Digital Art

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This Page is for the digital art I have created using my Transformers Collection and Photoshop

Click on the transformer to be takento their profile (if the profile exists)

Titans Return Hot Rod at 7-11

Junkion Medic on Deep Space Nine

ROTF Bludgeon on Main Street

Unite Warriors Computron in Alaska

Battle In Space Cyclonus with Maketoys Hurricane Upgrade Kit on an African Safari

POTP Moonracer in Nar Shaddaa (or Cybertron)

Rumble and Frenzy Chillin (they are going all BERSERKER!)

Transmetal Cheetor on Pandora

Studio Series Bumblebee Movie Bumblebee in Baltimore

Titans Return Blurr (also in Baltimore)

POTP Octopunch in a Bank Vault

Studio Series Bumblebee Movie Optimus Prime (with SWORDS!)

Beast Machines Blackarachnia on a reformatted Cybertron

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September 11 2018