Cartoon Background -

Cyclonus was introduced in Transformers the Movie.  When the Decepticons invaded Autobot City (the first time in the movie), The Decepticons were winning the battle until Optimus Prime joined the fight.  His presence increased morale and his sheer power changed the tide.  Because of this, many Decepticons were damaged, almost to the point of death.    The Decepticons used Astrotrain to retreat from Autobot City when they were loosing.  Midway through the trip, Astrotrain told the Decepticons that he couldn’t make the trip back to Cybertron unless they lightened the load.  Starscream ordered all of the Decepticons who were near death to be jettisoned out of Astrotrain.  These Decepticons found their way to Unicron who reformatted them into new bodies and identities.  One of these Decepticons was the Insecticon Bombshell.  He was reformatted into the warrior Cyclonus.

Cyclonus became Galvatron’s second in command and after Rodimus Prime defeated Galvatron, Cyclonus became the impromptu leader of the Decepticons and relocates them to the planet of Charr.  While the Autobots were flourishing, the Decepticons were fighting among themselves for scraps of Energon.  Cyclonus realized he couldn’t lead the Decepticons and seeks out Galvatron. To find Galvatron, Cyclonus, Scourge, and the Sweeps went to Unicron’s head (which was orbiting Cybertron) and found out that Galvatron was in stasis lock on the planet Thrul.  He took a collection of Energon from the ailing Decepticons to revive Galvatron.  In the process, he saw Rodimus Prime and Grimlock spying on them.  After saving Galvatron, he received a punch in the head by his leader who had lost his sanity.  He continued to be beaten by Galvatron and now allowed to get up.  Cyclonus watches as Galvatron destroys the EDC Space Station in the outskirts of our galaxy.  After Galvatron thinks that he has killed Blur and Wheelie, Cyclonus leads Galvatron to Charr.  When they get to Charr, they find that the Decepticons have left Charr to follow The Quintessons. 

Another time, while Cyclonus was on Charr practicing his aerial combat against a drone, he was kidnapped by the Quintessons along with Ultra Magnus, Wreck-Gar and Marissa Fairbourne.  Oddly, The Quintessons took the form of Autobot Broadside’s jet mode to make Cyclonus come willingly (I’m sure this was an animation error).  He was pitted against a simulation of Galvatron, but when he was able to defeat the simulation in battle, he quickly realized it was not the real Galvatron.  While in captivity, Cyclonus exhibited an ability used only once, hand lasers.  After being freed by a combination of Ultra Magnus and Marissa Fairbourne, Cyclonus and Ultra Magnus started fighting hand to hand to decide who chose where the Quintesson ship went, to Cybertron or Charr.  Cyclonus reveled in fighting Ultra Magnus because Magnus was a worthy opponent.  The fighting stopped when Marissa showed them that they were about to be sucked into a black hole.  When Ultra Magnus was sucked out of the ship, Cyclonus used another one off ability, a tractor beam, to bring Ultra Magnus back into the ship.  When Magnus asked why Cyclonus saved him, Cyclonus answered “Warriors such as us should only perish in battle”.  The spaceship winds up going through the black hole, and inside of it, everyone changes color.  The unlikely allies work together and are sent back to their proper universe.

Cyclonus was with Galvatron and the rest of the Decepticons when they invaded the space tomb of the Autobots, in an attempt to destroy Rodimus Prime.  In the tomb, they are defeated by a Quintesson resurrected Optimus Prime.

When Galvatron issued a large bounty on Octane, Cyclonus took Scourge and the Sweeps to try to kill Octane on Cybertron.  Cyclonus tracks Octane to The Decepticon Crypt on Cybertron and finds Octane.  He is about to kill him but is possessed by Starscream’s ghost.  Galvatron returns from captivity and realizes that Cyclonus is actually Starscream.  He goes to kill Starscream but Starscream escapes at the last moment, causing Cyclonus to be shot in the torso by Galvatron’s cannon.

