Digital Art

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The Last Knight Hot Rod on an Autobot Ship

FOC (or is it WFC? I always get them confused) Skywarp in a sci fi hall

Perfect Effect Jinrai (with the Star Saber!) in a small down

Planet X Grimlock in a field

TLK Nitro Zeus vs Combiner Wars Ultra Magnus in Mongolia

CW Sky Lynx in space

Takara Legends God Ginrai vs TR Slugslinger in the red desert

Takara Legends Dai Atlas in Mongolia

Studio Series Grimlock in France

Studio Series Cogman vs CHUG Armada Starscream

Armada Demolisher vs Siege Ironhide

ITF OS KO of WFC Optimus Prime (AMAZING FIGURE!) on Cybertron

Black Convoy, Gigatron, and Botcon SkyByte in Egypt

Beast Wars Dinobot in Germany

Cybertron Vector Prime on Cybertron (or Coruscant)

Drift X2

Skullgrin and Submarauder

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November 10th 2019