Rodimus Prime, better than Optimus???


This will probably be a very controversal article, and I am prepared for all the death threats and hate I will get. But I hope possibly I can open the eyes to alternative ideas. This only applies to the US G1 Cartoon. Not the Marvel Comics, not the IDW Comics, not the Japanese continuity. Lets look at the basics of each (that you probably already know). Optimus Prime and the Ark crashed on Earth 4 million years ago. Before that, the Autobots were the rebels fighting the Decepticons on Cybertron. So the Decepticons were in total control of Cybertron. The Autobots performed small attacks to get the basic energy they needed. Optimus Prime was the leader of the Autobots for MILLIONS of years and the Autobots were still hunted by the Decepticons before they crashlanded on Earth. In that time, the remaining Autobots on Cybertron were unable to retake any of Cybertron, and the Decepticons kept the planet as well as went to other planets and took them over (see the planet Tlalakan for example). Despite the Decepticons not having their leader (Megatron) they were still gaining more and more ground. Fast Forward to 1984, Optimus Prie and his crew awaken and live on Earth where the fighting between Optimus and Megatron resumes. Optimus does not make any diplomatic ties to anyone on Earth, even though there were times where the Autobots helped the government but never a formal alliance. Flash Forward to the early 2000s. The Autobots still haven't retaken Cybertron and are confined to two different Moon Bases and Autobot City on Earth. As shown in Transformers the Movie, the Decepticons are still able to spy on the Autobots under Optimus' leadership and the Decepticons even killed a significant amount of Autobots and they sneak to Earth and kill even more Autobots. Finally a good thing Optimus does on his own, he is able to turn the tide of the battle. But Optimus didn't arrive at Autobot City for hours and hours. During the final battle between Optimus and Megatron, Hot Rod gets a lot of crap for being partially responsible for Optimus Prime's death. I know a lot of people believe that Hot Rod was more responsible than I do, but I will give bad credit where bad credit is due, if Hot Rod didn't intervene, there is a much better chance that Optimus Prime would not have died. Later, Hot Rod gets the Matrix and becomes Rodimus Prime. Lets look at what Rodimus did in the first few months of being leader of the Autobots. First thing he did was retake Cybertron. The Autobots have retaken their home which Optimus couldn't do for millions of years. He makes diplomatic relations with dozens of planets (see the olympic games in Five Face of Darkness). In season 3, I feel like the Decepticons severely outnumbered the Autobots, but the Autobots never lost control of Cybertron of the planet with the exception of briefly in the last few episodes. So Rodimus did in a few months what Optimus couldn't do in millions of years. Rodimus never died, but he did kill Unicron. Rodimus made actual alliances with Earth governments (like the time where Rodimus and the Protectobots fought regular criminals until the Decepticons came). The only time that I can think of where Optimus went after a non Decepticon is when the hunter was targeting Optimus Prime and kidnapped Autobots. So Optimus wasn't acting in the best interests of any Earth government, he was trying to recover his troops. Yes, at the end of that episode, Optimus turns the hunter in to the Russian government for stealing a submarine, but his motivation was not to help anyone aside for the Autobots.

Despite having problems of his transition from Hot Rod to Rodimus Prime, he still accomplished a lot in his short time as Autobot leader. He fully utlized the Matrix several times. Obviously the first time he utilized it, he turned into Rodimus Prime, destroyed Unicron's body, and damaged Galvatron to the point where he lost is sanity and was unable to be a fit leader of the Decepticons until Cyclonus takes him to Web World. Rodimus Prime also utlized the matrix to gain knowledge of the past of Transformers. Optimus just had the Matrix sit in his chest and did nothing with it Hot Rod and Rodimus made an alliance with Junkion and brought the Paradron refugees to Cybertron..

So if you look at sheer accomplishments, Rodimus did a lot more in a year than Optimus did in millions of years. He made the Decepticons withdraw to Charr. Yes Earth was still in danger, but it wasn't an every day danger. The only redemption for Optimus is when he comes back to life, regains the Matrix, cures the hate plague. The rebirth of Cybertron's golden age was in part to Optimus and Rodimus. Optimus led the Autobots under a vision from the Matrix, but the seeds were planted by Rodimus Prime.

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