G1 Cartoon

When Bumblebee was introduced in 1984, no one planned on him becoming the face of the Transformers franchise.  Bumblebee was a younger minded Autobot, and often befriended humans.  Bumblebee’s youthful attitude created a lot of opportunities for other characters to give exposition.  Bumblebee was one of the smaller Autobots and transformed into a VW Bug (NOT A CAMARO).

Bumblebee was introduced in the cartoon with Wheeljack.  Together, they were sent by Optimus Prime to steal energy conductors from the Decepticons on Cybertron.  Bumblebee is a constant optimist.  When Wheeljack was worried that the energy they stole wouldn’t last long, Bumblebee reminded him that, at least they have energy.  Bumblebee loads the energy conductors into Wheeljack, and they make their way back to Iacon.  They are stopped by several Decepticons and Bumblebee gets out of Wheeljack to fight.  Bumblebee and Wheeljack are trapped when a Decepticon fires on them with a flame thrower.  Wheeljack creates an opening in the fire and Bumblebee transforms into vehicle mode.  The two Autobots speed through the roadblock, but are followed by Skywarp and Thundercracker.  The two Decepticons relentlessly fire on Bumblebee and Wheeljack.  One of the Decepticons hits Bumblebee and Wheeljack transports him back to the Autobot base.  Bumblebee joins Optimus Prime and the Autobots on the Ark to search for a new source of energy.  The Decepticons attack and the Autobots and Decepticons crash onto Earth.  They are stuck in stasis lock for millions of years.

Bumblebee’s first battle on Earth was when he and the Autobots attempted to defend Sherman Dam from the Decepticons.  The water was overflowing and about to flood a town.  Bumblebee rides inside of Ironhide and uses a laser to make trenches for the water to flow through.  Bumblebee and Sparkplug then work together to infiltrate the ruby crystal mines of Burma.  The Decepticons are mining the crystals for energy.  Bumblebee volunteers since he is the smallest Autobot and can fit in the mines easily.  Together, they travel into the heart of the mine and plant the explosives.  On their way out, Bumblebee and Sparkplug are discovered by Skywarp and Thundercracker.  Sparkplug tries to evade them, and Bumblebee tries to fight.  When the explosives go off, Bumblebee and Sparkplug are trapped in the mine.

The Autobots dig through the rubble and Jazz finds Bumblebee and Sparkplug.   Hound then makes a holographic rocket base to trap the Decepticons.  Bumblebee is sent to fight the Decepticons.  His smaller stature makes him a perfect stand in for part of the staff of the fake base.  Megatron knew it was a trap and the Autobots plan wasn’t successful.  While the Autobots were trying to ambush the Decepticons, they were at a different site getting the energy they needed.  The Decepticons are able to return to Cybertron now.    The Autobots arrive at the same time that the Decepticons are boarding their ship.  The Autobots overpower the Decepticons, causing them to retreat into their spaceship.  

After months of peace, the Decepticons resurface and attack a solar power plant.  Optimus Prime organizes a team of Autobots to stop them.  Bumblebee arrives late to the briefing, but volunteers to join the mission.  The Autobots crash into the power plant and fight the Decepticons.  Bumblebee battles Laserbeak in the power plant.  The Decepticons hold off the Autobots in battle long enough for them to escape with their new Energon Cubes.  At the Ark, the Autobots wonder how the Decepticons are going to get the Energon Cubes to Cybertron without a ship.  Optimus Prime orders Bumblebee to spy on the Decepticons.  Spike joins Bumblebee on the covert mission.  Together, they accidentally stumble across the Decepticons testing the new Space Bridge.  After watching an unsuccessful test, Bumblebee and Spike plan to make their way back to the Ark.  Bumblebee falls into the chasm where the Decepticons are testing the Space Bridge and is captured.  Megatron plans to use them as test subjects for the Space Bridge.  Before they can be sent to Cybertron, the Space Bridge malfunctions.  They briefly escape when Bumblebee transforms into vehicle mode and smashes the Space Bridge pod.  They run off, but Soundwave sends Ravage to catch them.   Bumblebee speeds off back to the Ark to get reinforcements after Spike is captured.  Starscream and Skywarp chase Bumblebee, but he escapes capture (again) by hiding in a cave.  When he leaves the cave, he is caught by the Decepticons and knocked out by Starscream’s Null Ray.  Megatron alters Bumblebee’s memory circuits and sends him back to the Autobots.  Megatron wants Bumblebee to lead the Autobots into a Decepticon ambush.  Bumblebee returns to the Autobots and tells them about the Space Bridge, but gives them the wrong coordinates (as Megatron planned).  Optimus Prime organizes a rescue party and Bumblebee guides them to the Decepticon trap. , The Decepticons trap the Autobots inside of a cave, and attack.  When the Decepticons retreat to the Space Bridge, Starscream fires on the entrance, trapping the Autobots in the cave.  Ratchet starts to repair Bumblebee inside of the cave and discovers that Bumblebee’s memory circuits were altered.  Once Ratchet repairs him, he reveals the true location of the Space Bridge.  Together, the Autobots fire on the rocks which are keeping them trapped in the cave.  They then go to the correct location of the Decepticon Space Bridge.  Bumblebee and the Autobots reach the Space Bridge just in time to save Spike from being sent to Cybertron.

Bumblebee, Spike, and Chip travel to a laboratory where Chip was a scientist.   After the lead scientist gives Chip a disc, Spike and Chip get into Bumblebee and drive off.  While they travel inside of Bumblebee, Laserbeak attacks.  Spike guides Bumblebee into an underground garage to escape Laserbeak.  Bumblebee and Spike leave Chip at home while they contact the Autobots.  Later, Chip is abducted by the Decepticons.  Bumblebee, Hound, and Mirage work together to sneak into the lab to save Chip.  Bumblebee and Spike acquire Chip, but Starscream is about to fire on them.  Mirage makes himself visible and protects them.  Bumblebee transforms into car mode with Spike and Chip inside of him.  Together they speed off to safety.  

Bumblebee helps defend a munitions factory against the Decepticons.  The factory is making weapons for the humans to fight the Decepticons.  The Autobots arrive too late.  The battle is over and Optimus Prime is damaged.  The Autobots return back to the Ark so Wheeljack can repair Optimus.  On the trip back to base, Bumblebee remains optimistic that Optimus will be okay.  During the repairs, Optimus clings to life.  Things are made worse when Laserbeak attacks Optimus Prime during his repairs, causing his chest to explode.   Optimus Prime needs a part called a cosmotron.  Luckily, Wheeljack has one, but it is in his lab on Cybertron.  Chip and Bumblebee use the Decepticon Space Bridge to go to Cybertron so they can get the part.  They travel with Ironhide, Trailbreaker, and Bluestreak.  They are attacked by Shockwave when they get to Cybertron.  Bumblebee is shot in the hood but still fights.  The Autobots escape from the Decepticons and go to Wheeljack’s workshop.  Once they find the part, they plan to go back to Earth.  The Autobots are attacked by several Decepticons who use Acid Rain as a weapon.   They are about to die, but Trailbreaker uses his force field to protect them from the Acid Rain.  They are then able to return to Earth with the new part for Optimus.

When it snows in July, Spike teaches Bumblebee and the Autobots how to have a snowball fight.  During the fight, Bumblebee knocks Spike down with a big snowball.  Bumblebee joins the Autobots when they go to the Arctic to stop the Decepticons from causing a the Earth to cool down.  The Decepticons are stealing energy from the Earth’s core to create Energon Cubes.  When they get to the Arctic, they fight the new Decepticon, Skyfire.  The battle ends when Skyfire naively brings Spike and Sparkplug to Megatron.  Eventually,  the Decepticons attack.  Bumblebee works with the Autobots to fight them off.  The Decepticons are defeated (again), this time when Skyfire joins the Autobots.

After the Dinobots are created, they immediately attack the Autobots.  During the battle, Bumblebee notices that Grimlock is making his way to the control room.  Bumblebee transforms into car mode and Spike gets in.  They try to intercept the Dinobot, but Grimlock fires on them with his eye beams.  They watch as Grimlock damages Teletran 1.  Bumblebee is slightly injured when Teletran 1 explodes, but he continues fighting.  Ultimately, the Dinobots are deactivated.  The Autobots then leave the Ark to fight the Decepticons and Optimus orders Bumblebee to stay at the base.  Bumblebee disobeys orders and retrieves Spike, after the Autobots were defeated.

Bumblebee and the Autobots take Skyfire to Peru to stop the Decepticons from turning an energy crystal into a weapon.  They go to a mining village which Megatron is attacking to get raw materials to build a cannon for the crystal.  During the battle, a tower is about to fall on a girl, Bumblebee and Spike rush to save her.  Laserbeak attacks Bumblebee, but he is able to stay away from Laserbeak’s energy blasts.  Before Laserbeak is able to close in on Bumblebee and Spike, Bluestreak shoots the Decepticon bird out of the air.  The girl then takes Bumblebee and Spike to the Crystal of Power.  Inside the temple, Ravage chases them, but they allude him.  They eventually wind up in a main room and discover Skyfire, who is damaged and deactivated.  Spike tries to repair Skyfire and Ravage finds them.  Bumblebee protects Spike from Ravage while he works.  Ravage gets away from Bumblebee and attacks Spike, but Skyfire reactivates and grabs Ravage, preventing him from harming Spike.

Bumblebee, Ironhide, and Sideswipe investigate an earthquake from inside of their headquarters.  They find Rumble is causing the tremors with his pile drivers.  The attack was a diversion so Laserbeak could abduct Sparkplug.  Bumblebee sees that Spike is worried about his father and tries to raise his spirits.  Bumblebee goes with Optimus Prime, Jazz, and Sunstreaker in the ocean to attack the Decepticon base.  Bumblebee detects a Decepticon scanner and Optimus Prime destroys it.  While underwater, Megatron attacks the Autobots and the other Decepticons follow.  Thundercracker fires a missile/torpedo at Bumblebee.  Bumblebee dodges it and redirects the missile to hit the Decepticon.  Once Cliffjumper, Brawn and Windcharger save Sparkplug, the Autobots retreat back to base.  The Autobots return home, Megatron leads the Decepticons to attack them again.  Sparkplug turned Teletran 1 off and in doing so, all of the Autobot defenses.  Spike reactivates the defenses before Megatron can destroy the Autobots.  After Ratchet fully restores Teletran 1, Optimus Prime and the Autobots learn that Megatron has constructed a large Space Bridge in the dessert.  Bumblebee joins the Autobots when they go to the Space Bridge.  Instead of the Decepticons attacking, Megatron and Dr. Arkeville order the mind controlled humans to attack the Autobots knowing that the Autobots won’t harm a human.  Bumblebee is attacked by Sparkplug.

The Space Bridge transports Cybertron to Earth.  It causes numerous natural disasters across the globe.  Starscream leads the Decepticons when they attack the Autobots.  Starscream hits Bumblebee in the chest with his blaster.  The Autobots are forced to retreat when Soundwave uses a sonic attack to clear the area.  On the way back to the Autobot base, Bumblebee gets a flat tire.   As Spike finishes up repairing Bumblebee, there is an earthquake.  Bumblebee is caught in the gap in the ground.  He transforms and grabs onto a cliff.  Spike tries to help him out, but the ground crumbles beneath him.  Spike falls but Bumblebee catches him.  Before they can climb out together, they are assaulted by Laserbeak.  Laserbeak abducts Spike and Bumblebee plummets into the chasm.  Bluestreak, Hound, and Windcharger save Spike and then they save Bumblebee.  Bumblebee, Wheeljack and Spike travel to Cybertron to save Sparkplug aboard Skyfire.  On Cybertron, Spike trips a trap door.  Bumblebee leaps into the air to save him and Brawn follows.  They are trapped in a cell, but Brawn sees a ventilator shaft.  They escape the cell but are in a labyrinth like ventilation system.  They manage to accidentally get inside of the Cybertronian Decepticon Headquarters.   The first thing they see is a large computer labeled “Hypnochip Control” and figure out that it is what they came to Cybertron to find.  They try to contact Wheeljack but someone approaches.  It is Sparkplug who is under Decepticon Control.  Sparkplug activates the intruder alarm.

As the Autobots attempt to return to Earth, Shockwave finds them.  Bumblebee literally walks into Shockwave as they are trying to escape.  Shockwave is reinforced by Soundwave and two nameless Decepticons.  The Autobots are about to be captured when Skyfire breaks through the wall with Wheeljack and Trailbreaker.  Skyfire provides cover fire so the Autobots can escape in vehicle mode.  The Autobots travel through Cybertron, but they are attacked by Decepticon weapons and a few Decepticon Tetrajets.  The Autobots make their way to Wheeljack’s lab.  Bumblebee gives Wheeljack a data disc that he acquired in the Decepticon base.  The disc has all the information Wheeljack needs about the hypnochips.  The Autobots use Spike as bait to draw out Sparkplug. They want to test a device which should deactivate the hypnochips.  Shockwave grabs Spike and orders Sparkplug to kill him.  Before Sparkplug can pull the trigger, the Autobots reveal themselves.  Wheeljack uses his new invention to restore Sparkplug’s mind.  The Autobots fight their way out of the Decepticon base and escape back to Earth aboard Skyfire.  Bumblebee and the Autobots arrive on a tropical island just in time to prevent the rest of the Autobots from being defeated.  Rumble uses his pile drivers to create an earthquake to attack Bumblebee.  Bumblebee grabs a vine and avoids the attack.  He then swings to Rumble and knocks him into a hole.  The Autobots destroy Megatron’s ship, and the explosion caused by the Energon Cubes inside of it knocks Cybertron out of Earth’s orbit.

After the Autobots learn that Megatron is alive, the Autobots follow the Decepticons to Dr. Arkeville’s lab.  When the Decepticons learn they are being followed, Megatron sends Skywarp and Thundercracker to attack the Autobots.  The Decepticon rockets hit the walls of a canyon, trapping Bumblebee behind rocks.  Optimus Prime has Brawn dig Bumblebee out.  The brief battle ends after Optimus Prime throws Megatron in a lake and the Decepticons retreat.  

Skyfire takes Bumblebee, Windcharger, Spike and Brawn to Bali to investigate Insecticon attacks.  The Insecticons are attacking villagers and fishermen to steal their food supply.  Once the Autobots exit Skyfire, the Insecticons attack with fireball launchers. The Autobots think it is going to be a very simple battle because they have the Insecticons outnumbered and out gunned.  The three Insecticons work together to create an army of clones which overwhelm the Autobots.  The Bombshell clones fire missiles at Bumblebee and Windcharger, forcing them to scatter.  The Insecticons rush at the four Autobots and Spike, forcing them to retreat.  The Insecticons follow the fleeing Autobots into a corn field.  The Autobots are given a brief respite when Megatron and the Decepticons arrive to recruit the Insecticons.  The united ‘Con’s are about to fire on the hidden Autobots.  Suddenly, Optimus Prime and the rest of the Autobots arrive on the farm to help!  Once the Autobots start attacking the Decepticons and Insecticons, they fly into the air to get away.  The Autobots track the Insecticons and Decepticons to an oil refinery.  When the Autobots arrive, they fight the Decepticons.  Bumblebee transforms and charges at Shrapnel.  Shrapnel fires over and over, but it has no effect on Bumblebee.  Bumblebee’s tires insulated him from the electricity.   The battle ends when the Insecticons betray the Decepticons and steal their Energon Cubes.  
Megatron challenges Optimus to a one on one battle.  When it is time for the battle, Wheeljack is an observer.  

The Decepticons attack an Air Force Base, and Bumblebee joins the Autobots to defend it.  Bumblebee takes Spike to the battle.  They stay back from fighting and try to navigate through the wreckage.  The Decepticons retreat when they realize that the battle cause all of the rocket fuel to be destroyed.  Megatron shoots Bumblebee so the Autobots won’t follow the retreating Decepticons.  Bumblebee is damaged, but Spike is severely injured.  The Autobots transfer Spike’s mind into a robot’s body while Ratchet repairs Bumblebee.  Autobot Spike can’t control himself and smashes the Ark.  He flies away and Bumblebee follows.  Ratchet warns Bumblebee that his radio transmitter doesn’t work.  Bumblebee catches up with Autobot Spike and tries to calm him down.  Autobot Spike thinks that Bumblebee is trying to trick him and knocks him off a cliff.  Bumblebee grabs onto the edge of the mountain and sees the Decepticons flying towards Autobot Spike.  Bumblebee watches as Megatron manipulates Autobot Spike to become a Decepticon.  He transforms to tell the Autobots what happened.   Ultimately, Autobot Spike attacks the Decepticons and they retreat.  Wheeljack, Ratchet, and Sparkplug restore Spike’s mind to his human body.

