Cyberverse Adventures Hot Rod Toy Review

Class- Deluxe


I never was able to get into the Cyberverse show. One of the reasons is, you can't tell a good story in only 15 minutes, and the cartoon is a little too silly for my taste. The majority of the figures have intrusive gimmicks, but in the beginning of 2020, they made an 8 figure line with no gimmick and build a figure parts. I already picked up Bumblebee and Shockwave, and I liked them for what they were. So I was in Target and I saw Hot Rod and I was interested in the figure. I'm a big Hot Rod fan from G1, but I have no knowledge of Cyberverse Hot Rod.

Bot Mode-

I am really torn about this figure. Somethings are pretty good, but somethings are almost insultingly bad. Here's the good. He is a great toy for a kid. Unlike Shockwave and Bumblebee, he has thigh swivel. Like all of the adventures figures, there is no gimmick. Honestly when I saw him, I thought he could be a stand in for an IDW Rodimus, but now that I have him in hand, I'm not so sure about that. Now here's the honest part of this review... for an adult collector, this figure is really lacking. It's not Airachid bad, and the problems I have aren't due to the line being a kid line which is traditionally much more simple than Generations and Studio Series. Hot Rod is a bit too small. He's not as small of a deluxe as Earthrise Cliffjumper, but he is a little smaller than most deluxes. His paint is VERY bland and lacks almost any additional details. Hasbro could've made the spoiler on his back yellow or orange, that wouldn't have changed the price point to add a little bit of yellow or orange. His articulation is lacking. His head can move left and right, his arms can bend at the elbow and move up and down. But his arms can't spread out well. As I mentioned earlier, there is thigh swivel which Bee and Shockwave didn't have. There are exhaust pipes on his wrists which go way too far off of his hands. He has 5mm hands, but doesn't come with a gun. Oddly, he does have a little toe articulation.


Like the other figures in this line, the transformation is much easier than a Generations or Studio Series figure. I'm so used to those other lines that the transformation was so simple I actually had a problem doing it. Which is weird to say. Specifically the legs I thought would accordian into the upper legs for vehicle mode, but you just push them in. But once I read the instructions it was fine. Like Bumblebee, the transformation is simple and because of that it is not very graitifying. For complexity, I rate it a 4.75 out of 10. For fun, a 4.5 out of 10.

Vehicle Mode-

The vehicle mode is engineered well, but it is VERY boring. He is a car which is similar to a very simple and cartoony G1 Hot Rod. But he lacks a lot of paint application. I'm not a person who customizes his figures, so the fact that he is almost completely red bothers me. There are silver exhaust pipes on the side which you can clip an effects piece onto. There is a black window. the wheels are black and gray. He tabs together well. He's just very boring.


Where Bee and Shockwave came with some really great accessories, Hot Rod lacks in this department. As I mentioned, he has 5mm hands, but no accessories for him to hold. He comes with two effects parts which are unique to the figure and I believe they are 3mm clips. The effects pieces are meant to look like fire. I gave Hot Rod an extra gun I had lying around.

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For a kid this is a fun figure


He's one of my least favorite figures in my entire collection. Subpar articulation, no weapon, and the worst part is, he needs a lot of paint.


Cyberverse Hot Rod is my least favorite figure of this line. He could've been great with some simple tweaks. I can't recommend this figure at all unless you want the BAF parts. I rate Cyberverse Hot Rod a 4 out of 10.

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