CHUG Bumblebee Toy Review

Class- Deluxe


G1 Bumblebee was always one of my favorite characters. When I was 4, my mom made me a Bumblebee cake for my birthday (I gotta see if I can track down any pics of that). I stopped collecting (Temporarily) around 2004 or 2005. Whenever Cybertron came out. CHUG Bumblebee is one of those figures who I remember so specifically when I got him. I was REALLY sick and took the day off from work. I went to Target to get some medicine and saw CHUG Bee. I wasn't collecting transformers at that time, but I knew I had to get him. I even took him out of the packaging in the car just so I could transform him.

Bot Mode-

So CHUG Bee looks like Bumblebee in the best possible way without him being a 100% licenced VW Bug. So he doesn't have the 100% screen accurate vehicle kibble on him, but he looks phenominal. Obviously, Bumblebee is primarily yellow. He has some black and silver and gray through out his body. His face is silver and has a warm smile on it and his trademark horns. His hands are black and are 5mm. Being a figure that came out about 15 years ago, he is a little bit dated, but still holds up well at the same time. He has wrist swivel, his head can turn, his arms can move up and down and a little outwards. He has good bend at the elbow. His legs can do a front kick or a side kick and there is knee bend. VERY slight ankle tiltage. He comes with a trailer which is a jet ski which can attach to Bee as a jetpack, but I lost that accessory over a decade ago. The nice thing about Bumblebee is that he is a deluxe, but a small deluxe. So he displays well with other figures. For a very long time, this was my end all be all Bumblebee. Oh, he has a pretty big backpack


Bumblebee's transformation is pretty fun and not incredibly challenging. I was able to transform him for the first time with a shit load of cold medicine in me in a car without instructions. For complexity, I rate the transformation a 5.25 out of 10. For fun, a 7.5 out of 10.

Vehicle Mode-

Bumblebee's vehicle mode is a stylized VW Bug. Stylized just enough for Hasbro not to have to pay fees to Volkswagon for it. He is primarily yellow with a white stripe on the roof, a gray grill, clear windows (I think I would've rather had either black or blue windows and not clear). He has black wheels and a trailer hitch. He tabs together well and rolls well. There is little if any robot kibble visible in the vehicle mode unless you turn him over. He has a spoiler which is gray and that is a detail which I don't think I've ever seen a real VW Bug have. All in all, a successful vehicle mode. 


Bumblebee comes with a jetski on a trailer which transforms into a jetpack.

3rd Party Add Ons-

There are a bunch of add on kits for Bee and I'm going to come back in a day or two to list them. A lot of them are sets which turn Bee into either Goldbug or Hubcap


This was one of my top 10 figures in my collection until recently. an almost perfect figure


Needs a gun

What would Seth have done differently?

Well, I would've not used clear plastic for the windows. I rarely ever like clear plastic as windows. I would've omitted the backpack (he never used one in the show that looked like this) and replaced it with a weapon.


Until I saw the Walmart Netflix Bumblebee, I honestly thought I would never get another Bumblebee figure. Until recently, this was a near perfect figure. I still really like this figure a lot though, which is great because he is about 15 years old at the point I am writing this review. I rate CHUG Bumblebee an 8.75 out of 10.

American Retools and Repaints-

CHUG Cliffjumper (redeco)

(I do not own any of the below figures nor will I)

Botcon Bug Byte (redeco)

TF THe movie (2007) 3 pack with CHUG Bee in it (redeco)

Henkei Bumblebee (redeco)

2011 CHUG Bumblebee (orange redeco)

Transformers United Bumblebee (gold japanese redeco)


I’m actually really surprised that Hasbro and Takara, or even eHobby, made the diaclone Exhaust figure as a slight retool of Wheeljack.


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