Cartoon Background -

Like most of the main characters from Season 3, Blurr was introduced in Transformers the movie as a citizen of Autobot City.  He survived the battle of Autobot City and was present when Optimus Prime died.  When Galvatron attacked the damaged Autobot City, Blurr was part of the refugees who escaped and was on the same shuttle as Ultra Magnus, Springer, Perceptor, and Daniel Witwickey.  After Galvatron’s second attack, this time on the Autobot Shuttle Convoy, his shuttle landed on the planet of junk.  After yet ANOTHER battle with Galvatron and soon later a battle with the native inhabitants of The Planet of Junk, the Junkions, Blurr’s group reunited with Hot Rod, Kup, and the Dinobots.  They fought Unicron, this time from the inside and were victorious when Hot Rod opened The Matrix, destroying Unicron’s body and becoming Rodimus Prime.

Soon after, he went on courier mission to bring Metroplex’s transformation cog from Cybertron to Autobot City on Earth with Wheelie by Perceptor .  After the EDC Space Station was destroyed by Galvatron, Blurr and Wheelie divert their mission to Jupiter.  While on the moon of IO, Wheelie and Blurr were attacked by alien bats until saved by Marissa Fairbourne, but the alien bats destroyed her ship.  They were rescued by Sky Lynx but were attacked again, this time by the Predacons.  They arrived at the nick of time to Metroplex where Blaster installed the Transformation Cog giving Metroplex to have a hand to hand battle with the newly minted Decepticon City Trypticon

At a later date, while listening to Kup’s war stories with Wheelie and Grimlock, they receive a distress call from Wreck-Gar that an EDC ship crash landed from being shot by Death Crystals.  While Kup was investigating, the Autobot group was attacked by Blast Off and Runamuck.  The Autobots were pinned down by the two Decepticons and Sky Lynx rescued them.  After escaping the Decepticons, Sky Lynx took Kup, Grimlock, Wreck-Gar, Wheelie, and Blurr to the planet Dreg to find out who was mining the Death Crystals.  He and Kup are the first to leave Sky Lynx to search the planet.  Unbeknownst by them, they were being tracked by the Predacons.  While fighting the Predacons, Blurr falls into alien quicksand but is saved by Sky Lynx.  Kup saves the day by adding the prisoners to the autobot forces, overpowering the decepticons.

Perceptor was investigating a chronal (time) anomaly which was coming from an asteroid.  Rodimus insisted that he brings along Blurr, Wreck-Gar, Blaster, and his cassettes as protection.  Rodimus was right to send protection because Quintessons and Sharkticons attacked the Autobots.  The Autobots make quick work of the Sharkticons and Perceptor finds Quintessons on the asteroid working on a time window  Rodimus Prime and Superion come to back up the small team of Autobots when The Quintessons attack with their warships.  Blurr, Wreck-Gar, and Blaster are sucked into the time window to the past and a damaged A-3 (also known as Alpha Trion) takes their place in the present.  While in the past, Blurr and his friends are attacked by a Guardian Robot (the same type of robot as Omega Supreme) and are saved by the local proto-autobot.  Blurr and the rest of the time displaced Autobots join the resistance and take place in the most important battle of Proto-Autobot history.  Without A-3 the Proto-Autobots are loosing the battle.  In the present, A-3 volunteers to go back in time to save Blurr and his friends, causing them to go back to their proper time and the timeline then corrects itself.

Blurr also witnessed the Quintessons’ plot to destroy the Autobots by resurrecting Optimus Prime and turning him into a weapon against the Autobots. 

Rodimus Prime sends Blurr and Springer to investigate a rocket ship that came out of a black hole.  It was sending out a distress call.  Blurr and Springer bring Sandstorm, the pilot of the rocket, to Rodimus Prime.  Sandstorm tells Rodimus and the Autobots that he is from Paradron, a lost Autobot colony.  The Decepticons invaded Paradron and they need help.  Rodimus Prime organizes a strike force to liberate Paradron, but Blurr is worried that the Decepticons have prepared a trap for the Autobots.  The Autobots make their way to Paradron.  Blurr is teamed with Ultra Magnus and Wheelie to help liberate the Energon supply from the Decepticons.  

