Digital Art

Click on the Transformer to be taken to their profile (if it exists)

This pic is from IDW Regeneration One

Transmetal II Blackarachnia by an old ship

POTP Rippersnapper under water

Maketoys Tailgate with Battle in Space Cyclonus with Maketoys add on kit

This pic is a weak homage to IDW

Ratbat is the one Masterpiece figure in my collection. Works REALLY well with a CHUG collection

This is a scene from the Marvel G1 book

Perfect Effect Beast Gorira aka Optimal Optimus

CW Pyra Magna and Siege Chromia

Torchbearer on Caminus

Armada Megatron with the Dark Star Saber

Beast Wars Dinobot in a canyon

CHUG Wheeljack in Germany

POTP Dreadwing on a Cabin Road

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November 4th 2019