Digital Art

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Titans Return Skullcruncher in a cave

Studio Series Jazz at an abandoned Sears store

RiD2.0 Bumblebee in a control room

TLK Megatron before the storm

Transmetal Rattrap by a building

iGear Beachcomber in Japan

RiD2.0 Fixit on the starship VOyager

Takara Convobat vs Titans Return Scourge

Titans Return Kup vs Magnificus at a foggy church

Armada Thrust in Alaska

Siege Megatron on an Alien Planet

UW Strafe at the Airport

CHUG Skywarp on LV426

Cybertron Vector Prime vs the Borg

Takara Legends Super Ginrai at Yavin 5

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December 2nd 2019