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Cliffjumper may look like a red Bumblebee, but personality wise, he couldn’t be more different.  Cliffjumper was a hot headed warrior.  

Cliffjumper was first shown on Earth after the Autobots were rebuilt.  He joins Hound in doing recon for Optimus Prime.  At first, Cliffjumper doesn’t seem to like Earth and plans on leaving quickly.  Cliffjumper and Hound watch as Megatron and the Decepticons build a new spaceship.  Cliffjumper tries to assassinate Megatron with a bazooka, but misses.  Megatron sends Laserbeak to see who shot at him, and Cliffjumper and Hound transform into vehicle mode to escape.  Cliffjumper and Hound split up, but Laserbeak fires a drone at Cliffjumper to destroy him.  Cliffjumper destroys the drone with gas coming out of his rear (like a robot fart, but deadly).  Cliffjumper brings Ratchet and Hauler to the damaged Hound and makes sure he gets repaired.  Cliffjumper is extremely apologetic that he caused his friend to get hurt.  Hound jokes that the only thing Cliffjumper should be sorry about is missing Megatron.  Cliffjumper goes back into battle soon after, this time with a larger force of Autobots.  The Autobots track the Decepticons to an off shore oil platform.  Once they arrive, the Decepticons attack.  After a brief battle, Megatron damages the oil rig and retreats with the Decepticons.  The workers are saved and Cliffjumper returns to the Ark with the rest of the Autobots.

Cliffjumper joins the Autobots to defend Sherman Dam against the Decepticons.

Hound makes a holographic rocket base and Cliffjumper is sent to fight the Decepticons.  His smaller stature makes him a perfect stand in for part of the staff of the fake base.  Megatron knew it was a trap and the Autobots plan wasn’t successful.  While the Autobots were trying to ambush the Decepticons, the real Decepticons were gathering enough energy to return to Cybertron.  Optimus Prime asks for volunteers to attack the Decepticon base.  He wants to prevent the Decepticons from returning to Cybertron.  Cliffjumper chooses to be part of the Autobot attack force.  The Autobots arrive at the same time that the Decepticons are boarding their ship.  During the battle, Cliffjumper saves Sparkplug from being attacked by Ravage.  During the battle, The Autobots have the upper hand in the battle, but the Decepticons retreat to their space cruiser.

In the brief period of peace, when the Decepticons were thought to be defeated, Cliffjumper walks outside of the Ark and sees an ominous shadow.  He fires on it, thinking that it is a Decepticon, but it was just a pile of rocks.  After months of peace, the Decepticons resurface and attack a solar power plant.  Optimus Prime organizes a team of Autobots to stop them.  Cliffjumper is included in the team.  The Autobots crash into the power plant and fight the Decepticons.  Cliffjumper tries to engage Megatron in battle.  Cliffjumper is no match for Megatron who swats him away like a fly.  Cliffjumper and Gears then try to stop Starscream from escaping.  Starscream fires at them, hitting the ground, but knocking the two Autobots down.  

After Starscream temporarily becomes leader of the Decepticons, he attacks a hydroelectric dam with Thundercracker and Soundwave.  Optimus Prime takes Cliffjumper and Brawn to stop them.  Like always, Cliffjumper rushes into battle without thinking.  Thundercracker takes a pylon and hits Cliffjumper with it, knocking him away.  Starscream then grabs a piece of machinery to crush Cliffjumper, but Optimus Prime saves him.

When the Decepticons are causing climate change by stealing Earth’s thermal energy from the Arctic, Cliffjumper is part of the assault team to stop the Decepticons.  When they get to the Arctic, Skyfire attacks and the Autobots scatter.  Cliffjumper and Hound are pined down by the massive Decepticon, but Cliffjumper sees that Spike and Sparkplug are trapped on a floating chunk of ice.  He and Hound want to save their friends, but they can’t leave their cover.  The battle ends when Skyfire brings Spike and Sparkplug to Megatron.  The Autobots are separated into two groups when a few of them fall through the ice.  Cliffjumper hears Spike calling for help and rushes to save him and Sparkplug.  Cliffjumper reaches the captured humans and breaks them out of their ice cage.  The Autobots start to look for the missing Autobots, but Cliffjumper is attacked by Ravage.  Cliffjumper is knocked to the ground.  Optimus Prime saves Cliffjumper when he fires on Ravage.  The Autobots are reunited, but are attacked while Ratchet repairs Skyfire.

