G1 Cartoon Background -

The Constructicons were introduced in Season 1 of the original cartoon.  They were a victim of no structured story bible and had a few different origins.  One is that they were Autobots on Cybertron and friends with Omega Supreme.  Then they were turned into Decepticons by Megatron’s invention “The Robo-Smasher”.  Megatron wanted to turn the peaceful builders into instruments of destruction.  This flashback showed that millions of years ago, the Constructions somehow had Earth Based vehicle modes and even though they weren’t Decepticons yet, they still had the Decepticon logo.  Another origin is that they were created on Cybertron as Decepticons.  Finally, the last origin is that they were created on Earth.   There were six Constructicons; Scrapper, Scavenger, Mixmaster, Hook, Bonecrusher, and Long Haul.  They were the first combiner and were able to form Devestator.

The first time the Constructicons show up on Earth, they go to a construction site to steal an experimental energy collector.  The energy collector turns energy from the Earth’s magnetic field into heat and power.  Scrapper damages to crane carrying the energy collector and it falls into Long Haul’s flatbed.  The construction workers try to attack the Constructicons with their equipment.  Long Haul fires missiles at them.  Mixmaster deploys a cannon from his cab and fires on a steam roller.  The energy blast melts the steam roller.  Scavenger grabs another piece of equipment and loads it into Long Haul.  Then Bonecrusher is attacked by another construction worker, he sends a piece of equipment to damage Bonecrusher.  This has no effect on the Decepticon.  Hook gathers another piece of energy collecting equipment and loads it into Long Haul.  Now that the Constructicons have all of the energy collecting devices, they transform.  Scrapper grabs the foreman of the construction site and warns him not to get in their way.  The Constructicons fly to the Decepticon base with the stolen devices.  Inside the Decepticon base, the Constructicons attach the stolen equipment to one of their inventions.  The invention has the ability to take away the unique powers of a Transformer and funnel it into another one, namely Megatron.  Megatron challenges Optimus Prime to a battle one on one.  The loser and their army is exiled into deep space, the winner gets to control whatever planet he wants.  When the power transfer is complete, Starscream warns Megatron that Teletran 1 may be able to detect the power transfer.  Megatron sends the Constructicons to covertly disable Teletran 1.  Scavenger detects the energy signature of Teletran 1 and Mixmaster uses acid to make a hole for the Constructicons.  Before Teletran 1 is disabled, the computer activates the Dinobots to investigate the intruders.  The Constructicons fight the Dinobots, and the Dinobots get them outside of the Ark.  The Constructicons are overwhelmed by the powerful Dinobots.  So they form Devestator.  Grimlock bites Devestator’s arm, but Devestator tosses him away.  Snarl tries to trip Devestator with his tail, but Devestator doesn’t budge.  He then kicks Snarl into the air.  Devestator and the Decepticons are intimidated away when Hound creates a hologram of an Autobot warrior even bigger than Devestator (it kind of looked like Sixturbo).  Devestator is distracted and Optimus fires on him.  Devestator splits back into the Constructicons and the Dinobots attack.  The Dinobots force the Constructicons into a lava filled crevice and they are defeated.

The Constructicons reappear fully functional when Megatron travels to South America to find a crashed Decepticon ship.  The Constructicons make roads for Megatron through the jungle.  Scavenger uses his advanced sensors to lead Megatron to the crash site.  When the Decepticons reach the crash site, they fire their weapons at the humans studying the ship to scare them away.  Hook creates an opening for Megatron to enter the ship.  Then, he gives Megatron a pair of cyber forceps so Megatron can take the Star Drive from the crashed spacecraft. Hook installs the part into Megatron and that enhances his power considerably.  Alone, Megatron injures most of the Autobots.  The Autobots escape after shooting a hill and creating a rock slide that buries the Decepticons temporarily.

