Marvel G1 Comic Background -

Bludgeon was Thunderwing’s main lieutenant and enforcer.  He commanded the Mayhem Assault Squad for Thunderwing and was a Pretender.  Thunderwing sends Bludgeon and hte Mayhem Assault Squad to track down and kill the newly resurrected Bumblebee, Jazz, and Grimlock, who have been causing Thunderwing a lot of trouble.  Bludgeon finds the hidden Autobase and attacks it.  Before the three Autobot Pretenders can use the Space Bridge to get back to Earth, Bludgeon’s forces leap into the beam, causing a number of Transformers to be transported away, but not to Earth.  They are transported to the core of Cybertron but not with the Autobots.  They wind up in a tunnel which leads to the hibernation chamber of Primus, where the Autobots have already arrived.

The Mayhem Assault Squad finds The Keeper telling the Autobots the origin story of the Transformers (click HERE to read it), but before The Keeper can finish it, Bludgeon kills him.  The Autobots fight the Mayhem Assault Squad, and Bludgeon singles out Jazz for hand to hand combat.  For a short while, Jazz seems to have the upper hand, but Bludgeon is a master of Metali-kato and easily defeats his Autobot foe.  Bumblebee attacks Bludgeon while in car mode and then Bludgeon is dragged away by an aquatic Autobot, removing him from the Primus chamber.

After Thunderwing is killed, Bludgeon and the rest of Thunderwing’s soldiers join Scorponok’s Decepticons on Earth.  At this point, Optimus Prime has surrendered to Scorponok, hoping that would create an Autobot/Decepticon alliance.  Optimus Prime frees Kup and Hot Rod who wind up fighting Bludgeon.  Kup actually winds up defeating Bludgeon in combat.  The battle is very short and ends with Optimus Prime trying to negotiate.  

After a series of small battles, Bludgeon is one of the numerous Transformers who are transported to Cybertron by Primus to fight Unicron.  Bludgeon has pledged his loyalty to Scorponok, and he helps Scorponok and Optimus Prime fight off a number of Transformers who worship Unicron.

In the battle with Unicron, both Optimus Prime and Scorponok are killed.  Bludgeon becomes the new leader of the Decepticons and his second in command is Krok.  During a council meeting, Grimlock and Fangry start to get into an argument and Bludgeon threatens to eviscerate Fangry if he doesn’t back down.  Hours later, Grimlock and Fangry come to blows, and this time, Bludgeon watches without intervening.  Bludgeon tries to use the fight as a reason to end the Autobot/Decepticon Alliance, but Prowl does his best to save it.  Cybertron has to be evacuated and the original plan was for the Autobots and Decepticons to colonize a barren world.  Bludgeon decides to leave the alliance and start conquering the universe again as true Decepticons.  They take the majority of the ships and what ships are left are sabotaged, leaving the Autobots to die on Cybertron.
They plot a course to the planet Klo, a peaceful, yet technologically advanced planet which they feel will give them little to no resistance.  Bludgeon was correct in his plan, they Decepticons take over the entire planet with only one casualty, Sparkstalker, who was actually killed by friendly fire.  Bludgeon’s adviser Krok finds an Autobot tracer.  Bludgeon not only prepares for an Autobot incursion, but he welcomes it.

When the Autobots arrive on Klo, they are promptly defeated, and many are killed.  Unlike a number of previous Decepticon leaders, Bludgeon employs a hands on approach.  He personally kills several Autobots, one of which was Siren who he eviscerated with his sword.  Bludgeon’s next target is Wheeljack, but Wheeljack is saved by the Neo-Knights who used The Last Autobot to get to Klo.  As Bludgeon is about to defeat the Neo-Knights, a figure leaps out of The Last Autobot and lands on Klo.  That figure is a resurrected Optimus Prime.  Bludgeon attacks Optimus and they battle each other hand to hand.  When Optimus Prime starts to win, Bludgeon orders his Decepticon forces to attack Optimus.  Optimus fights them off, but is severely outnumbered.  The Last Autobot performs another act of resurrection.  All of the Autobots who were killed on Klo are brought back to life!  Optimus is now able to fully fight the Decepticon legions.  The Autobots finally defeat the Decepticons and they retreat with Bludgeon into space.  Bludgeon promises that he will return and get revenge on Optimus Prime and the Autobots.