While spying on Cybertron, Cyclonus realizes that a garbage scow is leaving Cybertron and it shouldn’t be.  Inside the ship is Wheelie and Daniel who are trying to find an Autobot Information Storage Asteroid to find out Ultra Magnus’ birthday.  Galvatron orders Cyclonus to investigate with Scourge and The Sweeps.  As Daniel and Wheelie are about to be killed by Sentry Drones, Cyclonus actually saves the two youths.  He tells them that they will obey Cyclonus or he will destroy them.  Cyclonus eventually learns that the asteroid is the Data Storage Asteroid of the Autobots.  He plans to hold Daniel and Wheelie hostage, as well as to crash the Storage Asteroid into Cybertron.  When Ultra Magnus and Sky Lynx comes to save the day, Cyclonus orders Scourge and his Sweeps to fend them off.  Of course The Autobots won and Ultra Magnus engages Cyclonus on his own.  Cyclonus’ savage combat skills actually overpower Ultra Magnus.  They go blow for blow but Cyclonus defeats Ultra Magnus.  Wheelie activates the self destruct timer and Cyclonus retreats.  

Another time Cyclonus was involved with a Spacial Anomaly (this time being chased by the Aerialbots), he found himself transported to an Autobot Colony led by Sandstorm.  He tried to take over the colony which was filled with pacifists and turn them against the Aerialbots.

In the Milky Way, Cyclonus and Scourge are pursing the Aerialbot, Air Raid.  Cyclonus fires on the Aerialbot and he hides behind an asteroid, dodging the blast.  Cyclonus orders Scourge to back down, he wants to hunt Air Raid on his own.  The entire time, Air Raid has been luring Cyclonus and Scourge into a trap.  The other four Aerialbots appear and attack the two Decepticons.  Silverbolt gives them the option to surrender to the Aerialbots, but Cyclonus refuses.  He fires on the team of Autobots and tries to get into a better tactical position.  He and Scourge try to fight off the Aerialbots, but they merge into Superion.  Cyclonus and Scourge continue their attacks, they even try to fly into Superion.  They merely bounce off and are damaged in the process.  Cyclonus sees a black hole in the distance.  He and Scourge escape Superion by flying into the black hole (for those of you counting, is this the second or third time Cyclonus has gone through a black hole?).  They emerge from the black hole successfully.  They find themselves in a Cybertronian colony, filled with pacifist Transformers called Paradron.  The leader of the colony is named Sandstorm.  After being repaired by the Transformers, the two Decepticons find that Paradron has a huge supply of Energon.  Cyclonus starts to gorge himself on Energon.  Like all Decepticons, Cyclonus’ first thought is of taking over the colony.  He and Scourge attack the control center of Paradron and send a message to Galvatron.  Cyclonus and Scourge stay in the shadows, watching as Sandstorm tries to get the colonists to fight against the two Decepticons.  The majority of the colonists think that the two Decepticons are just misunderstood.  Cyclonus tells Scourge to stun all of the colonists so they can be used as a work force.  Cyclonus and Scourge easily overthrow the peaceful colonists.  Right after the colony falls, Galvatron arrives with many Decepticons.  The population of the colony is turned into slaves that make weapons for the Decepticons.  Soon, the Autobots come to liberate the colony.  Galvatron, Cyclonus, and Scourge defend the Energon from the Autobots.

Cyclonus joined Galvatron and the rest of the Decepticons on a mission to harvest materials that will both repair and power their weapons.  Galvatron would continually rant about destruction and death, scaring the rest of the Decepticons.  Cyclonus does his best to calm down his leader.  They find a deposit of the material, called Isodrite.  Unfortunately, the Autobots are already there.  The Decepticons are quick to engage the Autobots in battle over the Isodrite.  Galvatron looses self control and starts to attack Scourge.  Galvatron beats Scourge until Cyclonus pulls him off.  Cyclonus begs Galvatron to use strategy, and Galvatron starts attacking him.  The battle continues until the asteroid starts to fall apart.  Galvatron is willing to sacrifice himself and the rest of the Decepticons to destroy a few Autobots.  The Autobots retreat and the Decepticons return to Charr.  On Charr, Motormaster and Swindle complain to Cyclonus about Galvatron’s metal state.  Cyclonus points his gun at them, calling them traitors.  The Decepticons are tired not only of losing to the Autobots, but being attacked by Galvatron.  The Decepticons want Cyclonus to make Galvatron less crazy, or they will rebel against him.  A Quintesson contacts Cyclonus via hologram, and tells him about a planet called Torkulon.  Torkulon should be able to cure Galvatron’s mental illness.  Even though Cyclonus doesn’t trust the Quintesson, he knows something must be done about Galvatron.  Cyclonus tricks Galvatron and leads him to Torkulon.  On Torkulon, they find many aliens locked up.  These aliens seem to be suffering from mental illness.  A doctor appears and asks Cyclonus if he is the new admission, he soon sees Galvatron and realizes that Cyclonus brought Galvatron to Torkulon.  The doctor tries to get a medical history from Cyclonus, while two other doctors attempt to restrain Galvatron with a force field.  Galvatron is too powerful for the force field and has to be sedated.  Before he is sedated, he attempts to attack Cyclonus for betraying him.  Cyclonus asks the doctors what they plan to do to Galvatron, the doctors respond that they are going to treat him.  As the doctors work on Galvatron, Cyclonus stays close, but he doesn’t understand anything that is happening.  Cyclonus watches as the doctors of Torkulon try numerous methods to cure Galvatron.  Nothing they do seems to work.  They restrain Galvatron and take him for a more radical procedure, one that will probably erase his entire personality.  Cyclonus tries to save Galvatron, but the doctors restrain him.  The doctors start to link Galvatron’s mind into the main computer of the planet, but Galvatron’s mind is too strong.  It causes the planet to start to fall apart.  Cyclonus is able to free himself, and then frees Galvatron.  He finds that Galvatron’s madness has been mostly cured.  They leave the planet and but not before Galvatron destroys the computer core in his cannon mode.

