G1 Cartoon

Blaster was introduced in the second season of G1 with no explanation of where he came from.  He was the communications officer for the Autobots and the Autobot counterpart to Soundwave.  Like Soundwave, Blaster transformed into a boom box small enough for a human to carry around.  Blaster was very interested in human culture and music.  He also had several cassettes which were introduced in Transformers the Movie that transformed into Autobots.

In Blaster’s first appearance, Wheeljack asks him to help show the Autobots that he taught Grimlock to be less clumsy.   Grimlock transforms and Blaster starts to play music when Grimlock accurately hits the on switch on Blaster’s boom box.  Blaster’s music really bothers the other Autobots.

Megatron creates a plan to discredit the Autobots.  The Autobots are given a trial and found guilty.  They are exiled from the Earth, but Megatron alters the flight plan to send the Autobots into the sun. The ship is destroyed and the world thinks the Autobots are dead.  They survive.

Blaster’s first real mission on Earth is to watch a test run of a drone fighter.  Blaster guards the Autobots in stereo mode from inside of Ironhide.  Soundwave was also in the van and he sends Ravage to attack the other Autobots.  Blaster quickly transforms and grabs Ravage.  Blaster brings him inside of the van and they wrestle while Soundwave tries to complete his mission.  Once Blaster kicks Ravage out of Ironhide, both Autobots transform into robot mode to tell Optimus Prime that there are Decepticons near.  Just as they get to Optimus just as the drone explodes.  Optimus guides Ironhide and Blaster to study the wreckage.  Blaster transforms and rides inside of Ironhide.  They are followed by Hound, Mirage, and Jazz.  Blaster follows Optimus Prime and Jazz to the main laboratory.   They discover Megatron, Soundwave, and Starscream about to steal the plans for the drone.  Mirage soon reaches the lab to help.  Jazz unleashes loud music at the Decepticons to distract them.  Blaster can’t help but enjoy the music and starts dancing.

Blaster’s character was very consistent.  He was a fan of all types of music on Earth.  Spike and Carly take him to a rock concert and he is in the audience in boom box mode.  Oddly, instead of being a regular sized boom box, he was almost as tall as Spike was when he was sitting down.  Blaster considers music to be the universal language.  Spike wishes that the other Autobots were able to join them at the concert, but Blaster says he’ll transmit the audio to the Ark.  The Decepticons steal a device called the Voltronic Galaxer.  Optimus Prime sends out teams of Autobots to search for the device.  In stereo mode, Blaster rides inside of Cosmos as they search for the Decepticons and the device.  They stay in the upper atmosphere to scan for any transmissions that will lead them to the device.  Blaster complains that hey can’t receive any good music from that high up.  Blaster transforms into robot mode and manually uses Cosmos’ scanners.  They discover a Decepticon stronghold on the moon.  They are quickly discovered and captured by Astrotrain.  Inside the Decepticon base, Megatron smacks Blaster around.  Then, Astrotrain uses his weapon to weld Blaster to a wall.  Megatron plans to use Blaster to broadcast the Voltronic Galaxer’s signals to Earth and disrupt all communications.  He also wants to use Cosmos as it’s power supply.  As Megatron is addressing the world and making his demands, Blaster starts to play music softly from the concert.  This leads the Autobots to the moon to save Blaster and Cosmos.  Megatron discovers that Blaster was playing music on his transmission, he runs up to Blaster and kicks him in the head.  Megatron is about to execute Blaster (which probably wouldn’t be a good idea because he is the only reason that Megatron is able to disrupt communications) but before Megatron can fire, the roof is ripped off of the Decepticon Base.  Omega Supreme lands on the moon with Powerglide, Optimus Prime, Spike, and Carly.  Megatron an Astrotrain leave the base to battle the Autobots.  Blaster decides to send out a feedback wave into the Voltronic Galaxer.  Cosmos then fires his weapon at the control panel and destroys it.  After Optimus Prime forces Megatron to retreat, he frees Blaster and Cosmos.  Blaster suggests that they keep the Decepticon Moon Base as an Autobot outpost.  Cosmos likes the idea so he has someone to talk to while he is patrolling the skies.  Optimus never gives an answer, and since there was never an Autobot Moon Base ever mentioned again, it probably didn’t approve it.  The Autobots travel inside of Omega Supreme back to Earth.

Blaster and Tracks develop a friendly partnership.  Together, they go to New York City with the Autobots.  Tracks parks himself at night with Blaster in his back seat.  Two punks steal Tracks and go for a joyride while playing music from Blaster (if you’re a GI Joe fan, you’ll notice the song is Cold Slither).  The punks bring Tracks and Blaster to a chop shop where the owner of the Chop Shop complains about the loud music.  Tracks transforms and the punks try to run away while carrying Blaster.  Blaster transforms and restrains the two punks.  The owner of the chop shop runs away, but is captured by Optimus Prime.  After a successful night, the Autobots transform and go to Sparkplug’s garage in New York City.  Soon, the Decepticons turn stolen cars into weapons.  Blaster goes with Optimus Prime and Ratchet to defend New York City.  When the three Autobots get to a bridge, they transform and open fire at the deadly car drones.  The cars are quickly and easily destroyed.  Blaster comments that it was too easy.  They think they are victorious, but the cars transform into mindless robots and attack the Autobots.  The mindless drones have horrible aim.  Optimus Prime, Blaster, and Ratchet start firing their weapons again at the drones.  This time, the drones are really destroyed.  More drones arrive to battle the Autobots.  They realize that the drones are controlled remotely, so Blaster sends out a jamming signal and all of the drones all over New York City are disabled.

Blaster goes on a mission with the Autobots to a jungle valley.  They want to save Cosmos and prevent an infestation of Morphobots from spreading.  After Warpath and Ironhide fail to clear a path, Blaster tries.  He transforms into stereo mode and plays music (again the Cold Slither song) which makes the Morphobots pull back.  This clears enough of a path for the Autobots to save Cosmos.   