One day, Blurr is traveling through space inside of Sky Lynx with Rodimus Prime, Perceptor, and Ultra Magnus.  Sky Lynx picks up an unusual reading with his sensors, and the Autobots go to investigate.  Blurr is excited to investigate something after a long and boring trip.  His manic attitude starts to irritate Rodimus.  They arrive at the coordinates to find a strange, metal disc which is glowing.  They are soon joined by Galvatron and the Quintessons, who are fighting each other.  When the Autobots arrive, the Quintessons attack them too.  The Autobot crew inside of Sky Lynx fly out of him and fight the Quintessons and Decepticons in space.  Both enemies of the Autobots are dispatched by Sky Lynx, but neither retreats.  The disc winds up being another Quintesson device.  The Quintessons open it to lure both sides of Transformers into it.  The Quintessons use their ship to fly into the opened disc, their wake pulls the Autobots and Cyclonus into it.   The disc is a warp gate and the Transformers and Quintessons are transported across the universe, they wind up crash landing on a remote planet.  The planet resembles Mongolia in the times of Genghis Khan.  Rodimus Prime, Ultra Magnus, and Blurr wind up crashing together near a village. .  Blurr’s leg is damaged in the crash and Rodimus Prime helps him move around.  He is also unable to transform into vehicle mode.  The three Autobots search for Perceptor and Blurr asks to be left behind.  He figures that if they recover and repair Perceptor, Perceptor can repair him.  Rodimus and Ultra Magnus leave Blurr behind and search for Perceptor.  Soon, a group of alien marauders approach Blurr and want to kill him, they think he is a devil and attack him (they have bows and arrows too!).  Blurr is made a captive of the aliens and they hold him above a pot of molten lava to destroy him.  Cyclonus and a Quintesson arrive in the city and they make the aliens want to kill Blurr even more. Before Blurr is dropped into the metal, a woman who works for the empress stops the execution.  A blacksmith brings Ninjaka, a robot with Perceptor’s mind, to the city to explain that the Autobots are their friends and the Quintessons are their enemies.  Cyclonus and the Quintesson retreat with Ninjika, leaving Blurr tied up.  After taking the part they needed from Ninjika, the Quintesson fires on Blurr’s restraints, sending him into the lava.  The lava actually repairs Blurr instead of killing him.  He flies into the Quintesson ship and recovers the parts of Perceptor needed to make him function again.  Cyclonus is about to fire on Blurr, but Ultra Magnus saves him by tackling Cyclonus.  Rodimus Prime orders that the Autobots escape the Quintesson ship, but before he escapes, Blurr grabs Perceptor’s missing parts.  Perceptor is restored and Sky Lynx then arrives on the planet and takes the Autobots home.

Blurr joins a number of Autobots in trying to reclaim Optimus Prime’s dead body from two scientists.  The scientists were using Optimus’ body to lure the Autobots into a trap and infect them with a hate plague.  Blurr was able to avoid infection, but was damaged by Superion.  He later was repaired and joined Optimus Prime, and several others, in looking for a cure.  Blurr does eventually get infected, but is cured when Optimus Prime uses the power of the Matrix to cure the universe.

Blurr returns to Cybertron with many of the season 3 era Autobots.  One fateful day, he is racing Hot Rod in the street of Cybertron.  After loosing the race to Hot Rod, the Decepticons attack.  Blurr, and several other Autobots, use an Autobot shuttle to help defend the Plasma Energy Chamber against the Decepticons.  But when the chamber is opened, the shuttle is sent across the universe to the planet of Nebulos.  Their ship is destroyed, and the Autobots look for a way to return to Cybertron.  The Autobots are attacked by a group of Nebulan rebels, who think that the Autobots were weapons sent by The Hive to destroy them.  Blurr and the rest of the Autobots are restrained by the rebels who bring them to their headquarters.  The rebels want to destroy the Autobots, not knowing what they really are.  The rebels attach magnetic bombs on the Autobots.  As the rebels are about to activate the explosives, the Decepticons arrive.  Through very little effort, Spike is able to convince the rebels that the Autobots can help them.  The rebel leader sets the Autobots loose to battle the Decepticons.  Blurr transforms into vehicle mode and rushes Skullcruncher, but Skullcruncher bites Blurr and tosses him into a wall.  Blurr is knocked unconscious and taken as a hostage when the Decepticons retreat.

Scourge interrogates Blurr, but he refuses to talk.  Blurr watches as Scourge tortures Kup.  Soon, the Autobot Headmasters rescue the captive Autobots and bring them to the rebel base.  Blurr doesn’t have much time to catch his breath when the Decepticons attack.  This time, they have allied themselves with the Hive and have become Headmasters and Targetmasters.  The Decepticons defeat the Autobots in battle and retreat with the key to the Plasma Energy Chamber.  Blurr then becomes a Targetmaster with Haywire as his partner.  Optimus Prime arrives on Nebulos and meets the enhanced Autobots. The Autobots recover the key, but Scorponok captures Arcee, who has the key, and leaves Nebulos.
Blurr, the rest of the Autobot Targetmasters, and the Headmasters travel back to Cybertron with Optimus Prime in his shuttle.  When they reach Cybertron, they find that it isn’t there anymore!  Optimus Prime assumes (correctly), that Galvatron moved the planet to Earth.  The Autobot Targetmasters and Headmasters make their way to Earth to fight the Decepticons.  Blurr and the Autobots are captured by the Decepticons inside of Scorponok.  They are saved when Fortress Maximus arrives.

