Takara Legends Convobat Toy Review


Class- Deluxe


When I restarted collecting Transformers, Titans Return was the first line I got in on in the very beginning. I restarted my collection with Combiner Wars, but it was already going strong when I restarted. Also, Beast Wars is what made me a Transformers fan from being a massive GI Joe fan in the 80s. When I saw Convobat, I really liked it and luckily I got in on the ground floor so I paid a really reasonable price for him. Oh, originally in Beast Wars, Optimus Primal was meant to be a bat, not an ape. So this figure homages that concept.

Bot Mode-

Convobat has absolutely no new tooling. His body is Titans Return Mindwipe and his head is Titans Returns Sentinel Prime. But it really works. Oddly, when I first saw Sentinel Prime and Mindwipe, I had no intention of getting both, so getting Convobat worked in my rules of not too many retools/redecos, but eventually, I wound up getting both. Convobat is mainly different shades of blue. His face looks kinda sorta like Optimus Prime, but enough different where it doesn't feel like he is Optimus Prime (or Sentinel Prime). His arms are dark blue while his chest, wrists, and lower legs are a very light, almost gray blue. There are few notes of Red and Yellow on his body as well. He has really good articulation. His head can turn left and right, his arms have natural articulation (up and down and in and out). Bicep swivel. The legs have great articulation and the knees bend. His hands are open, instead of closed fists, and I actually kind of prefer that. Oh the hands can move down a little bit (due to transformation) and because of that he is able to put his swords in some more dynamic poses than other figures.


Convobat has an identtical transformation as TR Mindwipe. It's both fun and just challenging enough where it isn't a pain in the ass. For fun, I rate the transformation a 7 out of 10 and for complexity, a 6 out of 10.

Beast Mode-

In beast mode, Convobat is... well a bat. His torso is blue with a yellow canopy in the chest (which the Titan Master can sit in). His wings are the gray/blue color and they have some bend to them. The head is very well sculpted.


Convobat comes with a bunch of cool accessories, but none are new tooling. His head (which is a titan master) shares a mold with Titans Return Sentinel Prime. He comes with 2 blue swords which came with Transformers Prime Wheeljack. He also comes with the jet thing that came with Titans Return Apeface which turns into a monkey and a jet. The paint scheme of the monkey is meant to look like Optimal Optimus. Oh he also comes with the titan master from Galvatron but it is painted to look like Beast Wars Alligator Megatron.

3rd Party Add Ons-



I really like Convobat a lot. He is better than the sum of his parts. Being a beast wars homage, I'm very happy with that. I love the accessories. His articulation is pretty good too.


Honestly, there aren't any big problems with the figure specifically. The only thing that bothers me is that now, the figure is pretty expensive to get. But I think I only paid like 35 bucks.


Convobat is one of my favorite figures from Titans Return and I honestly wasn't expecting to like him as much as I do. I actually like him more than Mindwipe. I rate Convobat an 8.75 out of 10

Retools and Repaints-

TR Mindwipe (body)
TR Sentinel Prime (head only)
Takara Legends LioConvy (head only)
TF Prime Wheeljack (and all of his retool redecos) (swords only)





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