When Wheeljack’s newest invention is damaged, he sends Bumblebee and Spike to a nearby town to get replacement parts.  Spike takes Bumblebee to a video game arcade, and Bumblebee proves to be very talented at video games.  A spunky girl named Carly asks Spike to introduce her to Bumblebee.  Spike reminds Bumblebee that they are doing an errand for Wheeljack, so Bumblebee transforms and takes Spike back to the Ark.  On their way back, they are pulled over by a police officer.    Spike explains that he wasn’t driving, and Bumblebee reveals himself as an Autobot.  They are attacked by Ravage!  Spike takes jumper cables from the police car and shocks Ravage into retreating.  They don’t know that Ravage planted a device on Bumblebee.  When Spike and Bumblebee return to the Ark, they give Wheeljack the new part and he prepares to test the invention.  The device planted on Bumblebee is an eavesdropping device.  The Decepticons learn about Wheeljack’s Immobilizer.  The Autobots travel into the forest to test the Immobilizer.  After a successful test, the Decepticons arrive and steal the device.  The Autobots return to base to make a plan to recover the Immobilizer.  Spike and Bumblebee realize that Carly isn’t in the Autobot base anymore.  They start to look for her but Ironhide finds them first.  He tells them that Laserbeak kidnapped Carly.  Ironhide, Bumblebee, and Spike go to save her.  They save Carly and the Autobots fight the Decepticons on a beach over the Immobilizer.  The Decepticons retreat after Carly reverses the effect of the Immobilizer and Ironhide smashes it.

Bumblebee used a jet pack to fly across the ocean with Powerglide.  They were investigating a strange energy signature that Teletran 1 discovered.  Powerglide wasn’t paying attention and flies into an energy wave.  Bumblebee follows and the two Autobots discover a hidden island.  The Island is an anachronism and is populated by dinosaurs.  As soon as they pass through the energy wave, they are attacked by a pterodactyl.  The dinosaur grabs Bumblebee and flies off with him.   Powerglide drops bombs on the pterodactyl and it drops Bumblebee.  Bumblebee plummets to the ground, his jet pack stalled.  Bumblebee crashes into a tree, but isn’t damaged too badly. Bumblebee’s jet pack is damaged, but Powerglide repairs it.  As Bumblebee checks out the island, a tyrannosaurus rex approaches to attack.  The two Autobots know they can’t battle the massive dinosaur, so Powerglide transforms and Bumblebee jumps on his back to escape.  After the Dinobots damage the Autobot base, Bumblebee suggests that they move to the hidden dinosaur island.   After Spike returns from Dinobot Island, Bumblebee takes him to the library.   As they are leaving the library, a time portal opens up.  A barbarian riding a woolly mammoth emerges from the portal.   The mammoth creates a path of damage as it walks through the town.  Bumblebee and Spike run into an abandoned building, but the mammoth starts ramming it’s head into the building.  The building falls down around them, but Bumblebee shields Spike from injury.

When the Autobots arrive in town, Hound picks up Bumblebee’s energy signature in a pile of wreckage.  Huffer rushes to help, but Sideswipe uses his jackhammer hands to clear the rubble.  Bumblebee and Spike emerge from the destroyed building unharmed.  Optimus Prime leads the Autobots to defend the town and send the cavemen and mammoths back to their own time.

When a gold mine is being attacked by Decepticons, Optimus Prime sounds the alarm to rally the Autobots.  Gears is slowly walking to the briefing so Bumblebee jumps over him.  The Autobots transform and head to the mine.   The battle comes to an abrupt end when the Decepticons abduct Gears and fly away.  The Autobots return to their headquarters and Optimus Prime makes recovering Gears their main priority.  The Decepticons have activated a machine which creates solar flares and is damaging the planet by creating earthquakes.  The Autobots travel to Africa to stop the Decepticons, save the Earth, and save Gears.  While they travel through the African jungle, the Autobots have to jump over a chasm in vehicle mode.  All of the Autobots make the jump, but Bumblebee falls a little short.  He is about to fall into the chasm but Wheeljack grabs him and pulls him up.  They continue their journey to the Decepticon base.  When the Autobots reach the Decepticon jungle base, Cliffjumper wants to leap into action and start firing his blaster at Decepticons.  Bumblebee doesn’t want Gears to get hurt in the cross fire. Optimus Prime orders the Autobots to attack the Solar Needle to save the Earth.   The Autobots’ attack is reflected back at them by a force field Megatron erected around the Solar Needle.  Cliffjumper disrupts the force field by leaping into it in vehicle mode, and the Autobots attack.  Bumblebee sees Starscream is about to shoot Gears and kill him.  Bumblebee quickly transforms and rams Starscream, knocking him to the ground.  After Laserbeak injures Bumblebee, Ravage pounces on him.  Bumblebee kicks Ravage into Soundwave, knocking him down.   The Autobots disable the Solar Needle and restore Gears to normal.

Bumblebee helps defend the Ark when a clone of Optimus Prime replaces the real Optimus Prime.  When the real Optimus Prime arrives at the Autobot base, the clone tries to get the Autobots to destroy him.  Bumblebee tries to use Teletran 1 to figure out which Optimus is the real one, but Teletran 1 says that both are identical.  The Autobots set up a series of tests to try to figure out which Optimus is the real Optimus. After the tests are inconclusive, Bumblebee sees that the energy readings from a deposit of energy crystals is getting stronger. Ironhide takes command of the Autobots and leads them to a crevice in the desert filled with energy crystals.  It is a trap and the Decepticons immediately attack.  The Autobots figure out that the fake Optimus is a clone when he refuses to save Spike.  

When the Autobots have some peace, Spike teaches them to play football.  The Autobots compete against the Dinobots.  Bumblebee acts as a center for Spike’s quarterback.  The game ends when the Autobots are gathered inside the Ark for a mission briefing.  Optimus Prime detected energy flares from under the ocean.  Bumblebee is one of the Autobots who volunteers to go with Optimus to investigate.  The Autobots use their hydrofoil mode to travel on top of the water.  The Autobots submerge themselves and Spike swims out of Bumblebee with scuba gear.  The Autobots soon are attacked by the Atlanteans.  The Atlanteans receive help from The Seekers, who use their jet modes underwater to attack the Autobots.  Bumblebee and Spike try to escape to get help from the other Autobots.  Wheeljack stays behind to hold the Decepticons and Atlanteans off.   Bumblebee, Brawn, and Hound escape to the surface, just as King Nergil raises Atlantis to the surface.  As the Autobots are trying to get back to their headquarters, the city of Atlantis fires at them with it’s weapons.  The three Autobots are able to avoid damage and reach the safety of dry land.  Bumblebee uses a device to figure out that Atlantis is about to attack Washington DC.  They meet Optimus Prime, other Autobots in Washington DC.  Optimus sends Bumblebee and Spike back to Atlantis to save Wheeljack.  They swim to Atlantis, which is now above water but they can’t enter the city.  It is surrounded by a force field.  Bumblebee and Spike swim under the force field to enter Atlantis.  They find Wheeljack and Starscream.  Both have been shot with a magnetic weapon and are immobilized.  Starscream gains his motor functions back and tries to attack Bumblebee.  Bumblebee defends himself by tackling Starscream.  Bumblebee is shocked that he was able to successfully fight Starscream.  Bumblebee and Spike reset Wheeljack’s systems and revive him.  They return to the surface and see Nergil use a device to open a door in the force field surrounding Washington DC.  They follow him into the city to help the Autobots.  They arrive too late, Nergil used his magnetic weapon to defeat the Autobots.  Bumblebee and Wheeljack call the Dinobots for back up.  Bumblebee and Wheeljack arrive to the battle as Starscream attacks the Atlanteans.  The two Autobots leap into action and restrain Starscream.  The Autobots are restored when Grimlock destroys the magnetic weapon and then the Decepticons retreat.  After repairing Washington DC, the Autobots travel to Atlantis again to confront the Atlanteans and Decepticons.  Wheeljack, Bumblebee, and Spike try to prevent Nergil from detonating the Energon Cubes in Atlantis.  The explosion would kill everyone in the city.  Soundwave doesn’t know Nergil is trying to destroy everyone and everything, so he sends Rumble and Ravage to stop Bumblebee, Wheeljack and Spike.  Both the Autobots and the Decepticons evacuate Atlantis when Nergil detonates the energy stockpiles.

Bumblebee and Jazz travel back to the Ark with Spike and Sparkplug.  Jazz stops short and Bumblebee is forced to transform so he can jump over Jazz.  Jazz plans to test out his new speakers, but Bumblebee isn’t interested so he continues on to headquarters.  When Bumblebee enters the base, it is almost completely empty and he sees that Teletran 1 is damaged.  Bluestreak  approaches him and with a spooky tone in his voice, asks Bumblebee if he wants to recharge.  Bumblebee realizes something is wrong.  Bluestreak again asks him if he wants to recharge and Bumblebee refuses.  Bluestreak picks Bumblebee up to bring him to the recharging station. As Bluestreak is about to activate the recharging station, Jazz enters the Ark and Bluestreak attacks him.  Jazz saves Bumblebee and Bluestreak is disabled.  Sparkplug resets Bluestreak’s systems and then repairs Teletran 1.  When Teletran 1 comes back online, they learn that Megatron sabotaged the Autobots’ recharging station with a personality destabilizer.  All of the Autobots are now evil.  Teletran 1 tells Jazz, Bumblebee, Sparkplug and Spike that Optimus Prime is leading an assault on an Air Force Base.  Bumblebee transforms and Spike rides inside of him to try to stop the now evil Autobots.  When Bumblebee and Spike reach the Air Force Base, they see Optimus Prime and Prowl destroying jets.  Bumblebee tries to talk to them to get them to stop.  Optimus Prime swats Bumblebee away.  Bumblebee refuses to give up on Optimus Prime.  He momentarily hides behind a wall to collect himself and then tries again to talk the Autobots back to their regular personalities.  Bumblebee jumps on a jet and tells Optimus that if he wants to destroy that jet, he’ll have to destroy him as well.   Optimus Prime tries to punch Bumblebee, but Bumblebee jumps over his fists.  Optimus then grabs Bumblebee and lifts him over his head.  Spike rushes into the battlefield to try to save Bumblebee.  Before Optimus can hurt Bumblebee anymore, Skyfire lands and the restored Autobots save him from destruction.  After Brawn and Prowl are restored, Optimus Prime splits into his three components.  Hound is able to restore two out of the three, but the Autobots only have one device remaining.  Bumblebee takes it to restore Optimus Prime’s main body.  Bumblebee cautiously approaches Optimus who seems to be in pain.  For a brief moment, Optimus Prime regains clarity and lets Bumblebee attach the device on him.  Bumblebee restores Optimus Prime.  

Bumblebee defends Perceptor’s value to the Autobots when Brawn feels that the scientist should become more of a warrior.  Optimus Prime enters the repair bay and gathers Bumblebee, Brawn, and Ironhide to join him on a mission.  Together, the Autobots travel to South America to investigate the discovery of a crashed Decepticon ship that has been on Earth for millions of years.  When they reach the South American jungle, the Autobots are forced to walk through the jungle instead of using their vehicle mode.  The Autobots quickly find the trail that the Decepticons made.  They return to vehicle mode and travel to the Decepticons.  The Autobots arrive just as Hook installs the Star Drive of the ship inside of Megatron.  The Autobots attack, but Megatron is too powerful now that he has been enhanced by the Star Drive. Bumblebee, Brawn, and Perceptor shrink themselves down to enter Megatron and disconnect the Star Drive.  Inside of Megatron, Bumblebee is attacked by an electrical impulse.  Brawn saves Bumblebee and rips the impulse off of him.  Perceptor is able to disconnect the Star Drive and the Autobots make their way to exit Megatron’s body.  As they are leaving, the effects of the shrinking device start to wear off.  They are able to escape from inside of Megatron at the last minute.  Facing defeat, Megatron flies back to the Decepticons.

Bumblebee, Beachcomber, and Hound travel off road together.  Bumblebee struggles to keep up with the other two Autobots because they are built to travel on rough terrain.  Bumblebee considers asking Ratchet to convert him to a four wheel drive vehicle after the mission.  Together, the Autobots examine trees that look like they have been eaten by large creatures with Spike and a forest ranger.  Beachcomber quickly deduces that the creatures who ate the trees were the Insecticons.  The ranger gets a call from another ranger who is watching the Insecticons eat redwoods.  Bumblebee and the Autobots transform to engage the Insecticons.  The second park ranger frantically drives away from the Insecticons and almost runs the Autobots off the road.  When the Autobots reach the feasting Insecticons, they are immediately attacked.  Bombshell takes to the air and starts firing energy blasts at Bumblebee from his head.  Bumblebee drives into the forest and hides in the trees to escape.  Shrapnel is about to shoot Beachcomber and Hound, but Bumblebee rams into the Insecticon with his shoulder.  For some reason the Autobots decide to retreat.  The Insecticons follow and try to roll a colossal log at the Autobots, which destroys everything in it’s path.  The Autobots run to a stream to escape and are trapped by the waterfall in front of them.  The log hits the Autobots and they tumble off the waterfall, or so it seems.  Hound created a hologram to deceive the Insecticons.  Bumblebee and Spike sneak off to spy on the Insecticons and Decepticons.  They learn that Megatron wants the Insecticons to get a combat computer for him.  Hound, Bumblebee and Beachcomber travel to the Nova Power Plant to help the Autobots protect it from the Insecticons and Decepticons.  They reach the power plant after the battle already started.  Optimus orders Bumblebee to provide cover fire while he and the rest of the Autobots make a push to attack the Decepticons and Insecticons.  The Autobots retreat back to the Ark once the wounded are loaded into Optimus Prime’s trailer.

Bumblebee and the Autobots respond to a distress call from a Solar Power Facility that was just built.  Starscream and the Coneheads tried to take control of the facility to make Energon Cubes.  When the Autobots arrive, they see that the Decepticons are already battling tanks driven by humans. .  The battle is very short and Starscream commands the Decepticons to retreat.  Even though Bumblebee isn’t shown fighting a Decepticon or even firing his weapon, he feels he did a good job.   When the mayor of Central City declares an Autobot Day holiday, Bumblebee is part of the parade in vehicle mode.  Shawn Berger interrupts the ceremony with a tape of the fake Autobots fighting the Decepticons at the oil refinery.  Bumblebee asks the Mayor if he believes the tapes, the mayor says he doesn’t but he still has to investigate.  The Autobots return to the Ark and await an investigation.  Spike, Sparkplug, and Chip ride inside of Bumblebee to the Ark.  The crowd starts throwing tomatoes and garbage at the Autobots and their human friends.  After the Autobots reach their headquarters, Sunstreaker says that he knew eventually the humans would turn on the Autobots.  Bumblebee tries to calm him down and reminds him that some of their best friends are humans.  Soon, Shawn Berger’s tanks approach the Ark with Shawn and the Mayor in a helicopter.  They place the Autobots under arrest.  The Autobots are given a trial and are found guilty.  They are exiled from the Earth forever.  After their ship takes off, Megatron uses Teletran 1 to alter the flight plan to send the Autobots into the sun.

After the Autobots were exiled from Earth, Cosmos guides the Autobot spacecraft away from Earth.  His navigation systems are linked to Teletran 1 which Megatron already altered to send the Autobots into the sun.  Cosmos guides the Autobots back to Earth.  Once the Autobots return to Earth, they follow Optimus Prime to a power plant to engage Megatron and the Decepticons.  The Autobots prove to be too powerful and the Decepticons retreat.

Bumblebee and the Autobots watch a news report from the Ark.  The report says that the Empire State Building in New York City sunk into the ground and disappeared. The Autobots travel to Manhattan to protect it from Decepticons.  Spike tags along for the ride inside of Bumblebee.  When Bumblebee and the Autobots reach Central Park,they are they ambushed by Soundwave, Rumble and Frenzy.  Before Bumblebee can transform to fight, Soundwave shoots him in the trunk.  The battle is short and the Decepticons are victorious.  Optimus Prime is captured and Megatron orders the Autobots to leave New York City or they will never see Optimus again. Megatron takes control of New York City causing the Autobots and the human inhabitants of the city to leave in a mass exodus.  As the Autobots are leaving Manhattan, Spike rides inside of Bumblebee.  Spike gets an idea of how to save Optimus, and the Autobots follow Bumblebee as he takes an exit off of a bridge.  Bumblebee and the Autobots travel to a harbor.   Together, Bumblebee, Spike, Mirage, Hound, and Ratchet sneak into the sewers to find the Decepticon base.  The Autobots are confused when they pick up multiple signals which have Optimus Prime’s energy signature.  The Autobots soon realize why Hound is getting such strange readings.  They are suddenly attacked by a robotic alligator made of Optimus Prime’s parts.  The alligator follows the Autobots, but they can’t engage it in full out battle because it will alert the Decepticons that they didn’t leave Manhattan.  Bumblebee and Spike act as bait and run into an abandoned subway car.  The alligator follows them and gets stuck inside.  Ratchet reactivates the subway car and it starts to roll down the track with the robot alligator inside.  Ratchet and Hound break into the Decepticon base and find Optimus Prime’s severed head.   Optimus’ head is able to send out signals and leads the Autobots to his legs.  Optimus’ legs fly though the air and the Autobots start looking for the rest of his parts.  The Autobots and Spike travel through the sewer back to the robot alligator.  Hound, Ratchet, and Mirage restrain it so Spike and Bumblebee can bring Optimus’ head and legs close to the savage creature.   Mirage, Hound and Ratchet bring it to Optimus’ head and Ratchet restores Optimus Prime to normal, aside for missing an arm.  Bumblebee and the Autobots take Optimus Prime above ground.  They approach the Decepticon Citadel in the Empire State Building.  It isn’t long before they are attacked by Optimus Prime’s own weapon.  Bumblebee and Spike guide Sideswipe and Sunstreaker through the side streets of the city.  They soon realize they are being followed by taxis that were modified by the Constructicons to fight the Autobots.  The cabs deploy a laser cannon from their roof and prepare for Soundwave’s command to fire.  The Decepti-cabs start firing and the Autobots take evasive action.  They barrel down the street but are met with more Decepti-cabs.  Sideswipe leads the Autobots to avoid destruction.  Together, all three Autobots jump over the Decepti-cabs in vehicle mode.  Bumblebee, Sideswipe, and Sunstreaker continue racing down the New York City streets until they get to the Decepticon Fortress.  The Constructicons defend the fortress with cannons attached to the compound.  While Optimus is climbing up the side of the Decepticon Fortress, Bumblebee and Spike sneak into the building.  Soundwave detects Bumblebee and Spike, Megatron snaps to action and shoots his fusion cannon at Bumblebee.  Bumblebee is able to avoid the energy blast.  Bumblebee and Spike run through the command center with Megatron firing.  They get him to fire on the control panel and it is destroyed.  Optimus Prime’s arm is no longer under Decepticon control.  Bumblebee and Spike try to escape, but Soundwave sends Buzzsaw and Laserbeak after them.  Bumblebee and Spike make their way to the roof of the building, with Buzzsaw and Laserbeak still chasing them.   The Decepticons are defeated and fly away, promising to return.