When Starscream’s Ghost returns to plague the Decepticons (again), he quickly takes control of Scourge’s body.  Galvatron thinks Scourge is trying to overthrow him and is about to fire on Scourge with his blaster.  Cyclonus convinces Galvatron to spare Scourge.  Both are unaware that Starscream is responsible. Before Starscream can finish Galvatron off, Cyclonus dives through the air to push Galvatron out of danger.  With Galvatron injured, Cyclonus takes command of the Decepticons and orders all of them to fire on Scourge.  Starscream makes Scourge transform, and they fly away.  Galvatron wants to send the Predacons to hunt down Scourge, but Cyclonus convinces Galvatron to allow him and the Sweeps to bring Scourge in.  They track Scourge to Cybertron and assume that Scourge is defecting to the Autobots.  They then return to Char to inform Galvatron of what they believe is the truth.

After another defeat at the hands of the Autobots, Cyclonus watches as Galvatron verbally assaults his legions.  The Quintessons arrive and trick Galvatron to go to Cybertron’s catacombs to seek out a device which will fuel the Decepticons.  Cyclonus joins Galvatron on his quest along with Scourge and the Sweeps.  When they reach Cybertron, the Decepticons are quickly discovered and attacked by Ultra Magnus, Kup, Wreck-Gar, Springer, and Arcee.  The Decepticons bury the Autobots in rubble and escape into the lowest levels of Cybertron.  They still can’t find the power core and Cyclonus starts to think that they are being manipulated by the Quintessons.  The Decepticons go into a chamber and don’t find the power core.  They do find a hibernation chamber that the Quintessons made millions of years ago which is keeping dangerous creatures in stasis.  Galvatron destroys the hibernation controls and the creatures emerge.  The first thing they do is attack the Decepticons.  Cyclonus is slashed and injured by a techno-organic wolverine.  Before Cyclonus could be killed, Galvatron saves him. Galvatron attempts to fight all of the creatures at once, but is overpowered.  He orders the Decepticons to gather up the injured and escape.  The creatures are too powerful and blood thirsty.  They don’t let the Decepticons leave and continue to attack them until the Autobots show up.  Once the creatures start attacking the Autobots, the Decepticons escape into another chamber.  Inside that chamber, the Decepticons find more blood thirsty creatures.  Two Sweeps have their energies sucked out of them and the creature starts to devour Galvatron’s energy.  Cyclonus and Scourge save their master.  After the Decepticons escape into the tunnels, they find themselves lost.  All of the fallen transformers have become energy vampires and attack the surviving Decepticons.  Scourge and Cyclonus are both turned as Galvatron continues to escape.  Cyclonus is ultimately restored by Perceptor.

Cyclonus acts as back up to Galvatron when Galvatron attacks the Protectobots on Earth.  Later in that venture, Spike and Daniel sneak onto Trypticon to steal his Transformation Cog.  Cyclonus encounters them, but doesn’t recognize them.  They are able to sneak away but Cyclonus quickly realizes that they stole the transformation cog and a short battle ensues.  

