Generations Arcee Toy Review

Class- Deluxe


Arcee... how do I love thee? The first female Autobot to be in more than one episode. Arcee started out as many great female characters in the 70s/80s/90s (Ripley, Laurie Strode, T2 Sarah Connor) as a strong character who didn't need saving (In TF The movie) but then once season 3 started, she became used less and less and then needed saving a few times. But I love Arcee as a character so much. In the 80s, there was a planned Arcee figure but toy companies didn't think that boys would buy female characters. Arcee first got her own figure in Energon, but that wasn't REALLY Arcee. In CHUG we finally got Arcee. Was it worth waiting for???

Bot Mode-

CHUG Arcee is one of my favorite figures in my collection that isn't a 3P figure. She is as close to being a perfect figure that I honestly can't think of how she can be remade where I would want to get another Arcee. Case in point, the upcoming Earthrise Arcee. No plan at all to get her. None what so ever. From what I've seen, she looks inferior to a figure which came out about 10 years earlier. This Arcee is about 85% G1 and about 15% IDW. A perfect balance where she has enough of both camps of Arcee where it works. First, the only bad part about this figure, she doesn't have 5mm hands. She has unique square holes in her hands, so you can't use any other weapons that weren't made specifically for her. That's not such a bad thing (see Accessories for more). Arcee has a bunch of great engineering. Her head sculpt is spot on and has something a lot of more recent figures DON'T have. Light piping. So her blue eyes glow which is awesome. She is primarily pink with some black and white through out her body. Her hands have black fingerless gloves on them and it is breaks up all the pink really nicely. Her toes are black, her legs are primarily white with blue squares on them. She has a bit of a backpack, but the cartoon model has a backpack, so this is totally cool. Her articulation is not as great as some modern figures, she lacks waist swivel, other than that she is really good. Her head can move naturally. Her arms can move up and down and in and out. There is bicep swivel and elbow bend. The legs are very thin and feminine looking and they can move up and down and in and out as well as knee bend. She has notches on her legs which you can plug her swords into.


Arcee's transformation isn't hard, but it is pretty funI was able to do it without instructions or a video. For complexity, I rate it a 5.25 out of 10. For fun, a 7 out of 10

Vehicle Mode-

Arcee's vehicle mode is as successful as her robot mode. It really looks like it jumps off the screen of TF The Movie. She is a psuedo futuristic (remember, Arcee was introduced in what was meant to be the year 2005) roadster. She keeps the same color scheme but adds blue headlights and a clear blue windshield. There are black wheels which are only partially visible. She is a convertable but the seats can't accommodate any type of Titan Master or other figure. Which is fine because Arcee is not a Titans Return figure. She tabs together well, there is virtually no robot parts visible, and she rolls well.


Arcee just keeps getting better and better through out this review. She comes with four, yes FOUR accessories. Something which is almost unheard of today in 2020 (at least for most Deluxe figures). She comes with two aqua colored swords which kind of make me think they are energy swords like a lightsaber. At first I didn't know why Arcee came with swords but then I started reading IDW and she had swords in those books. Arcee also comes with two different guns which she holds very well and both look really cool. As I mentioned earlier, her hands are uniquely shaped so they are not 5mm.

3rd Party Add Ons-

BEELZEBOSS came out with a multipack of accessories for the 3 females in IDW (Chromia, Windblade, and Arcee). This set comes with a massive sword for Arcee. It looks insane but I love it with the figure.


Perfect in almost every way. This is a figure which was worth waiting decades for.


Minor gripe, she doesn't have 5mm hands


CHUG Arcee is near perfect in every way. She is one of those figures that I honestly can't think of how Hasbro or Takara can make a better version that I would plan to get. Case in point, Earthrise Arcee. No intention at all in getting her unless either my CHUG Arcee breaks or she gets some amazing reviews, but even then, I just don't see the point. I rate CHUG Arcee 9.25 out of 10

Retools and Repaints-

Titan Hunter Arcee (redeco)
TFCC Lifeline (redeco)



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