The Constructicons spy on Grapple and Hoist while they are talking in a valley about building a Solar Tower.  When the Autobots realize they are being spied on, they transform to escape.  Scavenger knocks a huge boulder into their escape path.  Hoist and Grapple try to back up through the canyon to escape, but Mixmaster pours concrete into the canyon.  Scrapper leaps on top of the boulder with his arms in the air.  He tells Grapple and Hoist that he doesn’t want to fight.  Hoist and Grapple don’t believe him and fire missiles at him.  He dodges the missiles and the rest of the Constructicons come to his aid.  Bonecrusher creates a landslide and the two Autobots are restrained.  Scrapper leaps into the canyon again.  He promises that the Constructicons don’t want to harm them.  He assures them that Megatron has no knowledge of this meeting.  Hoist frees his blaster arm and is ready to attack Scrapper, but Grapple tells him not to.  Bonecrusher sees that his leader may be in danger, so he threatens the two Autobots, but Scrapper holds him back.  Grapple is curious to see what Scrapper has to say.  Scrapper tells Grapple that the Constructicons always admired his work on Cybertron (didn’t Megatron say in their first appearance that he made the Constructicons on Earth???).   Scrapper proposes and alliance with the two Autobots to build the Solar Tower together because Megatron didn’t appreciate them enough.  Grapple is skeptical about the alliance, but Scrapper frees both Autobots and the Constructicons fly off to prove their honesty about an alliance.  The Constructicons return to the Decepticon base.  When they enter, Megatron and the Decepticons hold them at gun point.  Megatron knows that the Constructicons are trying to betray him.  The Constructicons tell Megatron that they are merely pretending to ally themselves with Hoist and Grapple to gain control of the Solar Tower.  Megatron gives the Constructicons Energon Cubes to prove their “loyalty” to Grapple and Hoist.  This solidifies the alliance.  Grapple, Hoist and the Constructicons start construction on the Solar Tower after the Constructicons steal building materials from a construction site.  Bonecrusher loads steel beams into Long Haul.  The Constructicons then return to Grapple and Hoist.  During the construction, both sides seem to be getting along very well.  Scrapper and Grapple supervise as the other Constructicons and Hoist do most of the work.  Bonecrusher clears the land in vehicle mode.  Hook lifts the beams to higher elevations.  Mixmaster creates a strong foundation with his cement.  Hoist helps weld the structure together.  Grapple can’t figure out how to raise the solar collector to the top of the tower.  Scrapper is able to solve the problem.  The Constructicons merge into Devestator and attach the final component.  Grapple is overjoyed with the completion of his Solar Tower.  Right after the Solar Tower is completed, the Constructicons show their true colors.  Megatron attacks Grapple and Hoist to take control of the tower.  Under Decepticon control, the Constructicons work hard to fill Energon Cubes for Megatron.  The Constructicons guard the tower when the Autobots attack it to save Hoist and Grapple.  Warpath inflicts significant damage to the Solar Tower while he is trying to shoot the Constructicons.  Long Haul and Hook stop gathering Energon Cubes and help the rest of the Constructicons battle the Autobots.  Smokescreen shoots the ground under Bonecrusher, sending the Constructicon flying into the air.  Scavenger gets electrocuted by a stray wire and Tracks fires a barrage of missiles at the Constructicons.  Megatron orders the Constructicons to merge into Devestator.  Devestator attacks the Autobots with his eye beams.  The Autobots fight back, but their weapons aren’t strong enough to damage Devestator’s armor.  Cliffjumper shoots his glass gas at Devestator, but Devestator flaps his arms to create wind and the gas dissipates.  Powerglide tries to attack Devestator from the air, but Ramjet defends Devestator.  Powerglide flies close to Devestator and Ramjet follows.  When Devestator tries to swat Powerglide away, he winds up hitting Ramjet instead.  Warpath tries to shoot Devestator in the back, but Devestator shrugs the attacks off.  Devestator plunges his hand into the ground and it reemerges under Warpath and throws him aside.  Smokescreen gets Devestator to kick him, but instead, Devestator kicks the Solar Tower.  Devestator is stuck and the Autobots work together to attack him.  Their combined firepower causes Devestator to crumble into the individual Constructicons and destroys the Solar Tower.  Megatron, The Constructicons, and the Decepticons are defeated.

Megatron takes control of a super computer and uses it to guide oil tankers to the Decepticon base.  Hook helped Megatron drain the oil tankers.

After the Autobots are exiled, Shawn Berger declares a Decepticon Day holiday.  The Decepticons and Constructicons  march in a parade with a crowd cheering for them.  Oddly, the Decepticons carry their weapons while marching.  Megatron takes control of Central City and enslaves the population.  When the Autobots return from exile, they battle the Decepticons and Constructicons.  The Autobots prove to be too powerful and the Decepticons retreat.

