BIS Cyclonus Toy Review and Maketoys Hurricane Add On



For a more in depth review of the base figure, please head over to my CHUG Cyclonus review (click here to see it).  This review will cover the changes in the Battle in Space deco and mainly the upgrades from the Maketoys add on kit.

Cyclonus was one of the first CHUG Transformers I picked up when I started to collect Transformers again.  I really liked the CHUG version of the mold and had no intention at all of picking up the Battle In Space version.  Well, I have two friends, Darth_Ennis and Tyke, both of them got me into the IDW comics.  In the More Than Meets the Eye book, Cyclonus is a major character, but he has a unique look.  I wanted a figure with that look and had two choices, either the Maketoys upgrade kit, or a Mastermind Creations figure.  The Maketoys kit was about 1/3 of the cost of the MMC figure, and I thought the MMC figure was way too big, so I picked up the upgrade kit which works with the deco of the BIS Cyclonus.  The kit also came with an IDW Tailgate which will be reviewed in a different review.  (Click here to read that review).  This review will cover both the differences of the BIS deco to the CHUG deco as well as the Maketoys improvements.  Recently, I learned that Renderform made a new head for CW Cyclonus.  It looks amazing, but like the MMC Cyclonus, I feel that the CW Cyclonus is too big.  This has NOTHING to do with Renderform.  He just made a new head that is really beautiful.  Personally, I feel that Cyclonus should be a deluxe sized figure, not a voyager.

Bot Mode-

Battle in Space Cyclonus-

The Battle in Space Cyclonus’ mold is IDENTICAL to the CHUG Cyclonus.  The only difference is, where the CHUG Cyclonus figure is mainly very dark purple with some gray, the BIS Cyclonus has a more familiar cartoon deco.  Primarily different shades of purple.  A really great feature that they kept is that he has light piping in his head that looks really good.  

Maketoys Upgrade-

The Maketoys Upgrade has a number of parts, and I’ll start with the top and work my way down.  In the MTMTE book, Cyclonus has a head that looks kind of like a Samurai’s helmet with one horn broken off.  The head that Maketoys made is spot on, the only small problem is, the color doesn’t match 100% (I’d say about 90%).  It is a little darker, but it is more than passable.  The next upgrade is his hands.  In my original CHUG Cyclonus review, I mentioned that one of the biggest things that bothered me was the fact that Cyclonus didn’t have 2 open hands.  Well not only does Maketoys fix that problem, they improve on the hands.  How does one improve on hands?  Well now Cyclonus has wrist swivel, making him able to make a lot of new poses.  Not only can he do some great poses now, but he can hold both his Targetmaster, Nightstick, and a sword (which is included with the Maketoys kit).  The next add on isn’t a replacement for a Hasbro part, but it is just an addition.  To keep with the samurai theme, he now has an armored skirt.  The color of this skirt matches perfectly with the rest of BIS Cyclonus.  His final addition is super simple to install, it is a 5mm plug that goes in his back (on top of the vehicle mode cockpit where the Targetmaster could plug into) which acts as a scabbard for his sword (which is included in the set).


 For the Battle in Space, the original CHUG, and upgraded Cyclonus, the transformation is the same.  See the CHUG review for info on that  But if you were wondering, YES the figure is still 100% transformable with the upgrades.  If they weren’t I wouldn’t have bought this.

Installation of Maketoys Upgrade-

The installation is a lot easier than I expected it to be.  I’m really not very handy at all, but with the right tools it took about 10 minutes.  I used iPod screwdrivers which had magnets in them and that made it a lot easier.  Also, keep all the pieces organized during the transition from BIS Cyclonus to MTMTE Cyclonus.  You have to unscrew all of the screws in his head and forearms and replace them.  The skirt comes with it’s own screw.  

Vehicle Mode-

Like the bot mode, the new color scheme on his Space Jet mode is mainly different shades of purple.  This looks a lot more accurate to the source material.  

The only real difference with the BIS version and that the skirt folds into the vehicle mode, adding a little more bulk in jet mode.


The basic figure comes with a Targetmaster named Nightstick.  The Battle In Space version is painted a little different than the original CHUG version.  To me, neither is better than the other, its all personal preference.

The Hurricane upgrade comes with a Cybertronian Sword (which I can’t remember the name of) but Cyclonus used it often in the comic book.  The sword’s handle is a little big for the hands and may need a little shaving down.

3rd Party Add Ons-

This is a 3rd Party Add On


Battle In Space Cyclonus-

This figure is as good as the original figure with all of the same pros and cons, but he has a different color scheme.  I like both and it really is up to you on which you like more.

Maketoys Upgrade-

The upgrade parts make a really good toy great.  Not only does it make him look all IDW-like, but it improves upon the faults of the original mold.  One of the only things I didn’t like about the CHUG Cyclonus was that he had a closed hand.  Well this set not only gives him two open hands, but he makes him have wrist swivels.   


I can understand if you pass on this because it is a bit pricey.  I spent 40 on the upgrade kit and another 15 on Cyclonus.  So to get a really good Cyclonus and you don’t already have the BIS Cyclonus, I can understand if you pass.  Also, the shade of the head is just a little different from the rest of him, so I can see that bothering some people.  Even though the add on kit really adds articulation, I still would’ve liked just a little more.  


The Maketoys upgrade really takes a figure that was really good and turns it into a great figure.  It not only solves the problems I have with CHUG Cyclonus, but it goes beyond that.  But if you aren’t a fan of the IDW books, this probably won’t be the set for you.  I can’t imagine paying for the set if you just wanted new hands.  As I mentioned earlier, the set is a bit pricey, but you aren’t just getting the upgrade parts for Cyclonus, you’re also getting a totally new IDW Tailgate figure.  I rate the figure with the upgrade set a 9.25

American Retools and Repaints-

This figure is the repaint.




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