Starscream Skywarp and Thundercracker CHUG Toy Review

Size - Deluxe



So, since the 3 Seekers from season one G1 are so similar, instead of doing 3 reviews which will basically say the same thing aside for color, I decided to do one larger review that incorporates all of them.  

What started out as just Starscream has been retooled and redecoed probably more than any other mold in the history of Transformers.  Also, these characters get a tremendous debate on what size they should be, Deluxe, Voyager, or Leader.  When I started collecting Transformers again, after a decade long hiatus, I knew I had to get the seekers.  I had seeker-esque figures in Armada, but never G1 designed Seekers.  So with some time and money, I got the main 3 from G1.  Starscream first came out in 2006 in the first wave of Classics, Skywarp soon followed in a 2 pack with a redecoed Optimus Prime as Ultra Magnus, and years later Thundercracker came.  Numerous other repaints and redecos have come out in various retail and club sets including a Botcon set which included a Thundercracker with a different deco and the Coneheads with different paint than the later mass-released Coneheads.    

Bot Mode-

Starscream, Thundercracker, and Skywarp all share the same mold with no visible alterations, which is fine because in all forms of G1 media, they all looked the same aside for color.  They are somewhat well proportioned except for the arms (which could be a little longer).  They have removable blasters on their arms and the traditional cockpit for a chest.  There is movement at the shoulders (up and down and out a little bit),  elbows (up and down), and legs.   In a move I really don’t like, their nosecone is behind the head and looks a bit awkward.  But I understand why they did that for the inevitable Conehead retools.  They have 5mm hands which can hold other weapons which aren’t included with them.  Their color schemes reflect their character from G1 (see pics BELOW).  Even though they came out in 2006, they still work well today in a CHUG display, but are a bit dated. Their articulation is limited. The weapons kinda sorta fall off the arms. the proportions aren't perfect. And you can see the nose of the plane hanging behind the robot head.


For complexity, I remember Starscream giving me a tiny bit of trouble the first time I tried to transform him, but after the first time it became very easy.  I rate the complexity as a 4.5 out of 10.  For Fun, I rate their transformation a 6.5 out of 10.

Vehicle Mode-

In vehicle mode, the Seekers are (I think) F-15 Jet Fighters just as they were in G1.  In more modern interpretations of the Seekers (IE IDW Comics), the seekers are Raptor Jets but I really like the nostalgia factor.  They look really good but have a little bit of bot mode kibble in their jet mode.  Their blasters are able to be detached from Bot mode and attached to the wings of vehicle mode.  The cockpit hatch does NOT open, which is fine to me since there isn’t any mini figure small enough to fit in the cockpit.  


All of the Seekers come with 2 blasters which attach to their arms in Bot mode and wings in vehicle mode.  They have a missile, which fires, that makes up the majority of the laser blaster.

3rd Party Add Ons-

Dr Wu put out “Not Kid Friendly” Blasters for each seeker in their respective colors.  Dr Wu also made a small Classics inspired Megatron in blaster mode which a Decepticon can hold and a small G1 inspired Megatron in gun mode which the seekers can hold.  They aren’t officially for the Seekers, but when Megatron went into gun mode, it was usually a seeker who held him, so I figured it was worth mentioning here.


For a mold designed for a 2006 toyline, it's.... okay. Not amazing. I defintely liked this mold a lot more when I first got it around 2014 than how much I like it now. I really appreciated how they used the basic mold so many times without giving it mold fatigue. But again, this mold was great in 2014 when i first got it, I'm really ready to retire them if Earthrise puts out all of the Seekers and hopefully the Coneheads in 2020


The vehicle mode has a little more kibble than i'd like, but for a figure designed in 2006, it isn't horrible. The articulation is kind of crappy. It really needs more articulation in the arms. Bicep swivel and wrist swivel to name a fre


For 2006 when they came out, i would give them an 8 out of 10. But today... hate to say it but a 5 out of 10. As I mentioned earlier in the review, i am really looking forward to retiring my CHUG Seekers for Earthrise Seekers

American Retools and Repaints-

I know I am going to most likely miss a few, so I'll come back to this in a day or two to finalize it by looking at the wiki. But off the top of my head

CHUG Starscream II (just a redeco of Starscream)
CHUG Skywarp
Botcon Thundercracker
CHUG Thundercracker
CHUG Thrust
Botcon Thrust
CHUG Dirge
Botcon Dirge
CHUG Ramjet
TFCC G2 Ramjet
Acid Storm
Botcon Yellow Rainmaker (Sunstorm)
Botcon Light Blue Rainmaker
Botcon Purple Rainmaker
TFCC Nacelle






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