Tracks and Blaster continue their friendship with one another.  They also spend a fair amount of time in New York City, away from the other Autobots.  Tracks introduces Blaster to his human friend Raoul and all of them become friends.  Raoul and two of his friends are being chased by a group of punks, Tracks speeds off in vehicle mode to protect the young humans.  Tracks spins around the thugs creating smoke from his tires.  Blaster jumps out of Tracks’ driver’s seat and transforms into robot mode.  The thugs pull out weapons and start to fire them at the two Autobots.  After Blaster tries to scare off the thugs, Tracks transforms to help.  The thugs are not intimidated at all by the two Autobots.  Blaster disables the thugs’ weapons by firing his laser at them.  The guns melt in the thugs’ hands.  One of the thugs throws a large, black chain at Blaster.  The chain wraps itself around Blaster’s arm.  He easily breaks the chain and tries to scare off the thug.  The one sided battle ends with no significant injuries when Blaster uses his electro scrambler on the gang.  This disables all of the gang’s weapons and they run away.  Once it is safe, they climb out and Raoul tells Tracks that he had the gang of thugs right where he wanted them.  Raoul introduces Poplock and Rocksteady to the Autobots as The Bop Crew.  Tracks and Blaster ask the boys what happened, and Tracks thinks something sounds fishy.  Tracks and Blaster both agree that somehow, the Decepticons are involved.  Tracks and Blaster decide to investigate the nightclub called “The Dancitron”.  The two Autobots enter the club (who is also playing the Cold Slither song), and they attempt to mingle with the crowd.  Obviously they draw a lot of attention to themselves.  The loud music makes Blaster very happy.  Blaster and Tracks explore the club and Blaster notices a very sophisticated sound system.  He is too caught up with his own fun to investigate further.  He starts to dance with women who seem like they are sedated. Tracks searches the club for anything strange while Blaster has his fun.  Tracks and Blaster leave the club and walk by the train tracks at night.  Blaster mentions that he didn’t notice anything strange (mainly because he was too busy dancing) but Tracks reiterates the out of character patrons.  Blaster thinks that they were just normal people who were dressed strangely, nothing evil.  Before they can come up with any conclusions, or even a plan, a train speeds by them going much faster than it should be.  Also, people are hanging out of the windows screaming for help, but the two Autobots didn’t really think that was out of the ordinary.    Tracks transforms and Blaster rides inside of him in stereo mode.  Tracks races off and then transforms into his flight mode to get on the train tracks.  Tracks reverts back to his standard vehicle mode and fires a cable at the train from his hood.  Blaster gets out of Tracks and walks to the train on the cable.  Tracks transforms and leaps onto the rear of the train.  He sticks his feet on the tracks to try to slow it down.  Blaster climbs on the side of the train to try to get to the engine.  Once he sees the engine, he kicks it and it is destroyed.  The two Autobots are able to get the train to stop and no one is seriously hurt.  Blaster and Tracks open the door and find their friends Raoul, Rocksteady, and Poplock.  When the Autobots investigate the train, they find that the control panel has been sabotaged. Blaster takes Raoul’s friends to check Teletran-1.  Poplock and Rocksteady ditch Blaster to go to the nightclub.  Blaster uses Teletran-1 to find out that the patrons may be hypnotized by hidden ultra sonic frequencies.  Blaster is the only Autobot who has sonic detectors which can detect the ultra sonic frequencies.  He runs to the nightclub to use his sonic talents.  When he gets to the club, he sees Raoul.  Raoul tells Blaster that Tracks is inside.  Blaster wants Raoul to stay outside where it is safe.  Raoul convinces Blaster to let him go in to save Tracks.  Inside the club, Blaster opens up his chest to reveal a computer console.  He uses it to track the source of the hypnotic sounds.  He finds Soundwave and Starscream at the source of the hypnotic signals.  Starscream shoots his laser at Blaster, but Blaster dodges the attack and tackles Starscream. Together, they fall down a flight of stairs.  They continue to fight on the floor.  Blaster tosses Starscream away with his legs, but Starscream leaps in the air to assail Blaster.  Blaster is on the ground and Starscream gets on top of him.  Blaster gets an arm free and punches Starscream, sending him flying through the night club.  Starscream runs away from Blaster after Raoul sets off the fire sprinklers and all of the mind controlled patrons break the hypnosis.  After Starscream flies away, Soundwave transforms from cassette player mode and bursts his way onto the dance floor.  He wants a showdown with Blaster.  After the required posturing and insults, the two music making Transformers battle.  Blaster strike first, he emits a sonic attack from the speaker in his leg.  Soundwave grabs his head in pain and flies backwards.  Soundwave fights back by shooting a sonic attack at Blaster from his head.  Blaster flies into the air and lands on some tables.  Soundwave hits Blaster with a high frequency assault from his chest.  Blaster flies even farther away from Soundwave.  Soundwave attacks again, Blaster flies into a big sound system.  The sound system crashes to the ground and Soundwave momentarily thinks he has defeated his Autobot counterpart.  Blaster attaches speakers to his hands and increases his destructive sonic abilities.  He unleashes a deadly sonic attack at Soundwave.  Not only does it injure Soundwave, but the entire club crashes around the two battling Transformers.  Soundwave flies away in defeat.   Blaster meets up with Tracks and Raoul.  Blaster demolishes the Decepticon building with a sonic attack enhanced by the additional speakers  Blaster isn’t able to knock the building down on his own, so Tracks fires his pistol at the building.  The two Autobots are able to knock down the building.  In the aftermath, Blaster repays Raoul and his friends for their help by agreeing to temporarily be their boom box so they can make money break dancing.

Blaster joins the Autobots when they watch a soap opera called “As the Kitchen Sinks”.  The show is interrupted by a special bulletin reported by Hector Ramirez (who originally was a character in GI Joe).  The Autobots are disappointed that their favorite show was preempted.  A top secret Soviet jet was stolen, and the Soviet Union is blaming the United States.  Optimus Prime doesn’t think that the Decepticons are involved.  Optimus Prime turns the broadcast off and mentions that he is worried that Tracks and Bumblebee haven’t checked in. .  Optimus Prime has the Autobots transform and look for Tracks and Bumblebee.  Blaster is able to ride inside of Jazz while in stereo mode.  Blaster splits up from Jazz and searches the city on foot.  He reports to Optimus Prime that he still hasn’t found Bumblebee or Tracks.  He is grabbed by a giant set of hands that came out of a billboard.  The hands force him into stereo mode and capture him for Lord Chumley.  Lord Chumley is an eccentric big game hunter who wants Optimus Prime’s head as a trophy.  As Chumley speeds away in a taxi, he plays music out of Blaster (but it isn’t really established by Blaster didn’t just transform back into robot mode and save himself).  Blaster is trapped inside of Lord Chumley’s dungeon.  Optimus Prime overcomes all of Chumley’s traps and frees Blaster and the other Autobots.  Once the Autobots are rescued, they rush Astrotrain and Blitzwing, forcing them to retreat into the air.