Bumblebee takes Spike and Carly to a carnival.  Together, they ride the tea cup ride, but Bumblebee doesn’t understand why people find the ride fun.  Carly opens up Bumblebee’s chest and disables his equilibrium circuits and Bumblebee starts to enjoy the ride.  After the carnival, they drive to the airport to pick Sparkplug up from his flight.  After they meet Sparkplug, they uncover a Decepticon base in an abandoned hangar on the airport’s tarmac.  Bumblebee contacts Optimus Prime for assistance.    Wheeljack sends the Dinobots to help Bumblebee.  Together, Bumblebee and the Dinobots hide behind a plane.  Bumblebee points out which hangar is infested by Decepticons and the Dinobots run into battle.  While Bumblebee is watching the Dinobots fight the Decepticons, Blitzwing approaches him.  Spike tries to warn Bumblebee, he is too slow.  Blitzwing transforms into tank mode and is about to shoot Bumblebee.  Sludge saves his small friend by creating a tremor in dinosaur mode.   The Decepticons escape but the Dinobots were damaged.  Later, Bumblebee follows Optimus Prime to a power plant that the Decepticons are trying to control.   All of the Autobots and Decepticons are malfunctioning in some way so they stop fighting to find out what is going on.  They find out that because they have been away from Cybertron for so long, they are deprived of an element called Cybertonium.  The only place that the element exists is Cybertron.    Spike and Carly go to Cybertron, recover the Dinobots, bring back Cybertonium, and the Autobots are saved.

The Autobots receive a call for help from a scientist whose observatory is being attacked by Decepticons.  The Decepticons are trying to steal his invention called the Voltronic Galaxer.  Bumblebee goes with the rest of the Autobots to battle the Decepticons.  The Autobots arrive at the observatory too late, the Decepticons have already escaped with the device.

Sideswipe, Bumblebee, and Jazz travel to the New Jersey pine barrens to rescue Tracks and his new human friend Raoul.  They discover that the Decepticons are converting stolen cars into weapons.  After the Decepticons unleash their weaponized cars into New York City, Bumblebee, Tracks, Sideswipe, and Inferno defend the Chrysler Building from an attack.  When the car drones arrive, the Autobots open fire.  After all of the drones are destroyed, Bumblebee goes with the Autobots to attack the Decepticon factory so they can’t make any more drones.  The battle is won by Tracks’ human friend Raoul.

Bumblebee picks up his human friends Spike and Chip from a race track.  Spike asks Bumblebee if he would want to be in a race.  After Optimus Prime agrees to let the Autobots race, Bumblebee takes Spike and Chip to watch.   While the Autobots are racing, Skywarp teleports above them.  While staying hidden, he uses the Transfixitron on the Autobots.  The race ends with no clear winner because the Autobots kicked up so much dust, no one could tell who won.   Bumblebee is one of the few Autobots who can still transform. The Decepticons attack and abduct the Autobots.  Bumblebee avoids capture because he is still able to transform.  He transforms and brings Spike and Chip back to the Ark so they can work on a way to restore the Autobots.  Hound sends the Ark a holographic message so the free Autobots know where to save the captured Autobots.  They receive the message just as Ratchet and Wheeljack complete construction on a grenade which will restore the Autobots’ transformation abilities.  Bumblebee and the free Autobots travel to the Decepticons’ Ghost Town with Spike and Chip.

After Powerglide finds the source of the Electrum, Bumblebee goes to the lagoon with the Autobots to coat himself with Electrum.  The Electrum coated Autobots fight the Electrum coated Decepticons, but neither side is able to damage the other.   Jazz shoots Soundwave with his blaster, but the Electrum deflects the beam off of Soundwave onto Bumblebee.  During the battle, the Decepticons’ Electrum wears off and they are forced to retreat. Unfortunately, the beautiful valley that hid the Electrum poll was destroyed in the battle.

Bumblebee, Cosmos, and Spike travel to Floron III to try to find a chemical that the Autobots can use to fight the Insecticons.  Once they gather the chemical, they plan to return to Earth.  They are briefly slowed down by robotic tentacles on the planet, but Cosmos is able to free himself with Spike’s help.  The robotic tentacles were actually robotic vines.  Cosmos is covered with spores which turn into full sized robotic plants called Morphobots.  Cosmos looses control and crashes, but not until Bumblebee and Spike are able to escape.  Bumblebee gets covered with Morphobot spores.  The Autobots crash into a jungle valley.  Bumblebee transforms and Spike gets inside so they can search for Cosmos.   They discover Cosmos who is covered in Morphobot vines.  Cosmos is trapped so Bumblebee and Spike go get reinforcements from the Ark.  When Spike and Bumblebee return to the Autobot headquarters, Optimus Prime notices that Bumblebee’s back is covered in Morphobot spores.  Ratchet is able to safely remove them from Bumblebee.  Bumblebee returns to the valley with the Autobots to save Cosmos.  The Autobots learn that Blaster’s music can repel the Morphobots.  Blaster transforms into stereo mode and rides on Bumblebee’s roof to save Cosmos.  Once the Autobots rescue Cosmos from the Morphobots, Megatron has Dirge, Ramjet and Blitzwing assault them.  The three Decepticons attack from the air in plane mode.  The Decepticons destroy the insecticide, but the Morphobots attack them.  Soon, the swarm of Insecticons and their clones travel to the valley.  The Morphobots eat the Insecticon clones prompting the Decepticons and Insecticons to fly away.  The Autobots send the Morphobots into space where they can’t hurt anyone or anything on Earth.

Bumblebee follows Optimus Prime and the Autobots to a baseball stadium.  The Decepticons have taken it over to create a Space Bridge.  The Autobots arrive just as the Decepticons are starting to toy with the athletes and the crowd.  Bumblebee picks up a bat and uses it to defend himself from Thrust, who was shooting baseballs from his cannon at the crowd.  Bumblebee is able to hit every baseball shot at him back at Thrust.  Thrust fires a missile at Bumblebee, but Optimus Prime intercepts it and the missile explodes in the sky.  Bumblebee and Optimus Prime tackle Megatron and Starscream.  All four wind up inside of the ring of the Space Bridge.  The Space Bridge malfunctions and activates itself.  Bumblebee is sent across the universe with a group of Autobots and Decepticons.  The transformers arrive on an alien planet, specifically an alien child’s room.  Both sides think that the other is trying to trick them.  The Alien planet is inhabited by creatures so large, that they can hold a Transformer in their hand.  The Autobots watch as the Decepticons are attacked by strange creatures.  The Autobots load the Decepticons’ Energon Cubes inside of Optimus Prime’s trailer and start to explore the alien environment.  They soon discover that they are in a giant child’s room.  Everything that has attacked the Decepticons is either a child’s pet or a child’s toy.  The Autobots hide inside of a toy house and watch the boy, named Aron, deal with the Decepticons in different ways.  Aron has no clue they are Transformers, he thinks they are all new toys.  Starscream gets free and finds the Autobots hiding in the toy house.  He starts a fire by shooting the Energon Cubes and the Autobots are discovered.  Aron quickly realizes that the Autobots are different from the Decepticons after Inferno puts out a fire that Starscream caused.  Also, the Autobots seem to be a little more passive.  Instead of immediately trying to escape like the Decepticons, they explored their alien surroundings.  The Autobots befriend Aron after they introduce themselves to him.  When Aron’s parents get home, he shows them the Decepticons first, then the Autobots.  The parents take the Transformers away and bring them to a lab so they can be studied and dissected.  Before the Autobots can be dissected, Aron grabs them and runs away.  Aron and the Autobots are chased by alien police.  A bully named Marty tries to take the Autobots away from Aron.  Optimus Prime shoots the cage open and the Autobots climb into a garbage can to hide.  Bumblebee complains that the inside of the garbage can is like a dump.  As Marty leaves, he throws his alien ice cream in the garbage can and Bumblebee is covered in alien ice cream.  Aron claims that Marty is the most evil creature in the universe.  Bumblebee tells Aron that Marty is nothing in comparison to Megatron.  Aron gathers the Autobots and brings them to his house so he can hide them.  Before Aron can get home, the authorities catch up with him.  The Autobots leap into the sewer to hide from capture.  Bumblebee complains that the sewage isn’t clean.  The Autobots are intercepted by the Decepticons in the sewer.   Starscream is about to open fire on Bumblebee, but Inferno shoots Starscream first.  After Optimus does most of the work fighting Ravage, Bumblebee grabs him by the tail and tosses him into a green bottle.  Bumblebee gets sucked towards a whirlpool, Inferno transforms and fishes Bumblebee out of the water with his ladder.  Bumblebee hangs onto Inferno’s ladder and kicks Thrust to the ground.  A wave of sewage ends the battle.  The Decepticons fly away, but the Autobots use a discarded cup to stay above water.  They eventually make their way to Aron’s house.  The Autobots sneak into Aron’s house while riding on his pet who is named Nitro.  Perceptor formulates a makeshift Space Bridge, but the Autobots have to trade Bumblebee’s safety for the device.  The Decepticons return to Earth, but the Autobots are able to leave the giant planet by modifying Aron’s toy rocket ship into a real spacecraft.  When Bumblebee boards the rocket, Nitro licks him.

While the Autobots are traveling back to Earth inside of Aron’s toy rocket, the rocket starts to lose momentum.   The Autobots are captured by an alien captain named Bosch.  He wants to sell the Autobots into slavery for Energon.  The Autobots are trapped inside large tubes and Bosch pumps them with electricity to disable the Autobots’ weapons.  Bumblebee starts to transform partially but never fully.  He actually almost looks like he is going to transform into his Cybertronian mode from four million years ago.  Once their weapons are disabled, the Autobots are deactivated.  The Autobots are sold into the slavery of Lord Gyconi after Smokescreen loses while gambling.  The Autobots are reactivated and given unstable Energon to make them fight in a gladiatorial game.  The Unstable Energon will make them more aggressive, but it is short acting and can make them burn out quickly.  Gyconi is about to sell the enslaved Autobots to the Decepticons.  Smokescreen and his new friends save the Autobots and the Decepticons retreat back to Earth.  Their minds are restored and Bosch takes them all back to Earth.

Bumblebee and the Autobots stumble across Optimus Prime’s research on Teletran-1.  He was looking for a Space Bridge to travel to Cybertron.  Several Autobots follow him, but not Bumblebee.

Bumblebee and Tracks travel together into a nearby city for an Autobot supply run.  When they transform into robot mode, they walk towards a crowd outside of a television store (for those of you born after 1995, there used to be small, privately owned specialized stores, they were driven out of business by big box stores like Best Buy and Target).  The two Autobots watch a newscast about a stolen Soviet (again, if you were born in the mid 90’s you may not recognize the term Soviet, so look it up) experimental jet.  The Soviet Union is blaming the United States for stealing the jet with a submarine.  This act creates friction between the two nations and both are preparing their military for a possible conflict (this was very typical during the Cold War).  Bumblebee quickly assumes that the Decepticons are responsible (but they aren’t).  Before Bumblebee and Tracks can report back to the Autobots, they notice Blitzwing and Astrotrain walking in an alley.  Bumblebee and Tracks transform into vehicle mode to chase the Decepticons.    Tracks and Bumblebee corner Blitzwing and Astrotrain in an alley.  Tracks and Bumblebee quickly realize that the two Decepticons are actually holograms and this is a trap.  Bumblebee races away to get help.  He drives right into the cargo bed of a truck.  Bumblebee and Tracks are captured by the big game hunter, Lord Chumley, so they can be used as bait to lure Optimus Prime.  While trapped inside of Lord Chumley’s dungeon, Bumblebee is forced to keep transforming to avoid getting sliced by a duo of guillotines. He is also covered in a black substance that is never identified.   Bumblebee uses the last extra energy he has to send Optimus Prime a locator beacon.

Bumblebee always is on a quest to envelop himself with human culture.  He is more inquisitive and fun loving than the typical Autobot.  While in hovercraft mode, Seaspray takes Bumblebee water skiing.  Bumblebee seems to struggle to stay above water but seems to have a good time.  Seaspray guides Bumblebee to a ramp, but Bumblebee isn’t skilled enough to successfully jump.  Bumblebee is sent splashing into the water.  Despite being made of metal and not being boyant, Bumblebee is able to swim to the shore.  Seaspray follows and transforms into robot mode.  He tells Bumblebee that he did a great job water skiing.  Seaspray picks up a distress call from deep space.  Cosmos takes Bumblebee, Seaspray, and Perceptor to the planet of Tlalakan to investigate.  Once Cosmos reaches the atmosphere, the Decepticon commander, named Deceptitran, has his legions open fire on the Autobots.  The Decepticons are able to hit Cosmos with their artillery and the Autobots crash land in the alien jungle.  Some of the natives witness the crash.  Bumblebee and Seaspray carry Perceptor out of Cosmos in microscope mode.  The Decepticons attack the small group of Autobots.  Seaspray gurgles that the Autobots need to head for cover.  One of the Autobots destroys one of the Decepticon drones.  The Decepticon drops his energy whip and one of the natives named Alana picks it up.  She protects the Autobots by making a tree fall on the Decepticons.   The Autobots become friends with the locals, and Bumblebee carries Cosmos when they go to the Well of Transformation.  The Autobots stay outside of the hidden well, but two Decepticon drones attack.  They enter the Well causing Seaspray and Bumblebee to follow.  Bumblebee is able to use his laser rifle to destroy one of the drones.  Seaspray knocks a drone into the Well of Transformation and it explodes.  Alana tells Seaspray and Bumblebee to meet her down stream where the water won’t harm them.  Cosmos recovers from his injuries, so he and Perceptor join Bumblebee and Seaspray at the untainted water.  Bumblebee notices Laserbeak spying on them.  Laserbeak is a bit more aggressive than usual.  He starts to chase the Autobots while firing his lasers at them.  Laserbeak is soon reinforced by Megatron, Soundwave, Dirge, and Astrotrain.  Seaspray transforms into hovercraft mode to escape from the Decepticons in a body of water.  Bumblebee, Perceptor, and Cosmos grab onto Seaspray to get to safety.  Seaspray’s incompetence leads the Autobots off of a waterfall.  While most of the Autobots are brought to safety by Alana, Bumblebee is completely forgotten about.  He remains above water and falls off of the waterfall.  Soon, he is captured by the Decepticons.  The Decepticons leave Bumblebee alone so they can fight the rebels.  Bumblebee gets an arm free and sends out a signal to Seaspray.  Seaspray and Alana rescue Bumblebee from the Decepticon temple.  Seaspray wants Bumblebee to go with the aquatic rebels to be reunited with Perceptor and Cosmos.  Bumblebee wants to help Seaspray fight the Decepticons, so Seaspray pushes Bumblebee into the water.  He is followed by Laserbeak.  Laserbeak guides the Decepticons to the hidden Tlalakan kingdom underwater.  After the Decepticons attack, Bumblebee and Cosmos help the Tlalakans fight the Decepticons underwater.  The Decepticons look like they are going to win the battle.  They abruptly leave when Deceptitran contacts Megatron and tells him that the Energon supply is in danger.  Cosmos, Perceptor and Bumblebee reach the Decepticon fortress just as Seaspray destroys the Decepticons’ supply of Energon Cubes.  The explosion destroys the fortress and the Tlalakans are freed.  The Autobots travel back to Earth inside of Cosmos.

Wheeljack picks up the Stunticons energy signatures near the Autobot base.  The Stunticons have split up to gather three items for Megatron.   Blaster transforms into stereo mode and Spike carries him inside of Bumblebee.  All three ride together into battle with Optimus Prime leading them...  They set up a roadblock to prevent Motormaster from meeting up with the other Stunticons.  Motormaster seems to be happy to see the Autobots and welcomes the conflict.  Optimus Prime wants to drive into Motormaster, but Spike warns him about playing chicken with Motormaster.  Bumblebee tells Spike that Optimus Prime has no choice and Motormaster has to be stopped.  Both trucks slam into each other and there is a massive explosion.   Bumblebee races towards blaze but can’t see through the smoke. When the smoke clears, they see that Optimus Prime has defeated Motormaster.  Motormaster is disabled and the Autobots bring him to the Ark and keep him jailed. .  Bumblebee and the other Autobots are injured and Menasor returns to the Decepticons to expose the disguised Autobots.

