Digital Art

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Transmetal Optimus Primal in New Hampshire

Titans Return Brawn at the Louvre

Power of the Primes Punch at Rodeway Inn

Beast Wars Transmetal II Iguanus in a Cave

CHUG Whirl in a rebel base

KO Deluxe Beast Machines Nightscream on a reformatted Cybertron

Siege Prowl vs CHUG Starscream in Washington DC

Beast Wars Cybershark underwater

This picture is a scene from the G1 episode "Kremzeek"

Ectotron in Times Square

Siege Shockwave on Cybertron (or the Grid of Tron)

CHUG Hound vs CHUG Skywarp

RiD2.0 Bumblebee in a futuristic setting

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October 30th 2019