Optimus Prime organizes a mission to go to Cybertron and prevent Megatron from giving life to the Stunticons.  Blaster travels inside of Omega Supreme’s rocket mode to Cybertron.  The Autobots reach Alpha Trion to get information about Vector Sigma.  They find that Alpha Trion was attacked by the Decepticons and they have control of Vector Sigma’s key.  Blaster follows Optimus Prime to the lower levels of Cybertron to get to Vector Sigma before the Decepticons do.  While the Autobots are being led through the underground catacombs of Cybertron by Vector Sigma, they come across a maintenance room.  The room is filled with the bodies of deactivated Transformers  as well as some space crafts.  Blaster thinks that the Autobots are lost, and Ratchet doesn’t think that the tunnel is the same tunnel the Decepticons took.   The Autobots know they are on the right path when they are attacked by Centurion droids under Megatron’s control.  The Autobots open fire on the Centurion droids, but their weapons have no effect.  They are unable to stop the droids so they escape back to the maintenance room.  Hoist and Ratchet rewire dead Autobots to lead the droids off a cliff and the Autobots are saved.  Blaster comments that the droids aren’t very smart.  After the Autobots learn that Vector Sigma gave life to the Stunticons, the Autobots return to the maintenance room and build the Aerialbots.

Once the Aerialbots are completed, Optimus Prime plans to bring the mindless Aerialbots to Vector Sigma so it can breathe life into them.  Since the Decepticons have the only key to Vector Sigma, Alpha Trion sacrifices himself to reactivate Vector Sigma without a key and the Aerialbots are given life. Blaster comments that Alpha Trion gave his life foolishly, Optimus Prime retorts that Alpha Trion gave his life so six Autobots could be born.  After fighting their way back to the surface through another army of Centurion Droids, the Autobots and Aerialbots take Omega Supreme to Earth.   While Ratchet works on repairing Omega Supreme, Optimus leads several Autobots to a military base to check up on the super fuel that they were protecting earlier.   Blaster and the Aerialbots ride inside of his trailer.  The Military thinks that the Autobots raided their base (it was actually the Stunticons), but Optimus Prime diplomatically prevents any further conflict.  Blaster uses a sensor device in his chest to learn that the Stunticons are approaching at high speed. While the Autobots are standing on a hill, the Stunticons drive towards them at full speed.  Blaster tries to engage Wildrider with a sonic attack from the speakers in his legs.  The sonic vibrations create a crevice in the ground that Blaster assumes will stop Wildrider.  Wildrider simply vaults himself into the air and makes his way over the crevice.  Blaster tries to catch him, but Wildrider rides right over Blaster.  Blaster and Ironhide walk towards Optimus Prime and Wheeljack to help them fight.  They are forced to scatter again when Breakdown tries to run them over.  The battle ends not because one force is more powerful than the other, but because Megatron wants the Stunticons to return to him.  Blaster follows Optimus Prime to an area near Seattle to fight the Decepticons and Stunticons.  The Autobots want to take control of the Key to Vector Sigma away from Megatron before he turns the planet of Earth into a new Cybertron.  Once the Autobots arrive, Megatron sends the Stunticons to fight them.  The Stunticons start their attack in vehicle mode. Breakdown slams into Tracks and forces him into a cyberformed rock.  Blaster tries to fight back by creating a sonic assault.  He transforms into stereo mode and unleashes sonic waves at a metallic tree.  The tree starts to crash to the ground and Blaster hopes it will fall on Breakdown.  Instead, Breakdown uses the tree as a ramp to do a cool stunt.  Dead End sees Blaster is vulnerable and drives into him from behind.  Blaster flies into the air and transforms back into robot mode.  He lands on his back.  The Aerialbots save the Autobots.  There is a battle between Superion and Menasor which is only won when Omega Supreme helps.  

Wheeljack picks up the Stunticons energy signatures near the Autobot base.  The Stunticons have split up to gather three items for Megatron.  Blaster is deployed with other Autobots to stop the Stunticons before they return to the Decepticon base.  Blaster transforms into stereo mode and Spike carries him inside of Bumblebee.   They set up a roadblock to impede Motormaster from meeting up with the other Stunticons with Optimus Prime taking point.  Optimus Prime drives towards Motormaster.  Both trucks rush towards each other as fast as they can. Both trucks slam into each other and there is a massive explosion.  Spike runs towards the fire carrying Blaster.  Blaster doesn’t detect any radio signals.  Spike throws Blaster closer to the fire and Blaster transforms into robot mode.  When the smoke clears, they see that Optimus Prime has defeated Motormaster.  Motormaster is disabled and the Autobots bring him to the Ark and keep him jailed.  Blaster disables all of the Stunticons’ communication arrays.

Blaster is manning the Autobots’ communications when Cosmos reports in.  Cosmos has been looking throughout outer space for a rare ingredient for Perceptor’s Corrostop.  After Megatron captures Perceptor to cure his Cosmic Rust, Megatron is willing to release Perceptor back to the Autobots.  Perceptor is infected with Cosmic Rust and is attached to a bomb.  Blaster goes with the Autobots to save Perceptor.  Blaster winds up contracting Cosmic Rust.