Years later, Bludgeon lives up to his promise.  He starts to attack various alien planets to steal their weapons.  Optimus Prime and his Autobots of course do everything they can to stop him.  The battle wages on until a large alien guardian kills one of the Decepticons and scares the rest off.

Bludgeon resumes his self imposed mission of conquest.  Now in control of a War World, he and his Decepticons are no more than Space Pirates.  They capture smaller vessels and captures it’s technology and weapons.  Bludgeon is forming a new Decepticon Army and needs Optimus Prime to breathe life into it.  He makes plans to attack Earth to lure Optimus Prime into his clutches.

Bludgeon viciously attacks Earth, but at first only from his War World.  He sends numerous barrages to the planet, killing hundreds, if not thousands, of Humans.  Optimus Prime hasn’t come to Earth yet, so he figures he needs to take more of a hands on approach.  With several other Decepticons, he invades Earth who simply ravage the planet.  With no Autobots remaining, they have no opposition.  An unlikely pair of defenders arise to stop Bludgeon, Megatron and Starscream.  Megatron wants one thing, leadership of the Decepticons back.  Darkwing attacks Megatron who almost destroys him, Bludgeon tries to take advantage of Megatron’s distraction and attacks, but Megatron grabs Bludgeon by the head of his Pretender shell and rips it off.  This forces Bludgeon to leave his Pretender shell to combat Megatron.  He transforms into tank mode and fires on Megatron.  Megatron was recently upgraded so the assault bounces off Megatron’s armor.  Megatron transforms into his newly created tank alternate mode and fires on Bludgeon.  He kills Bludgeon with one shot and reclaims the Decepticons as his own.


IDW Regeneration One Background -

After his defeat on Klo, Bludgeon and his Decepticons went into hiding.  He makes plans for a Decepticon revival and contacts Soundwave to help him.  He offers Soundwave a tremendous amount of firepower in return for his assistance.  Bludgeon also continues is quest for Decepticon conquest.  He and the rest of the living Decepticons use War World (just like in the G2 book) to attempt to take over numerous planets.  He personally oversees the attack on Torkulon, landing on the planet and attacking it’s inhabitants.  Soundwave contacts Bludgeon and tells him that Optimus Prime and Ultra Magnus have left Cybertron.

Bludgeon commissions Soundwave to steal the remains of Thunderwing which he plans to weaponize to destroy the Autobots.  Soundwave is successful and meets Bludgeon aboard his War World.  He explains to Soundwave that in the decades since his defeat on Klo, he has been acquiring new technology to create a battle drone army (almost EXACTLY like what he planned to do in the G2 book).  
Now that he has the final piece he needs to make his battle droid army a reality, he uses the newly minted army to attack the planet of Cresta Superior.  The battle droids make quick work of the planet’s military and Bludgeon watches with Soundwave from the comfort of War World.  After the planet falls, Bludgeon and Soundwave make plans to return to Cybertron.  Upon returning to Cybertron, Bludgeon sends Soundwave to create civil unrest among the Autobots.  Soundwave is successful but he is discovered, Bludgeon plans to return to Cybertron, but not as an invader, he plans to die on Cybertron.

Coincidentally, Bludgeon attempts to invade Cybertron at the same time that Galvatron attacks (just accept it).  He uses his new battle droid army to attack the Autobot defenses.  He doesn’t use the main weapons of the War World to attack, he knows that there are Decepticons still on Cybertron and doesn’t want to damage them.  He also wants to hurt the Autobots in a way that is beyond physical damage, he wants to destroy their morale. He decides to attack Ultra Magnus, who is battling Galvatron.  He fires the War World cannons at Magnus and Galvatron, but both warriors survive.  

Bludgeon watches as the Autobots face defeat.  He is confident that there is no way his Decepticons can loose this battle. Bludgeon allows his soldiers to leave War World to attack the surface of Cybertron.  Bludgeon is the only Decepticon on War World.  When the Wreckers sneak on board to disable the battle drones, Bludgeon hunts them.  Bludgeon impales Sandstorm with his sword and the rest of the Wreckers attempt to fight Bludgeon as Kup leaves the battle to accomplish their mission.  Bludgeon attacks Kup and proves to be the superior fighter.  Before he can kill Kup, Rodimus Prime arrives.  The newly minted Prime and Bludgeon fight, Bludgeon sees Rodimus Prime as his opportunity to die in a blaze of glory.  Rodimus and Bludgeon battle, but Rodimus Prime is too powerful for Bludgeon.  Bludgeon asks Rodimus Prime to kill him and Rodimus throws Bludgeon out of the War World into space.  Bludgeon falls through the Cybertronian atmosphere and burns up upon reentry.  Bludgeon’s body is found, mostly melted.  He asks Rodimus Prime to kill him, and Rodimus refuses.

