Digital Art


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UW Superion by a pyramid

Takara legends Blackarachnia in the golden eye temple

Cybertron Vector Prime in a hall of the primes

Siege Ultra Magnus vs TR Sixshot on a green field

Titans Return Overlord by a lone tree

Transmetal Cheetor by a building

CHUG Arcee on Cybertron

Studio Series ROTF Megatron vs TR Grotesque

POTP Cutthroat on Geonosis

Beast Machines Cheetor under Cybertron

KO OS RiD2.0 Megatronus vs Beast Wars Metals Megatron on Jakku

Transmetal Tarantulas

Siege MEgatron in Orcia Valley

Titans Return Doublecross in a meadow

CHUG Lugnut vs Titans Return Hot Rod

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August 31st 2020