An energy creature called Kremzeek attacks the Ark.  Optimus Prime gathers Blaster, Bumblebee and Inferno so Sparkplug can insulate them against Kremzeek.  They are the last functioning Autobots.  They spread out through out the Autobot base to find Kremzeek.    The Autobots and Sparkplug realize that the most logical place for Kremzeek to attack next is Teletran-1.  They rush to Teletran-1 to find Kremzeek has entered the computer and it is severely malfunctioning.  Optimus Prime has Sparkplug shut Teletran-1 down.  Kremzeek escapes capture and destruction by transmitting itself to Japan.  Optimus Prime and the small group of functioning Autobots take Omega Supreme to Japan.  Omega Supreme lands on a Japanese beach and the Autobots promptly exit him to find Kremzeek.  Kremzeek emerges from the sand and launches himself at the Autobots.  It doesn’t work because they are properly insulated    Before Omega Supreme can fly to safety, Kremzeek enters him and shorts him out.  Omega Supreme falls out of the sky and sinks into the sand.  Kremzeek leaps to a train station and enters a bullet train. Kremzeek causes the bullet train to malfunction.  Optimus Prime transforms and the other Autobots (including Blaster) grab onto him to travel to the train.  The Autobots want to save the passengers before the train crashes.  Optimus Prime speeds onto the tracks to catch the train.  Blaster asks what the plan is once they catch up to the train.  Optimus Prime says that they will worry about that when they catch up to the speeding train.  The train stops abruptly and Optimus slams into it.  The other Autobots are tossed off of Optimus into the air.  The Autobots regroup themselves and jump back on Optimus Prime.  The bullet train takes off and then stops safely at a train station.  Kremzeek flies out of the train and escapes by hiding in a man’s walkman (a walkman is a portable music player from the 1980s and 1990s.  Before MP3 players, people used a bulky portable cassette player to listen to music on the go).  Kremzeek is unable to stop himself from causing chaos and he shocks the man with the walkman.  The man throws down the walkman and it explodes, releasing Kremzeek.  The Autobots pursue Kremzeek to an arcade.  Kremzeek escapes again and goes to Shibuya Industries.  Kremzeek disrupts the assembly line in the factory and continues it’s path of destruction.  When the Autobots enter the factory, they meet Dr. Yoshikawa.  At first he blames the Autobots for the destruction, but then Optimus Prime tells him about Kremzeek.  Blaster opens fire on the Kremzeek possessed machinery and destroys it.  Kremzeek flies out of the machine unharmed.  Without studying Kremzeek at all, Yoshikawa thinks that the Autobots can stop Kremzeek with radio waves.  Blaster opens up his chest panel to reveal a set of controls.  Yoshikawa adjusts Blaster’s radio frequency so the Autobots can combat Kremzeek.  Blaster transforms into stereo mode and unleashes a sonic assault on Kremzeek.  Kremzeek fights through the sonic barrage and enters Blaster (even though he was insulated earlier).  Kremzeek causes Blaster to lose control of his transformations, but Blaster regains control and tries to make Kremzeek dissipate.  Blaster isn’t able to destroy Kremzeek, he actually makes the creature multiply.   The legions of Kremzeeks continue to create a path of pandemonium throughout Japan.  Blaster feels overwhelmed by the sheer number of creatures they have to deal with.  They weren’t able to stop one Kremzeek, how are they going to stop an army of them.  Yoshikawa theorizes that he may be able to reunite the Kremzeeks back into one Kremzeek.  Optimus Prime leads the Autobots to a power station to bait the Kremzeek legion.   The Autobots electrify a tower made of steel beams.  The multiple Kremzeeks are attracted to the tower and converge.  The Autobots are shocked when all of the Kremzeeks merge into one giant Kremzeek.  While most of the Kremzeeks are merging, one enters Blaster’s back.  Optimus Prime orders the Autobots to cut the power, but it is too late.  The massive Kremzeek bursts out of it’s cage and slowly marches towards the Autobots.  The Giant Kremzeek causes more destruction than the army of Kremzeeks did.  The Autobots follow Giant Kremzeek into the city in vehicle mode.  Blaster rides on the side of Optimus Prime Blaster points out the obvious, the plan didn’t work.  Megatron activates his Energy Magnet and all over the world, energy is drained and funneled to the Decepticons.  The Autobots who are battling Kremzeek in Japan feel the energy drain.   Blaster is able to locate the Energy Magnet with his sensors.  He tells the Autobots that it is 200 miles away.  Blaster comes up with an idea of how the Autobots can defeat Giant Kremzeek.  He devises a way to broadcast Giant Kremzeek to the Decepticons like Kremzeek transmitted himself to Japan.  Optimus Prime congratulates Blaster for finally coming up with a good plan.  The plan works and Kremzeek becomes the Decepticons’ problem.  After the Decepticons evacuate the Energy Magnet, the Autobots take a boat to finally finish off Kremzeek.  Yoshikawa deduces that they can use the Energy Magnet to dissipate Kremzeek. Optimus Prime uses the Energy Magnet to make Kremzeek disperse.   After Giant Kremzeek is destroyed, Blaster says he will miss him.  Blaster’s wish is granted and a Kremzeek pops out of his chest.

Blaster survived the movie and was shown once in a while in season 3.  But his cassettes were also given a lot of screen time, sometimes without Blaster

Blaster is part of an Autobot team with Ultra Magnus, Grimlock, Perceptor, and Superion that investigates Decepticon activity on a comet.  Galvatron had the Decepticons build an engine which would direct the comet to crash into Metroplex, destroying him.  When the team of Autobots reach the comet, they attack the Decepticons.In the battle between the Autobots and Decepticons, the moon is sent flying through space, it’s trajectory will make it crash into an inhabited planet.  The Autobots rush to stop it but the Decepticons interfere. The battle ends when a sonic attack comes from the planet and destroys the weaponized moon.  Several Autobots and Decepticons wind up falling to the surface of the planet.  The Autobots and Decepticons resume their battle on the alien planet.  Galvatron and Soundwave try to sneak away to find the source of the sonic attack.  They want to steal it for themselves.  Blaster and Ultra Magnus ride Broadside to find the weapon before the Decepticons do.  They are able to reach the capital city before the Decepticons and they speak to the king.  The King does not want to get involved with the Autobot/Decepticon War.  The King mentions that anyone who disagrees with him can leave like Allegra did.  Ultra Magnus and Blaster resolve to search for Allegra.  The entire time, Galvatron and Soundwave were spying on them.  Ultra Magnus, Blaster, and Broadside search the kingdom for Allegra.  The entire time, Blaster is overwhelmed by joy from the sounds that only he can hear.  The entire city is based on sound,.  They hope to ally themselves with her.  Before they can find her, Galvatron and Soundwave attack the three Autobots.  They fire on a bridge above the Autobots causing it to crumble.  The Autobots are trapped under the rubble.  Galvatron then fires on the rubble in cannon mode, assuming he killed the Autobots.  After the Decepticons fly away, the three Autobots dig themselves out of the rubble and one of the citizens, a royal named Zebop, offers to help the Autobots find Allegra.  He takes them to her secret retreat and find that she has allied herself with the Decepticons.  The Autobots hide so they can attack the Decepticons without hurting Allegra.  Zebop calls out to Allegra, giving away their position to the Decepticons.  Galvatron and Soundwave start to fire on the Autobots and Zebop.  Soundwave winds up using Allegra’s part of the sonic weapon to attack the Autobots.  From inside of Ultra Magnus’ vehicle mode, Zebop uses his part of the harmony to neutralize Soundwave’s attack.  Soundwave records Zebop’s portion of the harmony and is now able to unleash a much more powerful sonic attack.  He causes the ground to crumble beneath the Autobots, trapping them in rubble.  The Autobots dig themselves out of the hole, and fight the Decepticons.  Blaster rushes Soundwave and the two grapple with each other.  Blaster gets out of Soundwave’s grip and knocks him to the ground with one punch.  The two communications officers continue to fight, Blaster knocks Soundwave down again, but this time Soundwave falls on Zebop.  Zebop is injured, and the Decepticons retreat.  Allegra uses her harmony to heal Zebop.  The Autobots then return to the city to defend it against the Decepticons. They are too late.  Ultra Magnus, Blaster, and Broadside don’t arrive until after the Decepticons left, with the full harmony.  The Autobots return to Earth with the King, Allegra, and Zebop, to find the Decepticons are successfully attacking Metroplex.  The Autobots brought the King, Allegra, and Zebop to help neutralize the Decepticon sonic attacks.  Blaster then attacks Soundwave and makes him erase the destructive sonic recordings.

Blaster is shown as an administrator of Autobot City on Earth, along with Bumblebee, Powerglide, and Warpath.  One day Kup comes to inspect Metroplex and Blaster gives him a tour.  This is the same day that Scourge, who was possessed by Starscream, goes to steal Metroplex’s eyes for Unicron.

