Digital Art

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Titans Return Grotesque vs Hegemon Megatron

POTP Elita 1 vs Titans Return Overlord on an alien planet

POTP Counterpunch on a Decepticon Ship

Combiner Wars Victorion vs a Kaiju in front of Seti

Siege Optimus Prime vs Titans Return Scourge in the Desert

Car Robots Scourge vs Studio Series Clunker Bumblebee

CHUG Sunstreaker, Tracks, and Smokescreen in Groningen

Titans Return Brainstorm in an alien setting

Fansproject Blue Armor at Camera Canon

CHUG Drift at a foggy road

Prime Ratchet in Greece

Beast Wars Metals Megatron in the Post Apocalypse

Transmetal Optimus Primal vs CHUG Skywarp

Titans Return Hot Rod driving in a street

Cyber Battalion Shockwave at a blue beach in Australia

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April 25th 2020