Digital Art


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Prime Megatron vs Robotmasters Optimus Primal in the desert

Siege Hound on Geonosis

Convobat in a crystal garden

MMC Megatron in a gladiator match vs Movie Scorponok

Siege Springer and Titans Return Blurr in an Autobot base

Siege Shockwave in a Decepticon Lab

TR Misfire in a valley

TLK Megatron in a valley

POTP Beachcomber in Mos Eisley

Studio Series Grimlock vs Studio Series Stinger in a Desert at Sunset

POTP Moonracer on Cybertron

POTP Outback on a farm

Titans Return Scourge in a small town

Siege Optimus Prime vs Siege Megatron in Mongolia

CHUG Sandstorm in Australia

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September 23rd 2020