Blaster accompanied Outback, Ramhorn, Steeljaw and Sky Lynx while they investigated a Quintesson signal which Perceptor intercepted.  Sky Lynx is unable to land, so the Autobots jump out of the massive Autobot.  The planet winds up being very hostile, the trees come alive and ensnare Blaster and Outback.  They are saved by Steeljaw.  The Autobots continue their search for the Quintesson data device, and Steeljaw is successful in finding it.  The device activates, showing a Quintesson journal, and almost immediately, the Predacons attack.  Blaster is quick to ask Sky Lynx to help the Autobots retreat, and after a brief skirmish with Predaking, the Autobots are able to retreat with the device.  Blaster and the rest of the Autobot away team board Sky Lynx and escape the planet.  They have a very brief battle with several Decepticons, but are then captured by the Quintessons.  Blaster and his cassettes are able to escape when Outback uses an Energon Cube to convince the Sharkticon guard to open the cell.  Blaster shoots the guard (seriously, why didn’t they take the Autobots’ weapons away???) and they escape.  Outback recovers the Quintesson Journal while Blaster and his cassettes prepare Sky Lynx to escape.  The Autobots are able to escape, but are attacked by several Deepticons.  The Decepticons best the small group of Autobots in battle, and they take the Quintesson device for themselves.  The Decepticons go to an uncharted planet and find out that the device is a journal which recorded a vast amount of Quintesson plots.  The Autobots catch up to the Decepticons, and both sides battle for the journal.  The battle ends when the Quintessons attack both sides and snatch the journal for themselves.  The Decepticons follow the Quintessons into space with the Autobots just behind them.  The Quintessons wind up escaping through a warp gate.

Blaster shows up next as part of an investigative team which was formed by Rodimus Prime.  They are going to the Planet of Junk, aboard Omega Supreme, to find out why the peaceful Junkions have become aggressive.  During the trip, Blaster winds up annoying Kup with his music.  The Autobots are attacked by the Decepticons and Omega Supreme crashes.  After a battle, the Autobots defeat the Decepticons when Ultra Magnus fixes Omega Supreme.  The Autobots resume their trip to Junkion and they find that numerous species have started a war above Junkion.  After fighting with the Decepticons, Blaster realizes that a Quintesson transmission is causing the aggressive behavior.  Blaster neutralizes it and there is peace again in the universe.  For now.

Eventually, Blaster joins a large battle on Earth’s moon against the Decepticons.  The battle has no distinct winner and it ends when all of the animal based Transformers leave to fight Tornedron.

Blaster was damaged off screen, but repaired by a Quintesson when Optimus Prime is brought back to life.  Blaster later becomes infected by the hate plague, but is cured when Optimus Prime uses the Matrix to eradicate the virus.

Marvel G1 Comic

Blaster was NOT part of Optimus Prime’s crew on The Ark and actually was a member of the resistance who stayed on Cybertron, fighting The Decepticons.  He lived in the city of Polyhex which was under Decepticon control.  Autobots were outlawed in the city and they were harvested on sight.  Their parts were turned into spare parts and their energy was harvested to give to Decepticons.  One day, while waiting for his comrade Scrounge, an Autobot spy, he witnesses a harvester kill several Autobots.  Another Autobot is about to be killed by a flying Decepticon, and Blaster exposes himself to save the Autobot, damaging the Decepticon’s sensors.  Blaster goes back into hiding and Scrounge makes contact with Blaster, telling him that he knows where Spanner is, and that he has learned something more important.  Before Blaster can meet with Scrounge, Scrounge is captured by Shrapnel.  Blaster goes to the resistance base where Perceptor, Warpath, Beachcomber, Cosmos, Seaspray, and Powerglide are living to get help in saving Scrounge. Blaster believes that Scrounge has important information.  Perceptor refuses to let any of his soldiers risk their lives for Scrounge who he views as useless.  Perceptor also explains how he doesn’t have the manpower to search for anyone.  Blaster says that if Perceptor won’t help, he’ll save Scrounge on his own.  All of the resistance fighters, aside for Perceptor say they will help Blaster, and this motivates Perceptor to help.  The search is unsuccessful and Perceptor orders his soldiers back to base.  Blaster continues his search without help.  He lets himself be captured by the Insecticons and meets with Straxus, the Decepticon governor of Polyhex.  Straxus orders Blaster to be thrown into The Smelting Pool, a large vat of hot liquid which is used to give a painful death to anyone who crosses Straxus.  Blaster finds Scrounge, barely holding onto the side of the pool.  Before Scrounge dies, he passes along the information he recovered to Blaster.  Before they both fall into the Smelting Pool, they are saved by Powerglide.  Unfortunately, Scrounge is too damaged and his body is soft from the heat of The Smelting Pool.  He slides through Blaster’s hands and dies, but not before giving Blaster the information he recovered.  The rest of the resistance cell, minus Perceptor, saves Blaster.  The Decepticons close in on The Autobots and Blaster tears open the pipes which feed The Smelting Pool with molten metal and uses them as a weapon to defeat his Decepticon pursuers.  Back at the resistance headquarters, Blaster shows Perceptor the information that Scrounge found.  It was a transmission from Soundwave to Cybertron saying that Megatron is alive as is Optimus Prime.

Soon after, Blaster approaches Perceptor for another mission, one to save Spanner, a neutral Cybertronian who is knowledgeable in Space Bridge mechanics.  Blaster quietly says to himself that he won’t allow anymore Transformers to die like Scrounge died. Perceptor agrees to help Blaster save Spanner.  Blaster and Perceptor lead the Autobot forces to Darkmount, Straxus’ fortress.  Blaster winds up causing significant damage to Darkmount, inciting Straxus to search for him.  Blaster is about to destroy the Space Bridge, but finds out that Spanner has merged with the Space Bridge.  Destroying it will kill Spanner and Blaster doesn’t want to do that.  Spanner begs Blaster to kill him which would slow the Decepticons from getting to Earth..  Straxus engages Blaster in one on one combat, Blaster defeats Straxus, stabilizing the space bridge and sending the Autobot force to Earth.  The Space Bridge is severely damaged, trapping the Autobots on Earth, where they are quickly found by Circuit Breaker and taken apart to be studied.  Their heads are hung on a wall like a trophy.  Eventually, Circuit Breaker learns the difference between Autobots and Decepticons and Blaster is reassembled.  He is allowed to go free and he joins the Ark crew of The Autobots.

