CHUG Wheeljack Toy Review

Class- Deluxe


As a kid, I was a bit of a nerd, well I still am, obviously.  I mean I made a Transformers website.  But I always felt a slight kinship with Wheeljack because he was a nerd like me.  The Autobot engineer was actually the first Transformer ever shown in the cartoon and was a significant character in the cartoon.  So it was obvious that I would get a figure of him when I restarted my collection.  I debated long and hard of which Wheeljack I should get though, Combiner Wars or CHUG, and ultimately CHUG won out.  Did I make the right choice???

Bot Mode-

Wheeljack has a great bot mode.  He looks just like how Wheeljack should look, kinda fat and stubby, but futuristic at the same time.  I always liked that there were a few Autobots whose specialties weren’t combat, and even though Wheeljack did see his share of combat, his biggest victories were on the Ark.  It makes sense that his body isn’t lean for combat since he is an engineer first, and a warrior second.  As I mentioned earlier, Wheeljack’s body is a bit on the stubby side.  He is primarily white with a lot of different colorful details.  The bland white has a lot of green and red which makes the figure pop visually.  He has his trademark face which his kind of hard to explain if you haven’t seen it, but I’ll try.  It is a rounder face with two lights on the side which flashed when he spoke.  It looks great.  On either side of his head are removable weapons/tools.  I’ve seen people use these as tools for Wheeljack or keep them plugged in as lasers.  This takes the place of the G1 Wheeljack’s shoulder missile launcher.  The tools are 5mm compatible too.  Also, on his shoulders are wings.  He does suffer from having a pretty big backpack.  Wheeljack has a good amount of articulation.  He has ball joints on his shoulders and legs, his elbows have a good range of motion, his knees are a little restricted but not enough to be an issue.  His head spins.  He has upper arm swivel and waist swivel. Also, his wrists are articulated.  Aside for having a pretty large backpack, Wheeljack’s bot mode is very successful.


Wheeljack has a really fun transformation.  For fun, out of 10, I rate his transformation a 7.25 and for complexity, it is pretty comparable to most CHUG Deluxes and gets a 6 out of 10.

Vehicle Mode-

Wheeljack’s vehicle mode is as great as his bot mode.  I really love it.  It his an updated version of his G1 vehicle mode, but it works more for me than his G1 vehicle mode.  His original vehicle mode was some sort of 80s sports car/race car (I think it was Italian but I could be wrong), and now it resembles more of an 80s IROC Camaro.  He keeps the primary white colors with the red and green details.  His weapon/tools un-clip from his body and form pipes on the side of the car.  He has opaque dark windows.  Everything pegs together really well and he rolls very well.  


Wheeljack comes with three accessories.  A gun and two weapon/tools.  The gun is small but effective and can fit in his hands as well as plug into his shoulder to emulate the shoulder missile launcher that G1 Wheeljack had.  The weapon/tools are pretty ambiguous accessories.  They plug into his backpack in bot mode, but they can be unclipped to act as tools for Wheeljack to use while fixing Autobots or creating his newest invention.  Wheeljack’s accessory compliment is very satisfying, and all of the accessories feel appropriate.

3rd Party Add Ons-

There are no official 3rd party additions to Wheeljack, but I got some tools on shapeways for him.


This figure is a REALLY good representation of Wheeljack.  It displays well, has a satisfying transformation, and great play value.  Aside for the accessories being a little small, I would have no hesitation giving CHUG Wheeljack to a child to play with.


No major problems with this figure


I am very happy that I chose CHUG Wheeljack over Combiner Wars Wheeljack.  The character was a great character in G1 and his updated figure really reflects some thoughtful engineering.  I give CHUG Wheeljack a 7.25 out of 10. I love this figure, but I have a feeling he will be replaced by Earthrise Wheeljack.

American Retools and Repaints-

Tracks (retool)
Botcon Shattered Glass Tracks (repaint of a retool)

I’m actually really surprised that Hasbro and Takara, or even eHobby, made the diaclone Exhaust figure as a slight retool of Wheeljack.





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