Digital Art

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Bombshell in Queens NY

TAV Optimus PRime skydiving

CHUG Jetfire in Earth's Orbit

CHUG Trailbreaker vs Armada Megatron in a foggy field


Siege Ironhide and Sixgun in an apartment complex

CHUG Wreck Gar in Prague

CHUG Starscream in a hangar

Takara Legends SUper Ginrai/Powermaster Optimus PRime/Titans Return Magnus Prime in a field

Studio Series Bumblebee movie bumblebee in an apartment complex

Siege Sideswipe vs CHUG Thundercracker in the nemesis

Titans Return Kup on an Alien Planet

Toyworld Throttlebot in a field of flowers

BW Polar Claw on Eukaris

UW Silverbolt flying in Cybertron

ROTF Bludgeon on an Empire Ship


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April 17th 2020