The Constructicons build a base of operations for Megatron under Manhattan.  Hook defers to Scavenger after he claims that he did all the hard work.  Scrapper designed the facility and blames the other Constructicons for not following his precise details.  Megatron approaches Scrapper and tells him to be quiet.  The Decepticons are preparing to spring a trap on the approaching Autobots.  Scavenger uses his shovel to make concrete fall from the ceiling of the base.  Bonecrusher gathers it and places it into Long Haul so they can expand the facility).  Long Haul is fed up because all he does is remove debris.  Mixmaster shoots acid at the ceiling and chunks of concrete start falling.  Scavenger is forced off of his lift to avoid getting hit by rubble.  The Constructicons are successful in making the Empire State Building descend into the Decepticon base.  Megatron learns that the Autobots are rallying in Central Park.  He sends Scavenger and Long Haul to intercept them while Soundwave, Rumble, and Frenzy fight the Autobots.  Scavenger and Long Haul remain in vehicle mode as they travel under Central Park.  Scavenger uses his sensor array in his shovel to detect where Optimus Prime is.  Megatron orders him to dig, and Scavenger smashes the ground underneath Optimus Prime.  Optimus Prime falls into the sinkhole and becomes a Decepticon prisoner.  Once Optimus is captured, Megatron reveals the modified Empire State Building to the world as his new Decepticon Headquarters.  Then, Megatron renames New York City to New Cybertron.  Megatron is worried that somehow Optimus Prime will find a way to regain control over his body, so he has Hook disassemble Optimus Prime.  Hook says that he will do it with finesse and pleasure.  Hook activates a laser sword and cuts Optimus Prime apart.  Long Haul dumps the Optimus Prime pieces at Megatron’s feet, but his head is still active.  Megatron orders the Constructicons to dispose of Optimus Prime’s body and do whatever they want with his remains.  Megatron wants to keep the head as a trophy of his victory.  Scrapper, Long Haul and Hook repurpose Optimus Prime’s parts for their own sinister motives.  They still haven’t used Optimus’ arm which is holding his gun.  Scrapper gets an inspiration of what he can do with the arm to be used to inflict maximum damage to anyone who gets in the Decepticons’ way.  Scrapper, Hook, and Long Haul transform and travel to the Decepticon Base (which was the Empire State Building).  Now that he believes that he has won, Megatron orders the Constructicons to start transforming all of Manhattan into a Decepticon Cyberutopia.  Scrapper clears the ground for more construction.  Skywarp takes cars and puts them inside of Mixmaster’s mixer to create metal beams.  After Optimus Prime is mostly rebuilt, the Autobots organize themselves and attempt to storm the Decepticon Fortress.  The Constructicons defend the fortress with cannons that they built which are attached to the building.  Optimus Prime drives himself into the cannons and sends the Constructicons soaring into the air.  Megatron sends Starscream, Skywarp, and Thundercracker to attack Optimus Prime and the Autobots.  He wants to prevent Optimus from getting his arm back.  When the Decepticon jets fail, Megatron orders the Constructicons for merge into Devestator.  Devestator almost steps on Wheeljack, and creates a path of destruction through Manhattan.  He starts to climb up the side of the Empire State Building to destroy Optimus Prime.  Devestator catches up to Optimus and grabs him.  Ironhide and Ratchet try to save Optimus, but before they can fire, Devestator hits them through a wall using Optimus Prime as a club.  Taking a note from King Kong, Wheeljack makes a remote control for a few helicopters and uses them to attack Devestator.  The helicopters fire rockets at the combiner but they have no effect.  Devestator swats the helicopters away and they explode.
The Dinobots travel to the Decepticon Space Bridge and see the Constructicons unloading Cybertonium.  Grimlock jumps on Scrapper.  The Constructicons snap into action.  Bonecrusher fires his laser pistol at Swoop.  The Constructicons merge into Devestator.  Before Scavenger can merge, he is knocked down.  The Dinobots don’t fight Devestator, they enter the space bridge and go to Cybertron themselves.