Bumblebee goes to Paris with several other Autobots to take part in the Europa 2000 race.  The race is a competition for the best drivers in the world that starts in Paris and ends in Istanbul.  The winner gets a large sum of money as a prize, as well as a large donation in his or her name to a charity.  The Autobots participate in the race and if they win, they will donate all of their winnings to charity.  One of the racers, Augie Cahnay, objects that the Autobots are participating in the race.  He feels that since they aren’t human, they are too advanced for the human drivers and unfair competition.  The race’s judges allow the Autobots to participate since the race is for charity.  Augie doesn’t know that Optimus Prime sent the Autobots to protect him and his advanced car from the Decepticons. The Autobots transform into their car modes and prepare to start the race.  When the race starts, Bumblebee tries to keep up with Wheeljack.  Wheeljack warns Bumblebee not to blow a gasket.  Bumblebee catches up to Wheeljack, but Wheeljack doesn’t think Bumblebee can sustain a long race at such high speeds.  Augie drives very dangerously, but he also drives with precision.  He is able to guide himself easily between all of the cars.  Bumblebee is insulted by how rude Augie drives and wants to teach him manners.  As the race continues, Augie gets more and more reckless. The racers find themselves on a narrow mountain road.  Augie  speeds passed Bluestreak and almost causes an accident.  Bluestreak warns Bumblebee that Augie is getting close to him.  Augie rams his car into Bumblebee and Bumblebee crashes.  Bumblebee transforms to avoid rolling off the mountain road.  Bumblebee decides he wants to teach Augie a lesson.  Since Bluestreak is much faster than Bumblebee, Bluestreak offers to let Bumblebee ride on his roof to catch up to Augie.  Bluestreak and Bumblebee speed passed the other racers, while driving safely.   Bluestreak catches up to Augie and Bumblebee gets off of his roof.  Bumblebee ripes Augie out of his car to teach him a lesson in sportsmanship.  Augie wiggles himself free from Bumblebee’s grasp and speeds off in his car.  Bumblebee is able to keep up with the other racers and drives with Tracks.  Neither of them know that the Stunticons have entered the race and have taken out most of the other Autobots.  They get closer and closer to the finish line and notice they haven’t heard from the other Autobots.  Bumblebee is the first to notice the approaching Stunticons.  Bumblebee realizes that the other Autobots were disabled by the Stunticons. Not only do the Stunticons want to eliminate the Autobots, but they want to steal Augie’s car as well.  Tracks and Bumblebee veer off the road and avoid battling the Stunticons.  Bluestreak is able to contact Tracks and Bumblebee to tell them about the Decepticons’ plot to find the Pearl of Bahoudin.  He also tells Bumblebee and Tracks that they are the last functioning Autobots still in the race.  The Pearl is a Cybertronian power source and Megatron wants to use it to power a weather machine..  Even though the world is at risk if the Decepticons get the pearl, Tracks and Bumblebee continue in the race.  As Tracks and Bumblebee approach the finish line, Tracks motivates Bumblebee to keep up the pace.  Both Autobots see Bluestreak approaching and quickly see Auggie is driving him.  The Autobots approach the finish line.  The announcer seems to be shocked that Bumblebee is able to keep up with Bluestreak and Tracks.   After the race, the Autobots go to the Galata Valley to stop the Decepticons.  They arrive just as Megatron gets the Pearl.  Bumblebee, Tracks, and Bluestreak transform, and they really don’t even try to stay hidden.  Megatron quickly notices them and flaunts the Pearl of Bahoudin.  He then tells the Autobots that his plans wouldn’t have been able to come to fruition without Auggie’s car.  The experimental race car has an engine made of a rare metal. Megatron orders the Stunticons to attack the Autobots.  The Stunticons transform into vehicle mode to clash with the AutobotsWhile still in truck mode, Motormaster trails Bumblebee so he can scrap the diminutive Autobot.  Bumblebee drives as fast as he can in car mode, but bumps in the terrain slow him down.  Bumblebee escapes damage by using rocks to propel him in the air and he drives on top of Motormaster.  Tracks stays behind cover and fires his weapon at the Decepticons.  Bumblebee tries to end the conflict by going after Megatron’s weakest link, the Pearl.  Bumblebee transforms and leaps onto Megatron’s arm to steal the Pearl.  While Bumblebee is running away, Megatron opens fire with his fusion cannon.  Megatron orders the Decepticons to recover the pearl.  The Stunticons circle the Autobots to corral them.  The other Decepticons open fire.  Bumblebee wants to use the pearl to fight the Decepticons, but Bluestreak thinks it is too dangerous.  Bumblebee has no other option so he breaks open the pearl and a stream of energy shoots out.  The energy creates a massive storm and lightning fills the valley.  The Stunticons are all hit by bolts of lightning.  Bumblebee tells Megatron to leave the valley with all of the Decepticons or he will open the pearl completely.  Megatron calls Bumblebee’s bluff and orders the Stunticons to form Menasor.  Menasor stomps through the valley to get to the Autobots. .With a tornado approaching, Menasor pounds the ground creating a massive crack.  Bumblebee stays ahead of it and protects Dr. Terranova from falling in.  The pearl slips out of Bumblebee’s hand and Megatron rushes to reclaim it.  A tornado sucks it up before Megatron can reach it.  Assuming that the battle is lost, Megatron has the Decepticons withdraw, but leaves Menasor to fight the Autobots.  Tracks tricks Menasor to walk into the large hole that the Constructicons dug when they were looking for the pearl.  Bluestreak fires his blaster at Menasor’s foot and he falls into the hole.  Bumblebee, Tracks, and Bluestreak fire on the hole and bury Menasor.  Menasor quickly emerges from the hole and sends the three Autobots flying into the air.   Auggie gets into his car and speeds off, Bumblebee thinks he is leaving the Autobots to perish.  Instead, Auggie drives up on a cliff and sends his car hurtling at Menasor.  Auggie jumps out and the car hits Menasor in the face and explodes.  Menasor is defeated.  Bumblebee, feeling somewhat responsible for the violent weather, transforms and drives into the tornado.  He tries to recover the Pearl of Bahoudin.  He transforms back into robot mode (not sure why he transformed into car mode to begin with) and takes his blaster out.  He jumps inside of the tornado and opens fire on the pearl.  The pearl is destroyed and the weather reverts back to normal.  After the battle, Tracks declares that Megatron must have arranged the race so he could get Auggie’s car.  Since Megatron created the race, there is no actual money for charity.  Auggie is holding the casing of the Pearl of Bahoudin which is covered with gold and gems.  He gives it to Bumblebee so it can be sold and the money from the sale will go to charity.

Perceptor creates a substance called Corrostop.  The Autobots want to use it to protect all of Earth’s man made monuments.  The first monument that the Autobots work on is the Statue of Liberty.  Bumblebee helps spray the Corrostop on Lady Liberty.  After Megatron captures Perceptor to cure his Cosmic Rust, Megatron is willing to release Perceptor back to the Autobots.  Perceptor is infected with Cosmic Rust and is attached to a bomb.  Bumblebee goes with the Autobots to save Perceptor.   Megatron wants the Statue of Liberty destroyed so the Autobots can’t make more Corrostop and cure their Cosmic Rust.  Megatron gives Menasor control of the Lightning Bug.  Before Menasor can destroy the Statue, the Autobots reveal themselves. Bumblebee and a few other Autobots were hiding on the Statue.   Optimus Prime opens fire and the rest of the Autobots follow his lead.  Menasor prepares to fire the Lightning Bug, but the Aerialbots appear from above him.  The Aerialbots make Menasor drop the Lightning Bug.  The Aerialbots merge into Superion to finish off Menasor.  The Autobots are able to replicate the Corrostop and cure their cosmic rust.

When an energy being named Kremzeek attacks the Ark, most of the Autobots are damaged. Optimus Prime gathers Blaster, Bumblebee and Inferno so Sparkplug can insulate them against Kremzeek.  They are the last functioning Autobots.  They spread out through out the Autobot base to find Kremzeek.  Bumblebee is curious where Kremzeek came from, but Inferno tells him that it was probably created by Megatron.  Bumblebee and Inferno find Kremzeek in a laboratory.  Kremzeek has demolished the lab while the Autobots were searching for it.   The Autobots and Sparkplug realize that the most logical place for Kremzeek to attack next is Teletran-1.  They rush to Teletran-1 to find Kremzeek has entered the computer and it is severely malfunctioning.  Optimus Prime has Sparkplug shut Teletran-1 down.  Kremzeek escapes capture and destruction by transmitting itself to Japan.  Optimus Prime and the small group of functioning Autobots take Omega Supreme to Japan.  Omega Supreme lands on a Japanese beach and the Autobots promptly exit him to find Kremzeek.  Kremzeek emerges from the sand and launches himself at the Autobots.  It doesn’t work because they are properly insulated   Optimus remembers that Omega Supreme insult insulated.  He orders Omega to take off to prevent damage from Kremzeek.  Before Omega Supreme can fly to safety, Kremzeek enters him and shorts him out.  Bumblebee promises that the Autobots will repair Omega Supreme as soon as they can.  Kremzeek leaps to a train station and enters a bullet train.  Kremzeek causes the bullet train to malfunction.  Optimus Prime transforms and the other Autobots grab onto him to travel to the train.  Optimus Prime speeds onto the tracks to catch the train.  The train stops abruptly and Optimus slams into it.  The other Autobots are tossed off of Optimus into the air.  The Autobots regroup themselves and jump back on Optimus Prime.  The bullet train takes off and then stops safely at a train station.  Kremzeek flies out of the train and escapes by hiding in a man’s walkman (a walkman is a portable music player from the 1980s and 1990s.  ).  The Autobots pursue Kremzeek to an arcade.  Kremzeek escapes again and goes to Shibuya Industries.  Kremzeek disrupts the assembly line in the factory and continues it’s path of destruction.  When the Autobots enter the factory, they meet Dr. Yoshikawa.  At first he blames the Autobots for the destruction, but then Optimus Prime tells him about Kremzeek.  Blaster opens fire on the Kremzeek possessed machinery and destroys it.  Kremzeek flies out of the machine unharmed.  Without studying Kremzeek at all, Yoshikawa thinks that the Autobots can stop Kremzeek with radio waves.  Blaster opens up his chest panel to reveal a set of controls.  Yoshikawa adjusts Blaster’s radio frequency so the Autobots can combat Kremzeek.  Blaster isn’t able to destroy Kremzeek, he actually makes the creature multiply.   The legions of Kremzeeks continue to create a path of pandemonium throughout Japan. Yoshikawa theorizes that he may be able to reunite the Kremzeeks back into one Kremzeek.  Optimus Prime leads the Autobots to a power station to bait the Kremzeek legion.    The Autobots electrify a tower made of steel beams.  The multiple Kremzeeks are attracted to the tower and converge.  The Autobots are shocked when all of the Kremzeeks merge into one giant Kremzeek.   The massive Kremzeek bursts out of it’s cage and slowly marches towards the Autobots.  Bumblebee starts to think that it wasn’t a good idea.  The Giant Kremzeek causes more destruction than the army of Kremzeeks did.  The Autobots follow Giant Kremzeek into the city in vehicle mode.   Megatron activates his Energy Magnet and all over the world, energy is drained and funneled to the Decepticons.  The Autobots who are battling Kremzeek in Japan feel the energy drain. Blaster is able to locate the Energy Magnet with his sensors.  Blaster devises a way to broadcast Giant Kremzeek to the Decepticons like Kremzeek transmitted himself to Japan.  O The plan works and Kremzeek becomes the Decepticons’ problem.  After the Decepticons evacuate the Energy Magnet, the Autobots take a boat to finally finish off Kremzeek.  Yoshikawa deduces that they can use the Energy Magnet to dissipate Kremzeek.  Bumblebee doesn’t want to because he thinks Kremzeek is cute.  Optimus Prime uses the Energy Magnet to make Kremzeek disperse.  

Bumblebee and the Autobots watch a news report on Teletran-1.  They learn that Jazz and Cliffjumper were abducted by a group of unknown Decepticons lead by Starscream.  The Autobots drive to cover and transform.  Megatron and the Decepticons are attacking the Autobots because someone stole personality components of Renegade Decepticons from Cybertron.  Megatron realizes that the Autobots are not responsible and the Decepticons fly away.  The Autobots are very confused about what transpired during the battle.  Powerglide asks Optimus Prime what a Renegade Decepticon is.  Optimus has no idea and they go to Teletran-1 to learn more.  The Autobots realize that Megatron and Starscream are fighting each other and Optimus Prime doesn’t want the Autobots to get involved.  He does want to find Jazz and Cliffjumper, so the Autobots start searching for them.  After Powerglide discovers Jazz and Cliffjumper restrained in a power station, Bumblebee goes with the Autobots to save them.

While on monitor duty, Gears picks up a distress call from a school.  Optimus Prime sends Ironhide, Bumblebee, and Gears to investigate.  When the three Autobots get to the school, they immediately transform into robot mode.  Without knowing what the problem is, the Autobots follow Ironhide into the school.  They find an out of control robot named BOT trashing the school cafeteria.  BOT tosses a tray of corn at the Autobots and knocks them down.  BOT runs out of the cafeteria.  Bumblebee tries to follow, but the door that BOT ran through is now locked.  BOT has barricaded the door with desks.  BOT jumps out a window.  One of the teenagers leads the Autobots out of the cafeteria outside the school.  BOT runs into a building and into an elevator.  The Autobots continue their pursuit.  Ironhide tells the kids to stay outside where it is safe.  Ironhide stops the elevator and the Autobots climb 30 floors up to intercept BOT.  The kids enter the building and reactivate the elevator.  As the three Autobots continue climbing the stairs, they encounter Swindle.  Swindle defeats the Autobots and escapes with the Combaticon personality component which the kids unknowingly installed into BOT.

In the year 2005, Bumblebee and Spike are stationed on one of Cybertron's moon bases. The base is destroyed when the duo set it to self destruct to slow down Unicron. They escape the explosion in a shuttle, but Unicron swallows the shuttle. Later, they are saved by Daniel.

Bumblebee survives the movie and is shown a few times in season 3.  When Trypticon is built, Bumblebee leads the minibots in battle to defend (unsuccessfully) the Ark from destruction.  One of the few times he actually has lines is when he and Spike guard Metroplex’s brain vault when the Ghost of Starscream returns.  He and Spike encounter Scourge (who was possessed by Starscream) who are trying to steal Metroplex’s eyes.  Starscream/Scourge easily defeats Bumblebee and Spike.  One of the eyes break, but Starscream/Scourge escapes with the other one.

Bumblebee played a large role in the two part episode “The Return of Optimus Prime”.  He was part of an Autobots assault force whose purpose was to recover Optimus Prime’s dead body from a group of scientists.  The scientists used Optimus’ body as bait for a trap.  Many Autobots were infected by a Hate Plague, but Bumblebee was able to not get infected, for a while.  On a quest to find a cure, he was damaged and rebuilt into Goldbug by a Quintesson.  Goldbug joins Optimus Prime, and several other Autobots to Char.  They hope that the alloy which the Decepticons stole can be used to shield Optimus against the plague.  They save Galvatron from being infected, and he leads the Autobots into a cave.  When the Autobots reach a large web, Galvatron attacks the web, signaling the spider that created the web to attack.  It grabs Goldbug and tries to eat him, but he is saved by Optimus Prime and Blaster. Eventually, Goldbug was infected by the plague, but he was cured when Optimus Prime used the Matrix to destroy the virus.

Months after Optimus Prime returned, Goldbug and the Technobots are on monitor duty in Metroplex.  They pick up Decepticon signals approaching Earth.  The Decepticons attack the city and Goldbug helps defend it.

Marvel G1 Comic

 Bumblebee was a very large and important part of the Marvel G1 Comic. For a long arc of issues, he and Blaster went on a road trip together.

Bumblebee was aboard The Ark, the ship which Four Million Years Ago, captained by Optimus Prime, crashed to Earth.  He was repaired after millions of years and became a trusted scout for the Autobots.  He was with the initial recon team lead by Prowl to explore Earth. This team included Prowl, Brawn, Cliffjumper, Hound, and of course Bumblebee. They were quickly discovered by Buster Witwicky who noticed several cars driving together, but none of them had drivers. That evening, they saw a group of cars parked at a drive in movie (for those of you too young to have gone to or know what a Drive In is, it is an outside movie theater that you watch the movie in your car, it’s a lot of fun) thinking that the parked cars are the dominant species of the planet.

