Digital Art

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TLK Hound vs ROTF Ravage by stones

KFC Cow Cassette in a field

CHUG Rhinox and Transmetal Cheetor on Eukaris

Torchbearer in Hampton Park

Siege Ironhide at a house in the desert

POTP Outback in Quebec

Studio Series Jazz at a Chinese Temple

TFCC Barricade in a bad neighborhood

CHUG Wreck Gar on Junkion

Combiner Wars Sky Lynx vs Gobots Zod

Greenlight on Cybertron

Studio Series Sideswipe at a Diner at night

Titans Return Twin Twist and Top Spin

CHUG Red Alert at an Aztec Pyramid

TAV Grimlock vs Armada Thrust at a baseball arena

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April 27th 2020