The Constructicons’ newest creation is a drill which was created to dig a hole to the center of the Earth.  Megatron wants to capture the energy of Earth’s core.  The drill was cooled by a waterfall.  The drilling causes a massive fracture and the Constructicons are forced to stop drilling.  Hook deactivates the drill in vehicle mode using the hook on his crane boom.  After he turns the drill off, Hook reiterates to Scavenger that he always thought that the site was too unstable.  Scavenger replies that he just wanted to help.  Scrapper uses his laser to seal the crack before the drill is damaged, but his attempt fails.  Mixmaster rushes to the crack in vehicle mode so he can seal the crack with silicon.  Long Haul deposits chemicals inside of Mixmaster’s drum.  While he seals the crack, he continually compliments himself, saying that he is a superior chemist.  Mixmaster sprays the crack with his silicon and Long Haul hardens it with his laser.  The rest of the Constructicons follow Long Haul and use their blasters to make the silicon set.  Megatron watches and scolds Scavenger for not properly using his sensors to detect the instability in the ground.  He orders Mixmaster to do a diagnostic on Scavenger above ground.  Mixmaster repairs Scavenger’s sensor array to be more effective than when he was originally built.  They leap off the waterfall to return to the drill.  They are unaware that they were discovered by the Autobots.  Megatron learns that they were discovered by an Autobot patrol.  He berates the Hook and Scavenger.  Megatron gathers the Constructions go to the surface to combat the Autobots.  Megatron commands the Constructicons to merge into Devestator, which they are happy and excited to do.  Despite his size, Devestator is able to sneak up on the Autobots.  He throws a massive boulder at them and they fall off of the waterfall.  Mirage is the only Autobot who doesn’t fall.  Devestator unleashes his eye lasers on Mirage, and Mirage falls off the waterfall.  Devestator leaps off of the cliff to battle the other Autobots.  He is quick to use his eye lasers again.  Mirage rejoins the Autobots.  After Jazz blinds Devestator with his light and sound show, Mirage and Sunstreaker work together to trip the Decepticon Combiner.  Devestator crashes to the ground and the Autobots are able to escape.  That night, the drill starts to overheat.  Scrapper orders the Constructicons to stop drilling and leave the base to investigate.  The Constructicons transform into vehicle mode and travel to the surface.  They discover that the waterfall which was cooling the drill has been frozen.  As Bonecrusher rides over a hole, Sunstreaker attaches a Dominator Disk on him.  Bluestreak hides in another hole and attaches a Dominator Disk on Scrapper.  Mirage shoots a Dominator Disk at both Long Haul and Mixmaster.  Jazz throws a Dominator Disk like a throwing star and attaches it to Scavenger.  Wheeljack attaches a Dominator Disc to his shoulder weapon and shoots Hook with a Disk.  Megatron prepares the Decepticons and Constructicons for the inevitable Autobot attack.  When the Autobots do attack, all of the Decepticons and all of the Constructicons fire their weapons at the Autobots.  After the Autobots make some headway, Megatron sends the Constructicons to attack the Autobots as Devestator.  He kicks Huffer, Bluestreak, and Jazz.  Devestator reaches down and grabs Optimus Prime.  Chip activates the Dominator Disks and the Autobots gain control of Devestator.  Optimus Prime’s first order to Devestator is to attack the Decepticons.  Skywarp and Thundercracker try to attack Devestator in jet mode.  He swats them away and they spin through the air.  The Decepticons fly away to the safety of their cavernous drill platform.  Devestator collapses the entrance of the cave and the Decepticons are trapped.  The Constructicons return to the Ark with the Autobots.  The Autobots are very quick to trust the Constructicons.  They allow them to perform repairs.  Hook uses a welding torch in his hook to repair Jazz.  The Autobots experience an earthquake that was caused by Megatron.  Devestator and the Autobots go back to the Decepticon base to stop the Decepticons from drilling.  When they arrive, Devestator destroys the rock barrier with his eye lasers.  Devestator follows the Autobots to the drill platform. As Devestator is about to destroy the drill, Megatron reveals himself and uses a disruptor to disable the Dominator Disks.  The disruptor causes Devestator to go wild and attack both Autobot and Decepticon.  Devestator grabs Starscream and throws him at the drill.  It starts to continue drilling into the Earth and creates damage.  The Decepticons try to retreat to the Space Bridge, but Devestator follows.  He destroys the Space Bridge before the Decepticons can use it to evacuate Earth to the safety of Cybertron.  While Devestator is out of control, he destroys the Decepticon Drill and accidentally saves the world.

Hook works with Megatron to convert stolen cars into weapons of destruction.  Scrapper uses a large sword to smash the cars to turn them into raw material.