After Optimus Prime dies, Perceptor organizes a meeting between all of the high ranking Autobots, and Blaster is part of that meeting.  Grimlock disrupts the meeting saying he should be the leader of the Autobots because he is strongest, and this starts the ongoing conflict between Blaster and Grimlock.  Soon after Grimlock leaves, The Ark is attacked by Trypticon.  He lures all of the Autobots out of The Ark and picks them off one at a time.  Staying under cover, Blaster is relatively safe, but he is impatient and rushes Trypticon (who is in battle platform mode).  Blaster is shot in the torso, taking the fight out of him.

Blaster soon recovers and Grimlock orders him and Goldbug to stake out a warehouse in Portland where The Mechanic was thought to be using as a headquarters.  Blaster is incredibly impatient and not suited for a stake out.  Blaster starts playing rock music which makes two punk teenagers notice Goldbug, who they try to break into. Goldbug scares them off and they drive back to The Ark to give their report to Grimlock.  Grimlock is angered that they couldn’t find The Mechanic and recover the Cybertronian tools that he stole from Ratchet.  This adds to the conflict between Grimlock and Blaster.  Wheeljack gives Blaster and Goldbug the coordinates of where the stolen equipment is located and Grimlock says that if they don’t bring it back, both Blaster and Goldbug will be punished severely.  Blaster and Goldbug find The Mechanic who is attempting to hijack a tractor trailer.  What the two Autobots don’t know is, the truck was planted there, by the police, to capture The Mechanic.  The police think that Blaster and Goldbug are helping The Mechanic and attack them, giving The Mechanic the opportunity to escape, after throwing a log at the Autobots.  Blaster tries to fry the electronics of The Mechanic’s truck, but a SWAT officer hits Blaster with a bazooka.  Blaster and Goldbug retreat from the police, but Goldbug is shot in the tire.  Blaster repairs his friend and they start their search again for The Mechanic.  They quickly find him and Goldbug goes ahead, looking inside of the warehouse where The Mechanic has been residing.  They find that The Mechanic has been living up to his name and modifying regular cars to be weapons of destruction.  Blaster radios Goldbug, telling him that the police have arrived to arrest The Mechanic.  He knows he has to intervene because the police officers are severely outgunned by The Mechanic’s new vehicles.  He says to himself that Grimlock would allow the humans to die but he can’t allow that.  Before the police officers can attack the warehouse, Blaster reveals himself, explaining that he is a friend.  The police want to fire on him, and Blaster puts his gun down and tells them that he gives them permission to fire on him.  He explains how they have a common foe, The Mechanic, and the police start to trust him.  They devise a plan to work together to catch The Mechanic.  Goldbug drives into the warehouse, and Blaster is carried in by a plain clothes police officer.  Blaster then transforms and the police storm the warehouse.  Before the weapon cars which The Mechanic made can attack, Blaster disrupts their electronics, making them useless.  The Mechanic escapes, knowing they can’t go back to Grimlock, Blaster and Goldbug drive away together looking for a new purpose.  

Blaster and Goldbug seek out GB Blackrock for a new purpose, and ask him for help in locating Decepticons.  Blackrock tells them that a meteor crashed to Earth recently and was emitting radio signals.  Blaster and Goldbug go to investigate.  In the desert, they befriend a man named Charlie who encountered a Decepticon Space Bridge which Blitzwing, Astrotrain, and Octane used to come to Earth.  Charlie guides them to the crater where they find not a meteor but a crashed Space Freighter.  Unknown by the Autobots, they are watched by a swarm of Scraplets, and soon after, they are attacked by the Decepticon Triple Changers.  The Autobots battle with them and Goldbug falls into the crater where he encounters Scraplets but isn’t infected.  The Triple Changers focus their attack on JUST Blaster and he winds up falling into the crater and is infected by the Scraplets.  The Decepticons (who are also infected) continue their attack now, and Blaster sends Goldbug away to look for a cure.  Goldbug discovers that common water is the cure for Scraplets and is about to spray the crater.  Blaster is apprehensive to let him do that because the Decepticons will be saved and he thinks that the cure will wind up being a powerful acid which will possibly kill him.  He orders Goldbug to spray everything and he is cured along with the Decepticon Triple Changers.  All of the Transformers at the crash site, both Autobot and Decepticon, then unite to defeat the Scraplet Monster and the Scraplet threat.  Blaster delivers the killing blow to the united Scraplet monster by breaking an entire tanker truck of water on it.

Blaster and Goldbug continue their road trip and are joined by the Throttlebots.  One day they are attacked by Vortex and Blaster fights him off.  In a risky maneuver, he uses two of the Throttlebots as roller skates.  After fighting off Vortex, Blaster, Goldbug, and The Throttlebots go to a Blackrock gas station to refuel and a RAAT team attacks them.  Blaster is unable to use his weapons to fight because he is so low on energy.  Blaster uses his environment as his weapon and fends off the RAAT team, but some of the soldiers are trapped by a fire.  Blaster endangers himself to save them.  The Autobots escape with Vortex watching. The group of Autobots is tired from being on the run from RAAT, The Decepticons, and The Autobots, so they decide to spend the night at a used car lot.  A mechanic for the lot takes Blaster as his new radio.  The owner of the lot realizes that his unexplained additions on his lot are the Autobots which the government is looking for and he calls RAAT.  Before RAAT can capture the Autobots, The Combaticons attack the used car lot, looking for the Autobots who went rogue from Grimlock.  Before anyone is hurt or damaged, The Protectobots come and protect.  Swindle is about to attack and Blaster jumps to action, saving the humans and Protectobots, this starts the three way conflict between The Autobots, The Decepticons, and RAAT.  The Combaticons show an early advantage, but Blaster saves Ht Spot again, this time from Brawl.  The Protectobots turn the tide of the battle and The Combaticons retreat.  After Blaster thanks The Protectobots for saving him and Goldbug, The Protectobots draw their guns on Blaster and arrest him for trial and execution.