Sparkplug is kidnapped by the Decepticons, Cliffjumper is one of the Autobots who attempts to get him back.  Cliffjumper uses his sensor array to guide Brawn who was digging a tunnel under the ocean.  Windcharger’s magnetic abilities help the three Autobots find the Decepticon base.  Once they detect the base, Brawn punches a hole in the tunnel.  Cliffjumper, Brawn, and Windcharger swim to the underwater Decepticon headquarters.  Cliffjumper uses his glass gas to create an opening in the Decepticon stronghold.  The three Autobots save Sparkplug and bring him home.  Before the Autobots can catch their breath, Megatron leads the Decepticons to attack them again.  Sparkplug turned Teletran 1 off and in doing so, all of the Autobot defenses.  Since Sparkplug was working on “repairing” the Autobots who saved him, them and their weapons start to malfunction.  Before Megatron can destroy the Autobots, Spike quickly repairs Teletran 1 and activates the Autobot defenses

The Autobots track Megatron to a tropical island where he is using slaves to put Energon Cubes in his ship. Cliffjumper wants to leap into battle, but Optimus Prime won’t let him.  Optimus doesn’t want any of the mind controlled humans to be hurt in the battle. Once the mind controlled slaves are out of harms way, the Autobots attack.   The Autobots are about to be defeated when Skyfire arrives with reinforcements. The Autobots are victorious when they destroy Megatron’s ship.. The explosion caused by the Energon Cubes inside of it knocks Cybertron out of Earth’s orbit.

Megatron shows up alive and the Autobots start to hunt him.  Cliffjumper joins the Autobot search party.  Megatron orders the Decepticons to lead the Autobots into a canyon filled with quicksand.  Cliffjumper is sinking in the quicksand, but digs himself out by transforming. They transform and travel to the lab.  Optimus Prime and Megatron work together to save the Earth and the Autobots return home.

When Megatron approaches the Autobot base alone, Cliffjumper is the first to attack.  He sends out a stream of his glass gas and it solidifies around Megatron.  Megatron frees himself from the sphere.  Megatron challenges to a one on one battle to end the war.  When the Autobots travel to watch the fight, Cliffjumper joins.  

Cliffjumper goes with the Autobots into the forest to help Wheeljack test his new invention, the Immobilizer.

When the Dinobots damage the Ark, Cliffjumper, Ironhide and Sideswipe want to attack the Dinobots.  Optimus Prime won’t let them.  Time portals start opening up all over, Cliffjumper travels with Tracks and Seaspray to save a yacht which is being attacked by pirates.  Cliffjumper uses his hydrofoils to travel on the water.  Cliffjumper shatters the pirates’ swords with his blaster.  After Tracks incapacitates the pirates and frees the yacht, Seaspray and Cliffjumper push the pirate ship into the time portal.