Megatron commissions the Constructicons to create a device called the Transfixitron.  The device has the ability to lock any Transformer in one mode.  In this episode, Long Haul exhibits the ability to weld with his finger.  Once the Constructicons finish the weapon, Megatron commends Scrapper (but not the other Constructicons).  The device works perfectly and Megatron has the Constructicons build a second device.  When the Decepticons fly away to use the device on the Autobots, Long Haul says he wishes he was going with them.  The Decepticons are successful and bring the Autobots to the ghost town.  The Constructicons reveal the second device, an Autobot destroyer.  Long Haul demonstrates the crushing power of the device to the Autobots.  The Decepticons are about to destroy Ironhide, but all of the Autobots are saved by Wheeljack’s grenade.  Once the Autobots regain their ability to transform, the Constructicons merge into Devestator.  Cliffjumper rushes into battle and shoots Devestator with his blaster.  This has no effect on the combiner.  Devestator uses his eye beams to lift Cliffjumper into the air.   Devestator fires lasers from his fingers at the Autobots, making them scatter.  Gears throws a boulder at Devestator’s back.  Ironhide and Optimus Prime fire on Devestator.   Devestator lifts up the two Autobots and throws them into a building.  Wheeljack and Cliffjumper use the Transfixitron on Devestator and he falls apart.  

When the Decepticons discover a pool of Electrum, Long Haul delivers metal barrels to Dirge so he can make a supply for Megatron.

The Constructicons board a rocket under the ocean and use it to fly into space.  They make their way to an asteroid and bring it closer to Earth so they can mine it for energy.  When they arrive, Hook contacts Megatron to let him know that within two hours, they will have successfully mined the first batch of ore.  Astrotrain flies to the asteroid to deliver the ore from the Constructicons to Megatron.  Cosmos tries to steal a sample of the ore from Astrotrain, but he is too clumsy and is discovered by Astrotrain and the Constructicons.  Cosmos flies away in UFO mode without having to fight anyone.  When the Constructicons see that Omega Supreme is about to land on the asteroid, they take to the air and shoot him.  Omega Supreme stays in rocket mode and fires his blaster at the Constructicons and they scatter.  He lands on the asteroid and transforms into robot mode.  The Constructicons taunt Omega Supreme, and after millions of years, they still comment about the Robo-Smasher.  Omega Supreme picks up a massive boulder and throws it at the Constructicons.  They scatter into the air and start firing their weapons at Omega Supreme again.  He lifts his arms to shield himself from the blasts.  Omega Supreme plods towards Scrapper and tries to punch him.  Scrapper is able to roll away in time to avoid getting hit.  The punch splits the asteroid and reveals an alien dragon’s egg.  The Alien Dragon hatches and flies to Earth.  Scrapper tells Omega that he can either fight the Constructicons or save Earth.  Omega Supreme decides to continue fighting the Constructicons.  The battle spills over onto Earth.  The Constructicons fly to the Arctic and Omega Supreme follows in rocket mode.  The Constructicons realize they can’t split up because Omega Supreme will just hunt the down individually.  They merge into Devestator to defend themselves.  Still in rocket mode, Omega Supreme hurtles towards Devestator.  Devestator deflects Omega with his forearm.  Omega Supreme lands on top of a mountain and transforms into robot mode.  He leaps into the air to attack Devestator.  The two behemoths run at each other, but Omega Supreme gains the upper hand.  He lifts up Devestator and tosses him into a mountain.  Then he opens fire with his cannon arm on the mountain.  An avalanche of rocks and show surround Devestator.  Omega Supreme continues to fire and is trying to kill Devestator, but Optimus Prime intervenes because he needs Omega Supreme’s help.  Devestator returns into the form of the individual Constructicons and retreats.

The Constructicons build an energy conductor aboard the Decepticon Sub Orbital Platform.  When Powerglide tries to fly to the Sub Orbital Platform, Hook discovers him and notifies Megatron.