Blaster is transported back to The Ark by The Protectobots and a Mode-Lock is attached to him, a device which prevents transformation.  He is left by Groove in radio mode inside of a drainage pipe where some children find him and start to watch the battle between The Protectobots and The Combaticons inside of a railroad yard.  The battle escalates when each team forms into their respective combined form and the children go closer to watch.  Blaster realizes that the children are in serious danger and reveals that he is alive, not just a regular radio.  He offers to protect them if they remove the Mode Lock.  They apprehensively do and Blaster transforms, vowing to protect the group of children.  One of Bruticus’ laser blasts is deflected by Defensor and hits an electrical tower. Blaster jumps into danger to save the children.  Bruticus defeats Defensor and then gives Blaster a choice, kill the children or die at the hands of Bruticus.  Blaster pretends to kill one of the children and then tricks Bruticus to fall into the electrical tower, defeating him.  The Protectobots let Blaster go, and Blaster uses the Mode Lock on Blast Off, becoming his personal spacecraft.  The children join Blaster in his escape and fly into space where the newly restored Ark attacks them.  Grimlock assumes that since Blaster is using Blast Off as his spacecraft, that Blaster has defected to The Decepticons.  This adds to Grimlock’s desire to execute Blaster.  Sky Lynx watches the battle and The Ark is about to capture Blaster and the children.  One of the children throws Blaster into space so he wouldn’t be captured by The Ark.  Grimlock uses the children as bait to capture Blaster, but before they could be sent off into space, Sky Lynx saves the children as Blaster watches.  Blaster takes advantage of the confusion and enters The Ark where he is welcomed by his former allies of The Autobot Resistance from Cybertron and Wheeljack.  The Autobots on The Ark are very happy to see Blaster and assume he wants to take leadership away from Grimlock for himself.  Blaster tells them that he wants to save the children first and then sort out leadership of The Autobots.  Grimlock again manipulates Blaster by using the children.  He holds them in his custody knowing their spacesuits will run out of air soon.  Blaster realizes he only has one choice.  To surrender to Grimlock.

Blaster is kept in a holding cell, restrained aboard The Ark for a long time.  Eventually, Fortress Maximus tries to unite both The Ark dwelling Autobots with his Steelhaven dwelling Autobots and Grimlock challenges Fort Max to battle.  Goldbug is then arrested by the Dinobots and is in the same detention cell as Blaster.  Blaster’s once jovial attitude has changed to a defeatist one.  He spurns the Autobots, saying they should have helped Blaster after he was imprisoned.  Goldbug explains that Fort Max can’t win the battle because he is still recovering from injuries and Blaster needs to do something.  Blaster decides to take Maximus’ place in the battle for leadership and Grimlock agrees.  Both groups of Autobots go to the moon where Blaster and Grimlock fight.  Blaster is able to dodge Grimlock’s sword attacks, adding to Grimlock’s anger.  Blaster fires on Grimlock, disrupting his energy sword.  Grimlock transforms into his T-Rex mode and attacks Blaster again, but Blaster is able to fend him off.  Before the two warriors can finish their battle, Ratbat and his Decepticons attack!  Grimlock and Blaster decide to put their differences aside for the greater good, and join the battle.  They join the battle but the full fury of The Decepticons is too much.  The Autobots suffer massive casualties and are trapped on the moon.

After Optimus Prime is resurrected, he saves all of the Autobots on the moon and sends Blaster to spy on a tropical resort for humans which is run by Decepticons.  Blaster recruits Buster Witwicky’s girlfriend, Jesse, to help him.  After reaching the island, Blaster stays in radio mode and guides Jesse in their investigation.  While snorkeling, Jesse finds the Seacons and reports back to Blaster who Jesse then brings underwater to continue their investigation.  They infiltrate the Decepticon Base and find Buster, who is kept prisoner.  Blaster can’t free Buster without alerting the Decepticons, but Buster tells them what he has learned while being a prisoner of the Decepticons.  The Decepticons were searching for two Autobots who were sent to Earth thousands of years ago named Raindance and Grand Slam.  The two Autobots had information about something called The Underbase.  Blaster guides Jesse in saving the two cassette sized Autobots and they escape the base.  When Ratbat notices, he sends the Seacons after them.  On the beach of the resort, Blaster battles the Seacons who outnumber and overpower Blaster.  To protect the humans on the beach, Blaster throws Raindance and Grand Slam back into the ocean and leaves the island with Jesse.  

After returning to The Ark, Blaster takes Optimus and Fortress Maximus to where Club Con was, but when they arrive, they find that it has disappeared .  Blaster blames himself for revealing himself to the Decepticons before he could save Buster, and Optimus calms him down.  Blaster is present when Buster is saved in the arctic, and when the Autobots are attacked by the Decepticons.  During the battle, Maximus is overwhelmed by Snapdragon and Apeface, but is saved by Blaster.  The battle abruptly ends when Ratbat causes a cease-fire, after realizing they have been manipulated by Starscream.  The Autobots and Decepticons form a temporary alliance and Blaster is partnered with Ratbat in the battle plan and they defend New York City.  Blaster watches Starscream murder many of his friends, including Goldbug.  Blaster attacks Starscream, making him leave New York City, but not until Blaster is killed.

Years later, Blaster is brought back to life by Grimlock.  Grimlock uses Nucleon to bring a number of deactivated Autobots back to life.  Blaster’s first mission upon being reactivated was help defend Cybertron against Unicron.  After Unicron is destroyed, Cybertron self destructs and Blaster is a member of Grimlock’s fleet to fight the Decepticons on the planet Klo.  Blaster survives the first conflict, but is killed again when the Autobots are trying to regroup, this time by the Decepticon Quake.  He is brought back to life by The Last Autobot.

IDW Re-Generation One

Because of his resurrection fueled by Nucleon, Blaster was a resident of Nebulos and was suffering from mental illness.  Later, he is rebuilt into a Nucleon free body, but is kept in an Autobot hospital to monitor any lingering problems.  Blaster is anxious to get out into Cybertron again to help quell the civil unrest.  Blaster is the only Autobot who is able to hear a sonic weapon which Soundwave is using to make the Autobots riot.  But once he starts to track the signal, the Decepticons are notified and attack the hospital.  Blaster frees the rest of the Autobots who are patients of the hospital and they repel the Decepticon assassins.

Very soon after Blaster leaves the Autobot hospital, Bludgeon attacks Cybertron.  Blaster finds Soundwave, who commands Monstructor and challenges him to battle.  Blaster and Soundwave fiercely combat each other, both using sonic attacks.  Soundwave is more devious, but Blaster overcomes the Decepticon.

Later, when Cybertron is corrupted, Blaster is able to capture one of the dark creatures who are attacking the Autobots.  He is able to capture the creature using his sonic abilities.  The battle continues and Blaster sees Tailgate killed by the dark creatures.  Before Blaster is killed himself, he is saved by Grimlock and The Dinobots.

IDW Transformers

Blaster’s first chronological appearance is right after Orion Pax becomes Optimus Prime.  Blaster helps organize the Autobots under Optimus’ rule.  He is about to be attacked by Wildrider and Breakdown, but he is saved by Optimus Prime.  Sky Lynx transports Optimus Prime, Prowl, and Blaster to Iacon so they can spread the word of freedom.

Blaster becomes like a journalist on Cybertron.  He reports to the planet that there was a refinery explosion that is causing fuel shortages.

Blaster continues to broadcast the news on Cybertron.  He covers the Autobot Exodus leaving Cybertron.  Prowl feels that Blaster’s coverage is making things worse than they are.