Marvel G1 Comic Background-

Blurr was part of a group of Autobots who were tired of the war.  Led by Fortress Maximus, Blurr went to Nebulos to look for a peaceful place to survive.  The Decepticons followed and brought the Nebulans into their war.  As an act of diplomacy, Fortress Maximus and several other Autobots gave the Nebulan government their headless bodies and others, Blurr included, gave the Nebulans their weapons.  When the battling with the Decepticons became too much, the Autobots binary bonded with several Nebulans becoming Headmasters and Targetmasters.  Blurr became a Targetmaster.

Blurr is an Autobot who stayed on Cybertron to fight The Decepticons under Fortress Maximus’ command.  Blurr is one of the Autobots go follows Fortress Maximus in relocating to the peaceful world of Nebulos.  Once on Nebulos, Blurr is sent as an envoy to the leaders of Nebulos to discuss a peaceful coexistence between Autobot and Nebulan.  Blurr is manipulated by the evil Lord Zarak, a leader of Nebulos who doesn’t want to share the planet with the Autobots, to make Blurr loose control of his arms and make it look like he is attacking the population of Nebulos.  This causes the military to attack Blurr and he retreats back to Fortress Maximus, where he is patched up by Brainstorm.

The Decepticons ultimately invade Nebulos and the Autobots split in two groups.  Some join Fortress Maximus in fighting, and others stay in the wilderness at the commune Kup created.  After giving up his weapons, Blurr joins the commune.  When Hot Rod receives a communication from the Earth Autobots, a debate is started on if they should go to Earth.  Blurr is one of the loudest voices to stay and defeat the Decepticons.  He winds up becoming Binary Bonded with a Nebulan, but instead of forming his head, the Nebulan becomes his weapon, making Blurr a Targetmaster.  The Targetmasters quickly reveal themselves to Scorponok who thinks he has the upper hand against a group of weaponless Autobots.  The Autobots attack and start to defeat the Decepticons, but they are realizing that there is too much damage to the precious garden created by the battle.  The Autobots can’t allow this to happen, so they retreat.  Soon after, the Autobots unite and leave Nebulos for Earth.  

On Earth, Blurr joins Fortress Maximus and the other Autobot Targetmasters in attacking a Decepticon Base in the tropics to save Buster Witwicky.  Blurr is attacked and damaged on the island along with the other Autobot Targetmasters.  

Blurr remains a loyal Autobot but is mainly shown in battle sequences, most of the time getting damaged.  When Hot Rod devises a scheme to snap Optimus Prime out of a depression, Blurr is damaged by a malfunctioning attack droid.  When Thunderwing attacks the Ark, possessed by the Matrix, Blurr is part of the battle and is damaged.


  He helped Optimus fight a Matrix enhanced Thunderwing.  When Optimus made a treaty with Scorponok to unite the two races, Blurr was imprisoned along with the other Autobots.  Optimus sacrificed himself to destroy Unicron and a very delicate period of peace between The Autobots and Decepticons started.  Bludgeon ended that period and the Autobots were hunted.  Blurr was killed but was resurrected by The Last Autobot

IDW Regeneration One-

Blurr survives to be part of the Regeneration One cast.  After Optimus Prime leaves for Earth, Blurr goes to Hot Rod (who was appointed to be leader of Cybertron by Optimus) to tell him that the Decepticons have attacked the Hall of Silence on Cybertron.  They quickly hypothesize that the Decepticons are trying to steal Thunderwing’s remains.
When Scorponok changes the allegiance of the Autobots on Cybertron to be Decepticons, Blurr is one of the last Autobots who remains an Autobot.  He is part of Grimlock’s plan to defeat Scorponok.  

After Bludgeon’s invasion of Cybertron is thwarted, Blurr is part of a team led by Ultra Magnus to find Galvatron.

IDW Comic Background-

Blurr is a bit different in IDW than he was in the G1 cartoon.  He is also given some backstory before he becomes a warrior.