Blitzwing and Astrotrain steal leadership of the Decepticons away from Megatron.  Instead of the Constructicons trying to defend their leader (who in one origin story built them, and in another origin story reprogrammed them to be his loyal servants), the Constructicons quickly fall in line and accept Blitzwing and Astrotrain as their new leaders.  The Constructicons build a highway maze for Blitzwing.  While most of the Constructicons are building, Scrapper contacts Blitzwing and asks him what the purpose of the maze is.  Blitzwing dangles the carrot of leadership in front of Scrapper to get him to be loyal.  Soon, a team of Autobots approach the stadium.  Scrapper wants the Constructicons to open fire, but Blitzwing wants the Autobots to face the highway maze.  After the Autobots are defeated, the Constructicons turn the fallen Autobots into a throne for Blitzwing.  Scrapper is sitting in the throne when Hoist and Smokescreen steal it away.  When Blitzwing learns that the throne has been taken, he flies into the air to try to reclaim it.  He winds up flying right into Scrapper and the Autobots are able to escape.  The Constructicons burst into Blitzwing’s stadium.  They attack him, demanding that he lives up to his promise and makes them part of the leadership structure of the Decepticons.  Blitzwing tells them to build a bridge and jump off of it.  This angers the Constructicons.  They merge into Devestator and attack Blitzwing.  Devestator is choking Blitzwing..  He is about to finish Blitzwing off when a tidal wave breaks through into the stadium.  Astrotrain is caught up in the flood.  Blitzwing sees that Devestator is momentarily distracted and transforms into tank mode.  He drives over Devestator and tries to get help from Astrotrain.  Astrotrain has turned on Blitzwing and attacks him.  Blitzwing charges at full speed towards Astrotrain in robot mode.  Astrotrain remains calm and punches Blitzwing in the face.  Megatron and Starscream fly into the stadium to reclaim their titles.  Megatron disables Astrotrain and Blitzwing and then Devestator tries to take control of the Decepticons for himself.  Megatron fires first at the combiner, but he has no effect.  Devestator lifts up Megatron and tosses him down the field.  Devestator starts to walk towards Starscream.  Starscream simply transforms into jet mode and flies into the air to attack Devestator.  Eventually, all of the Decepticons fight and Megatron defeats all of them in battle (off screen).  Megatron’s title of leader is restored and the Constructicons are his loyal soldiers again.

The Constructicons build a loosely defined device for Megatron.  Megatron sends the Stunticons to get some of the components of the device for the Constructicons.  The Constructicons also build a base for Megatron which is obscured from view because it is inside of a large crater.   Once the Constructicons compete construction on Megatron’s device, we learn that it is a cannon which is powered by the energy of the ruby.  Megatron boasts that the weapon is the most advanced weapon ever built by a Decepticon.  Megatron dismisses the Constructicons and they fly away.

The Constructicons go to Istanbul to help Megatron find the Pearl of Bahoudin.  Scavenger does most of the work and he is the one who successfully finds the Pearl.  The Stunticons bring Megatron an advanced race car with an engine which is constructed with an experimental alloy.  The driver tries to stop Scrapper from damaging his car.  Tracks and Bluestreak protect the driver by shooting Scrapper.  While the Autobots are fighting with the Decepticons, the driver uses a blow torch to prevent Scrapper from damaging his car.  

The Constructicons are drafted to help almost all of the Decepticons when Starscream tries to grasp control of the Decepticons with his new Combaticons.  The Constructicons merge into Devestator during the final battle at a power plant.  The Combaticons respond by forming Bruticus.  Bruticus runs to Devestator and knocks him to the ground.  Devestator quickly gets up and tries to rush Bruticus.  Bruticus knocks Devestator back to the ground with one punch.  Bruticus is defeated by Menasor.  Starscream and the Combaticons are exiled into space.

The Constructicons helped Galvatron build a planet sized engine and harnessed Energon.  When the Autobots attack, Devestator is shown, but for some reason, he is the same size as Soundwave.  After that brief animation error, they properly merge into Devestator, but Broadside crushes them in boat mode.  After a few battles with the Autobots, the Constructicons (and several other Autobots and Decepticons) crash into a planet.  The Constructicons are quick to form Devestator again, but Perceptor (in his microscope mode), fires on Devestator and causes him to separate back into the individual Constructicons.  After Galvatron harnesses two thirds of a dangerous harmony, the Constructicons join him on the sound planet.  They fight off Superion, without having to form Devestator.

One of their few battles in season 3 is when Devestator battles Broadside in a Japanese Harbor.