At the Drive In, Bumblebee crashes into Buster’s car, causing the first official inter-species meeting.  Before they could straighten out the accident (I wonder if Bee had insurance), the Seekers and Laserbeak attack, already knowing that the Autobots are there.  The Autobots transform into robot mode to protect themselves and the humans and their existence was made known to the world.  Bumblebee is injured and Buster takes him to his father, Sparkplug’s, garage for repairs.  Bumblebee cries out in pain for help and Sparkplug thinks that Buster is playing a joke on him.  Buster pleads with his father to save Bumblebee, and Sparkplug quickly diagnoses the problem with Bumblebee, he was leaking oil.  He repairs Bumblebee and to his surprise, Bumblebee transforms and introduces himself to the Witwickys.  That morning, Buster learns of the origin of Transformers and takes Bumblebee around Portland Oregon.  Buster picks up his girlfriend Jessie and his friend “O” in Bumblebee, but what they don’t know is, Ravage, in cassette tape mode, (again kids, a cassette tape thing is a 1980s thing, look it up) spies on them.  Bumblebee jury rigs a communicator and contacts the Ark and lets them know he is okay and that the Decepticons have acquired fuel for themselves.  He also tells Optimus that the Witwickys are very helpful and have agreed to help modify Earth fuel to be able to be used on the Cybertronians.  Optimus and a group of Autobots meet up with Bumblebee at Sparkplug’s garage, soon after the Decepticons attack and Optimus Prime tasks Bumblebee with protecting Buster and Sparkplug.  After the battle already started, Megatron joins and knocks out Bumblebee with one punch to the head.  Sparkplug is then kidnapped by Megatron.  Bumblebee tries to take responsibility for losing Sparkplug, but Optimus Prime won’t let him.

After the battle at The Ark, Bumblebee is one of the Autobots hung from the ceiling of The Ark by the new Decepticon leader, Shockwave.  He is next shown scouting for Prowl, well more being a spy.  He observes the Decepticon controlled factory where Shockwave is attempting to build a new army of Decepticons.  The first Decepticons created were the Constructicons which Bumblebee started to follow while they collected resources to make a large dish to contact Cybertron.

When Prowl finds out that Optimus Prime transferred The Creation Matrix to Buster, Bumblebee and Bluestreak are sent to protect Buster.  Bluestreak and Bumblebee attack Laserbeak who was spying on them, and then Jetfire attacks.  He damages Bumblebee and in turn, Bluestreak damages Jetfire,  Bumblebee can’t transform and convinces Buster that by using The Creation Matrix, he can defeat the mindless Jetfire.  Buster mentally uses The Creation Matrix and takes apart Jetfire.  Then he puts him back together removing Shockwave’s control.
After Optimus is restored, several new Autobots are created and Bumblebee is tasked with showing the new Autobots Earth.  The pleasant outing is cut short when Optimus Prime contacts Bumblebee and orders him to take the new Autobots to a rock concert where Shockwave is harnessing sound energy and transforming it into Energon.  When The Decepticons attack, Bumblebee orders the Autobots to defend the crowd and to defeat the Decepticons, even though Optimus ordered the team to wait for back up.  Bumblebee attacks Shockwave with an Energon Cube and damages Shockwave, causing the Decepticons to retreat.

Unknown to Bumblebee, Shockwave and Starscream are scheming to use him as a weapon to defeat the Autobots.  Bumblebee is starting to become depressed that the other Autobots look down upon him for being smaller than the rest of them.  He starts to think they are talking about him all the time negatively.  He decides to run away from the Autobots.  While pondering his purpose in life, Laserbeak spies on Bumblebee.  The Decepticons attack and Bumblebee is damaged.  He tries to get away but he is too slow for the Decepticon ranks.  He hides in a used car lot and cuts his power so he can’t be detected.  He evades the Decepticons but that night, two car thieves steal Bumblebee from the lot.  He is damaged and can’t transform.  His energy signature is strong enough where The Decepticons are able to track him again and attack.... Again....  This time Bumblebee remains in vehicle mode with the car thieves inside of him.  Bumblebee and The Decepticons play a game of cat and mouse until Bumblebee throws the car thieves out of him and decides to make a last stand.  Before the Decepticons can attack, Jetfire saves the day, giving Bumblebee a moment to collect himself.  Jetfire is injured and Bumblebee returns the favor and protects Jetfire until the rest of The Autobots arrive.

Bumblebee is part of the raiding party that Optimus Prime creates to find out the secret of Devestator.  Bumblebee goes in a different direction than the rest of The Autobots and waits with a scanning device for The Constructicons to form Devestator.  Once he learns the secret, he signals Optimus Prime who orders a retreat.

A few days later, while Optimus is recovering from injuries of that battle, Bumblebee alerts Optimus to a news story where a man went crazy at a dam and is holding workers hostage using a strange, powerful gun.  Optimus Prime realizes that the gun is Megatron.

During a conflict with Cobra (yes THAT Cobra of GI Joe Fame), Bumblebee is destroyed and rebuilt as Goldbug.

Goldbug’s first mission as Goldbug was to stake out a warehouse with Blaster that The Mechanic was thought to use as a headquarters.  Blaster starts to play some music which grabs the attention of two teenagers who try to break into Goldbug.   Goldbug plays with the kids, making them think that he is a haunted car and the kids run off.  Goldbug drives back to The Ark with Blaster where they give their report to Grimlock.  Their lack of progress angers the new Autobot leader who has a tantrum.  After Grimlock calms down, all three Autobots meet with Wheeljack who has a plan on how to track some of the stolen Cybertronian technology.  Wheeljack gives Blaster and Goldbug the coordinates of the equipment and they leave The Ark, but not until Grimlock tells them that if they don’t bring back the stolen equipment, they will be severely punished.  They find The Mechanic who was trying to hijack a truck, unknown to the two Autobots, this was an ambush made by the police to catch The Mechanic.  Goldbug and Blaster are attacked by both the police, and The Mechanic.  The Mechanic throws a tree at the two Autobots and escapes.  Goldbug and Blaster eventually follow, and Goldbug is shot in the tire by a police officer.  Blaster repairs his friend and they go back out on the search for The Mechanic.  They quickly find him and Goldbug leaves Blaster so he could scout the warehouse where The Mechanic has been building a new weapon, cars with weapons built into them for various criminals to use.  Goldbug notifies Blaster who tells Goldbug that the police who fought with both The Autobot and The Mechanic earlier have arrived to arrest The Mechanic.  Blaster gains the trust of the police officers, and they form a plan to work together.  Goldbug drives into the warehouse and an undercover police officer “dances” into the warehouse carrying Blaster.  The police storm the warehouse and Blaster helps them.  Goldbug is captured by a piece of machinery operated by a member of The Mechanic’s gang.  A police officer save Goldbug, but The Mechanic escapes with the Autobot equipment.  Goldbug and Blaster know they can’t go back to The Ark because Grimlock will possibly kill him, so they become independent Autobots and travel the country.

Goldbug and Blaster seek out GB Blackrock.  When they find him, Blackrock doesn’t recognize Goldbug because he thinks of him as Bumblebee.  After gently driving over Blackrock’s foot, Blackrock is motivated to go with him.  They go to a closed gas station (that Blackrock owns) and Blackrock refuels Goldbug and meets Blaster.  They ask Blackrock to help them find Decepticons, and Blackrock tells them of a suspicious meteor that crashed to Earth and it is sending out radio signals.  Goldbug and Blaster drive off to investigate. Goldbug and Blaster befriend a man named Charlie who witnessed the Decepticon Triple Changers arrive on Earth on a Space Bridge.  Charlie guides Goldbug and Blaster to the crater where the meteor (which was actually a Space Freighter) crashed.  Goldbug and Blaster aren’t aware but they are being watched by Scraplets, but they are quickly attacked by Blitzwing, Astrotrain, and Octane. Blitzwing takes advantage of Charlie being with the Autobots.  He fires on the cliff where Charlie is standing and he falls into the crater, only to be saved by Goldbug.  They discover that the crater wasn’t caused by a meteor crash, but by a Space Freighter crash.  They encounter the captain who is falling apart and dying due to infection from Scraplets, tiny machines who eat Transformers and other robot races.  They attack Goldbug, but Charlie tries to protect him since The Scraplets aren’t interested in organic forms of life.  Blaster is infected and the three Decepticon Triple Changers start to attack both  Autobots again.  Before they could kill either of them , Octane tells the Autobots about a rare chemical on Cybertron which was able to kill Scraplets, but he doesn’t know where he can get any.  Blaster continues to fight The Decepticons so Goldbug could get away and search for a cure.  After Goldbug gets away, he winds up getting infected by a lone Scraplet.  Goldbug and Charlie struggle through the desert, which is made harder when Goldbug looses the ability to drive and Charlie has to push him.  They find themselves at a Blackrock gas station where a worker gives Charlie a glass of water.  Charlie accidentally spills some water on Goldbug and finds out that water will kill a Scraplet.  Goldbug is joined by The Throttlebots, who were sent by Ratbat to destroy any infected Transformer, but they are apprehensive to kill Goldbug since he is a fellow Autobot, but they realize they have to kill him to save Earth.  Before Wide Load could deliver the killing blow, Charlie infects him with Scraplets and shows him water will kill The Scraplets.  Goldbug is then “washed” killing all of the Scraplets on him, restoring him.  Goldbug calls GB Blackrock for tankers of water so he can kill the Scraplets, saving the world from destruction by Ratbat and the Decepticons.  The Tanker Trucks of water reach the crater, and the Scraplets merge into a large humanoid looking mass of Scraplets.  One truck is destroyed and Goldbug rigs up a spraying device, curing Blaster, Blitzwing, Astrotrain, and Octane.  They help destroy the Scraplet monster which Blaster delivers the final strike with a tanker filled with water.

The Throttlebots join Goldbug and Blaster on their independence and while driving, they are attacked by Vortex who Blaster fights off.  Goldbug takes the group of Autobots to a Blackrock Gas Station where a RAAT vehicle attacks them.  Blaster takes point in defending the Autobots, but is low on energy, he does ultimately fight the RAAT vehicle off and the Autobots escape.  The group of Autobots is fatigued and running low on fuel.  Goldbug leads them to a used car lot where they can rest.  The next day, the owner of the used car lot realizes that he has several cars which he didn’t have the day before.  He receives notice that those cars are wanted by RAAT and there is a reward, so he calls RAAT to capture them.  Before RAAT can attack the Autobots, The Combaticons arrive, destroying RAAT’s vehicles and threatening to kill any human that gets in their way.  Before anyone is hurt, The Protectobots arrive.  They try to prevent a battle in the tense situation, but Swindle attempts to sneakily kill Hot Spot.  Blaster saves Hot Spot but this causes the battle to start.  The Combaticons show an advantage, but ultimately are defeated and retreat.  The Protectobots then arrest Blaster for Grimlock.

Goldbug and the Throttlebots are kidnapped by the government and depowered, interrogated, and studied.  The Leader of RAAT named Barnett, tries to find out why there are more Decepticon attacks.  Goldbug again tries to convince him that the Autobots are his allies.  Goldbug and the Throttlebots are ordered to be destroyed, with a change of heart, Barnett inserts their brain modules into toy cars and their bodies are destroyed.  He smuggles the Autobots out of RAAT headquarters, and Goldbug (in toy car form) tells Barnett to seek out Buster Witwicky to help them get to The Ark.  Barnett takes them to Buster, and Buster is happy to help his friend, the former Bumblebee.  The Toy Car Autobots need new batteries so the Brain Modules don’t die, forcing Buster and Barnett to the local mall where they are quickly attacked by Ratbat and The Predacons.  They attempt to fight back, but they are just toy cars.  Buster traps Ratbat in a security gate and puts fresh batteries in the Autobots.  He then gets back on the road to The Ark.  Ratbat has hidden himself as a cassette inside of Buster’s boom box.  When Goldbug and Buster get to The Ark, they find it is empty and Buster sends out a message looking for the Ark and Ratbat reveals himself, attacking and kidnapping Buster.  (The message is intercepted by Hot Rod while on Nebulos).  

When Fortress Maximus and the other Autobot Headmasters investigate the message, they find Goldbug, still in the body of a toy car.  Chromedome taps into his memories and projects them, showing the battle between Ratbat and Buster.

Eventually, Goldbug is rebuilt by Brainstorm and Fortress Maximus.  When a phone call between Ethan Zachary and Sparkplug is intercepted by the Autobots, they learn that Ethan Zachary downloaded Optimus Prime’s mind right before Optimus died.  Fort Max sends Goldbug back to Earth to investigate.  Goldbug engages Ethan Zachary at his lab and verifies that he does in fact have a copy of Optimus Prime’s mind on his computer and has been using him as a computer game avatar.  When he tries to speak to Optimus, the avatar thinks he is just a computer program.  The Avatar of Optimus finds out that The Decepticons have created a new form of soldier, The Pretender, and Goldbug reports back to Fort Max.  Goldbug helps Optimus regain some self awareness of his past, but Optimus still thinks he is a computer game character.  Goldbug leaves to rejoin Fortress Maximus, but only after Ethan Zachary gives him a computer disc with Optimus Prime’s mind on it.

Aboard Fort Max’s ship, Goldbug witnesses the other Autobots try to rebuild Optimus Prime.  All efforts wind up failing and self destructing.  Fortress Maximus’s ship, Steelhaven,  just doesn’t have the resources needed to rebuild Optimus.  Goldbug vows that he will never give up until Optimus Prime is rebuilt.  Goldbug helps the crew of Steelhaven find The Ark, and Fortress Maximus meets with Grimlock, asking for his help in restoring Optimus Prime.  Grimlock refuses and when he asks Fort Max how he found The Ark, Fort Max explains Goldbug helped.  Grimlock demands Fortress Maximus hands over Goldbug for trial for treason, and Maximus explains that Goldbug is under his protection and will not allow it.  Grimlock challenges Fort Max to battle for leadership of the Autobots, and Goldbug is detained in a holding cell where Blaster is his cell mate.  Goldbug catches Blaster up and explains to him that Fort Max can’t win in a fight against Grimlock.  Maximus is still recovering from previous injuries and Blaster needs to do something.  When Fortress Maximus agrees to fight Grimlock, Blaster decides to fight in Maximus’s place.  The two Autobots fight and The Decepticons take advantage of the distraction.  They attack all of the Autobots on the moon.  Maximus orders Goldbug to take Steelhaven so he can find a way to restore Optimus Prime.  Goldbug reluctantly agrees and goes to Nebulos.

Goldbug reaches Nebulos on Steelhaven with Joyride, Getaway, and Slapdash.  What they don’t know is, two Decepticons, Darkwing and Dreadwind, arrived weeks before they did and were causing havoc across Nebulos.  They meet with Hi-Q, a great Nebulan scientist, to ask him to restore Optimus Prime.  Hi-Q refuses, saying any Transformer who tries to live on Nebulos will die.  He explains how the Nebulans detonated a bomb which tainted all of their fuel with radiation which is toxic to Transformers, but not Nebulans.  The two Decepticons overcame the poison fuel by becoming Powermasters.  Hi-Q tells Goldbug that no one has been able to defeat the invaders and Goldbug volunteers with his fellow Autobots to do whatever they can do to help Nebulos.  While working with Hi-Q and his team to build a new body for Optimus Prime, Darkwing and Dreadwind attack again.  Goldbug leads his Autobot friends into battle, but they are defeated by the two Decepticons.  The Decepticons are enhanced by the Powermaster process and are fully fueled.  The Autobots are poisoned and not enhanced.  They go back to Hi-Q’s lab where all of the Autobots aside for Goldbug become Powermasters.  Goldbug isn’t feeling the effects of the poisoned environment because he is more fuel efficient.  The Autobot Powermaster defeat Darkwind and Dreadwind, and with their new friends, leave Nebulos on Steelhaven.

Aboard Steelhaven, Optimus tells his new Nebulan friends the story of Cybertron and The Transformers.  This starts to make Goldbug very homesick.  The Autobots get a transmission from The Cosmic Carnival and decide to go, saying they deserve some fun.  Optimus doesn’t want them to go, explaining how they have responsibilities to recover the Autobots stuck on Earth’s moon, but they see that Autobot Sky Lynx is part of the carnival and feel an obligation to investigate.  Goldbug and Optimus are the only Autobots to enter the carnival (they only had enough currency for 2 admissions).  One of the first things they recognize is the group of children who Blaster defended months earlier against The Combaticons.  After finding out they want to be freed, Goldbug tries to grab them.  He is stopped by a force field.  The owner of the carnival, Mr. Top, refuses to give the children to Goldbug and Optimus, but encourages them to enjoy the carnival.  In the main tent, they find Sky Lynx doing an acrobatic act which is entertaining the crowd.  After his act, Optimus Prime and Goldbug go backstage to speak to Sky Lynx.  He tells them the story of how they accidentally entered the Space Carnival without paying and had to work off a debt which keeps growing.  He asks Goldbug and Optimus to save the children and bring them back to Earth.  Optimus makes a deal with the children’s handler, a human who was abducted from Earth named Berko.  Optimus promises to bring Berko back to Earth if he helps Optimus save the children.  Berko agrees and goes with Goldbug to save the children while Optimus goes to save Sky Lynx.  Mr. Top attacks Goldbug, and tries to eat him along with Berko and the children..  Goldbug escapes and saves Berko and the children from Mr. Top, getting onto Steelhaven with a course set to go back to Earth.

Eventually, there is an alliance between the Autobots and Decepticons to protect the Earth from Starscream.  Goldbug is part of a team meant to defend New York City from Starscream, but is destroyed.

He doesn’t stay dead for very long, Ratchet tries to bring Goldbug back to life, but winds up being taken to Cybertron by Megatron who wants Ratchet to restore Starscream as a Pretender.  Ratchet winds up bringing the lifeless bodies of Goldbug, Grimlock, and Jazz with them.  Ratchet works to restore Starscream, but secretly brings the three Autobots back to life as well, now as Pretenders. Grimlock is the first to attack Megatron, but then Bumblebee joins the fight, saving his friend Ratchet   Instead of restoring Goldbug as Goldbug, Ratchet says he always preferred him as Bumblebee, and Bumblebee is reborn!  Bumblebee continues to engage Megatron, but even though Bumblebee has been upgraded, he is not powerful enough to defeat Megatron.  Bumblebee, Jazz, and Grimlock are thrown out of the Decepticon Base and eventually it is destroyed.  They are unaware of the fate of Ratchet and Megatron.