Cliffjumper speeds into the Ark.  He was successful in locating energy traces of a device that the Decepticons stole.  Optimus Prime asks where he found the energy signature, and he tells the Autobots that he discovered the energy signature in a location Mirage claimed he searched previously.  Cliffjumper implies that Mirage kept the information to himself.  Optimus Prime and the Autobots go to recover the Electro Cells.  Cliffjumper guides the Autobots to a valley where the Decepticons are unsuccessfully trying to make Energon Cubes.  When they arrive, Cliffjumper points out that Mirage made a false claim about the Decepticons.  Laserbeak discovers the Autobots and they leap into the valley to battle the Decepticons.  Cliffjumper comments again that he needs to remind Mirage that the Decepticons are their enemies.  As Cliffjumper runs into battle, he is attacked by Rumble.  He evades Rumble and sees an Electro Cell.  He tries to acquire it, but Starscream gets in his way.  Starscream shoots Cliffjumper and he falls to the ground.  Cliffjumper distracts Starscream by pretending that Optimus Prime is about to help him.  Starscream is caught off guard and Cliffjumper shoots him.  Cliffjumper tries to shoot Shrapnel out of the sky but misses.  Then Shrapnel transforms into robot mode and fires on Cliffjumper, his accuracy is as bad as Cliffjumper’s.  Shrapnel continues to shoot his weapon at Cliffjumper, but he jumps to avoid each blast.  During the battle, Shrapnel hits the Electro Cells with his blaster accidentally.  They start to explode.  The Autobots retreat so the Electro Cells won’t be in further jeopardy of destroying the Earth.  Cliffjumper watches Ratchet repair Mirage’s battle damage.  He blames Mirage for the failed mission and says that if Mirage was honest, they would’ve already reclaimed the Electro Cells.  Optimus sends Cliffjumper to watch the Decepticons and to report back if they try to move the Electro Cells.  Cliffjumper stays hidden while he observes the Decepticons.  He then sees Mirage approaching with Energon Cubes.  He realizes that Mirage is a traitor and aims his pistol at Mirage.  Before he can fire, the Insecticons fly to the base.  Cliffjumper is distracted and doesn’t see Mirage cloak himself and walk off.  Before Cliffjumper can return to the Autobot base to report what he learned to Optimus Prime, Starscream discovers him.  Starscream points his blaster at Cliffjumper and is ready to fire.  Before he can, he is momentarily distracted giving Cliffjumper the opportunity to transform.  Cliffjumper rams into Starscream in vehicle mode, knocking the Decepticon down.  He returns to the Ark and reports to Optimus Prime what he witnessed.  Optimus Prime is skeptical that Mirage has defected.  Cliffjumper, Optimus, and Ratchet go to investigate.  When the three Autobots return to the Decepticon base, they see the aftermath of a battle, but the Decepticons and Insecticons are gone.  Cliffjumper promises Optimus that he gave an accurate report.  Mirage reveals himself and says that he defeated the Decepticons and Insecticons on his own (he is actually being mind controlled).  Cliffjumper calls him a liar, but Optimus gives Mirage the chance to talk.  Optimus asks Mirage if he really did bring Energon Cubes to the Decepticons.  Mirage admits that he did to create conflict between the Decepticons and Insecticons.  The Autobots then attempt to recover the Electro Cells.  Mirage leads the Autobots into an ambush, the Decepticons fire at the Autobots from the air.  Mirage spins out and transforms, he starts firing at the Autobots.  Cliffjumper approaches him with blaster in hand, ready to fire.  Instead, he punches Mirage in the face and lifts him over his head.  Cliffjumper tosses Mirage to the ground.  Ratchet discovers that Mirage was being controlled by Bombshell’s Cerebro Shells.  Cliffjumper is relieved that Mirage isn’t actually a traitor.  Cliffjumper, Ratchet, and Mirage give Optimus Prime cover fire while he attacks the Decepticon base alone to recover the Electro Cells.  The Autobots win the battle when Megatron destroys the Electro Cells and the Decepticons retreat.

While the Autobots are installing Wheeljack’s new security upgrades, Cliffjumper rushes to Optimus to tell him that Dr. Fujiama is trying to contact him.  Cliffjumper goes to Japan with the Autobots to provide protection for Dr. Fujiama’s creation, the robot named Nightbird.  The Decepticons attack the auditorium to steal the robot.  Cliffjumper shoots Rumble to stop him from using his pile drivers to create an earthquake.  The battle ends when Starscream, Thundercracker, and Skywarp rip the ceiling off of the building and steal Nightbird.    The Autobots discover Nightbird has broken into the Ark.  Optimus Prime, Jazz, Cliffjumper, and Bluestreak try to corner her in a hallway, but she attacks them with buzz saws.  Then she  creates a strobe effect which blinds the Autobots.  She is able to escape with a data chip which contains information about all of the Earth’s energy supplies.  Cliffjumper is one of the Autobots to travels into the desert to track Nightbird down. Nightbird fights Optimus Prime, and Cliffjumper wants to shoot her.  Optimus Prime orders the Autobots to not fire on Nightbird.  He wants to return her to her creator in one piece.   Cliffjumper notices that Nightbird left her sword behind, he gives it to Optimus Prime.  After Nightbird defeats the Autobots in battle, Hound uses his advanced sensors to lead the Autobots to her. The Autobots transform to capture her but she escapes again.  The Autobots leap onto the canyon walls to chase Nightbird.  Cliffjumper looses his footing, but Brawn catches him.  When the Autobots catch up to Nightbird, she fights them again.  Cliffjumper tries to use his glass gas to subdue Nightbird, but she throws Bluestreak’s missile in the opening on Cliffjumper’s arm, clogging up the glass gas.  Eventually, the Autobots create an electromesh cage and capture Nightbird.  While Nightbird is struggling to get out of the cage, she drops the data chip.  Cliffjumper goes to pick it up, but Megatron shoots him. .  Cliffjumper tries to grab the data chip, but Bombshell prevents him from grabbing it.  Bombshell steals the chip and flies into the air.  Ultimately, Starscream uses his null rays to deactivate Nightbird and flies away.  The Decepticons chase him and the Autobots recover the data chip.

