Digital Art

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CHUG Skywarp in Skyline City

POTP Moonracer on Cybertron

Car Robots Gigatron in an Aztec Pyramid

Toyworld Goldbug in Upstate NY

Titans Return Alpha Trion vs Titans Return Galvatron outside of a House of Worship

Botcon Gelshark/Sky Byte in an Alien building

Energon Demolisher on an Alien Planet

CW First Aid in Prague

Siege Whisper in an abandoned mall

Studio Series Jazz outside of a school

Siege Ironhide at the Airport

CW Menasor in Alaska

Siege Hound in Autobot City

CHUG RHinox and Transmetal Cheetor on Eukaris

CHUG Mirage (Cloaked) in an Aztec Temple

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November 20th 2019