The first chronological appearance of Blurr is soon after the war between the Autobots and Decepticons started.  Blurr isn’t a warrior, he is a racer and he is the fastest on Cybertron.  He is preparing for a race, and of course he wins.  Blurr loves the crowd cheering for him.  Not only did Blurr win the race, but he set a new speed record.  Blurr lives the life of indulgance.  He loves to celebrate all of his wins.  Blurr tries to separate himself from the conflict between the Autobots and Decepticons.  When he is asked his opinion of the fighting, he says the only news he cares about his about him.  While celebrating in a bar, Blurr makes a negative comment about the Transformers who use Similtronic Reality.  As Blurr continues to drink Energon, a bomb goes off at the race track.  The next day, the Autobot who runs the races tells Blurr that Zeta Prime has canceled the races until the war has ended.  Zeta Prime ended the races because they were targets for the Decepticons to cause havoc.  An Autobot named Piston tries to recruit Blurr to be a warrior, but Blurr doesn’t want to get involved.  All he wants to do is race and gain more and more fame.  Blurr goes back to the bar, but it is empty now.  He drinks Energon alone and considers trying the Silmitronic Reality.  Before he can, he is approached by Starscream who tries to get to know Blurr.  Starscream tries to recruit Blurr into joining the Decepticons.  Blurr leaves the bar and finds himself in the crossfire of a battle between the Autobots and Decepticons.  Ironhide brings him to safety.  Blurr sees Piston’s lifeless body on the street and starts to take things a little more seriously.  He is approchaed by Orion Pax (aka Optimus Prime) and Kup.  Orion is impressed by Blurr’s racing record, but Blurr is overwhelmed by the fighting.  Orion and Kup try to get Blurr to join the Autobots, but Blurr doesn’t want to fight.  Kup looks down on Blurr for being arrogant and selfish.  Orion Pax convinces Blurr to help save Zeta Prime since Blurr is the only one fast enough to get to Zeta’s location in time.  Blurr runs on foot at full speed to save Zeta Prime.  He tackles Skywarp and ultimately saves Zeta Prime.  Blurr finds a new sense of worth being a warrior instead of a racer.

Optimus Prime leads a team of Autobots to attack a Decepticon convoy which is transporting Energon.  The Decepticons fight back and Optimus Prime tells the Autobots to hold their ground.  Optimus Prime has Blurr break through the Decepticon ranks so they will chase him.  That night, after the Autobots won the battle, they all celebrate.

Drift and the team of Wreckers save Topspin, Blaster, Whirl, Sandstorm, and several other captives.  The Decepticons are about to enter the holding area to fight the Wreckers and Drift.  Perceptor tries to slow them down by creating blockages so the Wreckers can escape with their saved captives.  The captain of the ship, Turmoil, fires his blaster through the wall. The Wreckers and Drift start fighting the Decepticons again Deadlock opens fire at Drift and the Wreckers, and the rest of the Decepticons follow his lead.  Deadlock breaches the bulkhead of the ship and Drift and Kup fall int the hole.

Hot Rod, Blaster, Kup, Springer, Blurr, and Drift were on an Autobot space craft that was hunting a Decepticon ship called the Torment.  Perceptor prepares to fire their weapons at the ship.    Blaster projects that their destination is Cybertron.  Springer assumed that Cybertron was off limits to anyone.  When they reach Cybertron, they find themselves surrounded by Decepticon warships.  The shields and navigation systems are malfunctioning.  The Decepticons open fire and the Autobots are left defenseless.  The Autobot ship crash lands on Cybertron.  Once Hot Rod finds out that the Autobots on Cybertron are allies, Kup reveals the Wreckers to them.    Kup wants to speak to Optimus Prime.  Jazz tells him that he is in charge at the moment. Jazz tells him that he has everything under control.  Springer tries to back up Kup, but Jazz flips him over his shoulder.  Blurr goes to help Springer, but Jazz punches him and takes his weapon.  Jazz points the blaster at Kup.  Jazz tells Kup that the reason he didn’t see sentries is because they were well hidden.

The Insecticon swarm starts it’s attack on the Autobots.   Blurr speeds into the base and Kup chastises him for not being an adequate look out.  Kup asks where Drift is and Blurr doesn’t know.

The Autobots flee from the Insecticon horde.  Kup and Perceptor ride on top of Roadbuster while firing their blasters.  Cliffjumper fires at the swarm while riding on top of Hound.  Hound has trouble driving on Cybertron’s smooth surface with his Earth based vehicle mode.  Kup tells everyone to stay close and he has something planned.  Before the battle, Kup and Perceptor hid a series of explosives.  At Kup’s command, Perceptor takes out two pistols and shoots the explosives, creating enough debris for the Autobots to get away. .  Perceptor is hit in the neck with a dart by one of the Insecticon swarm.  Kup loads Perceptor on top of Roadbuster and the other Autobots open fire.  Kup tells them to continue onto a bridge where there are more explosives (I guess the Insecticon Swarm is too stupid to understand that the Autobots are saying what their plan is in the open).  Cliffjumper asks who is going to shoot the explosives since Perceptor is unconscious and he suggests that Springer transforms into helicopter mode to do it.  Springer explains that he can’t transform into helicopter mode since the crash.  Blurr offers to do it since he is the fastest and he has the greatest chance of escaping before getting blown up.  Kup doesn’t want Blurr to sacrifice himself.