The Decepticons kidnap Gears to steal one of his computer chips to complete a new invention of Megatron’s.  The machine creates solar flares for the Decepticons to create Energon Cubes from.  The solar flares cause earthquakes world wide.  While the Autobots are standing outside of their headquarters, an earthquake sends rocks from the mountain falling towards the Autobots.  Cliffjumper is about to be crushed, but Ironhide gets him out of danger.  Cliffjumper travels to Africa with the Autobots to stop the Decepticons and save Gears.  When the Autobots reach the Decepticon jungle base, Cliffjumper wants to leap into action and start firing his blaster at Decepticons.  Bumblebee doesn’t want Gears to get hurt in the cross fire.  Optimus Prime says it is a risk they have to take. The Autobots fire on the device to save the sun and prevent Earth’s destruction.  Optimus Prime puts Gears at risk when he orders all of the Autobots to shoot Megatron’s Solar Needle with their blasters.  The Autobots’ attack is reflected back at them by a force field Megatron erected around the Solar Needle.  Optimus Prime realizes that the invisible force field surrounds every part of the Solar Needle except where the solar energy is being fed into the machine.  Optimus figures that if the energy was blocked, the machine will explode.  Optimus Prime is prepared to sacrifice himself to save the Earth.  Ironhide tries to convince him not to, but before Optimus can attempt to destroy the machine, Cliffjumper transforms into vehicle mode and leaps into the machine.  Cliffjumper disrupts the force field and the Autobots attack.  The Autobots have the Decepticons at gun point, but Megatron is holding Optimus Prime as a hostage.  Optimus Prime tells the Autobots to disregard Megatron and to destroy the Solar Needle.  The Autobots can’t, they drop their weapons and surrender.  The Autobots can’t, they drop their weapons and surrender.  Optimus Prime convinces Gears to disable the Solar Needle and the sun doesn’t explode.  The Autobots rush into battle.  They defeat the Decepticons and fully disable the Solar Needle.

Cliffjumper joins the Autobots when they investigate a mass of energy filled crystals in a valley.  Cliffjumper wants to get closer to the crystals to get a sample, but Optimus Prime prevents him from leaping into the valley.  Optimus tells Cliffjumper to get a sensor reading first.  It turns out that the crystals can destroy any thing that is electronic with a mere touch.  Before the Autobots can continue their study, Starscream leads the Decepticons to attack the Autobots.  The Decepticons quickly retreat and the Autobots return to the Ark.  Megatron creates a clone of Optimus Prime under his control, and that is the Optimus that goes back to the Ark with the Autobots.  When the real Optimus returns to the Autobot base, the Autobots set up a series of tests to figure out who is who.    The Autobots travel to the desert to a crevice filled with energy crystals.  It is a trap and the Decepticons immediately attack.  After Clone Optimus destroys a clone of Starscream, the Autobots accept the clone as the real article.  Windcharger emerges from the energy crystals and tells the Autobots that Spike has been captured by the Decepticons.  Clone Optimus doesn’t try to save Spike, and this tips the Autobots off on which Optimus is real.  Together, the Autobots shoot Clone Optimus and send him into the energy crystals where he is destroyed.

Cliffjumper, and several other Autobots meet Optimus Prime and a smaller team in South America.  They join the battle just as Megatron enhanced himself with a device called the Star Drive (aka the Heart of Cybertron).  Megatron defeats the Autobots in battle.  Together, the Autobots fire their weapons at a hill causing a rock slide.  The Decepticons are buried and the Autobots return to base to repair themselves.  Megatron attacks the Ark on his own.  Windcharger and Cliffjumper race out of the Ark to fight Megatron.  Cliffjumper speeds towards Megatron, but Megatron fires at the rock wall surrounding the Ark.  Cliffjumper is buried in rocks.  Like every other battle, Megatron winds up losing.

Cliffjumper is part of an Autobot strike force that Optimus Prime creates to save Grapple, Hoist, and their Solar Tower from the Decepticons and Constructicons.  When the Autobots reach the Solar Tower, Optimus Prime orders them to attack.  The Autobots stay in vehicle mode and shoot lasers out of their headlights.  The Constructicons merge into Devestator and attack the Autobots.   Cliffjumper transforms and tries to use his glass gas to damage Devestator.  The combiner creates a strong wind with his arms and the glass gas dissipates.  After Smokescreen makes Devestator’s foot get stuck in the Solar Tower, the Autobots combine their fire power and attack Devestator.  Devestator and the Solar Tower fall apart.