Remaining on Cybertron, Bumblebee, Jazz, and Grimlock join forces with the local Autobot militia.  The leader of that specific group is Emerate Xaaron.  Bumblebee loves his new upgrades because for the first time in his life, he is valued as a warrior, not just a scout.  His new Pretender Shell gives him the ability to fight.  Bumblebee, Jazz, and Grimlock plan to go back to Earth, and when they are saying their “good byes” they are attacked by Bludgeon and the Mayhem Attack Squad.  Due to a malfunctioning Space Bridge, Bumblebee, Jazz, Grimlock, and the Decepticons are transported to the abandoned core of Cybertron where the Autobots find the resting Primus.  The Decepticons were transported to a different part of the core.

They are quickly met by a Priest of Primus ,named The Keeper, who warns them to leave.  Bumblebee is awestruck in seeing what he assumed was a myth.  Grimlock demands proof that it is really Primus, and The Keeper tells his audience the origin story of the Transformers (Click HERE to read it).  Before Keeper can finish his story, Bludgeon and the Mayhem Assault Squad arrive and Bludgeon slices through The Keeper.  He dies in Bumblebee’s arms.  Grimlock wants to fire on the Decepticons, but Bumblebee won’t let him, afraid that it will hurt the sleeping Primus.  The Autobots passively fight the invading Decepticons, and Bumblebee takes a command role.  He won’t allow any of the Autobots to use their blasters so Primus will stay safe.  Bludgeon defeats Jazz as Bumblebee watches Grimlock loose to Octopunch.  He starts to stand up for himself and attacks Bludgeon in car mode, knocking him down.  He maneuvers Bludgeon to be hit by an Autobot boat’s harpoon and Bludgeon is defeated, dragged away from Primus’ chamber.  Primus gets hit by a blast which bounced off Grimlock and is awakened.  The Three Autobots are then teleported by Primus back to Earth.

Optimus Prime now realizes he needs to recover the Creation Matrix to defeat an awakened Unicron.  Bumblebee, Jazz, and Grimlock are one team sent to a distant galaxy to look for The Matrix.  They go to the planet VsQs to search for the Matrix.  Bumblebee leads the team and the first place they look is an abandoned fortress which has significant battle damage.  Bumblebee decides to interface with the computer system to see if there is any mention of The Matrix.  Bumblebee finds a record that Optimus Prime’s funeral barge was found on the planet, along with The Matrix, which the inhabitants of the planet tried to use as a power source.  The next record was the last one and it tells them about a strange creature which was attached itself to the face of one of the scientists.  Grimlock joins the other Autobots and he shows Bumblebee and Jazz that the entire science team was killed by the creature.  Bumblebee is apprehensive to continue the search, thinking that the Matrix may not be worth finding, and Jazz convinces him to continue the search.  Before they can start searching again, Thunderwing attacks the three Autobots.  Thunderwing focuses on Bumblebee, who he assumes is the weakest, and holds him captive by the throat.  He is saved when Grimlock attacks Thunderwing, making him fall down.  But the powerful Decepticon leader quickly shrugs off Grimlock’s attack and calls his Mayhem Attack Squad to back him up.  Bumblebee and Jazz fight off the Decepticons as Grimlock continues his attack on Thunderwing.  Thunderwing defeats Grimlock (again) and then attacks Bumblebee’s Pretender shell, causing him intense pain.  BUmblebee passes out from the pain.  Bumblebee recovers to watch Thunderwing chase a creature which they all believe is holding the Matrix.  The Autobots are severely weakened and Thunderwing winds up destroying the creature and takes control of the Matrix.  Thunderwing leaves the three Autobots on VsQs severely de-powered.

Bumblebee doesn’t have a major role in the remainder of the G1 book and in the G2 book he shows up once in a while in the background.

IDW Re-Generation One

Bumblebee is head of a team of Autobot researchers appointed by Rodimus Prime meant to analyze certain things which Rodimus/Hot Rod saw while traveling through time.  The name of the team is called Zero Unit.  Bumblebee and Nightbeat start to prioritize their investigation and decide to focus on Jhiaxus.  They find that Jhiaxus has almost completely deleted all records about himself in the Cybertron data banks.  They find a few images but little information.  Bumblebee then remembers that Cybertron had a number of treaties with other worlds before the war, and decides to look into other planets’ records.

When Jhiaxus comes to Cybertron to meet with Rodimus Prime, Bumblebee is part of an Autobot detail which watches, to make sure Rodimus is safe.  When Jhiaxus starts to get violent, Bumblebee enters and Jhiaxus shoots in him the torso.

Bumblebee recovers in time to join Ultra Magnus’ ground assault team in attacking The Hub, Jhiaxus’ group of planets, which were created in Cybertron’s image.

IDW Transformers

Early in the war with the Decepticons, Bumblebee is shown under Orion Pax’s command.  He is part of a patrol in Torus-City Nyon (aka The Rust Narrows).  Bumblebee mentions that Nyon has lost it’s shine and has become a very dangerous place.  The leaders of Nyon haven’t led well and now the population doesn’t trust authority figures.  THe Autobots worry that there are Decepticon collaborators in the city.  Ironhide wants to fight them, but Bumblebee tells Ironhide that they can’t attack innocent people.  The Autobots raid an arms deal between Swindle and another Decepticon.  The nameless Decepticon is about to attack Orion Pax, but Bumblebee acts as a sniper and shoots the Decepticon in the head.  Orion Pax disables Swindle with his bare hands.  Orion starts to beat Swindle to get information out of him.  Orion is about to execute Swindle, but Bumblebee stops him.

After the mission, Bumblebee competes with Ironhide in a sharpshooting competition.  Bumblebee out shoots Ironhide 10:1.  Orion Pax enters and tells the two Autobots to prepare for a mission.  Almost immediately, Bumblebee is commanded by Orion Pax to help him track down Soundwave.  The Autobots track Soundwave to the factory district.  They corner him and Soundwave ejects Ravage to help him fight.  Ravage slashes Bumblebee and Hound with his claws.  Both Autobots are disabled.  Orion Pax overcomes Soundwave, but before he can be brought to justice, several Decepticons approach.  They point their weapons at the Autobot and tell Orion Pax that Megatron wants to talk to him.  Bumblebee warns him that it is probably a trap.  

Bumblebee is held as a hostage while Orion speaks to Megatron.  He is saved by Ironhide when talks break down.  The Autobots escape inside of Sky Lynx.

Zeta Prime orders Orion Pax, Prowl, Bumblebee, Silverbolt, Hound, and Ironhide to arrest Hot Rod.  Hot Rod is suspected to be a terrorist who uses bombs to create chaos.  Orion and his team go back to Nyon to search for Hot Rod. Prowl tells Orion that their target (Hot Rod) is in the Acropolex.  Ironhide thinks it is a trap.   Bumblebee asks Prowl what he knows about Hot Rod.  Prowl tells Bumblebee that he knows that Hot Rod has been modified for added speed.  As a team, the Autobots enter the Acropolex.   Hot Rod ambushes them as a sniper.   Moments later, the Autobots follow and they see statues of the Knights of Cybertron.   Hound realizes that the room is rigged with plasma mines.  Hot Rod lures the Autobots into a room filled with Energon tanks.  He intentionally chose that room because he knows that the Autobots won’t be able to fire their weapons without potentially harming themselves.  Hot Rod shows the Autobot team the masses of Nyon who had their Energon drained by Zeta Prime.

Bumblebee and the Autobots decide to protect Hot Rod and the refugees from Zeta Prime and his attack.   Orion and the Autobots prepare to fight the Omega Sentinels.  They know that they can’t defeat the legions of Sentinels, but they can slow them down.  Orion gives everyone a tas Bumblebee is to be a sniper.  Despite their best efforts, the Autobots are unable to even scratch the Sentinels.  Hot Rod prepared for this, despite not wanting to, he detonates the city.

Zeta Prime is defeated, but Megatron betrays Orion Pax.  Ironhide and the Autobots are sent into hiding after Megatron takes control of Cybertron.  The Autobots are found by Blitzwing and several other Decepticons.  The Autobot rebels are forced to surrender.  Hot Rod saves the Autobots and they escape.  Bumblebee defers to Ultra Magnus, but Magnus says that he won’t take command until they know what happened to Orion Pax.  Later, Springer, Kup and Prowl save Bumblebee from the Decepticons.  Bumblebee and Ironhide find what was once Orion Pax, but is now Optimus Prime.  They quickly realize their leader has been changed.

Optimus Prime defeats Megatron and Cybertron seems to go back to normal.  Optimus Prime addresses the Autobots, but because Zeta Prime was so malevolent, the crowd is apprehensive to trust another Prime.  Bumblebee tells the crowd that because the Matrix chose Optimus, that is enough reason for him to trust the new leader.

Optimus Prime, Ultra Magnus, Dai Atlas, Bumblebee, Prowl, and Ironhide travel inside of Sky Lynx to a refinery.  They are responding to an alarm that went off.  They find the Dinobots fighting Scorponok and the Decepticons.

The refinery is destroyed and this causes an energy shortage on Cybertron.  Inside of Metroplex, Bumblebee transfers a communication from Prowl to Optimus Prime.  There is a riot brewing at the spaceport.  Bumblebee contacts Sky Lynx to help.

Optimus gets a call from Bumblebee who tells him that Trypticon has risen from under Cybertron.

Ironhide, Bumblebee, and Ultra Magnus find the damaged Optimus Prime.  They want to get him repaired, and Ultra Magnus puts the matrix back inside of Optimus Prime.  Bumblebee tells everyone that Trypticon is heading towards Metroplex.

A few weeks later, Bumblebee brings Optimus Prime into a meeting with several other Autobots.  There is a large object in lower orbit of Cybertron.  Optimus asks if it is the Transformers who left Cybertron.  Bumblebee says that it it is too big and they realize it is Trypticon.  Hot Rod suggests that they shoot Trypticon out of the sky, but Bulkhead replies that if Trypticon crashed on Cybertron, it would devastate much of the planet.

After Metroplex is defeated, Megatron’s siege begins with Junkions resurrected as Decepticons.  Bumblebee helps defend Iacon.  Iacon is about to be flooded with coolant.  When the coolant mixes with the Cybertronian atmosphere, it makes toxic acid rain.  The acid rain makes a perfect environment for Megatron’s second wave of attack, Sharkticons.

Two nameless Autobots and Bumblebee try to arrest Megatron.  Megatron kills the nameless Autobots but Bumblebee doesn’t flinch.  Megatron is impressed with Bumblebee’s courage.  Megatron throws Bumblebee to the ground and shards of metal impale Bumblebee.  Bumblebee survives.

Sometime later, Bumblebee, Jetfire, and Nightbeat are hiding in an asteroid field while spying on a Decepticon ship.  Bumblebee and Nightbeat are a little puzzled why they are on that mission when they aren’t scientists or fliers like Jetfire.  The three Autobots keep their distance because they know that if they attacked the Decepticon ship, they would be overrun.   The Decepticon ship makes a Quantum Jump.  Bumblebee tells Jetfire to follow them instead of waiting for back up.  It would take days for back up to come and they will lose the Decepticons by that point.  After days of following the Decepticons, the three Autobots continue to keep their distance.  They notice that the Decepticon ship is in orbit of a primitive planet (think mid 1900’s).  The Autobots enable their Ghost Shields and send out stealth probes.  Before long, the Autobots see that a strike force of Decepticons, led by Thundercracker, is heading towards the planet.  Nightbeat is the first to realize that the Decepticons are going to wind up killing tens of thousands of inhabitants of the planet.  Nightbeat asks Bumblebee what they can do because the Decepticons outnumber and outgun them.  Bumblebee replies that they will have to do whatever they need to do.  They plot a course to ram the Decepticon ship and they plan to leave the ship to attack the Decepticons on their way to the planet.  The three Autobots attack the Decepticons on the planet, even though it isn’t likely they will survive.  Bumblebee shoots Waspinator in the back of the head. Bumblebee stomps on the beast mode head of one of the Insecticons.  The Decepticon ship starts to crash into the planet and all of the flying Decepticons escape.  Bumblebee transforms into vehicle mode and drives into the underground tunnels of the planet.  Bumblebee finds Thundercracker in a large cave under the village.  Not only does he find Thundercracker, but he finds Metroplex.  Thundercracker fires on Bumblebee.  Bumblebee is still in vehicle mode and dodges the attack.  Bumblebee transforms and he battles Thundercracker.  Thundercracker takes to the air and shoots Bumblebee several times.  Thundercracker is about to finish Bumblebee off, but one of the natives jumps on Thundercracker, causing him to miss his shot.  Bumblebee takes the native and puts the alien behind him to protect him.  Thundercracker contacts Bludgeon and says that Metroplex isn’t there.  The Decepticons leave the planet.

Many years later (at least a few million), Bumblebee and Ultra Magnus go to a Solstar Order outpost to fight the Decepticons.   Rom thinks that Ultra Magnus is one of the Decepticons and starts firing on him.  Bumblebee realizes that the Space Knights are also fighting the Decepticons before Ultra Magnus can return fire.  Since Stardrive has never met another Cybertronian, Starscream tries to corrupt her.  Ultra Magnus fires on Starscream, knocking him away from Stardrive.   Bumblebee approaches Stardrive, mentioning he doesn’t recognize her.  She shoots him in the chest.  Skyblast saves Bumblebee by shooting Stardrive, but he is corrupted by a Dire Wraith.  The Autobots fight the Dire Wraiths and the Decepticons retreat.  Bumblebee tries to find out what Stardrive’s story is and she shoots him again.  Ultra Magnus disables the force field holding the space station together after firing on Stardrive.  The station starts to fall apart and Bumblebee calls out to Stardrive to have her join them.  The knights call out to Stardrive for her to rejoin them.  As the station is falling through the sky, Stardrive transforms into a flying car and carries Bumblebee and Ultra Magnus away.  When they reach the planet, Ultra Magnus tells Stardrive that she is in violation of the Tyrest Accord by allying herself with organics.  Before he can do anything, Ultra Magnus is shot by the Space Knights.

The Space Knights prepare to battle Ultra Magnus and Bumblebee.  One of the Knights slashes Bumblebee in the arm with an energy blade.  The other two Knights fire on Ultra Magnus.  Stardrive tries to end the battle before anyone is hurt badly.   Stardrive screams at everyone to stop.  She explains that she saved the two Autobots and they are not anyone’s prisoner.  Stardrive starts to doubt that the Solstar Order gave her accurate information when she recalls that Bumblebee and Ultra Magnus were trying to protect others.  Rom commends her and says that she will pass along the teachings of the Solstar Order to the other Transformers.  The Space Knights and Autobots work together to stop the Dire Wraiths on the planet.  Stardrive tells the Autobots that Starscream was after her Energon Synthesizer.  Ultra Magnus quickly realizes that they need to recover it because then Starscream will have limitless energy and will be able to control not just Cybertron, but the universe.  Stardrive suggests they transform into jet mode to get the synthesizer before the Decepticons get it.  Bumblebee says they transform into cars and Ultra Magnus realizes Stardrive is a triple changer.  Both Autobots think Stardrive will be useful if she wants to help them.  Stardrive flies off with two of the Knights, while Ultra Magnus and Bumblebee transport another knight while they are in vehicle mode.  The shaky alliance of Space Knights and Autobots are working together to reach the wreckage of the space station before the Decepticons.  The Autobots and Space Knight stop at an Alien Village to help the locals.  Bumblebee uses his blaster to create a heat source for the villagers.  Ultra Magnus tells him that he is still breaking the Tyrest Accord by trading in sympathy.  The villagers turn out to be Dire Wraiths and Astrotrain bursts into the village in space train mode.  One of the Dire Wraiths grabs Bumblebee to corrupt him.  Magnus kills the Dire Wraith before Bumblebee is harmed.  Magnus then fires a shoulder missile at another Wraith.  Astrotrain bursts onto the field of combat in train mode carrying many more Dire Wraiths.  Ultra Magnus sends Bumblebee to recover the Energon Synthesizer while he deals with the Decepticons and Dire Wraiths.

Bumblebee travels in vehicle mode with the female Space Knight recovering on his roof.  She criticizes Bumblebee for not caring about fighting and leaving Ultra Magnus behind.  Bumblebee is angry.  He transforms into robot mode and the Space Knight flies into the air. He grabs her and reminds her that Ultra Magnus is his friend and they are doing something equally important as fighting.  When Bumblebee arrives at the wreckage of the space station, he sees Stardrive fighting Rom.  He assumes that the Dire Wraiths corrupted someone.  Bumblebee explains to Stardrive that Magnus is probably dead.  She stops fighting and everyone agrees to fight the Decepticons and Dire Wraiths.  Bumblebee and the Space Knights see that Ultra Magnus survived and he is approaching.  As he gets closer, they see that he has been corrupted by a Dire Wraith.  The Wraith Magnus shoots Bumblebee with en energy blast from his hand.  Starscream and the Decepticons watch.  Bumblebee, Stardrive and the Space Knights prepare to fight an onslaught of Dire Wraiths.