Blurr deserts Bumblebee when Ultra Magnus shows up.  He and several other Autobots want to leave because they are afraid Ultra Magnus will arrest them.  Tracks, Hoist, Blurr and Beachcomber drive through the desert.  Blurr complains that everyone is going too slow.  Suddenly, Blurr drives over a mine and he is thrown in the air.  The other Autobots transform to help him, but they are attacked by an enhanced member of Skywatch.  Blurr is disabled by an inhibitor bolt.  Tracks takes out his gun, but Hoist says he can’t shoot a human.  Hoist is hit by an inhibitor bolt and is forced into vehicle mode.  Tracks tries to escape, but he is captured.  Blurr is the only one who gets away by running so fast he makes a sonic boom.

In vehicle mode, Blurr drives through the desert.  He is frantically trying to get in touch with Hot Rod because his group was ambushed by humans and captured.  Before he can get too far, he encounters Bumblebee standing in front of him.  Blurr speed talks and warns Bumblebee about getting in front of him when he is driving so fast.  Blurr notices that Bumblebee is wearing a Skywatch badge.  Bumblebee explains that they are part of the team now.  Bumblebee tries to talk to Blurr and explain to him that Skywatch are allies now (but they really aren’t).  Before Blurr and Bumblebee can continue their conversation, Bumblebee tells Blurr that he is surrounded and he plans to bring Blurr in.  Blurr takes out his gun and shoots Bumblebee in front of Ratchet.  Ratchet rushes to Bumblebee’s side and Hound calls for reinforcements.  Bumblebee gets up and realizes that the Skywatch badge protected him, without the badge, he would’ve died.  Hound and Wheeljack apprehend Blurr by forcing him into vehicle mode..  Bumblebee confines Blurr to a cell in the Autobase.  Later, Bumblebee frees him since Blurr is the only Autobot without a Skywatch badge, so they can’t deactivate him or track him.  Bumblebee asks Blurr to find a yellow VW Bug to act as a decoy for him. Blurr doesn’t want to help Bumblebee at all.  Bumblebee reminds Blurr that he shot him and at the very least, Bumblebee thinks Blurr owes him a favor.  Blurr runs through a parking garage and finds a decoy Bumblebee.

Under Ultra Magnus’ command, an Autobot strike force goes to Rodimus’ spacecraft.    When Ultra Magnus comes to the rocket site, Swindle betrays the partnership with Rodimus’ Autobots and reveals Menasor.

Bumblebee, Blurr, Ratchet, and Jetfire willingly go to the Skywatch base to start a joint operation.  The alliance is shaky but it is getting stronger all the time.  They are welcomed by Spike Witwicky.

Optimus Prime tells the Autobots that Cybertron is habitable again, but Galvatron is out there forming an army.  Optimus plans to go back to Cybertron inside of Omega Supreme and tells the Autobots that he will take whoever wants to go with him.  All of the Autobots aside for Bumblebee plan to go back to Cybertron.

As the Kimia Outpost arrives in Cybertron’s orbit, it deploys its main cannon to attack the surface.  All of the Autobots dive to cover. Ultimately, Megatron gets free from Omega Supreme, gives himself new armor, and saves the Autobots from Galvatron.

The Autobots watch as an enhanced Megatron battles the Sweeps (successfully) The Decepticons who were on Earth join the fight with the Autobots.   When the Constructicons merge into Devestator, it turns the tide of the battle. Red Alert wants the Autobots to fall back to Omega Supreme.  Sunstreaker tells the Autobots that Omega Supreme is not in any condition to protect them.  Suddenly, all of the Decepticons go into a trance and stop fighting.  All of the Decepticons and all of Galvatron’s forces merge into a massive monster.  The Deceptigod known as D-Void.

(To be continued)


Blurr’s main function was to be a courier.  He was VERY fast in both modes and spoke as fast as he moved.  There were times where Blurr was moving so quickly that he was literally a Blurr.  He was armed with a laser rifle and later binary bonded with a Nebulan to become a Targetmaster with stronger firepower and accuracy.

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