When the mayor of Central City declares an Autobot Day holiday, Cliffjumper is part of the parade in vehicle mode.  Shawn Berger interrupts the ceremony with tapes of fake Autobots attacking an oil refinery.  Also a tape of a fake Optimus Prime with a fake Wheeljack using a device to turn the Decepticons evil.  The Autobots return to the Ark to plan how to clear their names.  Optimus Prime has no idea how the Autobots can clear their name.  The next thing they know, Shawn Berger is approaching the Ark with a platoon of his tanks.  Ironhide and Cliffjumper want to fight, but Optimus won’t allow them to.  He orders the Autobots to submit to Berger’s tanks but they will only surrender to a legitimate law enforcement official.  The Mayor is in Berger’s helicopter and places the Autobots under arrest.  The Autobots are given a trial and are found guilty.  They are exiled from the Earth forever.  After their ship takes off, Megatron uses Teletran 1 to alter the flight plan to send the Autobots into the sun.

After the Autobots were exiled from Earth, Cosmos guides the Autobot spacecraft away from Earth.  Optimus Prime starts to question his actions, or more appropriate lack of action.  He orders Cliffjumper to turn the ship around so the Autobots can return to Earth.  The controls are unresponsive and they can’t change course.  Hound realizes that the Autobot ship is on a course to the sun.  The ship is destroyed and the world thinks the Autobots are dead.  They survive when Trailbreaker surrounds the Autobots with a force field and links it to Cosmos.  Cosmos guides the Autobots back to Earth.

Cliffjumper participates in the Autobot race for charity.  The Decepticons show up with their new device and use it to trap the Autobots in vehicle mode.  The race ends with no clear winner because the Autobots kicked up so much dust, no one could tell who won.  The Autobots learn they are trapped in vehicle mode when the Decepticons attack.  Optimus Prime tells the Autobots to transform and prepare for battle, but they can’t.  Optimus Prime commands the Autobots to attack the Decepticons while in vehicle mode.  The Decepticons subdue the Autobots by shooting out their tires and overheating their engines.  The Autobots are captured and brought to Megatron’s ghost town.  Megatron plans on using a crushing device to destroy the Autobots. Ironhide is about to be crushed, and Cliffjumper feels helpless because all he can do is watch.  Before Megatron can accomplish complete Autobot destruction, Wheeljack, Ratchet, Brawn, Huffer, Bumblebee and their human friends arrive with a grenade that restores the Autobots’ ability to transform.  Once the Autobots transform into robot mode, the Constructicons merge into Devestator.   Cliffjumper rushes into battle and shoots Devestator with his blaster.  This has no effect on the combiner.  Devestator uses his eye beams to lift Cliffjumper into the air.   Cliffjumper and Wheeljack wrest control of the Transfixitron from the Decepticons and use it on Devestator.  Devestator falls apart into the individual Constructicons and the Decepticons are defeated (for now).

Cliffjumper and the Autobots stumble across Optimus Prime’s research on Teletran-1.  He was looking for a Space Bridge to travel to Cybertron.  Several Autobots follow him, but not Cliffjumper.

Jazz and Cliffjumper are officiating a ceremony which dedicates a statue to Optimus Prime.  A journalist named Marty Minkler is covering the occasion.  Minkler calls Cliffjumper “Cliff jump” during the initial introductions, but Cliffjumper corrects him.The Combaticons attack with Starscream. Cliffjumper and Jazz have no clue who they are, but Jazz assumes that they are enemies because Starscream is leading them. Using his helicopter rotors, Vortex creates a powerful wind storm.  The storm is so strong that parked cars start to fly through the air.  Jazz and Cliffjumper withdraw their weapons and try to defend themselves and the crowd from the Combaticons. Jazz and Cliffjumper are caught up in Vortex’s windstorm.  The two Autobots fly into the air and Vortex captures them inside of his cargo bay.   Starscream and the Combaticons fly away with their two Autobot prisoners.  

Cliffjumper survived the events of Transformers the Movie, but was not shown after the movie in any major way.

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Cliffjumper had a larger arsenal than most Autobots. He has been shown to utilize various weapons including a bazooka. He also is able to shoot out "glass gas". He had the ability to drive on water with Hydrofoils which were created by Wheeljack. In vehicle mode, several times he displayed the ability to shoot lasers, either by deploying a laser from his hood or from his lights.

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Cliffjumper was voiced by famed Disc Jockey Casey Kasem

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