Bumblebee shoots Dire Wraiths off of the Coneheads.  Wraith Magnus grabs Bumblebee, but Rom fires on the hybrid.  It picks up Bumblebee again.  Bumblebee tells Magnus that he believes in him and this makes Magnus regain some control.  Rom shoots him in the chest, destroying his spark.  Both Magnus and the Dire Wraith are killed.  Rom is examining Ultra Magnus’ dead body.  He sees a smaller Autobot inside of Ultra Magnus.  Bumblebee explains that the real Ultra Magnus died a long time ago and for centuries, other Autobots have taken on his mantle by wearing a suit of armor that looked like him.  This specific pilot was named Convoy.  Bumblebee explains that no one knows this but people tend to tell him secrets often.

Many years later, Bumblebee winds up on Earth.  He and the Autobots are fighting the Decepticons and trying to keep their war a secret from the humans.

Ratchet finds out that the Decepticons have an abandoned base in Michigan.  Verity offers to take Hunter and Jimmy to sneak in.  Ratchet doesn’t want to put them in danger.  Bumblebee sees that Ratchet is torn to make a decision.  Bumblebee explains to Ratchet that he doesn’t see another option.  Ratchet gathers the humans to go to Michigan but Bumblebee transforms as well to join him.  Verity rides inside of Bumblebee, Jimmy and Hunter ride inside of Ratchet.

When everyone reaches the Nebraskan Decepticon Bunker, Verity uses a rope to climb down into the base first.  Ratchet is against the humans putting themselves at risk for the Autobots.  Bumblebee tells the humans to watch out for Decepticon booby traps.  Hunter and Jimmy insist that they go into the bunker to help Verity.  Jimmy and Hunter descend into the bunker to help Verity.   Ratchet and Bumblebee are still uncomfortable putting humans in danger, but they need to get solid proof to give to Prowl.  While waiting above ground, Bumblebee comments that he is very bored.  Suddenly, both Autobots are bombed by Skywarp and Blitzwing.  Ratchet deduces that since the humans didn’t trip an alarm, and the Autobots didn’t trip an alarm, the two Decepticons are there to destroy the base to hide something.  Skywarp uses his special abilities to teleport in and out of the battlefield.  Bumblebee gets fed up with it and deploys a cannon in vehicle mode to shoot Skywarp.  He misses, but is persistent.  Bumblebee uses his internal computer to calculate where Skywarp is going to be.  Bumblebee transforms into robot mode and starts firing.  He clips Skywarp’s wing with his blaster and returns to vehicle mode.

Above the abandoned Decepticon Base, Blitzwing drives over Ratchet.  Bumblebee rushes to see if Ratchet is okay and he is.  Bumblebee helps Ratchet up as Blitzwing and Skywarp resume bombarding the abandoned Decepticon base from the air.  The two Autobots make it a priority to save their new human friends.   Hunter and Jimmy make their way out of the base.  Verity is still underground and out of communication.   Bumblebee and Ratchet transform into vehicle mode to get their human friends to safety.  Verity uses her walkie talkie to let everyone know she is safe.  The escape shaft is starting to cave in.  Dirt is about to bury Verity in the abandoned bunker.  Verity’s rope is attached to a tree and Bumblebee notices that it is about to fall down.  Bumblebee secures the tree, but the ground continues to cave in.   They see Verity and Hunter helps her climb up.  Bumblebee transforms back into car mode and the three humans get inside of Ratchet.  Before they can get too far, they see Megatron emerge from the wreckage and he attacks Skywarp.  The humans ask who that is.  Ratchet and Bumblebee tell the humans that they are better off not knowing.  Ratchet and Bumblebee call the Ark-19 to speak to Prowl and ask for reinforcements.

Ratchet and Bumblebee plan to take the humans back to the Ark-19.  Bumblebee goes to Starscream’s base while Ratchet brings the humans to safety.  Bumblebee reports to Prowl’s team that Megatron has arrived and is about to fight the Decepticons.   Runabout sees Bumblebee spying on them and opens fire.  The rest of the Autobots arrive and open fire on Runabout, hitting him in the chest. The Autobots watch Megatron defeat Starscream.  None of the Autobots fight the rest of the day.  They transform back into vehicle mode and go back to the Ark-19.  They realize they need their “heavy hitters”.

Nightbeat gathers Optimus Prime, Prowl and Bumblebee.  He explains to them the larger conspiracy at hand.  It seems that one of the Decepticon facsimiles gained some independence and took pictures of the Decepticon base.  It then uploaded the pictures to the mini computer which Verity stole from the facsimile.  When Verity activated the mini computer, it alerted the Decepticons.  Before the meeting, Nightbeat asked Bumblebee to scout around the area where he found a lot of, what seems to be human surveillance equipment monitoring the Autobots.  The humans were watching the Autobots for weeks and waited to abduct Sunstreaker.   Optimus Prime asks if anyone has any recommendations on what they should do.  Nightbeat explains that the Ark-19 is compromised and they should move it.   Bumblebee suggests that they reverse the signal on the homing beacon in the computer to find who is watching them.  Optimus agrees that is a good idea.  Prowl commands the Autobots to prepare the Ark-19 to move to a new location.  Bumblebee is part of the preparations.  Nightbeat plots a course to the Gulf of Mexico. The Ark-19 starts rising out of Lake Michigan and begins traveling to it’s new location.  Ratbat spies on the Autobots from above.  Bumblebee monitors human airwaves and finds that no humans are tracking them.  Hardhead picks up that something is approaching them in the air.  The Autobots realize it is Sixshot.  The Ark-19 is too slow and bulky to evade the Decepticon.  Before the Autobots an open fire, Sixshot fires his weapons and the Ark-19 starts to crash onto a town.

The Ark-19 continues to fall to the ground.  The main engines are gone.  The power grid is off.  The Cloaking Device is malfunctioning.  The Autobots have fifty two seconds before the Ark-19 crashes into a town.  Optimus Prime tells Ratchet to use the maneuvering thrusters to move them a little bit.    The Autobots are able to prevent the Ark-19 from crashing into the town, but there is still a little destruction.  Also, the world now knows that they exist.   The ship crashes into water and self destructs.

The Autobots survive and save Ratchet from Sixshot.

Sixshot transforms back into robot mode to battle the Autobots.  Sixshot shoots Bumblebee and Jazz rushes to his side.   The other Autobots transform and Optimus Prime orders them to keep firing on Sixshot.  Ratchet goes to help Bumblebee.    Only the humans notice that news helicopters are recording the battle for the world to see.  Optimus knows that Sixshot will destroy Earth if the Autobots don’t stop him.  Optimus tells all of the Autobots to open fire at full strength.  Meanwhile, a military drone is watching the battle.  Nothing the Autobots do can harm Sixshot.   While Optimus Prime fights Sixshot, Nightbeat is able to teleport all of the Autobots off of the battlefield.  Unfortunately the technology was compatible with Verity and Jimmy’s human bodies.

Optimus Prime learns that Garrus-9 (a jail which Fortress Maximus is the warden) has been breached.  He brings all of the Autobots back so they can go back to Cybertron.

Bumblebee and several other Autobots in a base on Cybertron.  Cliffjumper is frustrated about the Decepticons.  He punches a wall and Bumblebee tells him to calm down.  Tracks enters the room and tells them that they need to keep up hope.  Tracks tells Cliffjumper and Bumblebee a story about Jazz to make them optimistic again.

Some time later, the Autobots are the only ones on Cybertron.  Bumblebee still has his earth based vehicle mode.  He and Wheeljack are looking for Energon on Cybertron.  Bumblebee can’t drive right because his earth based tires don’t get the right traction on Cybertron.  Wheeljack suggests that if he had the right equipment he could make a polymer to help Bumblebee not slide around.  But he doesn’t have the equipment or resources to do it.  Wheeljack quietly tells Bumblebee that he sees that someone is following them.  Wheeljack wants to call for help, but Bumblebee tells him that communications are down.  Wheeljack wants to try something different, but Bumblebee doesn’t think it will work.

As the Autobots travel deeper into Cybertron, Kup suggests they stop and take a break.

The Insecticon swarm starts it’s attack on the Autobots.

The Autobots flee from the Insecticon horde.   Kup tells everyone to stay close and he has something planned.  Before the battle, Kup and Perceptor hid a series of explosives.  At Kup’s command, Perceptor takes out two pistols and shoots the explosives, creating enough debris for the Autobots to get away.    Ratchet asks what happened to Drift.  Bumblebee doesn’t seem to care.  Kup tells everyone to keep the speed up because they didn’t stop the swarm, they just slowed it down.  Perceptor is hit in the neck with a dart by one of the Insecticon swarm.Kup tells them to continue onto a bridge where there are more explosives (I guess the Insecticon Swarm is too stupid to understand that the Autobots are saying what their plan is in the open).

When the Autobots get to safety, they gather to make a plan for their next move.  Morale is at an all time low.  Mirage explains that he doesn’t see the point in trying to fight anymore, especially since there is no way off of Cybertron.  Cliffjumper is happy to have proper weapons again.  Mirage says they can make a last stand, but there is no point.  Drift says that they are Autobots and they have to continue fighting.  Bumblebee reminds Drift that he once was a Decepticon.  Hot Rod reprimands Bumblebee for not being respectful to Drift.  Bumblebee doesn’t trust Drift and says he doesn’t have any right to be an Autobot.  Hot Rod and Bumblebee are about to start fighting, but Blaster breaks it up.  Sideswipe enters the room and tells everyone that Sunstreaker is dead.

The battle continues as the Autobots fight to survive.   The Autobots are about to lose, but they are saved by Omega Supreme.  Omega Supreme stomps a lot of Insecticons and then fires his blaster at them.  Optimus asks how Omega Supreme knew they needed help.  Hot Rod tells Optimus Prime that he signaled Omega.  Omega Supreme transforms into rocket mode and the Autobots escape back to Earth.

After Optimus Prime defeats Megatron, the Decepticons escape with Megatron in their possession

Even though the Decepticons are gone, New York City is still a wasteland.  Bumblebee explores the city after digging himself out of rubble.  The US Military has orders to destroy any Transformer in their sight, and they don’t differentiate Autobots from Decepticons.  Bumblebee hides from the military.  Bumblebee tries to stay hidden by transforming into vehicle mode.  Bumblebee’s communication array is damaged.  As he continues traveling through New York City, he finds the arm of a Transformer.  The soldiers shoot a VW Bug that isn’t Bumblebee, but there is a fire caused from the explosion.  Bumblebee watches, hoping the soldiers will save the people in danger of the fire.  Bumblebee leaves the safety of his cover to save innocents because the soldiers aren’t helping.  The soldiers shoot at Bumblebee with their rifles.  Bumblebee lifts up a collapsing building so people can get to safety, all at the same time the soldiers continue shooting him.  Bumblebee is damaged, but he is saved by Optimus Prime before he can be deactivated.  Ratchet repairs Bumblebee.

Bumblebee remains on Earth, but the Autobots stay in hiding since Skywatch is hunting them.  Bumblebee goes on a covert mission led by Hot Rod.  They go to a Skywatch facility to recover their captive friends.  The mission is a failure despite the fact that they rescued Prowl.  Skywatch fights the Autobot team with all of their weapons.

After Optimus Prime surrenders to Skywatch, Hot Rod wants to leave the Earthbound Autobots.  Brawn thinks he is weak for wanting to leave.  Brawn is ready to fight Hot Rod, but Bumblebee calms him down.  Ratchet and Cliffjumper review who left.   Bumblebee gets the remaining Autobots to assemble to pick a new leader.  Bumblebee wants Wheeljack to make a new device which can help count the votes.  Cliffjumper nominates himself.   The remaining Autobots vote Bumblebee in as their new leader.  Bumblebee is shocked because he didn’t nominate himself.  Almost right away, the alarms go off.  When the Autobots go outside to see what it is, they see Ultra Magnus getting out of his ship

Ultra Magnus arrives on Earth to investigate Ironhide’s supposed death and Optimus giving up leadership of the Autobots.  Ultra Magnus accuses Optimus Prime of defecting, but Bumblebee corrects him that Optimus surrendered and is still an Autobot.  While Ultra Magnus is examining Ironhide’s body, he notices that the weapon that killed him seems to have been reverse engineered from Cybertronian technology.  Ultra Magnus wants to speak to Hot Rod.  Bumblebee tells Magnus that Hot Rod DID defect.  Magnus wants to find Hot Rod, but Bumblebee wants Ultra Magnus to stay in the Autobase to help him lead.  Before their conversation can continue, Bumblebee learns that Hoist, Beachcomber, Tracks, and Blurr are planning to leave.

The stress of being leader gets to Bumblebee.  He is overwhelmed because Optimus left for not having faith in himself.  He is stressed that Hot Rod left because he has no faith in humans.  More Autobots join with Hot Rod because they have no faith in Bumblebee.  Bumblebee doesn’t really want to be leader of the Autobots.  He asks if he can give it to someone else and Wheeljack says that no one else would take it.  Ratchet enters the room and tries to make Wheeljack leave.  After Wheeljack leaves, Ratchet tells Bumblebee that sometimes Wheeljack drives him crazy.  He is indispensable, but disrespectful.  Ratchet takes Bumblebee aside to boost his mood.  Bumblebee doesn’t think of himself as powerful as Optimus Prime, but Ratchet says that it is easy to be brave when you’re as big as Optimus Prime.  Omega Supreme is stuck inside of the Autobot cavern base.  Bumblebee goes to talk to him.  Bumblebee tells Omega that he can’t leave the cave because he is so big that the humans would find them.  Omega changed his robot mode(?) (Doesn’t look any different in the pics) so he could adapt.  He asks Bumblebee for Energon so he can transform into base mode and not be as cramped.  Bumblebee explains they don’t have the spare Energon.  Wheeljack tells Bumblebee that he spoke to Colonel Horiuchi and they want to meet in person.  Bumblebee is angry that Wheeljack engaged a human without his approval and thinks it is very risky.  Wheeljack says that someone has to make the first step in moving the Autobots forward into the future, and all Bumblebee and Ratchet want to do is talk about what to do without doing it.  Wheeljack warns Bumblebee that more Autobots will leave if he doesn’t do something.  Bumblebee, Hound, and Ratchet go into the desert to meet with Horiuchi.  Hound watches the soldiers with a pair of binoculars.  The men are standing next to a big box and the Autobots are wary that it is a trap.  Bumblebee transforms and goes to Horiuchi alone.  They greet each other warmly.  Horiuchi wants to make the Autobots “legal” and have them operate under the US Army to help track down rogue Decepticons.  Horiuchi also gives Bumblebee badges which make the rest of Skywatch unable to track the Autobots.  Horiuchi wants to test out the Autobots to capture Skywarp, who recently killed a lot of humans.  The Autobots capture 6 Decepticons.  When they contact Horiuchi, he wants the Autobots to capture Blurr.  Cliffjumper wont attack a friend and they try to explain to Horiuchi that Blurr is a good guy.  Horiuchi activates a disruptor in Cliffjumper’s badge and forces him to revert to vehicle mode.  Horiuchi explains that the Autobots are under his control.

In vehicle mode, Blurr drives through the desert.  .  Before he can get too far, he encounters Bumblebee standing in front of him.  Blurr speed talks and warns Bumblebee about getting in front of him when he is driving so fast.  Blurr notices that Bumblebee is wearing a Skywatch badge.  Bumblebee explains that they are part of the team now.  Bumblebee tries to talk to Blurr and explain to him that Skywatch are allies now.  Before Blurr and Bumblebee can continue their conversation, Bumblebee tells Blurr that he is surrounded and he plans to bring Blurr in.  Blurr takes out his gun and shoots Bumblebee in front of Ratchet.  Ratchet rushes to Bumblebee’s side and Hound calls for reinforcements.  Bumblebee gets up and realizes that the Skywatch badge protected him, without the badge, he would’ve died.  Hound and Wheeljack apprehend Blurr by forcing him into vehicle mode.  Horiuchi contacts the Autobots and tells them that they are late in bringing Blurr to him.  Bumblebee says that they will hold him and they aren’t handing Blurr over to Skywatch.  Bumblebee has a crisis of conscience and tells Horiuchi that he is going too far.  Horiuchi attempts to remotely deactivate Bumblebee with his badge.  Because Blurr shot him, the badge is no longer able to deactivate Bumblebee.  Ratchet quietly tells Bumblebee to act as if the badge still works.  Bumblebee pretends to be in pain and transforms.  He “agrees” to work with Horiuchi again and his ability to transform is “returned”.  Horiuchi has no idea that Bumblebee is free from his control. Bumblebee pretends that he still can’t transform to help Ratchet bluff.  Horiuchi plans to go to the Autobot base to repair Bumblebee’s badge.  Bumblebee tries to make a plan with the other Autobots, but their badges still work and because of that, Skywatch can listen in on what they say.  Bumblebee promises to save the Autobots.   Bumblebee asks Blurr to find a yellow VW Bug to act as a decoy for him. Blurr doesn’t want to help Bumblebee at all.  Bumblebee reminds Blurr that he shot him and at the very least, Bumblebee thinks Blurr owes him a favor.  Blurr runs through a parking garage and finds a decoy Bumblebee.  Bumblebee addresses all of the Autobots but knows they can’t respond because of the Skywatch badges.  He promises that he will free the Autobots from Skywatch control.   Wheeljack devises a way to communicate with Bumblebee via text messaging.  He tells Bumblebee that they put the Skywatch badge on the decoy Bumblebee.  Wheeljack gives the real Bumblebee a list of equipment he needs to cloak the Autobots from Skywatch.