Predaking picks up a Quintesson signal on a hostile planet.  He notifies Cyclonus who leaves Char, with Scourge and the Sweeps, to help secure the device.  On their way to the planet, they run into Sky Lynx and several other Autobots who were leaving the planet with the Quintesson device.  The Autobots aboard Sky Lynx escape the Decepticons when they are captured by the Quintessons.  The Autobots are quick to escape the Quintessons but then Cyclonus and several other Decepticons attack.  The Decepticons are victorious (for once…) when Cyclonus grabs the Quintesson Journal.  The Decepticons retreat to an uncharted planet to learn what they stole.  The journal provided a detailed account of various Quintesson plots.  The Autobots arrive on the planet, and the two sides fight for the journal until a Quintesson warship arrives and overpowers both sides, stealing the journal back for themselves.  The Decepticons and Autobots both attempt to follow the warship.  The Quintessons are too devious and escape from their pursuers using a warp gate.

Cyclonus remains as a calm headed adviser to Galvatron.  When Astrotrain returns to Char, he tells Galvatron that he was battling Sky Lynx in the Junkion sector.  The battle was interupted when the Junkions attacked both of them.  Cyclonus convinces Galvatron to investigate, an end of the alliance between Junkion and Autobot could be good news for the Decepticons.  Galvatron still has no interest.  Cyclonus takes Scourge and the Sweeps to Junkion and find a Quintesson ship retreating.  The Quintessons are recovering from a battle with Superion.  Instead of investigating the Quintessons, Cyclonus orders the Decepticons to attack the Planet of Junk.  Cyclonus and his warriors ravage the planet.  After a very short battle (which Cyclonus was winning), Cyclonus orders the Decepticons to end their attack.  He says that he has learned what he needs to.  He returns to Galvatron and explains that somehow the Junkions have been reprogrammed.  Galvatron doesn’t care, but Cyclonus sees the Junkions as an opportunity they can’t ignore.  They return to The Planet of Junk, but before they arrive there, they encounter several Autobots aboard Omega Supreme.  They attack the Autobots, causing them to crash land.  Cyclonus sends Scourge and the Sweeps to attack the Autobots, but he personally attacks Rodimus Prime.  Rodimus allows Cyclonus to pursue him, and at the right moment, he fires on Cyclonus, damaging his leg.  The Decepticons are about to defeat the small Autobot team, but Ultra Magnus is able to repair Omega Supreme, and Omega Supreme is too powerful for the Decepticons.  Cyclonus orders a retreat, and on their way back to Char they encounter Galvatron.  Galvatron is crazier than usual, being effected by the same signal that is effecting the Junkions.  Galvatron punches Cyclonus out of his way and resumes his journey.  Cyclonus orders Scourge and the Sweeps to follow with him.  When they get to the Planet of Junk, they find an interplanetary war above the planet.  The Autobots soon arrive.  Eventually, the battle ends when Blaster neutralizes the Quintesson signal and everyone returns to their normal mindset.

Cyclonus assists Galvatron, and several other Decepticons, in a large battle against the Autobots on Earth’s moon.  Galvatron orders the Decepticons to attack as one unit, and Cyclonus singles out Ultra Magnus.  Ultra Magnus quickly defeats Cyclonus in battle.  The skirmish comes to an abrupt end when all of the animal based transformers are summoned to battle Tornedron.  Cyclonus, Galvatron, and Soundwave follow the Primitives to investigate.  Galvatron, Cyclonus, and Soundwave don’t get very far before they are attacked by the energy absorbing Tornedron.  The creature feasts on their energies but they come back to life after Grimlock defeats Tornedron.

Cyclonus returns to Earth with Scourge and the Sweeps.  He provides aid to Bruticus by firing on Defensor.  Before he can inflict too much damage on Defensor, Rodimus Prime, Kup, and Sky Lynx attack, driving the Decepticons away.  After returning the Char, two of the Stunticons follow with a prize for Galvatron, the stolen Matrix of Leadership.  Galvatron tries to weaponize it, but it won’t let him.  After being frightened by the spirits of fallen Autobot leaders, Galvatron gives the Matrix to Scourge to destroy.  But Scourge integrates it into himself, giving him power and mutating him.  Scourge attacks and defeats Galvatron, and Cyclonus rushes to his defense.  He fires on Scourge with his blaster, but Scourge absorbs and redirects the energy blast, hitting Cyclonus.  It knocks him unconscious.  Scourge takes the Decepticons to Earth and Galvatron climbs out of the pit he was knocked into.  As he emerges, Cyclonus wakes up.  They take Galvatron’s ship to Earth to get leadership back in Galvatron’s hands.  Scourge looses the Matrix in battle, and Galvatron takes back control of the Decepticons from Scourge.