IDW Background -

Bludgeon is very different in IDW.  Early on in the war, he was a loyal lieutenant of Megatron’s.  He helps organize a prisoner exchange.  The exchange was a ruse so the Decepticons could capture Alpha Trion.  The Autobots escape aside for Orion Pax.  Bludgeon has the Decepticons tie Orion to a missile aimed for an Autobot colony.

Years later, Megatron is jailed and Bludgeon takes command of a group of Decepticons.  He sends out search parties to look for Metroplex.  Thundercracker returns to their ship and Bludgeon requests that the Seeker meets with him.  Bludgeon demands that Thundercracker hurries because he doesn’t want to be kept waiting.  When Thundercracker enters the bridge, Bludgeon asks him if he found Metroplex.  Thundercracker tells his leader that Metroplex WAS there, but hasn’t been there for a long time.  Bludgeon asks if Thundercracker has anything to add, and Thundercracker tells Bludgeon that he thinks that Metroplex went to a similar star system.  Bludgeon likes that Thundercracker has a hunch and sets course to another star system  After several days of Quantum Jumps, the Decepticons have used much of their Energon reserves.  They arrive at a planet which they think Metroplex could be on. Bludgeon wants Thundercracker to lead a massacre of the planet’s inhabitants.  He orders Thundercracker to leave no survivors.   While Thundercracker and the Decepticons are on the planet, Bludgeon has the starship bombard the alien village from low orbit.  An Autobot shuttle rams Bludgeon’s ship, causing it to fall to the ground.  Bludgeon orders all flying Decepticons to evacuate.  Bludgeon has an unusual vehicle mode, it is a strange flying tank.  Bludgeon engages Nightbeat on the surface.  The Decepticons lose the battle and retreat.

Years later, Shockwave goes missing.  Megatron has Bludgeon continue Shockwave’s experiments.

Bludgeon has no idea that Soundwave is spying on him for Megatron.  Bludgeon learns of Shockwave’s plan to seed planets with Energon called “Project: Regenesis”.  Bludgeon becomes obsessed with the plan and keeps it hidden from Megatron.  Bludgeon plans to go to Earth with several Decepticons (several of the Decepticons become Pretenders) to harvest Energon.  Bludgeon doesn’t know that Laserbeak is spying on him on Earth.  Bludgeon plans for the false humans to use explosives so Bludgeon can harvest the Energon.  Bludgeon’s scheme is successful and his subordinates harvest the Energon.  When Bludgeon is about to depart for Cybertron, Soundwave transforms into robot mode and reveals himself.  Bludgeon unsheathes his sword and prepares for battle.  Soundwave explains he wants Bludgeon to give him some of the Energon and he won’t report Bludgeon to Megatron.  Bludgeon reveals that he isn’t just looking for Energon on Earth, he is looking for the remains of Thunderwing. .  Soundwave deploys Laserbeak and Ravage to assist him.  Bludgeon slashes Laserbeak with his sword and impales Ravage.  One of Bludgeon’s Decepticons uses an experimental weapon on Soundwave, trapping him in his alternate mode.  Bludgeon and his Decepticons escape back to Cybertron.

Bludgeon’s plans continue several years later on Cybertron.  Cybertron is now a wasteland and uninhabitable.  Bludgeon and his followers capture Jetfire and the Technobots.  Jetfire sees that Bludgeon is standing over him.  He realizes that Bludgeon wants to resurrect Thunderwing..  Jetfire tells Bludgeon that he can’t control Thunderwing.  Bludgeon says he merely wants to direct him, not control the power of Thunderwing.  Not only does Bludgeon want to resurrect Thunderwing, but he wants to continue his plans.

Thunderwing ravages Nebulos.  Bludgeon plans to direct him to other planets when he is done with Nebulos.  He also perfects the organic grafting which made Thunderwing so powerful but go mad.  Bludgeon quickly malfunctions from the organic grafts.  

Abilities -

Bludgeon is one of the most talented Transformer hand to hand fighters. He is also very proficient with a sword.
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