulation.  He has a turquoise tail which was his club/whip weapon in bot mode.  He really looks like he popped off the screen of an episode of beast wars.  This beast mode is a drastic improvement from the original Cheetor figure.

Transformation to Flight Mode-

All of the Beast Wars Transmetal figures have a loose vehicle mode.  More of a transportation mode.  For Cheetor’s, it takes about 5 seconds to do the entire transformation.  Just flip open thrusters on the side of his beast mode.  For complexity, it gets a 1.25 out of 10 and for fun, a 4 out of 10.  

Flight Mode-

Cheetor’s vehicle mode is a flying cheetah.  He looks EXACTLY like how he does in Beast Mode, but he has a turquoise thruster on each side.  The thruster can be adjusted up and down for different poses.


Cheetor comes with one accessory, a tail which can be held as Cheetor as a club/whip.

3rd Party Add Ons-

Oddly, a 3P company, Shockwave Lab, actually made an upgrade kit for Cheetor (and Rattrap) in.. I believe 2018. It is the club/whip, but it is totally straight. The upgrade kit also came with a blue pistol for Transmetal Rattrap. I like the upgrade kit a lot.


This is a really good figure that holds up after 20+ years of transformers.  He has amazing articulation and 3 solid modes.  I also really appreciate that they made the hand blaster mode.  It is a feature which could have been omitted and the figure would’ve still been a good figure, but not great.  He also has amazing play value and is a well constructed figure.  Therefore, I would have no problem giving this figure to a child to play with.


It really is a minor con, but I really don’t like his head in bot mode.  It doesn’t look like Cheetor enough.


Transmetal Cheetor really is a great figure and has held up very well in the last 20+ years.  Playing around with him recently really made me appreciate how great Beast Wars was and makes some modern figures a little disappointing because they aren’t as well constructed as Cheetor.  For 1998 when he came out, I give him an 8.5.  For today, he gets an 8.25

American Retools and Repaints-

(I’m including a Japanese Retool since it is such an important character)

Ravage (Japanese only retool from Beast Wars Metals)
Tigatron (Botcon redeco of Ravage)
Fox Kids Cheetor (redeco only)
Armada Cheetor (minor retool)




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