Digital Art

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CHUG Wreck Gar in a starship

TR Blitzwing in a farm

MMC Megatron vs TR Orion Pax in Iacon

CHUG Thrust in Europe

TLK Megatron at a Sith Temple

Transmetal Cheetor flying in a city

Studio Series Shadow Raider vs Bee movie Optimus Prime

Siege Prowl watching the politicians

TR Kup vs POTP Darkwing (not Blackwing) in Vienna

CHUG Chromia vs CHUG Cyclonus (with Maketoys add on) on Venus

First Edidtion Bumblebee vs Beast Wars Scourge in Tokyo

POTP Landmine in a park

Toyworld Infinitor (Leader sized Fort Max) vs Siege Megatron

Studio Series Stinger at a restaurant

CHUG Skids in a small town

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November 10th 2019