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Topspin in Rostov Russia

FOC Starscream vs MMC Roller in Kaon

PE Jetpower Prime vs Titans Return Galvatron in the desert

Cyclonus vs Razorclaw in vienna

POTP Dreadwing in space

Transmetal 2 Cheetor on Eukaris

POTP Elita-1 in Space

CHUG Rumble in a Quarry

Siege Shocwave in Kaon

Weaponized Siege Ironhide vs Beast Wars Scorponok by a tree

Transmetal Optimus Primal vs DOTM Leader Sentinel Prime

Studio Series DOTM Sideswipe in a park

Titans Return Perceptor on an alien planet

CHUG Bumblebee at a diner

Titans Return Rewind at a golf course

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September 4th 2020 (morning)