Cyclonus joins Galvatron in investigating a strange object in space.  Cyclonus pleads with Galvatron to leave it alone so nothing bad will happen to them.  Craving power, Galvatron dismisses Cyclonus and punches him in the face.  The Quintessons reach the disc and start attacking Galvatron and Cyclonus.  Soon, several Autobots inside of Sky Lynx arrive, and the Quintessons attack them too.  Sky Lynx engages Cyclonus and Galvatron, forcing them away from the disc, but not sending them into retreat.  The disc winds up being another Quintesson device.  The Quintessons open it to lure both sides of Transformers into it.  Galvatron wants to seize the power of the disc for himself, and throws Cyclonus through space towards it.  The Quintessons use their ship to fly into the opened disc, their wake pulls the Autobots and Cyclonus into it.   The disc is a warp gate and the Transformers and Quintessons are transported across the universe.  Cyclonus hides on the outside hull of the Quintesson ship.  He watches as the Quintessons send Sharkticons to the planet to abduct Perceptor.  When the Sharkticons return, Cyclonus sneaks onto the ship.  The Quintessons try to come up with a way to attack the planet, and Cyclonus tries to negotiate with the Quintessons.  If the Quintessons give Galvatron the secret of the disc, Cyclonus says he will help the Quintessons.  The Quintessons agree.  Cyclonus helps the Quintessons look for Perceptor’s emulator so they can repair their ship.  In the city, they find Blurr tied up above a pot of molten metal, the aliens want to kill Blurr.  Cyclonus encourages the aliens to do so.  Before Blurr is dropped into the metal, a woman who works for the empress stops the execution.  A blacksmith brings Ninjaka, a robot with Perceptor’s mind, to the city to explain that the Autobots are their friends and the Quintessons are the cause of all of their problems.  The aliens start to attack Cyclonus and the Quintesson, and they retreat.  As he escapes, he grabs Ninjika (who has the parts of Perceptor which the Quintessons need to repair their ship) and rushes off.  The blacksmith who integrated Perceptor’s parts into Ninjika leaps into the air and grabs onto Cyclonus.  Cyclonus can’t shake him off and fires on the crowd as he escapes.  The Quintessons are able to harvest the parts they need from Ninjika, but before they can leave the planet, Blurr attacks.  Cyclonus is about to fire on Blurr, but Ultra Magnus tackles him.  Cyclonus then retreats back to Galvatron.

Cyclonus winds up getting infected by the Hate Plague and leads the infected Decepticons to battle Galvatron several times.  Eventually, Cyclonus is able to personally infect Galvatron.  Cyclonus is cured when Optimus Prime uses the Matrix to cure the universe.

After months of peace, Cyclonus helps Galvatron, and almost all of the Decepticons, attack the Autobots on Earth.  This was a diversion so the Decepticons could steal the key to the Plasma Energy Chamber.  Cyclonus and a band of Decepticons travel to Cybertron to use the Plasma Energy Chamber as a weapon.  There is an accident with the chamber and an Autobots shuttle, causing the Autobots to escape with the key.  Galvatron sends Cyclonus, and several other Decepticons, to track down the Autobots who have the key.  Cyclonus and the Decepticons track the Autobots to the distant planet of Nebulos.  They quickly find the Autobots, who were captured by the rebels of the planet.  After a battle with the Autobots, the Decepticons are repelled, but not until they take Hot Rod, Kup, Blurr, Pointblank, Crosshairs, and Sureshot with them.

