CHUG Rhinox Toy Review

Size - Voyager


Thrillin 30's had some really amazing figures in it. It was the Generations line that really went beyond GEEWUN stuff, and incorporated some things from other continuities. We got Armada Starscream (and his retool/repaints), CHUG Rattrap, and my personal favorite of the non geewun stuff, CHUG Rhinox. When I started collecting Transformers as a kid, it was towards the end of the first season of Beast Wars. So I wasn't able to get a screen accurate Rhinox. Sure, I filled that hole in with Transmetal Rhinox, but Rhinox was the only first season Maximal who never got rebuilt or upgraded. Also, Rhinox shouldn't be a deluxe sized figure (which the original and Transmetal versions were). Rhinox is HUGE. In the first or second episode of Beast Wars, Optimus Primal rode him into battle. When the Takara Legends Blackarachnia came out, I started collecting Beast Wars stuff again. Not as much as I did when I was a kid, but Rhinox was on the short list of a character I needed to get.

Bot Mode-

CHUG Rhinox looks like he jumped off the tv screen and became an action figure. I really can't think of many figures of that era who were so right in so many ways. He is big, imposing, but at the same time, friendly looking. He is primarily brown and there are a lot of chunks of brown rhino parts on him, which is screen accurate. His chest is made up of his rhino lower mouth. The top half of his rhino head is his back pack. He also has red eyes and a lot of green. He looks amazing. He has all of the articulation that you would expect a figure to have. His arms move up and down and in and out. Bicep swivel, thigh swivel. Elbow bend, knee bend. head moves right and left. He has open hands (which I always prefer) which can accomodate 5mm handled weapons.


When Beast Wars was on TV and that was THE ONLY toyline at the time, most of the four legged characters had pretty much the same transformation. CHUG Rhinox is a little more complicated than just standing up the figure and moving some panels, but it is really fulfilling. For complexity, I rate it a 5.75 out of 10. For fun, a 6.75 out of 10.

Beast Mode-

Not going to lie, I like the beast mode, but it could be a lot better. In beast mode, he basically has the same articulation as a figure from 1996. He is pretty brick like and I would've loved to have seen a little more articulation in the legs. But other than that, its a brown rhino with white toes. Looks great.


When the original Beast Wars Rhinox came out, he DIDN'T have his trademark Gattling Guns of Death. The writers of Beast Wars really took some great liberties in reporposing a really lame accessory that few can even describe. But CHUG Rhinox... he not only comes with his Gattling Gun of Death, he comes with TWO of them. And they are beautiful. Green and brown gattling guns which are some of the most perfect weapons of any transformer ever.

3rd Party Add Ons-



This is a great looking figure with a fun transformation and great accessories. I would have NO hesitation giving him to a child to play with.


I would've liked to have seen some more leg articulation in beast mode.


While not the favorite figure in my collection, I realy love this figure a lot. He only has a few small faults, but is a lot of fun. I rate CHUG Rhinox an 8.75 out of 10

American Retools and Repaints-




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