Digital Art

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Titans Return Doubleheader in an alien cave

POTP Abominus on Tattooine

Voyager RiD2.0 Grimlock vs ROTF Bludgeon at a Baseball Game

Unite Warriors Strafe in a shuttle pod

Transmetal Cheetor vs CHUG Starscream in Cambridge

Siege Megatron vs Studio Series Bumblebee Movie Bee on tattooine

TR Repugnus (deluxe not Titan Master) on Theed

Studio Series Ratchet at an Aztec Pyramid

Studio Series Ironhide in Spain

Transmetal Tarantulas in an alien room

Robotmasters Optimus Primal on Eukaris

Prime Skyquake in a field at sunset

Prime Skyquake vs CHUG Arcee in Germany

Transmetal 2 Iguanus on an Alien Planet

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November 13h 2019