Marvel G1 Comic Background -

Another origin story for the Constructicons (what is this 3 or 4 now?) is that Shockwave created the Constructicons using traces of The Creation Matrix stuck inside of Optimus Prime’s head.  Their main purpose was to create Decepticon structures and immediately they were loyal to Shockwave, who was leader of the Decepticons at this time.  The first act which the Constructions did was stripping a roadside restaurant, and the trucks parked outside, of its parts to build a large dish which Soundwave would control to contact Cybertron.  Soundwave detects an Autobot force and orders the Constructicons to form Devestator.  Devestator is successful in fighting a large Autobot force, but he can’t multitask and when it comes to taking orders, he got confused.  Huffer was about to destroy the dish and Soundwave ordered Devestator to destroy Huffer, but Devestator couldn’t change gears in what he was doing to take a different order.  He eventually is able to adapt and attacks Huffer.

Later, The Decepticons make their headquarters in Wyoming.  The Constructicons build the new base of operations.  Shockwave is left alone with The Constructicons and the Autobots attack.  After destroying the Decepticon automated defenses, Shockwave orders the Constructicons merge into Devestator.  Bumblebee watches and learns the secret of Devestator.
The Constructicons aren’t seen for a long time.  The next time they are shown, they are gathering building materials for Shockwave, who has become the Decepticon leader again.  They gather a large amount of steel from a construction site, and Blitzwing takes it from them to bring to Shockwave so a new Decepticon base could be built.

When the Decepticons, now under command of Ratbat, attack The Ark, The Constructicons are given a special mission, recover deactivated Decepticons who were prisoners on The Ark.

IDW Background -

Even before the war, the Constructicons were loyal followers of Megatron’s.  They build mobile gladiator arenas for the gladiators to fight in.

When Megatron’s arm is ripped off during a match, the Constructicons repair him.

After Orion Pax and his small team of Autobots ally themselves with the Decepticons to overthrow Zeta Prime, the Constructicons are shown attacking the Cybertronian Senate.

Optimus and Ironhide observe the Decepticon convoy.  Ramjet is complaining that he could be more useful if he was used for air support.  Optimus hits Ramjet with the butt of his rifle.  The Constructicons and Octane expect Optimus to surrender since he is outnumbered. Optimus says that he is hoping the Decepticons will surrender.   Ironhide is above them with Soundwave’s rifle pointed at the Decepticons.  Ironhide is under orders to shoot the 75 tons of Energon that the Decepticons are transporting.  If the Energon explodes, it will kill all of the Decepticons and Optimus Prime.  For a moment, the Decepticons call his bluff, but then they surrender.

After the Autobots have been gone for a year, the Decepticons strike.  Long Haul drives through Time Square and almost drives over people.  The other Constructicons join Long Haul.  An angry man assumes that there is a driver inside of Long Haul and pounds on his door.  Long Haul transforms and scares the man away.  The other Constructicons transform and the onlookers think that they are from a movie.  Scrapper tells the crowd that they come in peace, but he quickly starts laughing and they open fire on the humans, killing many of them.  The Seekers meet the Constructicons in Times Square and help the Constructicons continue their attack.  All of the humans are running away.  Skywarp tells the humans that they will feel true terror when Megatron gets there.  Starscream doesn’t want to wait for Megatron.  Starscream opens fire just as Megatron arrives.  Starscream comments that he rarely sees Megatron this early in an attack.  Megatron opens fire on a skyscraper, causing it to fall to the ground.  Later, the Constructicons help the Decepticons fight a squadron of human flown jets.  The Decepticons kill all of the pilots.

Soundwave, Hook, Astrotrain, and Skywarp intercept the attack force in Central Park.  The Decepticons watch as Soundwave sends Frenzy (who is blue in this issue) to attack the soldiers alone.   After the soldiers in Central Park are killed, Megatron has the Decepticons destroy all of the bridges  leading in and out of New York City.  Megatron’s plan continues when he has the Constructicons merge into Devestator.  He has Laserbeak broadcast the Decepticon attack to the world.  Devestator makes all of the tunnels leading into New York City collapse.

Hook approaches Megatron and tells him that construction has begun.  Megatron appreciates their sacrifice.

Without any Autobots on Earth, Megatron declares that he is the ruler of Earth and the Decepticons are victorious.

