Cyberverse Adventures Shockwave Toy Review

Class- Deluxe


From the moment I saw Cyberverse, I wasn't a fan. I watched the first season with my 5 year old nephew, and we both felt it wasn't good (but he does love TF Prime and Masterforce). The storytelling was weak because they did 15 minute episodes instead of 30 minute. The toys had intrusive gimmicks which made me say that I wasn't going to get any of them. Well, Hasbro did something great, they made a line of 8 figures (in 2 waves) which had NO gimmick aside for a Build A Figure Part (incase you don't know what a build a figure is, each figure comes with a part that if you get the entire line of 8 figures, you get another figure, albeit one that can't transform). Out of the first wave, there were 4 figures, but I only intended on getting the Bumblebee figure because I associate the other 3 as being voyagers. Well, I want the build a figure part so I picked up Shockwave. In my head cannon, Cyberverse Shockwave stays in alternate mode and is a drone for Shockwave.

Bot Mode-

When I got Shockwave, I really thought that worst case scenario, I'd give the figure to my nephew or someone else. I was kind of surprised how much I liked the figure though. There's nothing crazy about him, nothing innovative, nothing fresh, but he's a quality deluxe sized Shockwave. And it SHOCKED me how much I like the figure (pun intended). This is the fifth Shockwave that I've ever had (only have 2 in my collection now) and this figure is firmly in the middle of the 5. He looks like an cartoon version of G1 Shockwave. Primarily purple with details of pink and yellow. His upper legs are gray, the sides of his shins are gray, and his feet are gray. He has a literal backpack which a tube comes out of and attaches to his gun on his left hand. The hand cannon is removable (unlike any other Shockwave) and he has a two handed mode. Like Bumblebee, he has okay articulation, pretty standard minus thigh swivel. And that's an issue for me. I feel that all figures deluxe and higher should have some sort of thigh swivel. The plastic quality is good. Where Bumblebee had sub-par painting on him, Shockwave's is much better.


In comparison to a CHUG figure, his transformation is much more simple. In comparison to Cyberverse Bumblebee, his transformation is a little more complicated. But that is more due to the alternate mode not being a traditional vehicle. I didn't have to watch a review to transform him, I was able to use the instructions to transform him. For complexity, I rate his transformation a 4.75 out of 10. For fun, a 6.25 out of 10.

Alternate Mode-

Cyberverse Shockwave is a weird four legged robot thing in alternate mode. His arm cannon is on top. Again, I don't think of Cyberverse Shockwave as Shockwave himself, but a drone, so it works for me in that respect. Honestly, I was really expecting Shockwave to feel like a bent over robot mode, but it feels good on its own. There is a bit of kibble and it feels a little cheap, but it does what I need it to do.


Shockwave comes with 2 effects pieces, a rifle (which is really cool and I'd love to get more of them to give to other Decepticons), his hand cannon/backpack is removable. Also, he comes with a build a figure part.

3rd Party Add Ons-



Cheap fun figure for a kid. Good accessories. I like that you have the two fisted option.


To me, Shockwave is a voyager sized character. If he was voyager sized, he probably would become my go to Shockwave. No thigh swivel


Shockwave is an adequate figure, but I don't feel like it is a figure which an adult collector would need to have in their collection. It's fun, it holds together well, and has good accessories, but it is marketed to a kid, not the adult collector. I rate Cyberverse Shockwave a 5.75 out of 10.

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