Cyclonus watches as Scourge interrogates and tortures the Autobots.  He quickly comes to the conclusion that none of their captives have the key.  He realizes that if any of their hostages had the key, the remaining Autobots would’ve tried to rescue them by now.  As soon as he finishes those words, the Autobot Headmasters arrive to save their friends.  Cyclonus is taken by surprise at what the Autobots became.  He’s never seen a Headmaster before.  The Autobots are able to overcome being outnumbered and save their friends.  Cyclonus is attacked by Arcee and Daniel.  Daniel shoots Cyclonus in the leg, and Arcee drives into him, knocking Cyclonus to his feet.  The Decepticons are forced to retreat, and the Autobots destroy their ship.  The stranded Decepticons search for a way to leave the planet.  Cyclonus and the rest of the Decepticons are abducted by The Hive and brought to their leader, Zarak (who is the actual legitimate leader of the planet).  Zarak wants the Decepticons to link with the Hive to become Headmasters as well.  He threatens their lives if they won’t agree.  Cyclonus agrees, but he has his own terms.  He will only give the animals (Skullcruncher, Apeface, Snapdragon, Weirdwolf, and Mindwipe) to become Headmasters. Apeface tries to resist and Cyclonus shoots him.  Cyclonus has his own idea for the rest of the Decepticons, for the Hive to link with the Decepticon weapons to become Targetmasters.  Cyclonus is partnered with Nightstick.  Cyclonus leads the new Decepticon Headmasters and Targetmasters to attack the rebel base.  When Cyclonus and the other Decepticon Targetmasters attack, the first thing they do is throw their weapons at the Autobots (which makes no sense because now the Decepticons have no weapons).  Cyclonus reclaims Nightstick as his weapon and inflicts serious damage on Chromedome.  Nightstick is one of the group of Hive members who searches Brainstorm for the Key.  Brainstorm grabs him and scans Nightstick, giving the Autobots the ability to make their own Targetmasters.  The Decepticons get the key and Zarak commands that they retreat back to Hive City.  Cyclonus and the Decepticons arrive at the city shortly before the Autobots arrive to take back the key.  The Autobots are successful in their mission.  Before the Autobots can escape with the key, Scorponok rises from the ground and defeats the Autobots.

Cyclonus leads the Decepticons into Scorponok to travel back to Cybertron.  When they arrive on Cybertron, Cyclonus transforms into jet mode and deactivates some of the Protectobots.  The majority of the Autobots are now deactivated.  Inside of Scorponok, the Decepticons regain possession of the key and Cyclonus brings it to Galvatron.  Cyclonus then traps Optimus Prime and the Autobot Headmasters and Targetmasters when the Autobots attack Scorponok.  Cyclonus is about to execute the Autobots, savoring that he is personally going to kill Optimus Prime.  Before he can pull the trigger, Scorponok starts shaking from Fortress Maximus arriving.  Eventually, the Decepticons retreat into space inside of Scorponok.


Marvel G1 Comic -

In the G1 Marvel Comic Book, Cyclonus isn’t a herald of Galvatron and Unicron, but a soldier who is commanded by Scorponok. He intercepts a transmission from Lord Zarak, one of the leaders of the planet of Nebulos asking the Decepticons for help.  He eventually becomes a Targetmaster.

In an alternate future, a more traditional Cyclonus is shown.  He is a soldier of Galvatron along with Scourge and has been rebuilt by Unicron.  In this potential future, Cyclonus is killed by Galvatron for letting him down one too many times.

IDW Comic Background -

Cyclonus flies through the skies of Cybertron in jet mode.  He is upset that the population has turned what was once a beautiful planet into a wasteland.  He has been gone for a very long time on a quest with Nova Prime on the original Ark.  Cyclonus transforms to continue exploring the planet.  Cyclonus feels that someone should pay for Cybertron’s current condition.  Cyclonus leaves Cybertron in jet mode and comes across the Ark-12.  He attacks it.  The Ark-12 fires missiles at Cyclonus and they assume they killed him.  Moments later, Cyclonus comes back to life and resumes his attack.  Cyclonus continues his attack until Ultra Magnus shows up in his ship.  Magnus fires lasers at Cyclonus and Cyclonus flies away.  He flies to the planet Corata-Vaz to prepare to return to the Dead Universe.  As Cyclonus is about to leave Corata-Vaz, he is intercepted by Hound’s crew and Ultra Magnus.  The Autobots prepare to open fire.  Cyclonus leaps towards the Autobots and fires lasers from his hips.  The Autobots open fire and Cyclonus takes out his blaster.  He shoots Hound’s arm.  Warpath transforms into tank mode to engage Cyclonus. Warpath shoots Cyclonus in the torso and he falls to the ground.  Like previously, Cyclonus recovers quickly.  The Autobots all point their weapons at Cyclonus, but he shoots his hand off and it activates Thunderwing.  Thunderwing helps Cyclonus escape to the Dead Universe.  Cyclonus quickly meets his master Nova Prime (at this time going by Nemesis Prime) along with Galvatron, Straxus, Grindcore, and Jhiaxus.

Galvatron and Cyclonus fly through space together to the Benzuli Expanse.  Galvatron flies in robot mode and Cyclonus in vehicle mode.  Cyclonus asks Galvatron permission to attack an Autobot ship.  Galvatron grants it..

