Digital Art


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CHUG Drift in the desert

Combiner Wars Optimus Prime on a desert road

UW Fireflight in a cargo bay

Studio Series DOTM Megatron in Jabba's palace

Beast Wars Metals Megatron on a Star Destroyer

POTP/Generations Select Greenlight and Lancer in Kamino

CHUG Doubledealer on the moon

RiD2.0 Grimlock vs Studio Series Crowbar in the Desert (Shapeways gun painted by me)

Maketoys Tailgate in the apocalypse


MMC Roller at a snow fortress

TR Weirdwolf on Nebulos

SIege Sixgun at a bar

YOTS Omega Supreme in San Francisco

Badguys of the Lost Light

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August 25th 2020 (PM)