Starscream tries to take away control of the Decepticons from Megatron.  The Constructicons ally themselves with Starscream.  The Constructicons merge into Devestator to attack Megatron.  Megatron opens fire and makes Devestator kneel down.  Devestator swats Megatron away.  Megatron continues to fight back against Devestator.  Devestator grabs Megatron.  The battle ends when military jets appear in the sky.

As Devestator, the Constructicons defend New York City from the military jets.  He crushes a few in his bare hands.  The Decepticons stop fighting with each other after the military jets arrive.   Megatron is suddenly surprised when the Autobots arrive in New York City inside of Omega Supreme.  Starscream rallies the Decepticon forces to back up Devestator.  Starscream transforms into jet mode and helps Devestator, Rumble, Blitzwing, and Astrotrain keep the Autobots pinned down.    The Autobots lose some ground, but they split up.  Megatron assumes that the Autobots are retreating.  In reality, they are giving Omega Supreme room to fight Devestator.  Optimus Prime tells Omega Supreme to move the fight so he doesn’t destroy the city.  Omega Supreme grabs Devestator and flies into the air.  

Omega Supreme and Devestator continue their battle on Liberty Island.  Omega points his blaster arm at Devestator and shoots a hole through him, hitting the Statue of Liberty.

Swindle and Scrapper spy on the Autobots who want to leave Earth.  The Decepticons were trying to gauge Omega Supreme’s power levels for a possible attack. The Autobots are collecting around Omega Supreme.  They are joined by Thundercracker, Drag Strip, Octane, and Reflector.  The Decepticons prepare to attack.  Before the first shot is fired, everyone decides to talk to each other.  Hot Rod and Swindle agree that it doesn’t make sense to fight anymore because the war is over.  Prowl doesn’t want to ally himself with Decepticons.  Hot Rod suggests everyone votes.

Bumblebee goes to a cargo ship yard to get the first item.  He encounters Scavenger, trying to hide in vehicle mode.  Bumblebee calls him out and gets him to transform into robot mode.  Bumblebee tries to get Scavenger to ally himself with the Autobots since the war is over.  Scavenger doesn’t want to and attacks Bumblebee with his shovel.  As humans approach, Scavenger transforms to resume his hiding and Bumblebee drives away.

Scrapper grabs Bumblebee around the throat and lifts him up.  Before the Constructicons can form Devestator, Thundercracker shoots Scrapper.  Bumblebee asks why Thundercracker helped him.  Thundercracker tells him that he wants peace as well.  Swindle and the Constructicons escape capture.

Spike finds Scrapper at a construction site, hiding as a regular construction vehicle.  Spike wants him to transform, and if Scrapper doesn’t transform, Spike will force him to and then put an inhibitor bolt on him to prevent him from ever transforming again.  Spike decides to try something different and uses a small blowtorch on Scrapper.  Scrapper is in pain and transforms, calling Spike a Human Germ.  Scrapper starts shooting at Spike, who dodges the assault.  Spike climbs up on the building which is being built and jumps down onto Scrapper.  Spike throws acid on Scrapper’s face.  Then Spike drops girders on top of Scrapper.  Scrapper is willing to surrender, but Spike wants a pound of flesh from him.  Three years earlier, Devestator killed one of his friends.  Spike takes a large blaster and shoots Scrapper in the head.

Scrapper’s body is recovered by Blitzwing when the Decepticons attack the Skywatch base.

Optimus Prime challenges Megatron to battle and all of the Decepticons watch.

The Decepticons arrive on Cybertron once Megatron freed himself from Autobot captivity.  They start to fight Galvatron’s forces with Megatron.  The Constructicons merge into Devestator, even though Scrapper is dead.  Devestator’s speed and strength is diminished, but he is still effective.  Devestator stomps on a phalanx of Sweeps.  Sunstreaker goes to Devestator to talk.  Sunstreaker was merely biding his time so he could cripple Devestator with explosives.  Suddenly, all of the Decepticons go into a trance and stop fighting.  All of the Decepticons and all of Galvatron’s forces merge into a massive monster.  The Deceptigod known as D-Void.

(to be continued)

Abilities -

As Devestator, the Constructions are some of the most powerful of the Decepticons. Devestator is armed with a cannon and can shoot lasers from his eyes.

Scavenger's shovel has a sophisicated sensor array
Mixmaster is a skilled chemist and can also spray a wide variety of chemicls from his cab in vehicle mode
All of the Constructicons are skilled engineers and builders.

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