Cyclonus is revealed to have survived thanks to his regenerative powers from the Dead Universe.  He is on Gorlam Prime and is trying to repair Scourge.  Cyclonus mentions that Nemesis Prime is dead.  Cyclonus brings Scourge back to life but it is very limited.  Cyclonus wants to let all of Scourge’s troops die with dignity.  Galvatron arrives in a burst of energy.  Galvatron shoots the dead husks of sweeps and tells Cyclonus he will give him a new purpose.  Galvatron uses his abilities from the Dead Universe to restore Scourge.  .  Next, Galvatron restores Cyclonus’ spark.  Cyclonus becomes Galvatron’s second in command.  Together, Galvatron, Cyclonus, and Scourge start to make plans to rule the universe.

Galvatron summons Cyclonus and Scourge to brief him on what they have found.  Scourge has not found anything on Gorlam Prime.  He reiterates to Galvatron that the planet has no more life on it.  Galvatron is curious to know why Gorlam Prime has died, so he wants his forces to continue exploring.   Galvatron also wants to find Jhiaxus.  Cyclonus has found the entrance which Galvatron was looking for.  Galvatron tells Scourge to have the Sweeps continue searching the planet. Cyclonus also finds the bodies of dead Micromasters which were Jhiaxus’ guards.  Galvatron transforms into tank mode and blasts the rubble with his cannon.  Scourge is worried that Galvatron may be too powerful. He and Cyclonus are puzzled if Galvatron really is on their side. Scourge and Cyclonus try to dig out the Micromasters, but this causes a rock slide.  Galvatron gets in the middle of it and prevents a cave in.  Cyclonus is shocked and uncomfortable with how powerful Galvatron has gotten.   Jhiaxus leads his allies through the ruins.  The ruins that they find were created before the city which is above it.  Galvatron realizes that this is what he was looking for, a sphere which can lead them back to the Dead Universe.  Galvatron tries to enter the portal, but he and his allies are attacked by Arcee and Hardhead.

Galvatron takes the brunt of the attack from the Autobots. .  Arcee fires on Scourge and Cyclonus, and Hardhead backs her up.  Cyclonus shoots Hardhead within point blank range, but Hardhead’s armor is too thick and it doesn’t damage him at all.   Hardhead focuses on Cyclonus in vehicle mode.  Scourge leaps on the roof of Hardhead’s vehicle mode and claws at his roof.  Galvatron gets up and walks towards the portal.  Hardhead transforms and takes on Scourge and Cyclonus hand to hand.  Scourge is overwhelmed by Hardhead’s strength.Arcee tosses Jhiaxus aside and he crashes into Cyclonus and Scourge.  Galvatron emerges from the portal repaired.  He opens fire on Arcee and Hardhead.  Galvatron uses his Dead Universe energy on the Autobots as well, causing them massive pain.  Hardhead takes the brunt of the attack so Arcee can get away and tell the Autobots that Galvatron is back.  Arcee gets away in vehicle mode and Scourge follows her in his vehicle mode.  Arcee is too fast for Scourge.  They reach the surface of Gorlam Prime.  Cyclonus joins the fight and shoots rockets at Arcee.  Arcee flies off the bridge she is driving on and assumed to be dead.  Cyclonus and Scourge return to Galvatron and Jhiaxus

Galvatron takes his forces to the planet of Spindrift.  The planet was a battlefield a long time ago for the Autobot/Decepticon war.  Spindrift has the unique attribute of having naturally forming crystals which can be harvested into Energon.  Galvatron and his forces save a pirate ship which whose crew was humanoid crabs from a beast in the sky.  Galvatron identifies himself to the crabs.  Galvatron starts ripping the ship apart and he reveals that the ship is actually a Transformer named Thinkbox.  With Thinkbox, Galvatron and his forces leave Spindrift.   Now with an army, Galvatron returns to his ship to go back to Gorlam Prime.  On Gorlam Prime, Cyclonus doubts that D-Void is real and he thinks that Galvatron is insane.  Galvatron reinforces to Cyclonus that D-Void is real.  Next, Galvatron and his forces go to Dykarya, a planet which resembles Gorlam Prime.  They find another portal, this time, Nemesis Prime/Nova Prime emerges from the portal.

Cyclonus helps Galvatron battle Nemesis Prime.  After he is defeated, Cyclonus and Galvatron’s army goes to Cybertron.

