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Cosmos was introduced in the G1 cartoon midway through the second season.  There is no backstory given of where he came from or how he joined the Autobots.  He actually even shows up in the second episode of a two part story without being in the first part.  He is unique to the Autobots in the sense that he is one of the few Autobots that is introduced before the movie that doesn’t have an Earth based vehicle mode, he is a UFO.  Primarily, he was instrumental in acting as an orbital spy or navigator for the Autobots.  His body was very stocky and because of that, he wasn’t the most efficient warrior.

After the Autobots were exiled from Earth, Cosmos guides the Autobot spacecraft away from Earth.  His navigation systems are linked to Teletran 1.  The Autobots have no idea that Megatron broke into their headquarters and altered Cosmos’ and the spacecraft’s flight plan using Teletran 1.  Optimus Prime starts to question his actions.  He orders Cliffjumper to turn the ship around so the Autobots can return to Earth.  The controls are unresponsive and they can’t change course.  Hound realizes that the Autobot ship is on a course to the sun.  Cosmos tries to link up with Teletran 1, but he is locked out.  Optimus orders Cosmos to take action, but leaves it up to Cosmos to decide what to do.  Cosmos transforms and enters the spacecraft.  He tries to reprogram the navigational computer, but has no luck.  The Autobots continue their way into the sun and the ship is starting to melt.  The ship is destroyed and the world thinks the Autobots are dead.  They survive when Trailbreaker surrounds the Autobots with a force field and links it to Cosmos.  Cosmos guides the Autobots back to Earth.  Cosmos starts to bring the Autobots back to the Sun.  Optimus asks why and Cosmos tells him that his navigational computers are still tied to Teletran 1.  Just as Cosmos is about to fly into the Sun, he regains control of his navigation computer.  Unknown to him, Teletran 1 was destroyed by Thrust.  Cosmos is able to set a course back to Earth and takes the Autobots home.

While Cosmos was acting as a spy satellite for the Autobots, he receives a transmission from Blaster who is at a rock concert.  In vehicle mode, Cosmos dances to the music.  Optimus Prime sends out teams of Autobots to search for the device.  In stereo mode, Blaster rides inside of Cosmos as they search for the Decepticons and the device.  They stay in the upper atmosphere to scan for any transmissions that will lead them to the device.  They discover a Decepticon stronghold on the moon.  Cosmos cuts his engines so they can coast towards the fortress undetected.  They are quickly discovered by the Decepticons.  Astrotrain takes off in shuttle mode and immediately starts firing his blasters at Cosmos.  Cosmos is too slow to outrun Astrotrain, but he fires lasers to protect himself.  Cosmos’ attacks have no effect on Astrotrain.  Astrotrain flies above them and uses a tractor beam to pull the two Autobots into his cargo hold.  Megatron plans to use Blaster to broadcast the Voltronic Galaxer’s signals to Earth and disrupt all communications.  He also wants to use Cosmos as it’s power supply.  Eventually, Omega Supreme goes to the moon to rescue Cosmos and Blaster.  While Megatron and Astrotrain are fighting Omega Supreme, Blaster sends out a feedback wave to disrupt the Voltronic Galaxer.  Then Cosmos destroys the computer with his weapon (why didn’t he fire his weapon earlier, I don’t know).  After Optimus Prime forces Megatron to retreat, he frees Blaster and Cosmos.  Blaster suggests that they keep the Decepticon Moon Base as an Autobot outpost.  Cosmos likes the idea so he has someone to talk to while he is patrolling the skies.  The Autobots travel inside of Omega Supreme back to Earth.

While Cosmos is following an energy trail by the planet Saturn, he is pursued by Astrotrain.  Astrotrain chases Cosmos while firing his blasters.  Cosmos calls Optimus Prime for help.  Optimus Prime tells Cosmos to beam him the coordinates, but Red Alert stops him saying it is too dangerous.  Cosmos tries to hide behind a large crystal asteroid.  He is exposed when Astrotrain destroys it with his laser blasters.   Cosmos is hit by a stray shot and is forced to transform.  He starts to crash into Titan.  Before he hits the ground, he attempts to send his coordinates to the Autobots so they can rescue him.  He plummets to the ground in a ball of fire.  A tribe of aliens sees this and thinks that Cosmos is a Sky God.  An evil high priest of Titan named Jero uses Cosmos to regain the political power that he recently lost.  The Decepticons arrive on Titan and Astrotrain proclaims himself as a more powerful Sky God than Cosmos.  Thrust and Starscream deactivate Cosmos and put him on display to make the aliens think that Astrotrain is the strongest Sky God.  Astrotrain damages Cosmos’ internal systems so Cosmos is unable to call for help.  The Decepticons leave Cosmos alone, and an alien named Talaria finds him.  She has been fighting Jero for a long time.  Despite coming from a primitive culture, she knows enough to reconnect the wires in Cosmos’ communications array.  Instantly, a view screen emerges from Cosmos and Optimus Prime is on the screen.  Talaria tells Optimus Prime that she thinks Cosmos is hurt.  Optimus asks her which planet she is on and she doesn’t know what the word planet is.   Optimus tells her how to activate Cosmos’ signal beacon so the Autobots can collect him.  Cosmos wakes up just as the Decepticons are about to harm Talaria.  He saves her by shooting Starscream with his arm cannon.  Astrotrain shoots Cosmos and he is knocked out again.  After the Autobots vanquish the Decepticons and save the Titans, Perceptor repairs Cosmos and the Autobots return to Earth.