Wheeljack text messages Bumblebee and tells him that the decoy car worked.  Bumblebee is now looking for a tech named Sanjay as his next task.  Sanjay has the ability to disable all of the Skywatch badges.  Bumblebee plans to befriend Sanjay’s daughter to help him get a control board from Sanjay’s house.  As Sanjay leaves his house, Bumblebee lures his daughter, Serena, outside.  He transforms in front of her and introduces himself.  They play hide and seek with each other.  Bumblebee convinces Serena to get the control board from inside the house.  Bumblebee texts Wheeljack that he feels bad making Serena trust him.  Serena emerges from the house with the control board.  Bumblebee takes it and says he will be back to play again.  Before he leaves, Bumblebee sends Ratchet the schematics of the control board.  Ratchet texts Bumblebee and says that there is a tracking device in the board and he can’t return to the Autobase with it.  Bumblebee says he will try to disable it, but Ratchet says it is too complicated for Bumblebee.  Ratchet talks Bumblebee through disabling the tracking device.  Wheeljack doesn’t think Bumblebee can do it.  Ratchet convinces Wheeljack to have faith in Bumblebee, and Wheeljack starts to walk Bumblebee through the process.  After the board is modified, Bumblebee gives it back to Serena.

Before Bumblebee can return to the Autobase, he learns that Skywarp is in the sky above Sanjay’s house.  Bumblebee turns around to confront Skywarp, against Ratchet and Wheeljack’s better judgement.  Bumblebee goes back to Sanjay’s house and tells Sanjay and Serena to get inside of him.  At that moment, Skywarp reveals himself and is standing in their backyard.  Bumblebee tries to escape, but Skywarp teleports in front of him.  Bumblebee tells Sanjay and Serena to get in the back seat.  Bumblebee transforms with the humans inside of him and Skywarp opens fire.  Skywarp is hunting Bumblebee and is confident that Megatron will return.  Sanjay wants to use the control board to deactivate Bumblebee and Skywarp (Bumblebee modified it where it will burn out any Transformer without a badge).  Serena tells her father that Bumblebee is her friend.  Bumblebee feels bad for lying to Serena, so he apologizes.  Bumblebee doesn’t want to be a leader anymore if he has to lie to people.  Bumblebee wants the board back, and Lt. Klonowski arrives with a bazooka.  He tells Bumblebee to duck and shoots Skywarp in the chest with a rocket.  Bumblebee tries again to escape, but Skywarp teleports in front of him (again).  Bumblebee activates the control board and deactivates himself and Skywarp.  After Bumblebee uses the board, all of the badges on the Autobots are deactivated.  Wheeljack and Ratchet rebuild Bumblebee with more armor and more weapons.

When Ultra Magnus returns to the Autobase, Bumblebee and Cliffjumper greet him.  Magnus tells Bumblebee that he needs to assemble a team.  For the first time, Bumblebee learns that Rodimus has allied himself with some Decepticons to build a spacecraft to leave Earth.  Ultra Magnus plans to arrest Rodimus.  He wants to take Jazz, Brawn, Bumblebee, and Blurr to arrest Rodimus.  Because of Rodimus’ act of treason, his authority supersedes Bumblebee’s authority.    Under Ultra Magnus’ command, an Autobot strike force goes to Rodimus’ spacecraft.  Ultra Magnus demands that Rodimus surrenders.  He has deputized the other Earth bound Autobots to be his police force.  Rodimus tries to explain that he isn’t a traitor and he is working for peace with the Decepticons.  Rodimus asks Bumblebee for his opinion.  Bumblebee tells Rodimus that he is fine with him leaving Earth, but he is a little troubled by his alliance with Decepticons. Swindle tells Rodimus that he will handle this.  Swindle and the Decepticons betray Rodimus and the alliance.  Ultra Magnus tries to make Swindle see that the Decepticons are outnumbered.  Swindle reveals his new “invention”.  The combiner Menasor.

While Optimus Prime and Ultra Magnus are fighting Menasor, Bumblebee is attacked by Scrapper.  Before Scrapper can start the combination process to form Devestator, Thundercracker shoots him.  Bumblebee yells to Optimus Prime that he needs to force Menasor back into the individual Stunticons.   Optimus Prime defers command back to Bumblebee.  Bumblebee has the Autobots combine their fire on the individual limbs instead of all of Menasor.  While Menasor is weakened, Optimus Prime targets the Motormaster torso and Menasor falls.  Optimus Prime contacts Spike at Skywatch to take the Decepticons into custody.  To the Autobots’ dismay, Optimus Prime goes back into Skywatch custody.  Bumblebee is tired of being a fugitive of Skywatch, and even though he was betrayed by Horiuchi, he is open to talking to Spike.  Ultra Magnus plans to arrest Rodimus.  Bumblebee says that he is in charge on Earth, not Magnus.  He asks who Magnus even reports to, but Ultra Magnus wouldn’t say more than “a group of governors”.  Bumblebee asserts his leadership and stands up to Ultra Magnus.  In the meantime, Rodimus escapes by stealing Ultra Magnus’ ship.

(the following section is about the IDW Infestation storyline, it is unknown if this is canon or not since there are many continuity errors)

When Galvatron makes his way to Earth, he finds that Las Vegas has been infected by zombies.  He kills several in both of his modes.  One of the Zombies is a sweep.  He is assisted by Cyclonus and Scourge.  Optimus Prime, Prowl, Kup, Bumblebee, and Drift arrive to face off against the three evil Transformers (Remember, in IDW, Galvatron and his forces are NOT Decepticons).  Bumblebee tries to make Galvatron and his forces surrender.  Ratchet is impressed with how assertive Bumblebee is.  Bumblebee defers to Optimus Prime who temporarily retakes command of the Autobots.  Optimus and Galvatron face off, Optimus is optimistic because he has already defeated Galvatron in the past.  Galvatron shoves Optimus away and Bumblebee rushes to his side.  Spike joins the fight in his Skywatch mech.  Galvatron fires at Bumblebee and the rest of the Autobots fire on Galvatron.  Cyclonus and Bayonet (who is a weird inter dimensional vampire like creature who is making everyone think she is a transformer, but she won’t get a profile) counter attack.  Galvatron lifts up Optimus Prime and tells Optimus to bow to him.  Optimus Prime asks what Galvatron is doing on Earth and Galvatron says he doesn’t have time to explain.  .Galvatron kicks Optimus Prime and then tosses Bumblebee aside.  Spike and Skywatch focus their firepower on Galvatron.  Spike incorrectly refers to Galvatron as a Decepticon.  One of the Skywatch agents tries to put an inhibitor bolt on Galvatron, but he fails.  Skywatch gets two inhibitor bolts on Galvatron, but it doesn’t stop him.  Galvatron fires his cannon through one of the Skywatch mechs.  Bumblebee grabs a third inhibitor bolt and leaps towards Galvatron.  Galvatron is disabled.  Cyclonus and Bayonet raise their hands to surrender.  They want to ally themselves with the Autobots to stop the infestation.  Galvatron regains use of his body and tells the Autobots where the zombies came from (a different dimension’s space).  

Bayonet reveals her true colors, she isn’t a Transformer, but she is an interdimensional vampire named Britt.  Britt uses her magic on the Transformers, causing them pain.  She knows that their technology will not prevent her magic at all.  Britt reveals that she used her powers of perception to make everyone see her as a Transformer.  The Zombies (both human and robot) try to crowd Optimus Prime and Galvatron’s forces.  Prowl calculates that the living will lose to the dead.  Optimus Prime asks for suggestions.  Calmly (which doesn’t often happen with Galvatron), Galvatron explains he has a plan to use the Heart of Darkness.  Optimus Prime and Prowl transform to rush into battle with Galvatron, Cyclonus, and Scourge flying behind them. .  Both sides of Transformers regroup to make a battle plan.  Galvatron demands command of the Autobots.  Bumblebee refuses.  Galvatron tells everyone that the Infestation isn’t the biggest problem.  Wheeljack announces that the force dome that he created is running out of power and the zombies will soon be able to leave Las Vegas.

Britt plans to get Cybertron from a previous timeline to turn into a zombie army (or something like that, this whole storyline is really convoluted).  Prowl communicates with Kup (who is still infected and barely holding onto life) and tries to separate the virus from his core consciousness.  Prowl tries to get Kup to destroy the time portal that Britt made.  Kup is able to change the coordinates of the portal and the zombies, Britt, and Kup are sucked into the Dead Universe.  Galvatron retreats when the crisis is over and Jhiaxus makes a portal.

Bumblebee, Blurr, Ratchet, and Jetfire willingly go to the Skywatch base to start a joint operation.  The alliance is shaky but it is getting stronger all the time.  They are welcomed by Spike Witwicky.

The Autobots are given amnesty if they stay in the Skywatch base.   Jetfire is a little wary of the alliance because only a few weeks earlier, Skywatch was hunting the Autobots.  Bumblebee believes in the alliance.  Bumblebee tells Jetfire that Skywatch has given them all of the Energon they need as well as other things the Autobots asked for.  Bee also says that Skywatch has been as open with the Autobots as the Autobots have been with Skywatch.  Jetfire is still doubting the alliance, but Bumblebee says that if Skywatch is going to trust them, they need to trust Skywatch.  Spike joins the Autobots and says he needs to speak to the leader.  Cliffjumper says that Bumblebee is right there.  Spike says he wants to speak with Optimus Prime.  Spike briefs all of the Autobots and explains (again) that the Combaticons are working with North Korea.  Spike tells Bumblebee and Optimus that the Combaticons are too powerful for Skywatch to fight.  Bumblebee quickly agrees with Spike and forms a team to battle the Combaticons. Before the Autobots leave to fight the Combaticons, they watch the President address the nation. The President says that any nation harboring Cybertronians will be dealt with accordingly. Spike doesn’t acknowledge the orders and takes the Autobots to North Korea.

Bumblebee tries to recruit Thundercracker to become an Autobot and battle the Combaticons.

Thundercracker tells Bumblebee that he doesn’t want to fight him.  Bumblebee agrees and says he came to Thundercracker for help, not to fight.  Thundercracker is aware of what the Combaticons are doing by watching cable news.  Thundercracker tells Bumblebee that this isn’t his problem.  Bumblebee offers to be Thundercracker’s friend.  Thundercracker says that he hasn’t seen Bumblebee in four months and that doesn’t make them friends.  Bumblebee clarifies that he doesn’t want to make Thundercracker an Autobot, but he wants Thundercracker to be able to fight again, but this time for good.  Bumblebee has Cosmos disable spy satellites so the Autobots can transform in North Korea.

Prowl contacts Bumblebee and says that they have a problem.  Prowl tells Bumblebee that China has employed the Predacons. Bumblebee is still inside the Skywatch headquarters, he tells one of the agents to get the spy satellites on top of the battle so he can see what is going on.  The Skywatch agent tells Bee that he won’t have an opening for at least twenty minutes.  Bumblebee contacts Cosmos to help.   A Skywatch agent named Sandra starts to broadcast the battle live to everyone in the world.  A week later, Bumblebee realizes he has to address the human race.  Bumblebee, Bluestreak and Brawn go to a press conference.  He gives a very Optimus like speech to explain to the world that the Autobots are there to help.  A man in the crowd takes out a familiar looking Walther P-38 and fires.  He hits Bumblebee in the chest.

Security immediate grabs the shooter.  Bluestreak tells them not to hurt the shooter.  Brawn isn’t as nice.  The shooter starts ranting and raving that the Transformers need to be stopped.

Spike and another Skywatch agent ride in Jazz to save the Autobots since Jazz is the fastest.  Jazz and Skywatch find the captured Autobots in a park.  They are guarded by several humans who are armed with Decepticon weapons which look like Megatron’s gun mode.  Hoist cradles the barely alive Bumblebee.  Bumblebee regains consciousness after Soundwave is defeated.  Bumblebee talks to the last militia member with a Decepticon weapon.  Bumblebee tries to reason with the man, but the man is so afraid of Transformers that he wants to destroy all of them.  As the man is about to shoot Bumblebee, Jazz races into action.  He flips over Spike and kills the man.

Ratchet tries to repair Bumblebee’s leg, but he just doesn’t have the right parts.  Ratchet apologizes and Bumblebee is forced to use a cane until Ratchet can fabricate the right parts.  Bumblebee is just happy to be able to stand again.  He was stuck on a table for six weeks.  Bluestreak bursts into the medical bay and tells Bumblebee that he needs to see something.  Rodimus is back.  Everyone has assumed that Rodimus was dead.  The Autobots gather and see that Rodimus is back.  Rodimus is wearing the Matrix around his neck again.  Rodimus quickly asks Bumblebee where Optimus Prime is.  Bumblebee has no idea what is going on.   Optimus Prime tells the Autobots that Cybertron is habitable again, but Galvatron is out there forming an army.  Optimus plans to go back to Cybertron inside of Omega Supreme and tells the Autobots that he will take whoever wants to go with him.  All of the Autobots aside for Bumblebee plan to go back to Cybertron.  Bumblebee talks to Optimus privately.  He is insulted that Optimus Prime didn’t consult him before addressing the Autobots.   Bumblebee feels that no one respects him as leader now that the Matrix is back inside of Optimus Prime.  Optimus explains that he doesn’t want to give Bumblebee the burden of the Matrix.    Optimus tells Bumblebee that Bumblebee is the rightful leader of the Autobots.  Prowl enters the room to talk to Optimus Prime.  Bumblebee tells Optimus that he needs Ultra Magnus and a few other Autobots to stay on Earth with him.  While Ironhide is packing supplies into Omega Supreme, Bumblebee goes to talk to him.  Ironhide knows that some of the Autobots don’t believe that he is actually alive again.  Bumblebee says that if Optimus Prime trusts him, he will as well.  Bumblebee is conflicted because he is confused on if he is still leader. Bumblebee tells Prowl that he can’t hide anything from him from now on.

Bumblebee, Prowl, Streetwise, and Ultra Magnus “interview” Pennington to join the Autobots.  The Autobots “deputize” Pennington into the fold.   After the interview, Prowl goes into his office and Spike wants to talk to Prowl.  Spike is unhappy that a newscaster is making negative comments about the Autobots and asks Prowl what he plans to do about it.  Prowl tells him that he isn’t going to get involved and the newscaster has freedom of speech.  Spike tells Prowl that he is going to be off base for 36 hours.  Prowl asks what he is doing, and Spike says he has to do damage control in regards to the recent battle with Megatron.  Bumblebee and Jazz watch the conversation from another room.  Jazz is unhappy with how the events are playing out and Bumblebee explains that sometimes they have to do things that they don’t like.  Jazz would rather be hunting Decepticons on Earth.  Bumblebee reminds Jazz that the Decepticons are still a priority, but most of the Decepticons on Earth are severely damaged and pose no threat.  Also, Bumblebee doesn’t want to antagonize the humans by putting Jazz in the field again since he recently killed a human.  Jazz tries to convince Bumblebee to let him go, but Bumblebee’s decision is final.  Jazz storms off.  Prowl enters Bumblebee’s office to talk.  Prowl is concerned that Jazz will disrupt his investigation. Bumblebee tells Prowl to be easier on Jazz.  Prowl tells Bumblebee that Pennington is doing research for the Autobots.  Prowl is wary of where Spike is going, so he tells Bumblebee that he is going to give Spike a head start but then he is going to follow him.

Streetwise and Groove trick former Skywatch agent, Sandra, and bring her to the Skywatch base.  After Pennington has words with her, Bumblebee and Ultra Magnus talk to her.  Bumblebee apologizes for tricking her, but neither him or Magnus thought that Sandra would talk to them willingly.  Ultra Magnus tells Sandra that he doesn’t think she did anything wrong.  Bumblebee and Magnus want her to give them information about Spike.

Bumblebee gathers the few Earth bound Autobots to brief them on their next move.  Bumblebee tells the Autobots that they have a lead on where to find Simpson from Sandra.  The Autobots bring Swindle to their base to interrogate him. The Autobots hang Swindle, who is missing an arm, from the ceiling to interrogate him.  Swindle wants his arm back and the Autobots tell him that if he answers their questions, they will consider it.  Swindle asks the Autobots if they are willing to negotiate.  Ultra Magnus tells him that this isn’t a negotiation.  If he doesn’t cooperate, the Autobots will make everything a lot worse for Swindle.  Bumblebee asks Swindle where he got the technology to create the Simpson facsimile.  Swindle tells the Autobots that he didn’t find it, he built it himself.  Swindle reveals to the Autobots that he didn’t use the Simpson facsimile to sell weapons, he was selling them to Skywatch for the last few years.  That is how they got their advanced technology that they used so easily and quickly.  Bumblebee and Prowl rush out of the interrogation room.  Prowl asks Omega Supreme (remember, he is the Autobot base at the moment) where Spike is.  They learn that Spike left the Autobot Base 12 hours ago.  Omega Supreme then tells Bumblebee and Magnus that Pennington left the base 7 minutes ago.  Bumblebee is shocked since Pennington is confined to a wheelchair.  Omega Supreme tells Bee that Jazz transported Pennington out of the base.



Bumblebee had the standard weaponry of an Autobot. He did not display any special abilities

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