(the following section is about the IDW Infestation storyline, it is unknown if this is canon or not since there are many continuity errors)

When Galvatron makes his way to Earth, he finds that Las Vegas has been infected by zombies.  He kills several in both of his modes.  One of the Zombies is a sweep.  He is assisted by Cyclonus and Scourge.  Optimus Prime, Prowl, Kup, Bumblebee, and Drift arrive to face off against the three evil Transformers (Remember, in IDW, Galvatron and his forces are NOT Decepticons). s.  Optimus and Galvatron face off, Optimus is optimistic because he has already defeated Galvatron in the past.  Galvatron shoves Optimus away and Bumblebee rushes to his side.  Spike joins the fight in his Skywatch mech.  Galvatron fires at Bumblebee and the rest of the Autobots fire on Galvatron.  Cyclonus and Bayonet (who is a weird inter dimensional vampire like creature who is making everyone think she is a transformer, but she won’t get a profile) counter attack.  .  One of the Skywatch agents tries to put an inhibitor bolt on Galvatron, but he fails.  Skywatch gets two inhibitor bolts on Galvatron, but it doesn’t stop him.    Bumblebee grabs a third inhibitor bolt and leaps towards Galvatron.  Galvatron is disabled. Cyclonus and Bayonet raise their hands to surrender.  They want to ally themselves with the Autobots to stop the infestation.  Galvatron regains use of his body and tells the Autobots where the zombies came from (a different dimension’s space).  

Bayonet reveals her true colors, she isn’t a Transformer, but she is an interdimensional vampire named Britt.  Britt uses her magic on the Transformers, causing them pain.  She knows that their technology will not prevent her magic at all.  Britt reveals that she used her powers of perception to make everyone see her as a Transformer..  The Zombies (both human and robot) try to crowd Optimus Prime and Galvatron’s forces.   Calmly (which doesn’t often happen with Galvatron), Galvatron explains he has a plan to use the Heart of Darkness.  Optimus Prime and Prowl transform to rush into battle with Galvatron, Cyclonus, and Scourge flying behind them. Both sides of Transformers regroup to make a battle plan.   Galvatron tells everyone that the Infestation isn’t the biggest problem.  Optimus Prime disagrees.  Wheeljack announces that the force dome that he created is running out of power and the zombies will soon be able to leave Las Vegas.  Britt plans to get Cybertron from a previous timeline to turn into a zombie army (or something like that, this whole storyline is really convoluted).  Prowl communicates with Kup (who is still infected and barely holding onto life) and tries to separate the virus from his core consciousness.  Prowl tries to get Kup to destroy the time portal that Britt made.  Kup is able to change the coordinates of the portal and the zombies, Britt, and Kup are sucked into the Dead Universe.  Galvatron retreats when the crisis is over and Jhiaxus makes a portal.

Cyclonus and the Sweeps attack an Autobot outpost on Kimia, appropriately called “The Kimia Facility”  The evil Transformers blow a hole in the wall and lay siege to the outpost.  Downshift tries to engage Cyclonus, but Cyclonus kills him by punching through his face.  Autobots Cloudburst and Grotesque open fire on their powerful enemies.  Cyclonus and the Sweeps tear through the Autobots in the facility.  Grotesque and Cloudburst want to get to the armory (Kimia is a weapons research facility), but Cyclonus and his legions attempt to intercept them.  All of the Autobots are slaughtered by Cyclonus and the Sweeps.  They take control of the facility.  Their next target is Cybertron.  Galvatron and the Sweeps battle the Autobots on Cybertron.  Ironhide smashes Galvatron with the body of a dead Sweep, saving Rodimus.  Ironhide prepares to shoot Galvatron, but Cyclonus strafes the battlefield in jet mode.  Galvatron grabs Cyclonus and escapes.  Cyclonus tells Galvatron that Kimia is in Cybertron’s orbit.  Galvatron contacts Scourge to tell him to start Kimia’s transformation sequence.

Galvatron monologues and tells Optimus that he has won and he will be the rightful ruler of Cybertron.  Suddenly, from behind Galvatron, Cyclonus attacks Galvatron with his bare hands.  Galvatron is shocked that he was attacked by Cyclonus.  Galvatron asks why and Cyclonus tells him that he doesn’t want Cybertron destroyed and he is angry that he was being controlled, against his will, by Galvatron.  Before he can attack his opponents, Galvatron starts to fade away


Abilities -

Cyclonus is able to transform into a powerful space-jet which is able to mass shift to hold a Transformer Pilot.  He is fiercely loyal to Galvatron and is respected by the other Decepticons as his second in command.  He is armed with a laser pistol which later was altered by Binary Bonding with a Nebulan named Nightstick.  As a Targetmaster he had stronger firepower and improved accuracy.

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