CHUG Cyclonus Toy Review

Price $9.99
Class Deluxe

Commentary -

For some reason, I always liked Cyclonus and doing this review is a labor of love.  I remember when Cyclonus came out, I wasn’t collecting Transformers at the time, but it ALMOST brought me back in.  Almost.  A few years later, when I started collecting Transformers again, this figure was one of the first I bought.  As you’ll see in my review, he is great, ALMOST perfect, and that’s what makes him so frustrating (in a good way)

Bot Mode -

Cyclonus is amazing.  Where his G1 toy had an amazing vehicle mode but a pretty half assed bot mode, Cyclonus looks like he stepped right off the screen.  He is mainly dark purple with gray accents.  On top of his head there is red piping which makes his eyes glow red (very nice feature which has disappeared in recent years).  He has good articulation, arms move up and down at the shoulder, elbow movement, legs on ball joints, knees move, but not AMAZING articulation.  His right hand has a 5mm hole and his left hand is closed.

Transformation -

Cyclonus has a very fun transformation and it’s complexity is on par with other CHUG figures.  For Complexity, I give it a 6.5 out of 10 and for fun of transformation, I give him a 7.5 out of 10.

Vehicle Mode -

Cyclonus is a space jet in vehicle mode.  A few liberties have been taken in his screen accuracy, it still works very well.  Where G1 Cyclonus had a pointed nose in the cartoon, CHUG Cyclonus has more of a needle.  He keeps the same color scheme as he did in Robot mode.  He has a 5mm port on the roof which holds his weapon.

Accessories -

This is where I am so torn on Cyclonus.  He comes with his Targetmaster Nightstick, which is great because ever since Targetmasters and Headmasters were introduced when I was in KINDERGARTEN, I was a huge fan, but I would’ve liked to see him come with a regular gun as well.  Nightstick is about the same height as a G1 “Master” and fits well in Cyclonus’ hand.  Nightstick has great articulation, much better than the original G1 Targetmaster who was basically just able to fold up.

3rd Party Add Ons -

Maketoys released their version of Tailgate (who was good friends with Cyclonus in the IDW More than Meets the Eye comic book) which came with a sword for Cyclonus and IDW inspired heads and a skirt.  I don’t have them at this time, but if I ever find a set cheap, I will add to this review.

I added to my Cyclonus by getting a shapeways G1 inspired gun and a sword.  But these aren’t “real” 3rd party add ons.

Pros -

Great playability, looks great, and is a Targetmaster to boot!

Cons -

This is where Cyclonus could’ve been an almost perfect Transformer, his biggest con is that his left hand can’t hold an accessory.  To my knowledge, he is the only CHUG figure with a closed hand, it doesn’t add to the figure, it actually takes away from the figure.

Grade -

For when he came out in the late 2000’s, he gets a 9.  Today, he holds that 9.  If he had 2 open fists, he would’ve gotten a higher grade.

American Retools and Repaints

There was a 2 pack with CHUG Hot Rod with Cyclonus in it called Battle in Space.  Cyclonus received a lighter pink, more cartoon accurate deco.


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