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Toyworld Hedgemon Megaton on the bridge of a Decepticon ship (or the Enterprise D)

POTP Wreck Gar in Red Square

Reveal the Shield Grapple and RiD2.0 Fixit in the NX-Defiant's engine room

CHUG Whirl in the Desert at sunset

Titans Return Octane in front of a Nuclear Power Plant

Titans Return Brainstorm on an alien planet

Deluxe KO Fortress Maximus in space

FOC Grimlock on an Alien Planet

Beast Machines Blackarachnia at the Northern Lights

Dark Side of the Moon Leader Sentinel Prime in Miami

Studio Series Stinger racing a train

Siege Ultra Magnus in Front of Buildings

CHUG CHromia on Caminus

The Last Knight Hound in a canyon

Power of the Primes Rippersnapper

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October 23rd 2019