Digital Art

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RiD2,0 Windblade in Houston Texas

Shockwave and Starscream at the Space Bridge

CHUG Bumblebee hangin' with the Ghostbusters

DOTM Leadfoot in Europe

Junkion Warrior at an Abandoned School

SS38 Optimus Prime at an Abandoned Mall

TLK Megatron in Denmark

CW Iron Bison in a Decepticon Ship

Omega Supreme vs Zod in Arizona

TR Kup vs BW Inferno in the ruins of a desert church

Prime Cliffjumper vs POTP Darkwing in Europe

CHUG Nightbeat in the park

RiD2.0 Stormshot in front of a hangar

CW Sky Lynx vs TR Scourge

Torchbearers in the apocalypse

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November 12h 2019