Cosmos goes to New York City with the Autobots to be part of the Crime Buster campaign.  The Autobots are getting involved in stopping local crimes.  Cosmos is stationed inside of Sparkplug’s garage which acts as a mobile base for the Autobots.  After Optimus Prime returns from a mission with Tracks and Blaster, he sends Powerglide and Cosmos to patrol the skies of the city.  While on patrol, Cosmos reports to Optimus Prime that there is no crime or Decepticon activity that he has found.  The only thing he has discovered is a fender bender.  After Powerglide discovers Starscream flying above the city, Optimus Prime sends Cosmos to help Powerglide.  Cosmos arrives in time to prevent Starscream from shooting down Powerglide.  Starscream tries to escape from the Autobots by running into a department store.  Cosmos and Powerglide transform to follow Starscream.  Cosmos seems to have trouble running.  Starscream stands on a balcony and shoots his lasers at the Autobots.  Starscream causes a elevator to plummet to the ground, but Cosmos saves the passengers by catching the elevator in vehicle mode.  He transforms and places the humans down gently.  Cosmos momentarily looses Starscream, but Powerglide sees him running up a flight of stairs.  Starscream starts firing his blasters at the Autobots again.  He hits Powerglide and Cosmos, then makes a hole in the ceiling and flies away in jet mode.

Bumblebee, Cosmos, and Spike travel to Floron III to try to find a chemical that the Autobots can use to fight the Insecticons.  Once they gather the chemical, they plan to return to Earth.  As Cosmos is leaving Floron III with Bumblebee and Spike inside of him, robotic tentacles emerge from the planet and grab him.  They are trapped by the tentacles, but Spike frees them by engaging Cosmos’ emergency jets.  The added power gives Cosmos enough speed to break away from the tentacles and they return to Earth.  Cosmos has no idea that he is covered with spores of a robotic plant called Morphobots.  As he gets to Earth’s upper atmosphere, Cosmos discovers the hitchhikers.  The spores have developed into full plants with tentacle like vines which are surrounding him.  Spike suggests that they use the auxiliary jets on the vines, but Cosmos is too low on power.  He is struggling to maintain control.  Bumblebee and Spike are able to escape in Cosmos’ escape pods, but Cosmos crashes.  Bumblebee and Spike discover Cosmos tangled inside of Morphobot vines.  He can’t transform to free himself, so Bumblebee and Spike return to the Ark to get help.  Cosmos is rescued by Blaster, Bumblebee, Hoist, Tracks, and Ironhide.  Blaster’s music repels the Morphobots and Ironhide freezes them.  Hoist tows Cosmos away to get him repairs.   Once the Autobots rescue Cosmos from the Morphobots, Megatron has Dirge, Ramjet and Blitzwing fly into the valley to steal the Insecticide.  The Autobots defend themselves from the ground.  The Decepticons retreat after the Morphobots devour all of the Insecticon clones.

While on a routine reconnaissance mission, Cosmos discovers the Constructicons mining energy rich ore from an asteroid in space.  He radios Optimus Prime who tells him to stay hidden from the Constructicons.  Cosmos returns to the Ark and briefs Optimus Prime.  He suggests that he can lure the Constructicons off of the asteroid while Powerglide leads a full on assault.  Optimus Prime won’t commit the Autobots to a full assault until he knows more.  He sends Cosmos back into space to spy on the Constructicons.  Cosmos hides behind a pile of rocks and watches the Constructicons load ore into Astrotrain.  He tries to take a piece of ore out of Astrotrain, but he trips and falls.  The Decepticons discover that they were being spied on.  Cosmos flies away in UFO mode without having to fight anyone.  Cosmos returns to Earth and gives Optimus Prime a sample of the ore.  Optimus sends Cosmos back into space to spy on the Decepticons, and Cosmos doesn’t seem to want to go.

A number of Autobots go missing.  Optimus Prime declares that all Autobots, except Cosmos, are to remain inside of the Ark for their own safety.  Cosmos discovers that the missing Autobots have been captured by a big game hunter named Lord Chumley.  Once Cosmos learns where the missing Autobots are, he reports back to Optimus Prime and transmits images of the captured Autobots in poorly constructed traps.

