Digital Art


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Titans Return Overlord in the Desert

Takara Override on a fall road

YOTS Omega Supreme in Alaska

UW Computron in a green landscape

FP Rodimus Prime and TR Kup on the bridge of a starship

FOC Skywarp in a space ship

POTP Windcharger in Quebec

RiD2.0 Strongarm in the Apocalypse

Cybertron Vector Prime in Tibet

Siege Shockwave in Space

CHUG Roadbuster vs CHUG Armada Starscream in nature

RiD2.0 Grimlock vs ROTF Bludgeon in a field at night

DOTM dude who i forgot the name because I don't have the figure anymore in Mos Eisley

POTP Hungurr in Twin Peaks

KSI Sentry on Geonosis

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September 1st 2020