As the war with the Decepticons continues, Blaster remains the morale officer and the news officer for the Autobots.  He is known as “The Voice”.  Blaster was missing for a very long time, but he is recovered by an alien captain.  The Captain returns Blaster to the Autobots.  Inside an Autobot ship, Perceptor works on repairing Blaster.  There was an investigation into Blaster’s disappearance, but no conclusions were made.  Silverbolt holds onto the theory that an Autobot tried to assassinate him.  Blaster returns to his life as “The Voice”, but becomes very paranoid.  Every Autobot he sees, in his mind is a potential assassin.  Bluestreak greets Blaster and tells him that he was missed.  Blaster isn’t as optimistic as he used to be, and he doesn’t think he could be the motivational Autobot that he once was.  While reviewing recordings of some of his “greatest hits”, someone sneaks into the room and tries to shoot Blaster in the back with a laser pistol.  Blaster leaps out of the way and takes out his weapon to return fire.  The would be assassin escapes.  Blaster contacts Perceptor to help him investigate who tried to assassinate him.  Perceptor tells Blaster that the assassin used a White Static Cloud to evade the security system and keep his identity hidden.  Perceptor is confident that given time, he could clean up the image (who if you saw you really would know who it is), but Blaster says that he doesn’t think he has much time left.  Blaster gathers all of his courage and starts to broadcast though Cybertron as “The Voice” again.  He wants to broadcast live so if anyone tries to kill him, their identity would be known to all Cybertronians watching.  After his broadcast, he feels drained.  He uses a neural simulator to review his missing memories.  He remembers that the first time someone tried to assassinate him (right when he went missing), he was broadcasting in Cybertron’s atmosphere.  The Autobots were demotivated and Blaster used all of his charm to pump everyone up again.  Just as he finished his broadcast, someone who he couldn’t remember tried to kill him and he became missing.  In the present, Perceptor narrows down the suspect list to four Autobots; Mirage, Beachcomber, Bluestreak, and Inferno.  Blaster tells Perceptor that he trusts all of them with his life and thinks of them as his friends.  (again, if you just look at the distorted image, you can figure out who it is easily).  This just adds to Blaster’s paranoia.  Someone tries again to assassinate Blaster with a grenade.  When Blaster sees who it is, he discovers that it is Beachcomber.  Blaster asks why, and Beachcomber tells him that he can’t control himself.  Beachcomber opens fire but Blaster dodges the attack.  Beachcomber is barely coherent and continues to attack Blaster.  Blaster stands behind a pillar and fires his rifle from the safety of cover.  Beachcomber apologizes but says that he can’t control himself.  Beachcomber transforms to get closer to Blaster.  Blaster pushes a series of pillars down and they fall on Beachcomber.  Beachcomber fires while still in vehicle mode.  Blaster transforms in vehicle mode and unleashes a mighty sonic attack.  Blaster slips into the shadows.  Beachcomber tells him that there are only two possible outcomes, either he kills Blaster or Blaster kills him.  Blaster tells Beachcomber that he wants to know who is pulling his strings.  Blaster is using his inherent sonic abilities to mask his true location.  Beachcomber struggles to free his mind and reveals to Blaster that Soundwave and Bombshell are controlling him.  Blaster promises Beachcomber that he will help him regain control.  Blaster walks out of the shadows with his hands up.  Beachcomber tries to fight his conditioning and does everything he can to not fire his pistol.  Blaster reminds Beachcomber that he is an Autobot and they are friends.  Beachcomber tosses his weapon aside.  While Perceptor repairs Beachcomber, Blaster promises to get revenge.

In the early days of Optimus Prime as leader of the Autobots, the Autobots get together to celebrate a victory against the Decepticons.

Drift and the team of Wreckers save Topspin, Blaster, Whirl, Sandstorm, and several other captives.  The Decepticons are about to enter the holding area to fight the Wreckers and Drift.  Perceptor tries to slow them down by creating blockages so the Wreckers can escape with their saved captives.  The captain of the ship, Turmoil, fires his blaster through the wall. The Wreckers and Drift start fighting the Decepticons again Deadlock opens fire at Drift and the Wreckers, and the rest of the Decepticons follow his lead.  Deadlock breaches the bulkhead of the ship and Drift and Kup fall int the hole.

Hot Rod, Blaster, Kup, Springer, Blurr, and Drift were on an Autobot space craft that was hunting a Decepticon ship called the Torment.  Blaster detects that the Torment is about to do a Quantum Jump and escape. Kup thought that they disabled the Torment’s quantum drive.  Blaster projects that their destination is Cybertron.  Springer assumed that Cybertron was off limits to anyone.  When they reach Cybertron, they find themselves surrounded by Decepticon warships.  The shields and navigation systems are malfunctioning.  The Decepticons open fire and the Autobots are left defenseless.  The Autobot ship crash lands on Cybertron.  Once Hot Rod finds out that the Autobots on Cybertron are allies, Kup reveals the Wreckers to them.  

As the Autobots travel deeper into Cybertron, Kup suggests they stop and take a break.

The Insecticon swarm starts it’s attack on the Autobots.  

When the Autobots get to safety, they gather to make their next plan.  Bumblebee doesn’t like Drift because he once was a Decepticon.

The battle continues as the Autobots fight to survive.    Blaster and Sideswipe are surrounded by Insecticons.  The Autobots are about to lose, but they are saved by Omega Supreme.  Omega Supreme stomps a lot of Insecticons and then fires his blaster at them.  Optimus asks how Omega Supreme knew they needed help.  Hot Rod tells Optimus Prime that he signaled Omega.  Omega Supreme transforms into rocket mode and the Autobots escape back to Earth.

 The Autobots try to gain ground.  Optimus Prime tells Blaster to jam the Decepticons’ communications.   After Optimus Prime defeats Megatron, the Decepticons escape with Megatron in their possession.  

The Autobots capture 6 Decepticons.  When they contact Horiuchi, he wants the Autobots to capture Blurr.  Cliffjumper wont attack a friend and they try to explain to Horiuchi that Blurr is a good guy.  Horiuchi activates a disruptor in Cliffjumper’s badge and forces him to revert to vehicle mode.  Horiuchi explains that the Autobots are under his control.

Bumblebee addresses all of the Autobots but knows they can’t respond because of the Skywatch badges.  He promises that he will free the Autobots from Skywatch control.  

Ratchet addresses the Autobots as the appointed leader of the Autobots.  Ratchet knows that Skywatch is listening and the Autobots make Skywatch think that they are going to apprehend Red Alert, Skywarp, Prowl, and Hot Rod.

After Bumblebee uses the board, all of the badges on the Autobots are deactivated.



Blaster had numerous abilities to use sound as a weapon. He also has a very sophisticated communications and sensor array in his chest.

Wacky Facts

(In the cartoon) Many times when Blaster would play music, it was recycled from the GI Joe episode "Cold Slither".

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