Seaspray picks up a distress call from the planet of Tlalakan, which was actually meant for the Decepticons.  Cosmos takes Seaspray, Bumblebee, and Perceptor to the planet to investigate.  Optimus Prime wants to join, but he is too big to fit inside of Cosmos.  Cosmos flies out of the mouth of the volcano where the ark crashed, ascending into Outer Space.  Once Cosmos reaches the atmosphere, the Decepticon commander, named Deceptitran, has his legions open fire on the Autobots.  The Decepticons are able to hit Cosmos with their artillery and the Autobots crash land in the alien jungle.  Some of the natives witness the crash.  The crash damaged Cosmos and he complains that his paint job was affected.  Cosmos passes out from his injuries.  The Autobots become friends with the locals, and Bumblebee carries Cosmos when they go to the Well of Transformation.  Cosmos recovers from his injuries, so he and Perceptor join Bumblebee and Seaspray at the untainted waterfall.  Bumblebee notices Laserbeak spying on them.  Laserbeak is a bit more aggressive than usual.  He starts to chase the Autobots while firing his lasers at them.  Laserbeak is soon reinforced by Megatron, Soundwave, Dirge, and Astrotrain.  Bumblebee, Perceptor, and Cosmos grab onto Seaspray, who is in boat mode, to get to safety.   Seaspray’s incompetence leads the Autobots off of a waterfall.  While underwater, Cosmos and the Autobots are guided to actual safety by Alana and her friends.  Once the Autobots realize that Bumblebee is missing, they assume that he has been captured by the Decepticons.  Alana guides Cosmos, Seaspray, and Perceptor to get reinforcements from her people so they can save Bumblebee.  After Cosmos is repaired and Bumblebee is rescued, the two Autobots help defend the Tlalakan kingdom from Decepticon attack.  Cosmos, Perceptor and Bumblebee reach the Decepticon fortress just as Seaspray destroys the Decepticons’ supply of Energon Cubes.   Cosmos is amazed by the sheer power of the explosion.   The destruction of the Energon Cubes destroys the fortress and the Tlalakans are freed.  The Autobots travel back to Earth inside of Cosmos.

Perceptor creates a formula called Corrostop.  One of the ingredients is very rare, so Cosmos searches throughout space for the ingredient.  He is unable to find any more of Ingredient X. After Megatron captures Perceptor to cure his Cosmic Rust, Megatron is willing to release Perceptor back to the Autobots.  Perceptor is infected with Cosmic Rust and is attached to a bomb.  Cosmos goes with the Autobots to save Perceptor.

Cosmos is another survivor of the Transformers movie and makes it to Season 3.  He is rarely shown, but he maintains his previous function as a space scout.  Once in a while, he was partnered with Sky Lynx, and together, the two Autobots hunt Decepticons.  

On their return trip one day, Cosmos starts to malfunction and loose control of his navigational abilities.  He is about to crash into Cybertron, but Sky Lynx attempts to save him.  Sky Lynx now starts to loose control as well.  Both Autobots wind up crash landing on Cybertron as Rodimus Prime, Springer, Perceptor, and Grimlock watch and rush to their aid.

Marvel G1 Comic

Cosmos was a member of The Autobot Resistance who stayed on Cybertron when Optimus Prime left on The Ark.  When Blaster asks for help from that group of resistance fighters, Cosmos agrees to help.  In the search, Cosmos gives some of his hard to find fuel to a weakened older Autobot.  The search for Scrounge ends without finding him, but soon after, Cosmos is part of a rescue party which saves Blaster from Straxus’ Smelting Pool.  

After saving Blaster, Cosmos is part of the attack force which seeks to destroy Straxus’ space bridge experiment.  In the battle, the space bridge sends the Autobot Militia to Earth, trapping them there.  

Soon after coming to Earth, Cosmos and the rest of the Militia are captured by Circuit Breaker and taken apart. Eventually Cosmos is put back together and freed.  He joins the main team of Autobots who are living on The Ark.

IDW Re-Generation One

Cosmos returned to Cybertron after The Last Autobot restored it to a new golden age.  After decades of living on Cybertron in peace, he returned to Earth with Optimus Prime to fight Megatron and his Zombie Decepticons.  He survived the battle and helped the other Autobots in burying the dead Decepticons, including Megatron.

Upon returning to Cybertron, Ultra Magnus sends Cosmos to patrol Cybertron for Decepticons.  While in orbit of Cybertron, Cosmos is killed by an invading War World.

IDW Transformers

Optimus contacts Bumblebee, who contacts Cosmos.  Cosmos disables spy satellites above North Korea so the Autobots can fight in robot mode.

Soon, Bumblebee contacts Cosmos again, who is still in space, to help him jam the transmission from spy satellites above a Transformer battle on the boarder between North Korea and China.

As the Kimia Outpost arrives in Cybertron’s orbit, it deploys its main cannon to attack the surface.  All of the Autobots dive to cover.  Ultimately, Megatron gets free from Omega Supreme, gives himself new armor, and saves the Autobots from Galvatron.


Cosmos was one of the few Autobots who could consistently fly. In vehicle mode, he could accommodate several Autobots at a time in his cabin. He also had superior surveillance equipment.

Wacky Facts

Cosmos was one of the few Pre-Movie Autobots who never took on an Earth based vehicle mode. Others who did the same include Skyfire, Devcon, Omega Supreme, and the female Autobots who remained on Cybertron.

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